This site is a RIP OFF  

Howdy3328 59F  
752 posts
5/12/2016 12:21 pm
This site is a RIP OFF


How many time have you see/heard/read this??

People want or expect different things from this site, and some come away with even more than expected

MY thought on the off theories.

OK you are limited member..........greatly diminishes success, imo. You do need to be able to contact people, and READ profiles... fill out YOUR profile.

You will need to put forth a little effort to stand out somewhat from the crowd.
*** Women will not fall from the sky and land on your dick, just because HEY, my dick and I are here now. **** not a deli system, guys.

I signed up and paid my $$$$. where are the women?? Seriously?? DO you think we are just sitting here waiting for you??

You WILL get laid tonite!! SO, you bought into that crap?? Yeah for They win. IF you are not getting laid in REAL life, what makes you think you will get laid by signing up on a site and paying hard earned cash?
Use the other head.

Rip off, scam, or not??


sphxdiver 71M
21064 posts
5/12/2016 12:26 pm

A lot of guys fell for the old "Join today, get laid tonight" routine.

the site is really what you or anyone else makes it.

I've come to think of it as a great adult social networking site.

But everyone is different and has different opinions.

Timetraveler2 58M  
159 posts
5/12/2016 12:34 pm

I have been a member of this site off and on for quite some time now, both free and paid. Of all the "adult" sites out there, this is the one that features the most "real" people, but like any other aspect of the dating world, it is what you make it. At least there are no site run profiles that contact you to get you to become a paid member. Sure there will be scammers who make profiles and try to take advantage of you, but they are very easy to spot. While I haven't "hooked up" with anyone on here, I have chatted with several nice people. It is what you make of it, and as the saying goes, "if you don't have the social skills to meet people in the real world, what makes you think that they will flock to you in the cyber one"?

lok4fun500 111M  
50933 posts
5/12/2016 12:35 pm

I didn't join the site for sex. I joined to meet and make friends. I did pay first year then gave up paying for a site that has so many problems and glitches. I have been fortunate to meet some great friends through the blogs!
The site has made it more difficult by not letting standards email members or vice versa.

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Jenna_Cide 48F  
55 posts
5/12/2016 12:47 pm

I've been on here since '97 and have seen this site go from an actual " sex and swingers site" to a " I like online attention site". Years ago it was nothing to post you were looking for ppl for a sat night to get together at a bar/club and 20 ppl wold show up with nothing more than a few days notice. Now it's like trying to launch the space shuttle just getting 2 people to go out for drinks. One of the reasons people call this all a " scam" or a " rip off" is they just dont want to leave their computer chairs to actually meet anyone unless sex is an absolute gaurentee and even than it's like pulling your own teeth. Ultimately there are too many people on this site who just heard of it and wanted to jump in on the " look I'm cool, I'm on a sex site" bandwagon with ZERO intention on ever meeting anyone yet not stating so on their profile. Easy way to correct this? Paid memberships ONLY, this includes women. So many people say " I wouldn't pay for this bullshit site" but if everyone was a paid member it would weed out a considerable number of those who are just here for the " online ego boost"

benard69 63M/63F  
6206 posts
5/12/2016 12:57 pm

Doesn't take an Hour for this gal to watch 60

rsxracer05 50M
83 posts
5/12/2016 1:02 pm

Jenna_Cide hit the nail on the head.
I've been on and off this site for years, it ain't what it used to be.

Howdy3328 replies on 5/12/2016 1:06 pm:
agreed. have seen a of changes over the years
and not many are good,, sadly.

odsratt322 54M

5/12/2016 1:23 pm

I agree. i have been a paid and unpaid member on and off for just over 4 years. it started off slow. found a good friend then got bad and now is very slow with very little results. to get only 1 hit in 4 years is not good results. but i do believe part of it is the unwillingness of people to meet without proof of substance. that is to say why waste time on someone who is fake. I personally am looking more for friendships firsts and if something comes form it great. i go ttime on my membership

s2ndegree 62M  
9797 posts
5/12/2016 2:55 pm

12 years ago the divorce snowball just crested the edge of the cliff.On it's decent the Confused ,hurt and horny represented the masses of new singles as they flooded every dynamic of online dating.Who would of thought that a woman expressing her sexual desires in an" I'll fuck anything that moves" male driven society would have drawn the amount of want a be suitors as it has.Really?
Today it's the increased feelings of entitlement, decreased morality and the dog eat dog mentality of clinical narcissism that has taken hold.

I have to work harder to stand out to make your job easier all the while you're making it even more difficult just to communicate here. Time after time after time it has been said almost as if it was a directive from the divine policy maker that all the men here are rude,disrespectful and nothing short of knuckle dragging neanderthals.And they wonder what's wrong with society today!

Using more than all the road!

arabgirl65 56F
50 posts
5/12/2016 5:27 pm

I do enjoy the profiles that say, "this site sucks", 'where are all the real woman", "does anyone meet", "too many fakes", and the list goes one.

Iv learned to steer clear of them.

Then there is the "why are you here then" when you say you are not interested and then the conversation turns into a negotiation why you should meet with them.

I also chuckle at the double standard that woman are too picky here but it is ok for men to have a specific "type".

NSAvalley 46M
5 posts
5/12/2016 5:28 pm

I've been a paid member before, but the problem I ran into is the women seem to be all talk and no action. They enjoy showing their intimate parts and videos on the site anonymously, and say they are looking for sex. However, when contacted with genuine interest and intent, they never respond. No even so much as a "no thank you". They call us guys rude, but I find the women on here to be much more rude and stuck up. It may be because they are flooded with requests, but come on. Not even so much as acknowledgement? Just my thoughts.

arabgirl65 56F
50 posts
5/12/2016 5:33 pm

    Quoting sweeetnspicy:
    This site is no different than "real life" . the effort you put into something is generally what you get in return.
    I blogged about this not too long ago...How to meet more women on
    Yes, its crucial you have something updated on your profile, which is free to do.
    Picture help but aren't required. But what you say is your pitch....You need to stand out from the crowd and "Hey Baby" doesn't do it.
I have to decode initial communications sometimes,

Hey BB= Hey Baby

Hru= How are you

My thought is if they can not take the effort to spell it out, I will assume they are just as lazy in bed too.

WickedGntlmn 58M
239 posts
5/12/2016 6:07 pm

    Quoting arabgirl65:
    I do enjoy the profiles that say, "this site sucks", 'where are all the real woman", "does anyone meet", "too many fakes", and the list goes one.

    Iv learned to steer clear of them.

    Then there is the "why are you here then" when you say you are not interested and then the conversation turns into a negotiation why you should meet with them.

    I also chuckle at the double standard that woman are too picky here but it is ok for men to have a specific "type".
I agree. Though I do have a preferred type. It's Lucinda, which I think is a lovely type font.

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BiggLala 49F  
30139 posts
5/12/2016 7:39 pm

I was talking to a friend about this today. Those men with the "I signed up and paid my $$$$. where are the women??" are the same ones that will most likely treat a woman like a whore. What they fail to grasp is that what they paid for was to use added features of a website to assist their efforts to meet women. That's ALL. They did NOT pay for women. Of course, these are the same ones that put little to no effort into their activities.

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