Don't blame yourself
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The breakdown of a once loving relationship is always difficult. When you still feel love for your former partner, you may think that you will never be able move on. 's a tough journey, but will happen and you will a caring relationship again. Here are some tips get you on the right track: Looking forward your future and not dwelling on the past.

Whatever happened cause the end of your relationship, is important reflect upon in a rational manner. Many women react break-ups by going one extreme or the other: They are wholly at fault and responsible for the breakdown of the relationship or, they are totally blameless and the mistakes were all his. Accepting that you both could handled certain situations in a more reasonable way is liberating. You will find it easier let go of memories of fierce arguments and feelings of anger and resentment. These are feelings that will a much more detrimental impact on your personal growth than feelings of sadness.

If you haven't been single for a of years, can come as a shock. Even routine chores can suddenly feel different and frightening now that you haven't got someone by your side. Finding another mate simply feel comfortable again is not a positive move. You need discover your confidence as a single person before forming a new relationship. If you rush too soon and find yourself with another failed relationship on your hands, it will damage your emotional well-being.

If you're finding difficult cope, ask for help. If you go too long feeling helpless and lost, the chances that you attempt to contact your ex-partner just to 'talk things through' increases. Under no circumstances should you contact your ex to off-load your emotional pain. will intensify your feelings of rejection and vulnerability. Talk friends and family instead. Pick the people been proven be good listeners and will make time for you. Don't worry about talking much or bothering them with your problems. Your pain is temporary and when they're in a similar position, you can return the favor.

Take time talk about your feelings with your family and friends, but also engage in other activities with them. Now is the time create stronger ties with the important people in your life that may weakened during your relationship. If your sister is holding a party for your nephew, go along. If your friend goes an exercise class on Thursday evening, ask if you can go with her. Involve yourself in the happier aspects of other people's lives and you will find that those good feelings rub off onto you too.

Don't sit around at home waiting for something to happen. It won't. This is your life. You are in the driving seat and you are the person that can make things happen. Although pushing yourself do new things now that you haven't got a partner by your side help you through your worries is difficult, is important tackle your emotional barriers and get out . Do what you've always wanted do, even if seems . If you've always wished that you could be a talented artist, sign up for an art class. If you've worried about your weight in the past and always wanted do something about , take out a gym membership. A sudden and dramatic change in your life, such as the end of a relationship, can offer you wonderful opportunities for new life experiences. Grab onto them and you'll soon realize that the future has so much to offer.
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Women of…why are you here? Vote
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Women of…why are you here?
To meet men and date men
To meet women / date couple
Here to make friends
Just here to get attention from men…including compliments
Just here to goof around on the blogs
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Would you buy a wig...If your going bald? Vote
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Would you buy a wig...If your going bald…or went bald?
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No more than two text at a time..
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Drunk texting is just annoying drunk dialing, and you are sure say something you'll regret in the morning. Do yourself a favor and put your phone away when the party starts.

If your emotions are running high, it's the wrong time send a text message. It's especially true if your significant other was the one who made you emotional in the first place. Don't text angry, depressed or any time you are not in control of your feelings.

If you text the object of your affection and don't get a response, it's a good idea wait. Text once more if you simply can't help yourself, but don't go any further than that. Sending text after text after text makes you appear desper and that's not attractive.

Some conversations require face face interaction. Breaking in a text message is rude, and proposing that way is lame. Don't say I love you for the first time in a text message, either. Give your relationship milestones the respect they deserve.

Your date deserves your complete attention. Don't keep looking at your phone while you are supposed to be enjoying a romantic evening. You'll be letting yourself down well your date. A text message is an appropriate way check in with your date the next day and say that you enjoyed yourself.

Flirting by text message is a fantastic game for modern day couples. Just make sure you keep it subtle, or you could appear more forward than you intended be. Even married couples can benefit from a flirty text now and then. How explicit you get depends your relationship, but keep in mind who might view your partner's phone and where your significant other will be when the text goes through.

