25 comments = pics!  

Immakygurl 55F
74 posts
8/22/2016 1:41 pm
25 comments = pics!

After I get 25 comments on this post I'll post pics of me wearing my new thongs!! C'mon guys! Get busy!

ReBar100 54M
4167 posts
8/22/2016 2:52 pm

Oh thats such a sneaky way to get comments

Just the right amount of wrong. Occasional participant in various ongoing blogging projects. Rather be naked. The Blog: [REBAR100]

Immakygurl replies on 8/23/2016 5:48 am:
Shame on me!

alan451973 48M  
2 posts
8/27/2016 5:04 pm

Number 3, I am guessing that I can not just keep posting

Immakygurl replies on 8/31/2016 9:09 pm:
Now that just wouldn't be fair....right?

Ridog6984 59M
1 post
9/25/2016 2:46 am

HELLO, I'm PAUL. I liked your photos very much! I hope to chat with you sometime when we are both free from other obligations! Always, Paul.

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