Words to Avoid in Profile  

Howdy3328 59F  
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6/27/2016 4:15 am
Words to Avoid in Profile

What scares me away from profiles:




Any body type/size/color
*** come on, we ALL have our preference, To me this is saying, if you have a pulse, I'll fuck you***

The obvious MARRIED/ATTACHED.....not judging I am just not crossing that line..

phrases that shut down your chances:

This site is bullshit

Where are the REAL people

Nothing but Fakes and FLakes here

WELL< with ALL that negativity, you are not exactly a ray of sunshine

good luck

s2ndegree 63M  
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6/27/2016 4:36 am

The lack of discernment is a pretty
big turn off.
The fact so many hide their
faces but demand ones from those
who reply.

Using more than all the road!

Resident_Bitch 104M/104F  
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6/27/2016 5:19 am

Indeed, the ones who could make it easy for everyone, but choose to leave the marital status blank.....they assume women are going to make time for THEM because they are so special out of everyone else on the site, to ask it and not care...
And because you opened up the dialogue, you're the one being picky being not interested in 'attached'....

Please delete my comment if it offends.....
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Putsitout 57M
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6/27/2016 5:42 am

Lack of punctuation. 2 instead of to. 4 instead of for. Weird trying to be cool capitalisation. Run on sentences. Their profile is one continuous sentence. Is it just me? LOL

Han54boat 69M
11637 posts
6/27/2016 8:01 am

Well that list is a great start.

Cum to my blog and respond. Have a great kissing fun time.

sphxdiver 72M
21063 posts
6/27/2016 9:02 am

Am never married, am got no kids.

those are the one's to avid.

Sometimes they even say they have a BS/BA degrees too !!!

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