Contrary to popular opinion this site has not taken anything from standard members  

IVFalternative 50M
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1/9/2020 2:01 pm
Contrary to popular opinion this site has not taken anything from standard members

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IVFalternative 50M
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1/9/2020 2:02 pm

A free membership here is similar to any other free sample given by a company. It's an inducement to try and get paying customers, not a human right.

If a company has reps go to your local supermarket to give out free samples of a snack you are entitled to take the snacks they offer you. If you enjoy the snack and go back next looking for more they are under no obligation to keep giving themto you for free. When they stop giving them to you for free would you complain that they have taken your snacks away? That's just ridiculous, they haven't taken anything from you, they've stopped giving you free stuff. If you want more you're expected to pay at that point. This is the normal way of doing business.

So when this site gives free members less than they were previously they also have not taken anything from you. They're still giving you free stuff, just not as much as before.

Quit your bitching!

Following my advice may cause injury, insanity, financial loss, hemorrhoids, death and superpowers

8_cutinches 41M
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1/9/2020 2:24 pm

I am a fee member and appreciate what is provided. Yes we are happy with more but that cause we as human are never happy with "just enough". Business is business and either respect it or feel free to leave.

IVFalternative replies on 1/9/2020 2:29 pm:
It is human nature to want more. It is common sense that if you want more you'll probably have to pay for it in some way.

There are other sites that allow free messaging. You don't have to leave this site to also use those other sites. It seems like a total waste of time to complain about this.

redrockrascal 63M
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1/9/2020 2:50 pm

"Quit your bitching!" You know that ain't gonna happen right? I mean, what else are the guys with no brains and no game gonna do but bitch.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

IVFalternative replies on 1/9/2020 2:56 pm:
Those guys could turn to each other for comfort I suppose

pagancountrygirl 64F
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1/9/2020 2:53 pm

You know that those who bitch about the free stuff disappearing are still gonna bitch...right? Cause it's their right....
Sorry. I'm a free member, and there have been a few rare, odd times that the site has even gifted me a gold ball for a week or two. It was nice while it lasted. But it's not the end of the world that it no longer happens. There are still features I have access to, so it's good.

Hmmmm....I know I left that wand around here somewhere!

IVFalternative replies on 1/9/2020 3:00 pm:
I wouldn't be too sure, they might pay attention this time and stop complaining

Ok, not really. More likely they will continue to complain and I will continue to enjoy mocking them!

IVFalternative 50M
630 posts
1/9/2020 2:53 pm

    Quoting  :

I'm not a gold member because I do take into account all those things. That's irrelevant.

I don't advise anyone to pay for the site, I said people should stop complaining.

Following my advice may cause injury, insanity, financial loss, hemorrhoids, death and superpowers

Wonder167 54F

1/9/2020 6:50 pm

Spot on analysis. If my privileges are taken away tomorrow, I have a choice to move on or remain and pay if I want to keep them.

IVFalternative replies on 1/9/2020 11:14 pm:
Yes. There are other sites. Just use one that has free messaging if it's that important.

jajo696 66F
4028 posts
1/10/2020 2:54 am

Its all about adaptability. Im quite accustomed to making do of nothing. My goals are to be flexible and figure out a way to adapt.~~

IVFalternative replies on 1/10/2020 4:26 pm:
That's a great point, if you're going to rely on free offerings adaptability is the key.

MyBaffies 52M
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1/10/2020 5:04 am

Well, it depends on how far you go back. Business models change as the customer base changes so you have to make changes to keep the business afloat.

IMs used to be free. Standard members used to be able to watch cams for free. Neither of those things are free now, they all cost points.


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IVFalternative replies on 1/10/2020 4:40 pm:
There are two business models that justify offering free access to a website.
1 as inducement to sell you something
2 to sell your information

I'll assume I don't need explain why 2 is a bad idea on a site like this?

So they need to sell subscriptions etc to keep the business afloat. If the free service is good enough people won't pay and the site will go under. That should have been obvious to you from the start.

What made you think this website is different from any other business?

IVFalternative 50M
630 posts
1/10/2020 4:57 pm

    Quoting bull_in_florida:
    Well, if you talk to those who have been here a really long time... profiles were free, but not unlimited; emails were free, but not unlimited; IMs were free and unlimited; service was great; and TOS were strictly applied. Bloggers and posters earned points, and standard members earned points for lots of input and responses too. Paying members had benefits above the standard members - but not a whole lot.

    It was sorta like a drug dealer's business model - give them the candy, get them in the habit, get them hooked and then start charging for everything.

    So to say nothing was taken from standard members, is disingenuous at best.

    It's their site, so, it's their choice to charge - everyone else's choice to pay to play or to move on.

    But, if say Cox or Google - both who "give" free email accounts and service - load up their systems and servers with loyal customers and then shut down those services - the customers and the clients have lost that free service. Google is still going with their G-mail, Cox no longer accepts new email customers and lack of service is forcing existing email users to find better systems.

    What was a "free" part of standard membership, was in actuality a contract between all of these and their customers, clients, members - it was a part of their online members package, policies and their TOS. The benefits and services which were provided and agreed upon, were in fact, membership services.

    Pretty simple.
I have been on here for years I know what it was like. It was a free offering from a company that needed to make money at some point. The free offering was good enough that there was no need to pay. Obviously that wasn't going to last.

It's not just a drug dealers model it is common for businesses to offer a free sample.

You want to compare this site to google? Seriously? Googles business model is to sell your information. Is that what you want for this website? If not, the only other business model that justifies providing free access is to sell you something.

There's a world of difference between limiting a free sample and taking something from someone else.

Following my advice may cause injury, insanity, financial loss, hemorrhoids, death and superpowers

MyBaffies 52M
4875 posts
1/11/2020 1:50 am

IVFalternative replies on 1/11/2020 12:40 am:
What made you think this website is different from any other business?

I never said it was any different from any other business and I fully understand that due to the continually falling member numbers, revenue is obviously dropping dramatically.

The subject of your blog post says, "Contrary to popular opinion this site has not taken anything from standard members". My reply to your post was to point out that the site has taken things away from standard members over the years as listed in my response - IMs, viewing member cameras as two examples.


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IVFalternative replies on 1/11/2020 2:19 am:
Read the actual post instead of just the title so you have a chance of making a sensible reply.

They are not giving as much free access as they previously were. Only an illogical, unreasonable sense of entitlement would make you think they've taken something from you.

It was never yours, it was always a free sample offered to promote the paid service. Anyone who expected that to go on forever or thought they were entitled to it was being naive.

Your ordinary experience of life and business should have told you what the deal was. Apparently the fact that it's a sex site made your brain shut down or something.

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