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Looking for a Queen
Posted:May 28, 2021 9:44 pm
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2021 1:23 pm
While I'm an active member: I would love to be someone's slave for once; are there any Goddesses, Mistresses, Queens, etc., that would like to own me, un-caging me carefully only when my Queen has released me, and wants her Pet to over-power Her, being a dominant slave unlike most.

I guarantee numerous, soaking-wet adventures, keeping my Mistress constantly satisfied and in control for the most part; she'll be sure to punish me in fun and creative ways when I'm a brat...

Which Video Makes You the Wettest?
Posted:May 28, 2021 5:31 pm
Last Updated:May 30, 2021 10:40 am

Which of the following videos makes you nice wet n' horny?


[video_embed 470]
Video numero Uno
I like the second
The third one makes me the wettest
Natural or Shaved?
Posted:May 28, 2021 12:18 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2021 12:04 am

Which is sexier?
Natural; a little hair, but nothing major...
Shaven and trimmed
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Which kokc Pikc is sexiest?
Posted:May 28, 2021 12:13 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2021 5:25 pm

Which Dick pic is best?
This one!
Nope: this one, bitch!
Which kokc Pikc is sexiest?
Posted:May 28, 2021 12:07 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2021 9:48 pm
Which dick pic is better?

Would “you” have sex with someone with DID?
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 9:24 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2021 5:49 pm

DID = Dissociative Identity Disorder

Known more commonly as “multiple-personalities”...but “multiple personalities” isn’t accurate.

It’s a disorder I have where I basically “emulate” the person I’m with, in combination with almost literally everything/everyone I’ve ever known and/or seen (fictional, non-fictional) during my life.

Similar Fight Club, Unbreakable, Split, and Glass: yes...”we” do have seemingly super-human abilities.

For example: I can (help) make people cum without even doing anything.

And who knows theirselves better than “you”? Which I basically become.

I can be a real fucking bitch, kinky as hell, but also polar opposite: a sweetheart, timid, and self-conscious.

Sooooo, if anyone actually believes (few do...), and would enjoy experimenting...yeah, no? Comments por favore?!

T’anx a bunch!

Fuck yes
Fuck No
Mmmmhmmm, Oh yeah
Fear and Loathing in California
Posted:Apr 17, 2019 1:18 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2021 7:05 pm
Soooo, I’m a born-again-virgin (hahah....), will be flying to California (San Diego area) on 4/19–just in time for 4/20–and was just wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting up n’ stuff. That is all for now, thanks a bunch!
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Sex, Drugs, Self-Destruction and Recovery
Posted:Mar 25, 2019 2:05 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2019 10:09 pm
So, I’m mostly writing this for those whom may have wondered where I “disappeared” to for five or six months...and to sort of clarify where I’m “” now.

I’m a recovering drug-addict, from over a decade of drug abuse. I was a tweaker/dumpster-junkie (dumpster junkies are basically just addicts that will combine everything and anything), and eventually became a hardcore junkie. Opiates were the last type of drug I quit, and was nearly my death (I’ve technically been dead—clinically—before, so “death and I” are fairly familiar with each-other...).

With help from cannabis, I started exercising an almost military-like workout daily well beyond the point of muscle-failure and extreme nausea/headaches...and became nice and fit for a bit until I ran out of 420, started having neurological issues where I’d pass out randomly before reaching a point I’d never been to before: the worst nausea combined with, what felt like, a decade’s-worth of pain all at once.

Words can’t describe how truly traumatizing it was; without even realizing “it” until looking at myself in the mirror, naked, one day before work: I was no more than a “walking-skeleton” (at my lowest weight, somewhere under 0 lbs., down from around 0 lbs., all lost within the duration of two or three weeks).

I could barely walk, breathe, etc.; I had no stomach, and had lost all the muscle I had attained whilst working out...which was devastating. I could barely hear, or do much of anything; I was a delusional mess and suicidal.

But, for reasons I won’t go into: suicide wasn’t an option, as badly as I craved it...I started my “recovery” by filling up on crackers at first as I’d just vomit, then dry-heave at first (which is why I consider weed to be immensely helpful for anyone that attempts to quit alone, as I did); so when I could finally eat: I had to start small...and exercise just “enough” (no stomach exercises for a while though; some advice from a friend whom had been in the Navy).

At first, exercise just consisted of lifting some fairly light weights and literally walking circles in my garage (when it was night, since I had to eat every three hours and my legs were at the point of atrophy); changing the direction I’d walk since my right leg was developing more quickly than my left.

At around 5 lbs.: I was able to restart my original workouts, mostly with VR, and eventually some yoga for flexibility.

around six months, I was back up to 0-0 or so; finally back in the shape I was before detoxing nearly annihalted me.

As of this writing: its been around seven months, and I’ve been able to maintain my original exercising habits and such—thank God. However...

