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I gotta say it.....
Posted:Aug 16, 2015 3:56 pm
Last Updated:May 9, 2018 1:47 pm

Why don't and women alike...give their own profile pic/s an objective critique before posting them?
Say to themselves...hey this might not be the best pic to post to the public.
I'm not trying to be all judgmental here, I know I am not perfect by any means...but I do possess common sense.
Not too long ago a person sent me an of course I go and view the profile. The pic just about jumped off the page and blinded me. Rolls hanging out with zits all over his gut and all above his genital area...a very short dick that was buried in a LOT LOT LOT of what I would call a crotch fro.
Like I said...I'm not trying to be judgmental though it appears that way, and the guy may have been the most awesome person in the world.
But I have to a pic like that meant to engage positive notions from viewers? This baffles me a bit. Many men now a days won't even go down on a woman if she isn't shaved smooth. And realistically I have my likes and dislikes...and belly/genital zits is probably higher on the list than I ever realized it would be.
But isn't bad hygeine a turn off

Ever faithful user of soap and hair clippers....and taste before posting a pic.
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Sizing things up....
Posted:Aug 14, 2015 10:44 am
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2016 3:55 pm
So I'm kind of wondering if I am one of those odd people out when it comes to dick size. All these guys on here with "hung" or "long" or whatever variation there in about their cock size. And I have to say, size doesn't impress me or do anything for me.
I like an average sized dick! There are a few reasons, physically and experience wise why I feel this way, but I wonder if I am in a minority on thinking like this.
The physical reason...I do kegal exercises semi-regularly. Its become completely out of habit when I am sitting at my desk, in the lab or even at home watching TV or playing video games....I clench my kegals. With that being said, a big dick does nothing more for me than an average size.
Experience reason....well guys who have big cocks in my experience more often than not put less of any kind of effort into the whole experience. Not to long ago a guy said to me "I can go for hours." I laughed...and was like well whoppee freaking doo. I was bored by the time I read "I can go."
Gee...I would think it's common knowledge that a majority of women don't orgasm from penetration alone (BTW...telling the girl you are currently having sex with, that your ex could...doesn't bode well for you either lmao)
I guess what it comes down to what if you are hung or have a big dick? I'd rather someone brag that they are a try hard, someone that likes to experiment and get creative after the initial spice has worn off.
So how do you size up (ha ha pun intended) on big dicks?
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I get it....Do you?
Posted:Aug 12, 2015 12:48 am
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2016 3:56 pm

So I get a lot lot lot of just random strangers writing me emails and IMs about all the things they want to do to me. Ok so...I get it...this is a sex site and I'm certainly not here for innocent reasons either, but why in the hell does a guy think saying something so sexual to a strangers is sexy??? It's NOT!! OMG.
Let's think about this momentarily...I'm looking for a FWB, meaning at minimum we will be having sex. Do you honestly think I or really any woman wants to have sex with someone who can't even converse with her on a normal level? Are all you guys that do this completely out of ideas or just never had a clue.
This doesn't include all men, but you think asking me what I like sexually before you ask my name *which happens in 9 out of 10 correspondance* is ...oh such a turn on. I get it, you all come on here when you are horny and the blood is far from your brain. Here's an idea....HAVE A PLAN to attract a woman.
You all complain that the women on here don't respond. Well here's a thought, fill out your profile HONESTLY, post a pic of SOMETHING, post a pic of SOMETHING RECENT *yeah the guy who posts a pic of a flat tummy and comes on cam as a big guy...really...what did you just accomplish.* Coming at her with "wanna fuck, sexy tits, a whole written sexual scenario, do you suck cock, can I titty fuck those, blah blah blah...We know you have no plan and therefore nothing to offer beyond a lame comment. Say something fun or funny, don't talk about how you want to use my's been said....we get it....if I take the conversation to sex, don't be self centered or think you can get me off by simply looking in my direction. *Sorry guys I'm not a virgin, I know what gets me off* And again I can't stress this enough...HAVE A PLAN! If you think I'm full of shit, that's ok, but have you gotten what you wanted from this site? Maybe changing your approach would serve your purposes better than you think!

I don't know why this turned into a do's and don'ts thing...but sometimes I just feel irritated by and sorry for those that come at me with so little to offer in personality that I don't even care what you look like. Or the guy that comes at me with 10 pics of himself and says do you like what you see? You might be remotely sexy but sorry pal with that attitude you're pretty much in the super douche category within seconds.Women are not hard to figure out when it comes to attracting them. You just have to have your game face on and understand not everyone is interested in super cock.
PS no I don't want to watch you jerk off....UGH

I don't speak for all women by any means, simply my thoughts that expand into "we" conjecture. I hope this helps someone though. YEESH. And if you want some more advice, ask me, ask us as women...ask any can I make my approach better. Unless she's a super bitch, she'll tell you!!!!

Rant complete LMAO.
What I'd give....
Posted:Aug 1, 2015 3:09 pm
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2016 3:58 pm

What I'd give for someone who really enjoyed being with me.
For a lot of people on here it seems like cheating is just an no one else matters...for those you're just really an asshole at heart... men AND women. For those that are neglected at home...and because I'm a woman I hear it from the men so I am not speaking on behalf of the men. Only myself and my own experience and thoughts...
I fail to understand women that "loose all interest" in sex with their partner and fail to see why that person then stays. First a person who has ever truly had a man who was in love with her and shown her what love and affection can be like I am disgusted by those women who take it for granted. My guy would never lack in a daily blow job or me saying yes to a quickie if he desires. Porn wouldn't need to be hidden and sex would be very regular. Not because I would feel obligated but because that I think is part of love. Now...if he just plain sucks in bed...well you can always show the way...for some (of course you can lead a to water....ya know). Of course there are those that say that leaving over just a sexual issue is vain or unrealistic...I am curious what the person who is being cheated on thinks about that. The emotional impact and the break up especially if married would be greater I think than if you just ended it. Maybe I am wrong....staying because you love the person, but it's not love if you want intimacy with someone else. At least that is my take on it. For those women who think a man should just love me because I'm me and I'm not going to have sex with him anymore...or lay there like a dead fish....or any variation there in....I say shame on you. Sex of course does not equal love....but giving your man what he needs is love. I'm flipping about this subject a bit I guess but I guess I find it very frustrating of how I have experience nothing in the way of love and just want to tell those women who do such things to wake up. *Sigh.

Hope this wasn't unintelligible
Wanna Be Flake Free
Posted:Jul 22, 2015 11:44 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2015 2:27 pm

*Not looking for advice to my blog posts*
Yeah, so I'm not referring to dandruff folks. In my experiences here on there is a distinct lack of genuine people. I guess I fail to see why. Why do you come here, never to meet...lie...act like you are gods gift? We are all just people trying to move along in life and those that make it harder, should be sent to an island something. bogged down as this sounds I am really in my mind being light hearted. I realize people on here have their own agenda, their own likes and dislikes. I fail to understand however...lying. You're on a website where you can be as anonymous as you want...why bother lying?? That is beyond ridiculous to me. I honestly don't care if a person is not interested in me or loses interest after talking to me...just say so!! I'm a person that can cope and handle feelings of rejection. Not to mention there are about a bazillion people in this world and a bit of rejection certainly isn't going to kill me. I also realize women on here lie and bs just as much so no need to tell me all about that. I know one thing...I came on here to meet someone near my age, nice, wanting real fwb, open, honest, likes to laugh...and omg...FLAKE FREE.

.... lol these are just some thoughts today...Hope people are getting their fuck on if that is what they seek.

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