TheMusings of a Jaded Old Lady
These are the thoughts and ramblings of a BBW Domme and Cuckoldress from rural Northwestern Pennsylvania, now living in the Southern Tier of Western New York.

As I have gotten older, I've really come into my own in terms of D/s. At one time, my leanings were much more vanilla than they are now. Its Become a very important part of my life.

I've included erotica, both fiction and non, that I've written. Feel free to comment!
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What do I want in a man?
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I posted this in a cuckolding personals thread, but it's actually a pretty concise list.

Employed - I'm not supporting you financially. I have a job, and expect you to have one as well.
Disease free - That one goes without saying.
Drug free, and occasional social drinking only. I don't drink that often, and when I do, it's not to excess. I expect the same from you.
Loyal - If you're going to be my cuck, hell, in my LIFE, it's expected.
Smart - I don't want to dumb down my conversation to anyone, especially not the person with whom I intend to share my life.
Romantic - I love romance. I enjoy being pursued. I love to be pampered and spoiled, but I'm not looking for a sugar daddy either.
Funny - A sense of humor is hugely important to me.

All of the things I've listed above would apply to a relationship involving kink or not. As far as kink goes, I'm not looking for a sub who is bi, or wants to dress in panties and heels. I also don't want someone who needs his ass flogged to get off. Most everything I am interested kinkwise is listed on my profile. And as far as I'm concerned, the kink is just the icing on the cake.
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I work for an ophthalmologist. Cataract surgeries are our bread and butter, and consequently, our patient base skews a bit longer in the tooth. Lots of our patients are brought to their appointments by children or grandchildren, and we often times develop a rapport with families.

I was pumping gas this afternoon when I heard someone call my name from a few pumps over. I recognized him as the grandson of one of our very elderly patients that we see in clinic a couple of times a month. Her family is full of wonderful people. And her grandsons are fucking adorable.

The one I see most often is Gabe. Tall,dark and handsome. And 22. He graduated from college with my daughter. They used to party together. And now Gabe was yelling my name across Sheetz parking lot.

He walked over to my car and leaned against the pillar beside the gas pump. I asked him how his Grandma was, and he said that she'd been put in a nursing home between Christmas and New Year's. I was shocked when he leaned in and started hugging me, but I chalked it up to Grandma. I hugged him back, but he held on just a bit longer than I though he should've, and I pulled away.

I must have given him a funny look, because he of grinned at me, and asked why I pulled away. He just kept smiling at me with this goofy ass look on his face, and I had to laugh. I asked what that last display was about, and he'd said he wanted to talk to me for a year, but didn't think it was appropriate when he was taking his Grandma to get a shot in her eye. I chuckled at that, in spite of myself.I reminded him that I'm old enough to be hid mother (in fact, I"m 3 years younger than her) and I asked him if he remembered that he graduated with my daughter, and he said he didn't care. I told him I was very, VERY flattered, but he's just too young. I gave him another hug, got in my car and drove away. I laughed the whole way home. The fact is, I'd have fucked him six ways to Sunday if it weren't for my kid. And I still might.
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Welcome Home Surprise- More Erotic Fiction
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Welcome Home Surprise - To preface this, all the Clinton stories were written as a gift to someone. And no, his name isn't Clinton.

Clinton had been out of town for work, and I missed him desperately. I had work to keep me distracted, as well as caring for our collective brood, but I missed feeling his body next to me at night. The week he'd been gone felt like months, and while we spoke on the phone every night, I ached to feel him inside me again. I had masturbated several times each night in a futile attempt to fill the void, figuratively and literally, but to no avail. I was left feeling tired, but unsatisfied.

Finally, the day of his return arrived. I woke up extremely horny that morning, and knew I'd have to suffer through the day, as he wouldn't arrive home until late in the evening hours. I had taken the day off, and had already made arrangements for my mother to spend the night with the children, as I had to drive to the local regional airport to pick him up at 10pm.

The day seemed to drag on forever. I received a couple of calls and emails from work that took up a couple hours which helped, but otherwise the day seemed to be going at a snail's pace. As I did the daily chores I found myself touching my clit constantly. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore and decided to take a cold shower, to see if that would cool me down. I was saving myself for Clinton, and had decided the next thing in my cunt would be his cock, which I'd missed so desperately. No more roughing up the suspect today; I had bigger plans for my pussy later.

Finally, 8pm arrived. Dressed in a flowing hippie skirt and white peasant blouse, I kissed the kids goodnight and hugged my mother, then grabbed my bag and headed out to the garage. The airport was about a 90 minute drive, and I wanted to get there in plenty of time. It was a struggle to maintain a legal speed, as I was so anxious to see him. I felt like my body was on fire, and my cunt was aching. I put in my favorite CD and sang alone in an attempted to distract my brain from my already wet pussy.

After what seemed like forever, I arrived at the airport at 9:45pm. His flight was due to arrive at 9:55. I had timed it perfectly, as to not give myself too much time to wait at the airport. I was afraid I'd have to take care of things by hand if I had too much time on my hands, so to speak. The plane arrive right on time, and I felt a huge smile cross my face as I watched my man walk across the terminal. We walked quickly toward each other, and pulled each other close to a tight embrace, replete with a deep, soulful kiss. Our tongues danced and I felt his hands on my huge ass, in a kiss that was probably uncomfortably long for his fellow passengers, but we didn't care. I couldn't wait to get him alone.
Clinton said he had to pee, so I told him I'd pull the car up front. I was relieved, because I was afraid he'd insist on driving, and little did he knew, we weren't going home. I had a surprise for him.

I was fiddling with the stereo when I heard the door open, and saw my man getting into the passenger seat. We kissed again before I pulled out into traffic. Clinton rested his hand on my leg as I drove, and I couldn't get the smile off my face. I missed the turn toward our normal exit and he asked what was going on. I told him I'd had a late start, and needed to stop at my sister's before headed home to pick something up to take to my Mom. He sighed, but ever understanding, didn't complain. I'm so lucky.

I pulled up in the alley behinds Clancy's Pub. An old Bob Seger song, covered by some local band, was coming from inside. I leaned over and kissed him. "Baby, I have plans for us. We're not going home tonight, so why don't we stop in for a drink?" He looked at me and smiled. We kissed again, and walked inside.

The bar was about half full. It looked like the local band of misfits, of which I used to be one. I had lived and worked in this town years before, and this was my hangout. When I walked in, the owner was behind the bar. In his late 50's, Marty beamed like a little kid when he spotted me. He waved me down to the end of the bar and gave me a big bear hug. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and introduced him to Clinton. They shook hands and Marty asked him what he wanted. "I know Linda wants a Yuengling. Draft or bottle?" I replied that I'd like a bottle, and Marty proceeded to get my beer, and Clinton's jack and coke. We took a spot at the end of the bar and watched the band a while. I stood in front of Clinton, and he placed his hand on my waist. "Turn the Page" started, and he held me tight as I sang along with the band. I wiggled my ass against his crotch as we swayed, and felt him becoming hard. I didn't know how long I could manage all this, but I was trying. After every couple of songs, Clinton would ask if it was time to go. I told him soon. I was trying to get him as hard as possible before we left, as I had a gift for him.

