HermanG67 54M
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3/18/2021 6:40 pm

What dreams lived here
What hopes did they nurture
Did time out live their spirit
Will the Prairie winds scatter the memories of a life once lived

HermanG67 54M
8462 posts
3/18/2021 6:42 pm

Prairie homesteads fasinate me.... what brought them to the land....where did the go to

a small piece of history rotting away in a forgotten corner

Image by HermanG, taken in Central Alberta

superbjversion2 66F
23712 posts
3/18/2021 7:36 pm

There is a singer that I met at a local Scottish Highland Games - Colin Grant-Adams. He wrote a lovely song called "Old House by the Roadside" that matches your thoughts perfectly.

Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation bangs on the door forever!

Paulxx001 64M
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3/18/2021 7:39 pm

Yep... Me too.
I'm on Insta*gram and follow a bunch of photogs who visit abandoned buildings, factories, hospitals, psych wards and homes, and it is fascinating... yet spooky at the same time.
I'm always left with the sounds, echoes and images — of what THOSE places must have been like when they were alive!
The hospitals are ESPECIALLY creepy.

bbuckwwheat 62M
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3/18/2021 8:37 pm

I do not think that I have seen a gambrel roof house before. Barns, yes, houses? Just an odd observation.

The ingenuity of the farmer has also been the downfall of the nineteenth and mid twentieth century rural lifestyle. The infernal combustion engine is the largest culprit. And I did not have fat fingers for infernal, I did it on purpose.

The dream lived for maybe another generation after the homestead was abandoned, but the second generation probably has dreams that do not include working the land, and the third knows almost nothing of the dream.

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sweet0necter 47F  
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3/18/2021 9:14 pm

The houses that are completely abandoned like a time capsule with pictures left on the wall or mantel. those are the house that get me. Did no one care? did the person die without family ?

Tmptrzz 59F  
104087 posts
3/19/2021 9:10 am

What an interesting old prairie home, and some great questions would love to know the answers to them. I bet this home was beautiful back in the day.

Dreams are what life is made of my friend, and I hope you enjoy a Happy Friday and a great weekend, stay safe and take care..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

citizen4722 63M  
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3/19/2021 9:31 am

No doubt that house could tell a few stories

misskissin 58F
87742 posts
3/19/2021 6:50 pm

What a great photo but that house looks a bit spooky to me.

secret_lade 47F
8762 posts
3/22/2021 5:14 pm

There are old farm houses where I live that are abandoned like this... I've always wondered the same stuff. How is it that they just become.... abandoned?

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