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Posted:Feb 9, 2021 4:22 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2021 3:53 pm

The hotel room door opened and she let in with a nervous smile.
‘What should I call you?’ She asked. I told her that anything that showed respect was okay and she settled on ‘sir’. I said that was fine, I also told her that from now on she was to follow all my instructions. We had discussed it a dozen times in emails but now it was real. No safe words were necessary as we both knew what we wanted. She nodded, ‘Yes, sir.’
I told her to close her eyes and I dimmed the lights. I stood close behind her, well inside her personal space, close enough for her to feel my presence. I put a hand on each shoulder and slowly slid them down her arms, then back up to the nape of her neck where one hand took hold of her dress’ zipper and dress it down.
‘Sir ...’ she began but I interrupted, she wasn’t to speak until I spoke to her and her eyes should remain closed until I said so.
I pushed the dress off her shoulders and it slipped to the floor. Black lace bra, black lace panties, stockings, a suspenders belt and high heels remained. She was not tall and she was a little older than me but she was everything she had promised. Her curves were in all the right places and her age added to the softness of her body, squeezed into lingerie for my benefit. Her long, dark hair had the occasional grey but it just added to her beauty.
I ran my hands over her shoulders and down into the small of her back, then over and around her hips to the edge of her panties. Her breath was faster now.
‘Remove your bra.’
‘Yes, sir.’
It fell to the floor and I reached around from behind, up the curve of her stomach to the more dangerous curves of her breasts. I ran my forefingers in circles around, but not touching, her nipples. I could see them tighten and harden as i looked over her shoulder.
Then I drew back a step, releasing her.
‘Open your eyes and get onto the bed.’
‘Yes, sir.’
She did as I asked, laying on her bac I told her to prop a pillow up against the headboard and relax. She did. Then I told her to slide her hand into her panties and show how she touched herself when we exchanged emails, show how she liked be touched. She lay back, nervous at first but relaxing as her fingers did their wor As she masturbated I watched and undressed. When I was ready I moved a chair the end of the bed and watched as she lost herself in the moment.
‘Stop.’ I said it before she could climax. I told her to get up from the bed and I lay in her space. I told her I needed her to show her commitment, to please me, to take me in her mouth, now. She got on all fours on the bed and massaged my cock with her hand before slipping it between ruby red lips.
She was good. Experience counts. When I was almost ready I told her to stop, to pull aside her panties and to get on top. I made her ride me slowly, alternately massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples as she did.
‘Sir?’ She asked.
‘Please may I cum?’
I told her she could and she she did I exploded inside her. Her back arced and the top of her chest and her neck flushed as she gripped me inside. My head jerked forward and my hips thrust up and neither of us knew anything but each other for a few moments.
She collapsed onto the bed next to me. ‘Thank you, sir.’
I told her she had done well but that the night was just beginning and she would soon have to prove how obedient a slut she could be.
‘May I, sir? Oh, thank you, sir.’
Early thoughts
Posted:Feb 9, 2021 11:35 am
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2021 6:15 pm

Okay, so I have been on here for a few days now and what are my main thoughts so far?
* Wow, there are a lot of accounts trying to get you to go elsewhere aren’t there?
* Note for people who get the system to send ‘icebreaker’ messages to everyone when they join: some of these people will reply, don’t get all offended if they aren’t what you are looking for if you haven’t restricted who gets the ‘icebreaker’!
* No, I don’t want to give you , you, to you or be dominated you. I haven’t got enough as it is, if I wanted to for what we are all looking for on here I would have moved to Amsterdam years ago.
* No, seriously, I don’t want to give you my .
* ‘Instant messaging’ is a lie, no one replies instantly and most don’t send messages at all.
* I have no idea how to write messages to profiles I like - I have tried humour, dirty talk, friendly approaches and everything in between and they all feel awkward. Might if people replied!
* ‘Aldershot’ is in a lot of different places in the UK.
* Honestly, I really don’t want to you.
* The people setting up accounts don’t think you will notice pictures of the same woman on four different accounts, all ‘confirmed’ in the same city.

Come on, there must be some real accounts somewhere, right? People actually on here for real, maybe even ones who might like me, right? Right?
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