We danced during the next song, grinding against one another, and I could feel his rock hard cock against my leg. I decided I just couldn't take it anymore, and slid my hand down to feel it. He was like steel. I couldn't remember a time when he had ever been harder. As we danced, I slid my hand inside the waistband of his jeans to feel his hard prick. I began rubbing the head of his cock with my thumb, feeling precum and hearing him moan lowly into my neck. This continued until the end of the song, when I pulled my hand out of his jeans. I looked around and saw a few guys watching us, but apparently we'd been discreet enough to not make our actions noticeable to everyone in the bar. I kissed him deeply, making sure our newfound audience could see, and asked if he was ready to go. The smile on his face gave me the answer, as did the hard squeeze of my ass cheek. I gave Marty a hug goodbye, and Clint and I walked out of the bar, hand-in-hand.

We stook outside the door and kissed hard. Our hands were all over each other. As Clinton buried his face in my neck, I saw that two of our former "audience members" were watch us through the window. I was sure to make eye contact with them, before taking Clinton by the hand to the alley. With his hand on my big ass cheek, we walked back toward the car.

As we rounded the corner and reached the car, I pushed Clinton against the wall and kissed him hard. As our tongues danced, I undid the fly of his jeans, freeing his prick. I looked up at him as I lowered myself down and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked hungrily at the head of his cock, flicking the pisshole with my tongue and swirling it up and down the shaft and stroking him into my mouth. His cock, my hand and my cheeks were covered in saliva and precum. I continued devouring his cock until he couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed me, roughly, by the shoulders and pulled me up to kiss me hard on the mouth. I continued stroking his cock as he pulled up my skirt. "Oooh, no panties! Good girl, baby!" he exrclaimed.

I felt his fingers roughly rubbing my already throbbing clit. He pulled his hand from my pussy and brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking my juices from them. He told me he had to taste my cunt, and spun me around. He pushed me, face down, onto the hood of the car, and pulled up the back of my skirt. I felt his tongue dart in and out of my pussy, alternating with pressure against my clit and against my asshole. Oh, how he loves my big ass.

As I turned my head to the side and laid it on the hood, I saw two shadows at the end of the alley. It was two of the men who'd watched us inside the bar. "Baby? We have company", I told him. He stood up to see the two men. I knew one of his fantasies was to have sex in public, and this was our perfect chance.
"Fuck me, baby!", I moaned. I continued watching our audience as I felt Clinton's 8 inches slide in my pussy. My cunt soaked his cock as he pistoned in and out of it. I looked over at our audience as he fucked me, and saw both of them rubbing their cocks through their clothes. "Look honey, I think they like it", I told Clinton. That was all the encouragement he needed. He fucked me harder and harder, faster and faster. I felt my orgasm nearing and begged him for more. He fucked me and fucked me, and I came all over his cock. As he felt my cunt convulse on his prick, he shot his load deep inside me. He slowly pulled out of me, and I could feel his cum and mine, dripping slowly out of my pussy. "What a beautiful sight", he said. "Hey guys, want a closer look?" He motioned the two voyeurs over to see my gaping pussy, dripping with cum. One of them had taken his cock out of his fly and was fully hard, while the other's erection was fully obvious through his thin tracksuit. "Do we get a turn now?" one of them asked excitedly. "No. She's mine." He buried his face in my pussy, cleaning me up, and opened the door to let me in the driver's seat. He shut the door, then walked to the other side and got in. He hit the automatic locks, leaned over to kiss me, and said "let's go to bed, honey". I drove out of the alley, leaving our audience behind us, wanting an encore.
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Your profile pic is your penis? Shocking!!
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Now, I have nothing against penises. Actually, I'm a big fan. That being said, I HATE profile pics of them. Unless they're teeny tiny, and I can make fun of them, OR they're enormous and I can be jealous.

I much prefer looking at faces than I do penises. People will use any multitude of reasons to avoid putting their face online, but that doesn't mean you have to use your dick! I've seen thousands of cocks (literally... thousands. Let that soak in...) and I would much, much, much rather see a face, or a nice round ass, or a chest with a moderate amount of hair than a wang looking back at me.

My other complaint - profile pictures that look like they were taken in a $15 an hour flophouse motel. If your bedroom/house is filthy, there's no way you're getting that thing anywhere near me, I don't give a fuck how big it is. Put some sheets on your bed, for fuck's sake! Pick up the Mountain Dew cans and cigarette packs! If you live in squalor, at least clear a spot so you can take that dick selfie to post so I'm not going to look at your profile and think "HEY! I think I saw that dude's house on "Hoarders!"
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Weekend Getaway
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More fiction.

