Tonight's Performance "Meat Loaf"  

HollyChatsNJ 61T
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12/2/2019 7:16 pm
Tonight's Performance "Meat Loaf"

As I mentioned in a past post...

It seems about 3 nights week I watch a concert from the past.

Tonight was Meat Loaf "The 3 Bats Live Tour".
Very Impressive...

Have a great night!


Atlantic City, NJ

HollyChatsNJ 61T
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12/2/2019 7:17 pm

Thanks for viewing...


Atlantic City, NJ

tnt6969694 66M  
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12/2/2019 7:24 pm

Awesome - thanks for sharing

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/2/2019 7:59 pm:
Absolutely - Thanks for checking it out

lonlyforlove2 77M  
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12/2/2019 7:30 pm

I have some "Meat loaf" in my play list, nothing wrong with good music..

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/2/2019 8:02 pm:
Agree 100%

You have me now thinking.

Thinking I'll do a blog - What type of music is on your playlist?

Yes, I'll do that this week.

HungLoads69 29M
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12/2/2019 7:32 pm

NIce song>

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/3/2019 3:12 am:
Thanks for checking out my blog.
Yes, many...

MoonKnight169 55M
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12/2/2019 7:39 pm

Love Meatloaf...good music

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/2/2019 8:02 pm:
Great choice...
I so agree

lonlyforlove2 77M  
2706 posts
12/2/2019 8:06 pm

Holly, I have one for country, one for mixed classic rock, some instrumental , and also some concerts I play, Rod, Kenny, The Eagles and others, I usually run 4-5 hours more than 5 nights a week. sometimes I have a crowd, sometimes I don't..But I enjoy my music..

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/2/2019 8:09 pm:
WOW so impressive.
Over the years I guess you ran marathon's?

HornyOhioM69 50M
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12/2/2019 8:11 pm

Cool bet that was a killer concert.

HollyChatsNJ replies on 12/3/2019 3:11 am:
Thank you for checking out my blog and leaving a comment.
Yes, it was awesome...

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