what position you'll try in bed tonight ?
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Who decides what position you'll try in bed tonight (guess you have him/her)?
My partner does.
We both agree first.
We go through ‘natural' way.
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What do you think best first position for you?
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What do you think best first position for you?
Doggy style!
It's my own position... you'd never get it right!
don't care as long as I'm not doing the work!
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yourself as...
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You find (imagine) yourself as...
It depends on
I don't know.
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How do guys see you?
Veröffentlicht:22. Oktober 2021, 2:13 Uhr
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Woman, How do guys see you?
As someone they can talk to.
As someone who is good fun to be with.
As someone they can spend all their money on.
As a sex object.
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Would you go out with a new partner?
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Your new partner asks you where you'd like to go on your night out with him/her. Where do you choose?
An expensive restaurant.
A quiz night at your local bar.
Somewhere that will allow you to have lots of fun together.
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Man offers to buy you a drink. Do you:
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man comes up to you in a bar and offers to buy you a drink. Do you:
Politely refuse, as he isn't handsome enough?
Accept the offer, but inspect his wallet when he takes it out of his pocket?
Accept, as he seems really and polite?
Accept, but then immediately start asking him questions to find out how intelligent he is?
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Which topics you like most?
Veröffentlicht:18. Oktober 2021, 23:17 Uhr
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Which topics you like most?
Men/woman dating
Food and drinks
Motor vehicles
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Long term commitment
Veröffentlicht:17. Oktober 2021, 20:41 Uhr
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why do you want to do this now? Think about your reason for wanting to take your relationship to the next level. If you just got out of a long-term commitment, make sure you're not falling victim to rebound syndrome. If you spent a long time as a single person, take a long hard look at your feelings. Jumping into a serious commitment isn't a good idea if you're doing it because you're tired of being lonely.

Although your cheeks might be flushed with the blush of new love, keep your discussion low-key. Renting out an entire restaurant to tell your girlfriend the depth of your feelings might creep her out rather than jump into your arms. Instead of staging a big production, be spontaneous. Sometimes, an impromptu statement like "Hey, I like you a lot" goes a long way.
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Men dating over 50
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Use a good online dating service. Again, look for women your own age and contact them. Make a coffee date and actually show up. Meeting for coffee doesn't mean you have to marry your date. Also, don't be too picky. Don't look for a duplicate of your wife, or the exact opposite of your wife. Don't look at the pictures too closely. Remember not every beauty takes a good picture. Many models are not particularly attractive in real life – they just photograph well. Also, beware of those sexy studio pictures. They are done with LOTS of makeup and photo enhancements. And don't be afraid to contact the women who appear out of your league. Chances are, all the other men are afraid of rejection too.
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Confident on a date
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Ironically, if you are not confident in yourself, and you are worried about being rejected, then you will probably be rejected very quickly. The nervous attitude of someone who is not confident in themselves shows through their body language and makes other people uncomfortable and turned off.

It is human nature be attracted someone who has a high level of confidence in themselves. This is why 'bad boys' or 'bad girls' are so attractive; they have a high level of confidence that attracts people despite their bad qualities.

How do you feel confident? You become confident! You affirm yourself that you are a great catch with a lot offer someone, and the more you affirm it the more you will start believe it.

Another way feel confident for your date is read some tips and tricks succeeding with the opposite sex right before your date. This will leave you armed and ready with information that can influence your d and your brain will not have had a chance forget important key points about succeeding with the opposite sex.
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parties VOTE
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What would you do? Would you be ok with you if he/she wanted strippers to entertain their party?.
It's ok to have strippers at your party?
It's NOT ok to have strippers at your party?
Do you agree NOT to have strippers but do it anyway and hope you don't get busted?
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Which would you… prefer to date? VOTE
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Which would you… prefer to date?
Single – No children
Single – with Children
Someone in a relationship
Any of the above
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Is relationship based on sex?
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Having sex to make up after arguments is common in sex-based relationships. The couple has sexual relations then everything is fine until the next argument but the problem remains because they are not solving the issues. The couple usually spends most of their time breaking up and then making up again. Can this type of relationship work? A relationship needs substance and a secure foundation to succeed. This type of relationship can work if the couple matures beyond just the physical attraction and sexual chemistry.

People sometimes confuse intimacy with sex. Being intimate with someone is much more than just having sexual relations. Physical intimacy can develop rather quickly but intimacy on a deeper emotional level takes time. Sex is a temporary fix but it cannot fulfill the need for true intimacy. People that engage in superficial relationships such as those that are centered on sex, often fear commitment. They long for closeness but fear being hurt. The fear makes it difficult to become intimate on any other level other than a sexual level. They opt for lust rather than love so they can experience closeness without allowing their emotions to be involved in order to avoid being hurt.
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