Weekend Getaway

Clinton and I had wanted to get away for months. Our busy schedules left us precious little time to spend together, so we planned to make the most of our grown up time.
He'd made all the arrangements. He wanted to surprise me about destination and lodging, and surprised I was! I had never expected a four-star hotel!! We opened the door to our suite and I was in total awe. Fresh flowers adorned every table in the room, and I spied a bottle of champagne on ice. I looked at him and smiled. I pulled him close and kissed him deeply. I felt him harden against me and knew without a doubt, this was going to be a weekend to remember.
He told me our dinner reservations were in an hour, and I'd better get my happy ass moving. He swatted me on my big ass, and I scurried to the bathroom with my make up bag to start getting ready. Once inside the spacious bathroom, I turned on the shower as hot as I could stand it. 102 degrees, according to the digital readout. I dropped my clothes on the floor, and stepped inside the stall. Hot water beat down on my face and chest. I washed my hair quickly, and was rinsing when I spied Clinton standing, naked and partially erect, beside the vanity. "Wanna wash my back, baby?", I said. He replied with "that's not all I wanna do, girl". He opened the shower door and stepped inside. He pulled me close and kissed me deeply. I wrapped one arm around his neck, and gently grabbed his cock with the other hand. He was like a steel rod in my hand, he was so hard. I turned him around, his back to the water, and lowered my mouth to his cock. With one hand on each ass cheek, I slid my mouth up and down the length of his shaft. I looked up into his eyes, and saw a deep love radiating from them, as well as animal lust. This fueled my desire, so I sped up. His cock pistoned in and out of my mouth, and I could hear his gutteral moans over the sound of the water. With my hands, I urged his cock in as deep as I could take it, gagging on it from time to time, but determined to take it. I wanted his cum like I'd never wanted anything in my life. He pulled out of my mouth and said "Honey, stop, please." He stroked his cock to orgasm, and moaned as he came all over my face. I looked up into his eyes and saw the satisfied Cheshire-cat grin on his face. Mission accomplished. We finished showering, dried off and hurriedly got ready for dinner.
Dinner was magical. The food, the wine, the company; all perfect. We played footsie all through dinner, and whispered to one another about our experience in the shower earlier that evening.. He excused himself to the restroom, and I could see his erection. I laughed to myself, and emptied my wine glass. I couldn't wait to get back up to our room.
Once up in the room, we walked out to the balcony into the warm night air. The view of the lake was magnificent, and so romantic. I stood at the railing, watching the moonlight reflect off the water, and sighed a contented sigh. I felt Clinton's breath on the back of my neck, and his lips softly kissing my neck and shoulders. My head lolled back as I felt my nipples harden. He knows exactly how to get to me. That's why he's my soul mate.
I felt Clinton put his hands on my hips, as he ground his pelvis against my big ass. I wiggled back against his cock, pushing him back slightly. I put my hands on the railing, and shove my ass up, offering it to him. I know how he loves my ass, and he loves it so well. "Mmmm" he purred, as I felt my dress rise up to my waist. "Ooh no panties tonight. Me likey." I replied "I know what you like, honey." And he knows what I like.
Suddenly, I felt his tongue against my ass check, gravitating to my asscrack. I shivered as I felt his tongue flicking my asshole. My clit was throbbing and I felt electricity when his tongue flicked it. He ran his tongue the length of my slit, from clit to asshole and back over and over. I wiggled against him. He took this as the signal it was, and plunged two fingers into my wet cunt. "Fuck!" I exclaimed in a loud whisper. I looked over the railing to see a couple walking down the promenade. "Baby," I whispered, "someone's going to see us!" "I don't care, Linda!" was his reply. He was up on his feet in a second and I felt his cock enter my pussy in one stroke. I moaned loudly, louder than I had expected to, and saw the couple below us, now sitting on a bench, watching us. I figured if they wanted a show, we would give them one.
I pulled down the front of my dress, exposing my large, pendulous breasts. They bounced every time Clinton thrust his cock inside my cunt, and I moaned louder and louder with each one. From the looks of it, the couple below us was enjoying the show, as I watched the woman lower herself onto the man's lap. She ground on him as Clinton fucked me. It was all more than I could bear, and I shouted out as my pussy flowed my juices all over Clinton's cock. "Cum inside me, baby! Please!" I pleaded to him. With that, his cock exploded, spraying his hot seed inside my cunt. He leaned against my back, as we watched the couple below us orgasm together.
We walked to the bedroom, hand in hand, and he laid me on the bed. Clinton stripped off his clothes and padded into the bathroom. I heard water running in the soaker tub, and saw steam coming from inside the door. He walked back toward me, grabbed my hand and sat me up. He took off my shoes, and pulled me to my feet. He pulled my dress over my head and dropped it to the floor. Then he took my hand and walked me into the bathroom. He turned off the lights and lit half a dozen votive candles. There were bubbles in the tub, and Clinton held my hand as I stepped into the hot water. I sat down and leaned back against the headrest as I watched Clinton step into the tub. He sat down beside me and wrapped his arm around shoulder. I leaned my head against his shoulder and dropped my hand into his lap. He leaned over to kiss me, and I kissed him back softly. The evening had been sexually exhausting, but I wasn't finished yet. I stroked him to hardness, which didn't take long, and in one somewhat awkward move, straddled my man's cock. I lowered myself onto him, and pulled his face to my ample chest. I held his face in my hands and kissed him deeply. When I released him, my tits bounced buoyantly on the surface of the water as our thrusts met. His hands moved to my ass. Our bodies felt like one as we fucked. We said nothing. Our eyes were locked on each other as we melded into one. As I felt myself near orgasm, I wrapped my arms around Clinton's neck and held him tight, my cunt contracting on his cock. That was all it took, and Clinton came immediately inside me. We held one another from several minutes, then he kissed me tenderly. Wordlessly, we got out of the tub, dried off, and walked to our bed, hand in hand. We laid down, his arms wrapped tightly around me, his now flaccid cock resting against my ass crack, and we fell into a blissful sleep.
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Tuesday is a giant Turd
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I can't win.
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Happy Monday, douche nozzle!
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I'm not sure I've mentioned this here before, but I hate people. I think a large number of people I work with are idiots, and they frustrate the hell out of me. When they have initials after their names (like MD), it just flat out pisses me off. We have doctor that performs procedures without getting authorized by the insurance companies first (which means we don't get paid) and another doctor who schedules all sorts of tests,and doesnt bother to find out what need procured from the insurance company before scheduling. So we get angry phone calls from other staff members, or hospitals, complaining that shit isn't getting done. ARGH! I spent over three hours on this of shit today!

I just keep telling myself...serenity now, serenity now...

And how was YOUR Monday?
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Greetings from the ANF? What the hell's the ANF??
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I just realized that most of you have no fucking idea what the letters stand for, so let me explain.

I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania - pretty rural. The town I live, is just on the outskirts of the Allegheny National Forest.

It's beautiful here, as anyone who lives here can attest.

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Chance Encounter
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This was the first bit of erotic fiction I ever wrote.