Without going into too much detail about the mental-struggles of living a life opiate-free; sexually, I’ve been frustrated. As embarrassing as it is to admit: I haven’t had sex, or even kissed a woman for six (and counting) years.

Opiates deplete testosterone, so, since I’ve sobered up and recovered physically, I’ve also been “flooded” with testosterone. In other words: I’m extremely horny all the time.

But I don’t even masturbate often since it takes me quite a while to cum, often-times, I can’t at all, leaving me extremely frustrated and worn-out. I’ve always been able to last long, but even when I do cum: I’m still wanting masturbation, generally, is more of a problem than a solution.

I notice a lot of extremely gorgeous, sexy women sending flirts but unfortunately can’t really respond since I don’t have a gold account. So: apologies. I’m definitely interested, am good in bed (I hate to sound pretentious, but it’s what I’ve been told and what I’ve “heard”...), LOVE eating pussy (delicious), dominating, being dominated, tied up; just going crazy and the more turned on the recipient is: the more turned on I am. Honestly: I feel more satisfied wearing “others” out, feeling and tasting orgasm after orgasm.

Sooooo, if “you” are truly interested: send me an IM...reply to this; “find me” (it’s not hard, trust me...).

And that’s where I’ll end me “tale” I guess, heh. I feel like a “born-again virgin”; I’ll forever thank whomever “helps” me lose my “v-card”...again; perhaps become their sexual-slave; whatever...

Thanks to all the sexy people on here, out there—wherever—whom actually read this

Nude Streaming; What Turns "You" On?
Posted:Oct 3, 2018 4:47 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2021 7:06 pm

So I've been working out and such quite a bit for a few months now, and as I've said before: mostly in preparation for a live, nude stream in front of a lot of people (fan requested).

As a recovering addict, a few years ago I had to change my life drastically and spent years tapering, and eventually, reaching "sobriety" (although I smoke pot occasionally; it helped immensely: I stopped shooting up, self-mutilating, and although I felt insane and could barely function...but had no choice, really, but to just deal with "it" until I recovered).

I only bring this up because, as embarrassing as it is to admit: I haven't been laid since sobering up; it's taken over twenty years to gain the confidence I have, but, 3/4 of my life I've been literally told how "fucking ugly" I "am", by those whom I believed to be friends.

So, yes: I still have some self-esteem issues...and honestly have no idea what to do with, I guess, sorta' "groupies" constantly asking for sex videos, pics, etc.

It's flattering, but understand: I don't get off watching myself...I'm not a woman; I might think similar since I've grown up without a father (he's around occasionally now; gay, complete slut...fine by me. Can be extremely cruel, but, I still respect him; he's not a bad guy...just obsessed with fucking his way through as many men as he can before he dies ), and although most girls (except for gothic chicks...which I'll always be attracted to) loathed me and were just as bad as about everyone else.

But it eventually became sort of habitual for me to really only hangout with women; I only had sex with one of them--after five years of being "best friends", and as usual: she initiated it, we fucked all night and morning all over, in positions that shouldn't be possible

I'm hoping people will be more open on here, so; I'll probably post a few polls so I can hopefully get some insights into what, as women (preferably...I have to say this a lot: I'm not gay...and I'd rather not get into "it"; I'll just say someone did something with someone else, and it led to something please: I KNOW what I like and what I don't like) makes "you" wet? Be it me, or whomever.

If "you" could take photographs, videos, etc.: how would you tell your "model" to pose and such?

First question: What do "you" focus on the most when/if watching naked guys streaming? AND: Do you ever masturbate and/or use toys while watching if so?

(This is the first question; remember: no sex pics/vids until I have a willing "participant"; so...solo until then).

Their face; eyes, lips, etc. / Yes
Their face; eyes, lips, etc. / No
Their chest and abs, etc. / Yes
Their chest and abs, etc. / No
Their Kokc n' stuff / Yes
Their Cock n' stuff / No
Every inch of them: kokc, face, body, voice, eyes, etc. / Yes
Every inch of them: kokc, face, body, voice, eyes, etc. / No
Other / Yes ??? (Comment?)
Other / No ??? " "
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#nakedNickStream @Twitter/Periscope "test"
Posted:Sep 18, 2018 11:40 am
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2018 9:50 pm

Posted:Jul 13, 2018 4:55 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2020 4:50 pm
Some screenshots from a recent video...
[video_embed 4112020]
Enjoy (hopefully)!

Quick video/editing question (for woman preferably, but any comments are welcome)
Posted:Jul 12, 2018 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2018 10:44 am
I recently uploaded a video that I edited fairly quickly via iMovie on my iPad, and it's the first "full-frontal"/tease video I've made, and was just wondering what "your" opinion on it is (please go easy; I have confidence, but it's taken nearly a lifetime to attain it).

So, if this "embed" code doesn't work: just go the the link attached (or whatever).

[video_embed 4112020]



PS: Read description on video for more info.

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