Mystic Soup  

Gentlelover462 50M
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3/11/2018 8:51 am
Mystic Soup

We were on the edge of a bluff that skirted a closed golf course in Myrtle Beach. We were feeling pretty good. It happened because we got turned on by the waves, crashing into the rocks below. It was a night with a full moon, and the water seemed to be made of black latex. The waves would rhythmically slam into the hard, black granite. Making a sucking, slurping sound as it drew back, leaving gentle frothy licks before suddenly plunging into the rocks for more. We simultaneously decided that we needed to fuck. Immediately. I pulled her pants off and ate her for a while, before slowly entering. It was definitely the buzz… but that night, I felt like I finally understood her vagina. I could feel gestures and contractions that seemed to happen almost autonomously. We’ve been having sex for over a year and a half, but this time I felt like I was really getting to know its texture and personality. At one point, it felt like our respective parts had blended, and we were stirring a mystic soup.

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