Chance Encounter

It felt so good to get inside, away from the heat. I knew I had to get some shopping done, which I hate, so instead of going early that Saturday morning, I'd procrastinated and put it off until mid-afternoon. The sun had been scorching, and the air conditioning had decided to pick today to stop working. Ugh. I was wearing a sundress; cornflower blue with tiny daisies adorning the bust. And of course, my flip flops. For 40+ years old, I looked damned cute.
I walked through the market, trying to decide what to have for dinner. Grilled chicken and veggies. It's so much easier to cook on the grill for one than prepare something elaborate in my tiny kitchen. Especially for one person.
I was looking at the summer squash when I spotted him. I could feel his eyes on me before I laid eyes on him. I looked up, and there he was. About 6 feet tall. Stocky build. Older than me, but I couldn't tell how much. He was watching me handling the zucchini. My first thought was "could this be any more cliche?" He was clearly interested, so I decided to see how far he'd take it.
I leaned down to the vegetable bins and turned to look at him, my ample cleavage clearly visible. Was he looking? Yes, he was. I felt my nipples begin to harden. I picked out some bib lettuce, and pivoted on my heels, allowing him to get a good look at my big ass. I wasn't wearing underwear, so the material draped against my ass crack. I could feel his eyes lingering on my ample derriere for longer than I probably should have let him, so I quickly turned my head to catch him in the act. He stood there, grinning at me like a Cheshire cat. I chuckled.
I walked toward him and smiled. "What's your name, sailor?" He laughed, and replied that he was no sailor, but his name was Clinton. I offered my hand and told him my name was Linda. "Pleasure to meet you, Clinton." He took my hand, kissed it, and said "I'm hoping the pleasure will be all yours."
Hmmm. What an interesting development. I decided then and there to see how far things would go. I looked in his cart, only to see frozen dinners and coffee. I looked up at him wish a smug, self-satisfied look. "So is it frozen lasagna or swedish meatballs tonight?" He told me that as a single guy who didn't know how to cook, it was either frozen dinners or food poisoning. I laughed and told him there would be no frozen dinner tonight. I was making dinner. "You can bring the beer", I told him. "Oh, you're not a wine girl, huh?" I said that I absolutely preferred Yuengling on a hot summer night, but if he wanted to bring along some bourbon, I'd be game for that too.
"You're a brave lady, Linda", he said. "I could be some crazed glue sniffer or something." I immediately laughed - I recognized the quote from "Tommy Boy" and KNEW this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We traded cell numbers, and he left the store, leaving his cart behind. I finished my shopping and hurried home.
Once home, I put away my purchases, then prepped everything for dinner. I texted him, and told him dinner would be at 8; if he wanted to come earlier, that was up to him. I looked at the stove clock; it said 6:40. I decided I'd get in the shower. Once under the stinging water (I prefer my shower like my men - hard), I began thinking about my encounter at the market. Would he show up? If he did, what would happen? Would we kiss? Would we fuck? The thought of it all got to me as I soaped up my ample breasts and rinsed them. I grabbed the shave gel and sprayed some into my hand. I rubbed my hands together and felt the lather forming in my hands. I ran my hands up and down my calves and thick thighs, brushing my finger against my pussy lips. The menthol in the shave gel stung a little, but in a very good way. I shaved my legs, then got more shave gel. I only rubbed my hands together a little, so the substance in my hands was part lather, part gel. I put my foot up on the edge of the tub and slowly rubbed my hand across the outside of my pussy lips. Again, I felt the sting and loved it. I did it again, this time pushing my fingers easily into the wet folds and brushing my clit. it felt electric! The menthol stung as I started to rub my clit. Soft circles at first, then harder. Much harder. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. The water beat down on my shoulders as I threw my head back and moaned in climax.
I was lightheaded as I finished my shower. "Fuck me dead", I said as I looked in the mirror and dried off. My nipples were still very hard as I padded, naked, into my bedroom to get dressed. I chose a white sundress this time; a perfect choice, as my nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. As I looked in the mirror, I could vaguely see my bush through the material. "Well, if he doesn't like it, he doesn't like it" I thought, remembering my last boyfriend who hated unshaved pussy. I had stopped shaving after we broke up. I figured, with my round belly, I didn't see it and I didn't like getting brush burn when I "roughed up the suspect".
I finished dressing, and returned to the kitchen. I got a bottle of Yuengling from the fridge and looked at the clock. 7:45. How fucking long had I been masturbating in the shower? I rushed to get the table set. I was out on the porch, starting the grill, when I heard a vehicle pull in the driveway. I looked over to see Clinton get out of a Ford F-150, carrying flowers in one hand and a six pack of Yuengling in the other. "This man is perfect!", I thought.
He walked over and gave me a peck on the cheek. "I wasn't sure you'd show up", I said. He laughed out loud and told me that there was no way he was passing up a home cooked dinner from a beautiful woman he'd met in a supermarket. "Worst case scenario; dinner is terrible, and we never see each other again. Best case? We have breakfast in the morning." I laughed and directed him into the house. I finished lighting the grill, and walked back in the kitchen to see him leaning against the counter, beer in hand. He pointed at mine on the counter and told me it wasn't nice to start without him. Little did he know how much I'd started before he got there!!
He offered to be grillmaster, a position I gave up with no struggle. I still needed to finish the salad, so I gave him the plate of chicken and summer vegetables. I smacked him on the ass on his way out the door and told him to hurry back. He laughed and walked out the door. I got the salad fixings out of the fridge and started cleaning vegetables. I was standing at the sink when he came back in the door and walked up behind me. He gave me a hard crack on the ass. I jumped a little and turned my head around. "Don't start something you can't finish right now, mister man." He started kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. God, he was killing me. It was all I could do to keep from dropping to my knees in front of him right there. I felt his hands on my hips, then my breasts, rubbing and pinching them to full hardness. I could feel my clit throbbing already. Then I felt his cock against my ass. If he doesn't have his jeans undone, his cock has GOT to be big, I thought. I turned around and he kissed me hard on the mouth. After a kiss that seemed to go on for days, I breathlessly pulled away and said "I think you should check the grill. Now." He laughed as I handed him a serving platter, and walked out to the porch. I tried like hell to gain my composure, but failed miserably. I could feel the blush in my cheeks and on my chest. I hurried and finished the salad before he returned.
A few minutes later, he walked in carrying dinner. We put everything on the table, got a couple of beers from the fridge, and sat down.
The next hour was spent eating, laughing, talking about life; he seemed really great. When we were finished, I carried the dishes to the sink, and began running hot water. "I want to get these done now so I don't have to think about them later", I told him. He called me little Ms. Efficient. I turned to him and said that there was precious few things little about me. He smiled and got up from his chair. He stood behind me as I washed the dinner dishes, and started kissing my neck again. He was challenging me to finish the dishes versus give in to his advances. If anybody knows me, they know I'm stubborn, and I wouldn't give in to the temptation, no matter how badly I wanted to.
I felt him step away from me and figured he'd realized I was going to finish the dishes and he couldn't tempt me to stop. Little did I know. As I washed, I felt the material of my dress rise up over my ass. I jumped as I felt his tongue glide up my ass cheek. Oh my GOD! He found my weakness. I absolutely adore having my ass worshiped. He licked again, and I heard him say "I"m having this ass for dessert, Linda. We can start here, or we can go to bed. Your choice." I turned around, looked down at him and said "Fuck it. Let's go."
I took his hand and he followed me to the bedroom. I opened the french doors to the private back porch so we could see the sun set over the hill. I walked to the railing and said "Isn't it beautiful?" He replied "Yes, it is" and pulled my dress up again. This time when he licked my ass cheek, I didn't jump, or try to stop him. I leaned forward over the railing and shoved my ass back to his face. I felt his hands roaming my big ass, exploring the vast real estate of my butt. Then I felt him bury his face in my ass. I was in heaven. I moaned every time I felt his tongue enter my asshole. I wiggled against his face. I could hear him moaning against my big ass and I loved every minute of it.
I let this continue a few more minutes until I was getting very close to orgasm. Then I turned around, and pulled him up. I turned him around against the side of the house and got down to my knees. I unzipped his jeans, to find a beautiful 8 inch cock. It was thick and gorgeous and I couldn't wait to take it into my mouth. I looked up into his eyes as I stroked his cock against my tongue. Then I slowly, deliberately, took his whole hardness into my mouth. I gagged at the length as it hit the back of my throat. I looked up at him through wet eyes as I fucked his cock with my mouth, all the while kneading his balls with my right hand. He moaned into the evening air as I moaned against his cock. I felt his cock pulsing in my mouth and I wanted nothing more than to have it in my pussy.
I took his cock out of my mouth, and begged him to fuck me. "I need to feel your cock inside me!", I pleaded. My pussy was soaking wet, and I NEEDED him inside me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him back into the bedroom. I pushed him on the bed and pulled his shoes and jeans off. He looked at me and grinned. I looked back in all seriousness and said "If you don't fuck me, I'll fuck you." I pulled my dress up over my head, and climbed onto his cock. I felt my pussy stretch to accommodate his dick. I felt his hands move to my tits, caressing and kneading them as I rode him. My ass bounced against the tops of his thighs as I fucked him. Then he said "I want to see that ass in action!" and directed me onto my hands and knees. I complied, lowering myself onto my forearms, and shoving my fat ass up in the air. "Oh, fuck!" I heard him say. Then I felt his rock hard cock slide into my pussy hard. I gasped but begged him to fuck me. "I love the way your ass ripples when I fuck you, Linda!", he shouted. I pushed back against him to get every inch of his beautiful cock. I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming as he fucked me, until finally I couldn't take it anymore.
"I'm gonna cum!", I screamed. He started fucking me faster and shouted "Cum for me, baby! Cum all over my cock!" At that point, I orgasmed like I hadn't in years. I saw stars. I saw Jesus. I came all over his cock, then heard him grunt, and felt him cum inside me. I felt him start to pull out and asked him to wait. "I love the feeling of your cock inside me, babe", I told him. After a minute, I felt him slowly pull out his cock. I dropped flat onto my stomach, my face against my forearm, exhausted. He laid down on the bed beside me and ran his hand all over my ass cheek. I turned to look at him, and he kissed me deeply on the mouth. I turned onto my side and snuggled up behind me, his now flaccid cock against my ass. We fell asleep that way.
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The Older Man Part 2
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The Older Man -- Part 2