Don't include someone you are dating in chain texts. It can be an annoying thing do your friends, but they are likely forgive you. Your date might not. Do not call, leave a voicemail and then follow it with a text that states you just left a message. It makes you seem unstable.
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Age gap and relationships
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The older partner already has family commitments
from a previous relationship, which can cause friction
with their current partner. On a similar , the possibility
of starting a family may lead to tension where the younger
person would like to have children but their older partner
has a family from a previous relationship, and doesn't
want to have any more children.
Partners in relationships with large age gaps often find
it difficult to relate to their partner's friends,
sometimes finding their older partner's friends
boring or their younger partner's friends immature.
Even if this is not the case, their partner's friends
often leave them out of the group, either consciously or
subconsciously. Similarly, partners may have different
ideas of fun places for dates.
As with any relationship, insecurity is of the main
issues which can destroy a happy couple. When in relationships
with an age gap, partners often find themselves worrying
that their other half will run off with someone their own
If the relationship is meant to be then the partner will understand any issues, and be willing to work towards resolving them. Many people in these relationships, particularly the older partner, make the mistake of bottling up their feelings, assuming that their partner will not
understand due to the age difference, or is too immature
to want to change. Communication is of particular importance
with regards to future plans for marriage and family.
Some relationships with age gaps simply won't work,
as with any relationships, however by talking things through
and making the effort to respect your partner's needs
you can increase the chances of making the relationship
work in the longer term.
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what you want out of a relationship
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Good relationships can offer support, companionship, and room for personal growth. These elements thrive when both partners are emotionally prepared assist and support each other. the other hand, relationships can go sour quickly if each person requires a lot of attention, without offering much, because he or she uses relationships something counter his or her personal unhappiness. Be sure that you are in an emotional and mental place where you are prepared give much you receive.
In many ways, serious relationships are a string of compromises. You have reach mutual decisions about where you want go, what you want do, where you want live, the type of lifestyle you aspire lead, and what you want out of your relationship. If you live together, you also have to compromise about types of domestic habits. When you're not prepared take part in several serious, potentially life-changing compromises, you're likely not ready for a relationship. That's not say you should never stick your guns about certain decisions, but most productive relationships involve a substantial amount of give-and-take.

You're not sure what you want out of a relationship.
Relationships require a lot of communication about needs and wants. Articulating these things can be difficult enough even if you have a clear idea of what they are. If you're unsure of what you want out of a relationship, communication breakdowns are more likely become a problem. You're better prepared enter into a beneficial relationship if you have done enough self-reflection to know what you require from a relationship.
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You're not over past relationships
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If your last relationship still feels fresh in your mind, even if it ended a long time ago, you should probably wait before diving into a new one. Any lingering feelings of bitterness, jealousy, or sorrow could easily seep into your new relationship. Without even realizing it, those leftover feelings might cause you to sabotage what you have with a new partner, even if it could have been great without the emotional baggage.
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What makes forgiveness more difficult?
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We all know that we should forgive the wrongs done to us. And usually, forgiving isn't that hard to do. We can forgive the clerk that short-changed us or the friend who didn't show up for our lunch date. We can even forgive the person who cut us off in traffic.

Sometimes, though, forgiveness is much more difficult. Especially when the offense is great, extending forgiveness can seem almost impossible.

The difficulty we have in forgiving reflects the pain we have suffered. We have been hurt, so our natural reaction is to strike back at the person who hurt us. Often, we do this by holding a grudge. By doing so, we somehow believe we are hurting the other person in return. Logically, we know this is not how it works. In fact, we are usually only hurting ourselves. Yet holding a grudge can be a passive way for us to express our pain.

When an offense causes us significant loss, our pain can easily turn to bitterness. This bitterness then eats away at us and solidifies our resentment of the offender. As a result, we become powerless to move beyond the offense. Instead, we are tied to that moment in time and are continually reminded of the loss we suffered. In essence, we cause ourselves to relive the offense again and again.

Our inability or unwillingness to forgive can have dramatically negative effects on us personally. Not only does it affect our relationship with the offender, it spreads to other relationships, too. We can close ourselves off from others—perhaps in an attempt to protect ourselves from being hurt again. Others can sense our resentment and may begin to distance themselves from us, too.

Beyond this negative effect on our relationships, refusing to forgive can have medical and spiritual consequences. Bitterness and resentment have been tied to a variety of health problems. Plus, every major world religion emphasizes the importance of forgiving—whether it be for our own inner peace or our relationship with God.

None of us are perfect. We have all been wronged and we have all wronged others. If we expect others to extend forgiveness to us, we need to reciprocate by extending forgiveness to others.

Granted, this isn't always easy. It may take some time and involve tough conversations with the offender to work through the issues. You may even discover that the offender is unaware of the offense. More serious cases may require enlisting the help of a mediator or booking sessions with a professional counselor or minister. In the end, though, it is always worth it.
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Long-distance relationship
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Effective communication is essential when it comes to a successful long-distance relationship. Not just how and what you communicate, but when you do it, too. It helps to establish some sort of schedule when it comes to communication, and although routine might not sound romantic, it can play an important part. Most of us feel secure with routine; it reassures us to know that something's going to happen at a certain time on a certain day. And it's this feeling that can help your relationship survive, and even flourish. Find the most convenient time to e-mail your partner and then try and stick with it and build it into your daily schedule. Make sure it provides adequate time for you to put down how your day's gone and, more importantly, how you're feeling. (If you find that first thing in the morning works best for you, then you'll have the previous day's events to write about.) You might not be able to stick to this schedule all the time, but if you know you're going to have to deviate from it then let your partner know. If you're going to be away on business and won't have access to the internet, let your partner know so they won't worry when they don't get their 9am e-mail from you. It's that aspect of communication that's as important as what you actually say in any e-mail.