I swear, I didn't sleep all that night. My orgasm has been exhausting, but I was so excited about having dinner with Rick, that I'd barely been able to close my eyes. I was still astounded that a 51 year old God of a man could find me the slightest bit interesting, let alone ask me out! And the phone sex the night before had been amazing; as my first time, I had nothing to gauge it against, but I digress. I'd never cum so hard in my life. Hearing his breathing change, his voice getting deeper and huskier as he'd told me what he wanted me to do to myself, knowing that he was stroking his cock while he listened to me - my 19 year old brain couldn't take it all in.
I worked my shift, but Rick didn't come in that late afternoon, and I was relieved. I got home at 6:35, and immediately jumped in the shower. At the conclusion of our call the night before, Rick told me he'd pick me up at 7:15. I hurriedly washed my hair, shaved my armpits and legs, and washed my body. Normally, I would have masturbated while in the shower, but not tonight.
Let me interrupt briefly to say that I didn't shave my pussy. The idea of that had never crossed my mind. For a time in my 20's and 30's, I did. The last few guys I've been with preferred my pussy in a more natural state, so I don't do it anymore.
After quickly drying off, drying my hair and dressing, I was almost ready to go. I've never been one to wear a lot of make-up, so I applied a little mascara and eyeliner, along with a baby pink lip gloss. I sprayed on a little perfume - remember Love's Baby Soft? How sophisticated was, smelling of baby powder? I looked in the mirror to survey the situation. I had on a blue man's oxford shirt with a white tank underneath. My breasts sat high up on my chest in the only "pretty" bra I owned. I also wore a pair of jeans that, as I turned back and looked in the mirror, made my big, heart-shaped ass look fantastic. A pair of white flip flops finshed off my ensemble. I looked at the clock on the nightstand. 7:04. Great. I rushed down the stairs and out onto the porch, and settled into the porch swing, awaiting his arrival.
He pulled into the drive-way at exactly 7:15. He got out of the truck as I started down the steps. He walked around the front of the truck to open the passenger side door for me, and pulled a bouquet of beautiful wildflowers and tea roses from behind his back. He leaned in gave me a delicate kiss on the cheek, and handed me the flowers. I thanked him, and scooted across into the bench seat. He shut the door behind, walked to the other side, and got in. As he turned the key, he looked over at me and smiled. I was extremely nervous and my leg was shaking a bit. He asked if I was okay, to which I replied quietly, "Yes." "Scoot on over here a little. I won't bite." he said. I complied, willingly. As I felt my leg touch his, he rested the heel of his hand on my thigh as his fingertips rested on the gearshift. My nipples were already getting hard just sitting this close to him! I looked up at him and smiled as we backed out of the driveway.
The ride to his house took about 20 minutes. He had purchased a beautiful little cabin when he moved to the area. Only three rooms, plus the bath, but for a single man, it was all he needed. As we pulled up to the place, I saw the wraparound deck and immediately fell in love with the place. His closest neighbors were about 1000 yards down the lane in either direction. He opened the truck door and I stepped out onto the driveway. He took me by the hand and led me to the front door. "It's not much, but it's mine", he said. I looked around and was surprised at the stylish way the cabin was staged. A large leather sofa and matching chair on one side of the room, along with the television and stereo system. He pointed to it and said "I can play my music as loud as I like. My neighbor to the east is only here on weekends, and the guy to the west is deaf as a stone.", he chuckled. He led me to the kitchen, where the smells of dinner were intoxicating. I spotted a bottle of wine, opened, on the counter. I'm not old enough to drink that, I though, and laughed on the inside. He poured two glasses and handed me one. The wine tasted heavy and woody and I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but I didn't want to look like a little k**, so I drank it.
He told me dinner was ready, and pulled out a chair at the small table. I sat down, and watched him bring a pan of lasagna over to the table, along with the bottle of wine. The food was delicious and we spent the next 45 minutes talking about our lives as we ate. He was incredibly sweet, and if he was just pretending to be interested, the man deserved an academy award. At one point while we were talking, he'd taken my hand in his. I was so comfortable, or the wine was getting to me, that I had taken no notice until he brought it to his lips and kissed it. I felt the blush begin to rise in my cheeks. He leaned in and kissed me softly. I'd kissed a couple of boys before, but this was a MAN. And did he ever know how to kiss! I was nervous about my inexperience, and he could tell. "Just relax, honey", he reassured me. "Do what feels natural. Do what feels right to you." The blush in my cheeks spread to my neck and chest. "I just don't want to do the wrong thing, Rick", I told him. He told me not to worry. He stood up from his chair, picked up the dishes, and put them in the sink. I stood up and offered to wash them. He smiled at me, and said he appreciated it, but it wasn't necessary, he'd do them in the morning. The dutiful daughter in me insisted, telling him that it was easier to do them now than try to chip off sauce in the morning. He laughed as I turned on the water to fill the sink. He handed me the sponge from under the sink, and I put dishwashing liquid into the water, swishing it with my finger to make suds. As I picked up a plate, I felt him standing behind me. I tried like hell to keep hold of it; just feeling his so close to me was making my clit throb and my nipples had been hard since he picked me up at my house. I mentally steadied myself and started rubbing the sponge on the plate. I felt his get closer, felt his cock against my big ass and almost dropped a knife. When I felt his hands on my breasts, I put my hands down to steady myself against the counter. "Are you done yet?", he whispered in my ear, and turned me around. He pulled me tight to him, as I leaned my head up to kiss him. He leaned down and kissed me passionately. I curled my arms under his and held onto his back, bracing myself against him. I was dizzy from the kisses and wine and had to steady myself by leaning into his chest.
We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. I felt his tongue slowly glide along the inside of my lips, then against my own tongue, before he gently sucked my lower lip between his. I'd never been kissed like this before, and I liked it. I could have kissed him for days, but he pulled away. He took my hand in his, and led me to the bedroom. Inside was a huge bed, king sized, covered with a stark white duvet. We stood at the foot of the bed and kissed again. He sat down on the edge of the bed. He put his hands on my shoulders, then ran them down my arms before taking my hands in his, our fingers entwined. "Have you been with a man before, Linda?" he asked. I told him that, yes, I had been with a boy before, so I wasn't a virgin. He looked a little disappointed for a second, but quickly returned the smile to his face. He asked how old I was when I lost my virginity. I told him " I was a virgin until about 6 months ago." He smiled.
He let go of my hands and began unbottoning my shirt. He slid it off my shoulders and tossed it into the chair near the bed. I kicked off my flip flops and pushed them over beside the chair before unzipping my jeans. Once undone, he slid them down the length of my legs and held them as i stepped out of them. He placed the beside my shirt, then surveyed what was before him. My tank covered my belly, and went down over the top of my panties. At the time, I wore granny panty style briefs, as that was all that was offered for fat girls. He smiled and sighed audibly. I was afraid he'd be able to tell that my panties were wet by looking at me. Every time his fingers grazed my skin, it was like a jolt of electricity through my body. I thought I was going to explode when he pulled my tank up. I automaticaly raised my arms up as he pulled it up over my head and off my body. The only thought in my head was "Hurry up!". I just wanted to be naked against him, but he was being very deliberate. He reached around to unhook my bra, and I felt his cheek graze against my skin. I nearly came at that moment. I turned away as he slowly pulled the straps down and slid them down my arms, exposing my large breasts. Then he moved his hands down to my ample hips, and slid my panties down my legs, before I stepped out of them. "Oh good", he said. I looked at him with obvious curiosity and he said one word. "Bush".
I stood before him, naked, as he looked me over. With my hands on my hips, he turned me around so my back was to him. I felt his hands run over my ass cheeks and heard him moan approvingly. I turned back around and asked "Did I pass inspection?" He smiled and slid his hand between my legs. I thought I was going to pass out when his finger touched my already engorged clit. He slowly slid his fingers between my pussy lips and palmed my clit. He looked up at my face, which by this time was crimson red, and said "Honey, it's okay. I won't hurt you." He stood up and brought his palm to my face. "Taste yourself", he said. I complied. I had tasted myself before, and as usual my juices tasted sweet. I licked his palm clean of my juices, and he kissed me deeply, taking in my taste from my tongue. He turned me around and told me to lie down on the bed. I sat down and scooched my ass up toward the headboard. "Lie back, Linda", he said. As I laid back, I watched him take off his shirt, jeans and socks, leaving only his boxers. I could see his erection clearly. The mushroom head was sticking ou the top of his shorts. "Close your eyes", he said. Once they were closed, I felt fingers sliding my pussy lips apart. I gasped at his touch, but didn't open my eyes. His fingers were exploring my pussy. "Beautiful", he whispered, and slid a finger inside me. I felt my pussy tighten against his finger and he moaned approvingly before sliding in a second finger. "God, you are so wet, sweetheart." I felt his thumb manipulating my clit as his fingers slowly pistoned in and out of my drenched cunt.
Then it happened. I felt his tongue on my clit. Slow and deliberate, he ran his tongue from my clit to my cunt and back before taking my clit between his lips. He sucked harder on my clit as he finger fucked my pussy. My body involuntarily writhed against his face as I could feel myself getting close. I'd never felt like this before. No man had ever eaten my pussy before, and I loved it. I moaned as his pace quickened. "Honey, cum on my fingers!" That was all it took, and my cunt exploded in orgasm, contracting against his fingers. I cried out as I climaxed, and he didn't stop. He continued sucking my clit and fucking me with his fingers until I had to beg him to stop. I felt like my body was on fire. He crawled up the bed and laid beside me. "You okay?" he asked, grinning at me. I told him I wasn't sure. "Nobody's ever done that to me before", I explained. His smile broadened. He told me he was flattered I let him be the first.
We laid on the bed together for a few minutes, spooning, while I caught my breath. Once composed, I rolled over onto my other side, and kissed him deeply. Leaning up on one hand, he ran the other from my shoulder, down my arm and onto my hip. He squeezed my ass cheek playfully. I looked down to see his erection was back at full mast. It was about 8 inches, I would guess, and pretty thick. It was the biggest I'd ever seen up close. I took it in my hand and slowly stroked him. I ran my thumb over the tip of his prick, paying special attention to his piss hole. I'd given handies before, and I was pretty good at it. He must have thought so too, because it wasn't long before I felt precum under my thumb. "Linda", he asked, "i want to ask you something, but there really isn't a delicate way, so I'll just ask." I must have looked confused, because he smiled at me reassuringly. "It's nothing bad, honey. I was just wondered if you'd ever given anyone a blowjob before?" I shook my head no. I would tonight, though.
"I'm not sure what to do", I told him as I sat up. He put his arm around me and rubbed my back. "Something tells me you'll be a natural", he said. "I just don't want to do anything the wrong way", I told him sheepishly. He smiled again and told me not to worry, he'd help me. He propped up his head with pillows so he could get a good look. I scooched down the bed so I was at the same level as his cock, and started stroking it again. "If I do something wrong, please tell me", I pleaded with him. I was so afraid of hurting him, or embarassing myself. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, and slid the head of his cock on it. I ran it all along the outside of my lips as I slowly stroked him. I sucked the mushroom head between my lips and into my mouth, and looked up at him. He smiled back approvingly. I sucked on the head and pulled it out of my mouth with a loud pop. I giggled, and he smiled again. "Lick the shaft, honey", he asked, and I complied. I ran my tongue up and down the base of his cock. When I reached the top, I licked the head, paying special attention to the pisshole, flicking it with my tongue. His moan proved to me I was doing something right, so I repeated it over and over, stopping occasionally to catch my breath and stroke his cock. I could feel it getting bigger, more engorged, in my hand. I sucked the head into my mouth again, but this time I took it deeper. In my enthusiasm, I took it a little deeper than I was prepared for, and gagged audibly. He picked up his head and looked down at me. I looked up at him, tears in my eyes, searching for approval. "You okay?" I nodded, his cock still in my mouth, and tried again. This time, I was more careful and relaxed my jaw. I took him only as deep as I was sure I could without gagging. I heard him moan again and did it again, and again. I felt his fingers in my hair as I fucked his cock with my mouth. Saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth as I noisily sucked his hard prick. I quickened my pace and his moans got louder. "You want to taste it baby?" he asked breathily. I nodded quickly, and he took his cock from my mouth. "Open your mouth", he said, and I did, sticking out my tongue. He stroke his cock maybe a dozen times, and shot his spunk onto my tongue and into my mouth. It felt hot and tasted funny, from the wine I presume, and I wasn't sure what to do next, so I swallowed it. I had to swallow three times to get it all, then I wiped the corner of my mouth. "Did I do okay?" I asked him, seriously. "I knew you'd be a natural, Linda." I beamed with pride. "C'mere", he said, and I crawled up the bed beside him. We crawled under the sheet and spooned.
I'm not sure how long we slept, but I woke up to his erection against my ass cheek. I rolled over on my back and turned to face him. "How long did I sleep?" I asked. "Half an hour or so, I think", he replied. "It wasn't long. I slept too." He put his hand on my left breast and started palming my nipple. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and stroked him as he began manipulating my nipple between his fingers. He got it to full hardness, and started on the other nipple. I closed my eyes and moaned, and he kissed me deeply. I could still taste my pussy on his lips, and began kissing him harder. I let go of his cock and held his face in my hands as I kissed him. He moved his hand from my nipple to my bush, parting my labia with his finger and rubbing my clit. I moaned into his mouth as he slid a finger inside me. He pulled away from me. He looked at me seriously and asked if I was on the pill. I told him I was, but shouldn't we use a condom anyway? "I don't want to get pregnant", I told him. I had always used condoms with my first boyfriend. "I had a vasectomy 20 years ago, honey", he stated. At that, he slid another finger inside me, and that was the moment I knew I'd let him fuck me bareback. I wanted to feel his cock inside me the way it was supposed to be-unencumbered by latex. "Fuck me, Rick", I begged him. "What about the condom?" he asked, grinning. "Please fuck me!" I pleaded with him to fill my cunt with his cock. He fucked my pussy with his finger a couple more times, then brought his hand to my mouth. I sucked my juices from his fingers like I'd sucked his cock an hour earlier. In one fluid move, he was on top of me. With his cock in his hand, he rubbed the head from my clit to my cunt and back again, over and over. "I need your cock inside me, Rick!" I begged. After teasing my cunt for what seemed like an eternity, he plunged his prick inside me. I gasped as my pussy swallowed his cock. I hooked my knees with my elbows so that I could get every inch of him inside me. He fucked me faster and harder, the top ridge riding my cilt with each thrust. I wrapped my arms around him and held on for dear life. I could hear the wet slapping sounds as he fucked my soaking wet cunt. I smelled the heady scent of our combined sex filling the room. I was in sensory overload. "I'm gonna cum!" I shouted. This fueled his fire and he fucked me faster with shorter strokes. It was just seconds before I climaxed, cumming all over his cock. My cunt contracted rhythmically against his cock, and in short order, I felt him shoot his load deep inside me. The sound of our labored breathing was the only sound in the room. Our bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat. He started to pull out, and I kissed him deeply. He slowly pulled out, his cock deflating. He laid down beside me and slid his arm under the back of my neck. He propped himself up partway with the pillows and I rested my head against his chest, falling asleep.
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The Older Man Part 1
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And yes, this is true. I wrote this years ago, but love the story.