Setting boundaries is also important when it comes to what you both want from the relationship. Again, it's not romantic to talk about your expectations, but if you want your long-distance relationship to have a chance of working, then you should discuss these things. It's OK to let your lover know that you don't want to be doing what you're doing in 18 months' time. Approach the subject with a "so, do you see us still doing this next September?" opener and take it from there. But try and be honest. Although you won't know how you're going to be feeling next September, let your partner know, based on what you're feeling now, how you believe you might feel and what you will be looking for where your relationship's concerned. Discussions such as these can help both parties understand the commitment each other is prepared to make to the relationship. No one wants to feel that what they're putting into the relationship isn't being matched by their partner—and that goes for anything from e-mail exchange to the number of visits each party makes.

Setting some sort of "expiry date" to the long distance aspect of your relationship is a good idea. Although you might not want to do this until you're a little more certain that he or she is "the one," once you've made up your mind, then you really don't want to feel that you're going to have to wait indefinitely before you can do all those things other couples take for granted. And when you and your partner talk about the future, try to do so in a practical and purposeful way. If you're both serious about your relationship, it shouldn't be too difficult for you both to come up with concrete suggestions to enable the two of you to be together on a daily basis.

It goes without saying that trust is paramount—in any relationship, long-distance or otherwise. In a long-distance relationship, however, sexual fidelity has to be discussed and, as with most other factors, parameters have to be set. At the beginning of your relationship, establish with your partner the boundaries where relationships with others are concerned. If you want a monogamous relationship then it's paramount that you tell your partner. Disaster awaits the person who embarks on a long-distance relationship with the attitude that she knows "he wouldn't sleep with anyone else." Admittedly, even if your partner says he doesn't want to sleep with anyone else, we all know that there are no solid guarantees in this game. But discussing this issue and agreeing on how you are going to conduct yourselves in relationships with others will give your relationship a greater chance of success.

Although you and your partner might have agreed to conduct your relationship on a monogamous basis, that doesn't stop either of you having relationships with members of the opposite sex. However, it's best to be open and transparent about any relationship you do have. This will help allay any fears your partner might have. It's OK to say you like someone, that you find them funny and enjoy their company, although a little tact is always going to soften any delivery, especially if you know your partner might be feeling a little insecure.

Just because you're in a long-distance relationship and can't spend time together, doesn't mean that you can't have a social life. It's important for people in such a relationship to have a social life and a network of friends—these can prove invaluable when it comes to offering support during those more difficult times when missing your partner has rendered you pretty low. Your partner shouldn't want you to curtail any of your social activities just because they can't join in. In fact, a loving and nurturing relationship involves wanting your other half to be happy, even if it is, at times, without you! Try not to dig too deep for facts about any nights out, especially where attractive members of the opposite sex are concerned. If you've established that you are both going to be monogamous then that should be enough.

Even though you can't go to the movies together, you can still see the same films and then discuss them afterwards. This gives an added dimension to the relationship and can help you both avoid becoming a little too "introspective." You can do the same with books.

Try and find an online game you both enjoy playing. Many of these allow you to "chat" while you're playing thereby giving you an additional channel of communication.

As important as routine can be, it's nice now and again to surprise your partner with a letter, or small gift, or even a postcard Also look out for articles in newspapers or magazines that you think your partner will appreciate reading, and send these off—again, the element of surprise adds to this gesture (this works especially well if you live in different countries and would have little chance of coming across the article otherwise). It's nice for your partner to know that you were thinking of him or her, even when doing something as ordinary as reading the paper!

Above all, keep faith in your partner, and your relationship. And then when the time comes and you can be together every day, those endless days spent wishing you could be together will seem to belong in another life. The only thing you'll be wishing for then is that he or she made the bed a little more often! Comments are welcome..
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How important is sex to you?
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How important is sex you? - in the context of a relationship, naturally! - Is the defining factor on how you see your partner and your relationship? Is the 'cherry on the top'? Was grounds for divorce?
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While dating which compliment would woman like?
Veröffentlicht:4. Oktober 2021, 4:33 Uhr
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Dating…Which compliment…would a woman like best?

Vote and share your views.
compliment on her figure
compliment on her hair
compliment on her breasts
An other compliment
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Ladies, how many messages do you get per day?
Veröffentlicht:3. Oktober 2021, 10:52 Uhr
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Ladies, how many messages do you get per day, per week, per month from interested males? Oh, and that includes scammers.
A lot of messages
A few messages per day
A few messages per month
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Doubting about partner
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Suppose you were in a relationship but you had serious doubt about your partner that he/she was cheating on you and so you broke up with him/her.. But after sometime you realised that it was totally a wrong idea and you actually did a huge mistake by doubting about your partners' loyalty when he/she was actually deeply and sincerely in love with only you... But then it was too late to rectify your mistake...
And now You will REGRET FOR NOT TRUSTING for the rest of your life...

In another case suppose you were deeply in love with someone and you trusted that he/she was in love with you too... But one day he/she left you and that time you realised that your partner never really loved you at all.. And So now You will REGRET FOR TRUSTING for the rest of your life...

So now I am asking you all , according to you , which one of these two situation is worst ?

Will be waiting for all of yours valuable opinions... Have a great weekend
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