The Older Man
When I was a , I was very shy. Painfully shy. I had tried to blend in with the wallpaper, but when you're the fattest girl in class, you're hard to miss. Consequently, I had zero experience with boys. When I went to college for a year, I came out of my shell somewhat-my sarcastic sense of humor started to blossom there- but I still hadn't even been kissed.
After my failed attempt at college, my family relocated to a very small town in Northwest Pennsylvania. When I say small, I mean SMALL. Let me put it to you this way; there were five bars and five churches in town. In fact, calling it a town was being generous, as the population at the time was hovering at the 700 mark. Essentially, all there was to do in town was drink and fuck. I soon learned how to fit in. I met a boy my age, who paid me some attention, and lost my virginity to him. It was a sweet little romance, but nothing spectacular. The sex was perfunctory; no passion or excitement. Just the act, as has been the case in many a young girl's first sexual experiences.
I got a job working at a mom and pop full-service gas station/convenience store. I had no trouble working behind the counter, and since the station was across the street from the senior citizen housing, I pumped gas for the locals. The little old ladies in town were amazed that I could pump gas. The old men wouldn't let me; too old school, I guess. The married men in town were very much the same way, not allowing me to pump their gas and upsetting their macho sensibilities for the most part. However, there was one man in particular who had me pump his gas every time.
His name was Rick and I assumed he was in his late 30's or early 40's. He was very tall, 6 foot 4 inches, with a solid build. I found him very attractive, and didn't mind waiting on him . Eventually I figured out his schedule. He came to the station after work every evening around 6. He topped off the gas tank, got a pack of Marlboro Reds and a Pepsi. Like clockwork. I found myself thinking about him even when I wasn't at work. I even started masturbating to the image of him etched on my 19 year old brain. When he came to the station, I would instantly feel my body flush. My clit would tingle. I had never had a real conversation with this man and he made my panties wet. What the fuck was wrong with me?
One spring evening, he came to the station like usual. I walked outside when I heard the bell to see him leaning against his pickup, talking to someone standing on the other side. I looked over to see Steve, one of the locals. He leaned forward and said hello and I returned his greeting. Rick looked at me and asked "Why don't you ever tell me hello?". I felt my chest get hot as my blush intensified. I just shrugged and asked if he wanted me to top it off. He chuckled and said sure, then turned around to continue his conversation. When I finished pumping his gas, I walked back in the station to try and compose myself before he walked inside. I took deep breaths, preparing myself for the inevitable. I was standing with my back to the counter when I heard the bell on the door sound. I turned to see Rick, with a huge smile on his face.
"What's your name, honey?" he half chuckled at me. "Um, Linda", I stammered in reply. "Are you okay, Um Linda?" "Yes. I'm fine, thanks." I was horrified. My heart was racing. I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack. And my face was eight shades of red. He couldn't stop chuckling at me. "Well, Um Linda, can I get a pack of Marlboros?" I said nothing as I reached up to get the pack of smokes. He walked over to the cooler, and I got a good look at his ass. God, you could have bounced a quarter off it. Suddenly , my nipples were rock hard. Oh shit, I thought. Back in those pre baby days, my tits were amazing. They were big, with big, dark nipples, and sat high on my chest. I knew he was going to see them through my t-shirt. I was in a panic. I realized as he turned around there was nothing I could do. He sat the bottle on the counter beside the cigarettes and raised his eyes up. A huge smile crossed his face. I had never been so embarrassed in my life.
"How old are you, Linda?" he asked me. "I'm 19." "You sure look like you're older than 19, honey." I said " yeah, I got that alot. " It was the tits. People always assumed I was older than I was because of them. "Damn. You're still practically jail bait", he said with a sly smile. My face reddened again and I laughed nervously. "Nah. I'm old enough to vote." Oh my God. What the hell is wrong with me? Old enough to vote? Seriously? Did I just say that to the guy I've been masturbating to for the last 3 months?
He burst out laughing and said yes, he supposed I couldn't be jailbait if I was a voter. He picked up his cigarettes and packed them as he sized me up. He pulled a Zippo lighter from his pocket and lit one, his eyes never leaving my body. He looked me in the eyes and told me I was a beautiful girl. I shyly thanked him. I felt like I was going to explode. I wanted nothing more than to jump over the counter and fuck him right there. But I kept my composure.
"Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?" he asked. I wanted to scream YES! Of course I would! but didn't dare. I told him I would like that, and he said he would pick me up at the station the next day at 6. He asked for my phone number, which I readily gave him, and we parted ways. I finished my shift, and walked up the street home. When I walked in the door, my mother greeted me. "Someone called for you a few minutes ago. Rick something? He left a number." I calmly took the number from my mom and hauled ass upstairs. I calmed my breathing, counted to ten, and dialed the number.
I felt my clit throbbing as he answered the phone. "Hello Rick. It's Linda. From the station." Yeah, of course I should identify myself. I mean, hell it's been a whole 45 minutes since you saw him, dumbass. He chuckled, and said he was glad I had called him. He would like to get to know more about me before our dinner date. I laid down on my bed and got comfortable. As I was rollling onto my side, I dropped the phone. He asked what happened. I said “Sorry. I dropped the phone when I was crawling into my bed.” He seemed surprised. I didn’t tell him I’d taken off my pants. I figured that might be a bit more information than was required.
We chatted for more than 2 hours. I found out that he wasn’t in his 30’s; he was 51. He’d been married and divorced three times, and had moved here from Newport Beach, California. He came to the area to visit some friends, and loved it so much he relocated here. He worked as a freelance photographer, but most of his money was from some really good investments he’d made when I was just a toddler. He asked about me, and I relayed my life story to him. I was 19. It took all of 5 minutes.
“So why did you get so red at the station today, honey?” he asked. I didn’t know what to say, and blurted “Because I think you’re really hot, and couldn’t believe you were talking to me.” He sounded genuinely surprised. “Linda, you’re a beautiful girl. You know that, right?” he asked. I told him that I’d never really thought of myself that way, being fat and all. I told him a little about how I’d been teased about my weight in school, and how the boys on the school bus had called me “Tits”. He laughed at that, which hurt my feelings a little. “Honey, did you know that there are some men out there who prefer big girls?” The idea that could even be a possibility blew my mind. “I’ve always dated bigger girls. I’m a big guy, and I don’t want to worry that I’m going to break a girl when I’m having sex with her. “ I swear, I thought I was going to cum right there. “Seriously?”, I asked. “You really like bigger girls?” His reply to that was “No, honey, I LOVE big girls.” I was smiling the biggest smile of my life and never wanted someone to fuck me so bad in my life. “There’s something about the curves of a big girl. A nice big round ass. Tits that go on for days. I love them. The way they smell, the way they taste. I love everything about them."
My nipples were hard, my clit was throbbing, my panties were soaked. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and slid my hand inside my panties. I moaned softly, hoping he didn’t hear. He heard. “You okay?”, he asked. “Yes, I’m okay”, I replied in little more than a whisper. I cradled the phone against my shoulder as I circled my clit with the fingers of my right hand and rubbed my left nipple with the other. I moaned again, this time louder. “Honey, are you touching yourself?” “Yes….”
“Good. I want you to”, he said. I was shocked and excited at the same time. “My cock has been hard. I’ve been stroking it the last fifteen minutes.” The idea that he’d been that excited at the thought of me, and my body, was almost more than I could take. “Linda?” “Yes”, I whispered. “Honey, I want you to cum for me tonight.” “Oh Rick, I want you to fuck me”, I told him. I rubbed my clit furiously, and slid a finger in my cunt. “Tell me what you’re doing, honey”, he asked. I told him that I was pinching and rubbing my hard clit, and I’d slid my finger into my wet pussy. “Fuck your pussy with your fingers, Linda”, he commanded. I could hear his breathing quicken as I did what I was told, and pistoned two fingers in and out of my aching cunt. How I wished it was his cock. I rubbed my clit with my thumb as I fucked myself, and felt myself nearing orgasm.
“Rick?”, I asked breathily. “Yes, Linda?” “Will you cum with me?”, I begged him. “Yes, honey. I’m so close, but I want to hear you cum first.” At that, I fucked myself with abandon, my fingers slickly jamming in and out, the sounds and smell of my sex filling the room. “Rick, I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum noww……” I whispered loudly as I reached my orgasmic peak. I thrashed back and forth on the bed and moaned lowly into the phone as I came all over my fingers. I fought to catch my breath as I heard him loudly cum on the other end. Loud, animalistic grunts followed by one loud moan. I giggled when I heard him cum, and he began chuckling as well. I apologized and he laughed. “Sorry. I’ve never done anything like this before. I didn’t mean to laugh,” I said. “No need, honey. I guess it is of funny, isn’t it?” I settled myself down and composed myself.
“Do you still want to have dinner with me tomorrow night?” he asked. “Oh yes, I do,” I replied, hoping that I would be dessert.
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What's a little strap-on action between friends?
Veröffentlicht:30. Dezember 2014, 15:22 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:28. Mai 2016, 14:30 Uhr
6093 Aufrufe

When I was moving out of my old place and into my new apartment back in August, a box came up missing. Unfortunately, it was a banker's box, full of some very "personal" items. Like my corsets. My vibrators. My corsets and lingerie. But most importantly, my strapon harness was in the box. I'd only had the opportunity to use it a couple of times, so I was really upset when the box went missing. (To whoever stole it, you're fucking disgusting. I hope you shove Babe the blue ox up your ass and it breaks off. Seriously.)

Well, I just got an email that the harness I ordered to replace it is on it's way!! I would've loved to have found someone to use it on for NYE, because it's my birthday and would've been so fucking hot, but regardless, I'm so excited, I'm damn near giddy! It's going to take some time rebuild, but at least I've started! I have plans to go to the "dirty book store and bait shop" in Jamestown on Saturday sometime, so I'll work on replacing some stuff then too.

Happy Birthday to me!
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Sometimes you just have to laugh...
Veröffentlicht:28. Dezember 2014, 10:55 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:20. Oktober 2020, 16:49 Uhr
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Just had another wonderful chat experience on The name has been changed to protect the innocent. (Actually, that's bullshit. I offered this dude constructive criticism and he bitched like a girl. The name is changed to keep from violating the TOS.)

Douchebag 32M
Buffalo, NY (79 miles away)
1:35 PM
Nice guy here gets excited about cumming in a woman
1:36 PM
1:36 PM
How r u?
1:36 PM
i'm fine. How are you?
1:37 PM
Super horney..would do anything right now
1:37 PM
Anything for what?
1:37 PM
1:38 PM
thats pretty vague
1:40 PM
Just want to shoot cum into a woman I just met
1:41 PM
lol you dont want much
1:41 PM
maybe if you posted some pictures you might get some attention
1:41 PM
Just being honest
1:42 PM
women arent going to agree to meet you without seeing a picture
1:43 PM
So u want a pic? Is that what u r asking?
1:44 PM
what im saying is that you would be more likely to have women message you or at least agree to talk to you if you have pics posted.
1:45 PM
Thanks for the lesson that I didn't ask for
1:45 PM
then dont whine about how horny (no e) you are to a total stranger.
1:46 PM
Douchebag has left chat
1:46 PM

I was just trying to be helpful....
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