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24 Hours bucket list
Posted:Jul 15, 2019 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 12:41 pm

I have two kinds of bucket lists. one just like everyone else where I wish to do something or to visit some places and the other one is sex bucket list.
my display purity score in my profile is 32 %. so I kinda ticked quite a lot from my sex bucket list. my motto is try everything twice to see whether I like it or no lol.

so this 24 hrs bucket list was added to my list long time ago when I met this guy from this site... can you believe it lol. lets called him mr cravingmore. he was one of my special one. he was the first one that really show me how someone can really into sex and just didnt want to stop. The first time we met, we had sex for 5 hours straight. I was so amazed. And I thought..well maybe because this is the first time. But then we become fuck buddy for some time..and the timing was increases to 6 hours… I mean yeah we had rest here and there but not more than like 15 mins. It was so great we started talking about doing this 24 hrs thing. So basically, we planned to lock ourselves in bedroom and get naked for 24 hrs straight. there will be sleep here and there but not more than an hour or two…and we gotta keep having sex or masturbate each other, or just stimulate each other..just do whatever connected to sex.

It sounds so easy and simple, but somehow we never really tried to do it and he left the country and it remains in my bucket list.
And so far I never met a man that had that kind of stamina or love sex that much and willing to try… and believe me, I met lots of men lol.
i totally forgot about my list..until recently!

let’s call him mr.hard. yeah I named him that because his cock stays hard lol. the first time I met him, it was midnight, he was so damn hot, so naughty, the way he was in bed was amazing…we were so into each other…our body tangled each other all night. He loved licking me as much as I love blow job. It was one of the best night ever. We were so busy until we didn’t realise that it was 5 am in the morning. and I was like wow. I still didn’t remember about my bucket list. And the meeting was continue…the more I met him, the longer we fuck. Once we had sex or play or masturbate each other from midnight until 8 am in the morning. yeah, we had a nap here and there while his cock still inside of me, or we watch short movie while masturbate each other. I’m thinking…this is life!! Lol…

That was the time where I finally remember again about my list. no, I haven’t propose the idea to him. I’m just starting to think whether it can be easily done or no?…is 24 hrs seems too long? Or many of you have done it already?
I have this urge to really really do it…24 hrs all about sex…

This is not an open invitation haha… but I would love some advise whether that is possible or not ? Cuz I believe it is
My Fave Bfast..
Posted:Jul 12, 2019 3:43 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2019 12:36 am

I was in deep sleep
When I feel he hugged from behind
I can feel his cock poking my ass
Even when I’m sleeping,
Ill awake automatically
My hand reached to his cock
When I feel its hard
I was like hmm…yum
Without he saying anything
I lower my body slowly
with my eyes still closed
the blanket
So I’m laying on my right
And he’s laying on his left
sniff his cock
Enjoying the smell
Then I started lick it
All over …slowly…taking my time
Make his cock and his balls
All wet..
When its ready then I
Started suck and with it
Oh so nice…
Feeling it in my lips,
In my tongue..deep inside my mouth
I can’t stop..I don’t want to stop
still the blanket,
I love hear when he moaned
It’s like..thats my victory
The more he moaned the more
I'm eager to suck him
It gives some satisfaction
He started move faster
And fuck my mouth
Non stop
Getting faster and harder
He moved the blanket
So he can looked down there
I love the moment before
He cum..
He moaned
I suck it harder
really want satisfy him
Then I can feel it
His cock throbbing
Ready unload
And he cum inside my mouth
I took it all in
Lick it clean til the last bit..
hmm…I love that a lot
made feel so damn sexy
Then he, good morning
my fave kind of breakfast ..

---miss that moment a lot!!--
Hey Mr. Curly
Posted:Jul 9, 2019 2:13 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2019 3:16 pm

I had two days meeting somewhere in town… not really far from my place but they provide us hotel rooms so we don’t have to go back and forth. 2 days meeting finished only in one day…and we’re free till the next day. hmm…alone and hotel room… I’m pretty sure you know what’s in my mind.
I know this cute guy from ..veryyyy cute guy… with pretty long curly hair, nice smile and blue eyes with glasses… when I saw his picture I was awwww…..too cute. we’ve been talking for some time so I invited him.

im not really sure that he will come…I can tell from our that he’s kinda shy. but he told me that he won’t bail. he kept his words…which was a perfect gentleman for me. i waited for him in the lobby…nervous.. never met him before haha. But as soon as he walked in, I recognise him. Awww… (really I wont be able stop saying awww) he was much cuter in real. Oh I love his curly hair…my weakness haha… he smiled to me and we went to the room.

In the lift, he’s trying touch me but I can really tell that he’s nervous…I started feel that maybe our chemistry was not enough… shall I say something him? I planned to make the first move and see how it goes. As soon as we entered the room, I’m about approach him, suddenly he just threw himself to me and kissed me. he kissed me so hard his teeth hit my teeth and I laughed. He said: im sorry but you’re too … I laughed even harder and said thanks.

We still kissing and his hands wandering in my body… my life I never really met a shy kinda guy…and this guy…lets him Mr. Curly…was really shy… like afraid do something in case thats the wrong thing do…
So I took the lead and undress him…he smell so damn good. He was naked and I licked him all over… I pushed him to bed and started to give him blow job… he’s quiet too lol… I can only hear his deep breath… so when he watched me blow him…I asked is it nice? He looked at me and he nod and smile… I keep blow him then he told me all of a sudden that he’s cumming… I took it all and clean it.

he looked at me and smile and pulled me to the blanket so we can snuggle. to be honest it’s kinda awkward because he didn’t talk that much and I was struggling find long enough conversation hahaha…so we just watched tv waiting for him to re-load. Really… thats one of the most awkward moment ever lol.

Finally, he started to kiss again… ok here we go… I gave him another blow job…and when he’s hard and ready he’s putting on a condom.. but he’s struggling to do it… I was waiting for a minute and 2 minutes…then I finally said let me help you with that. I was sooo horny for him. after I put it on him, he turned me around and fucked me doggie. I was quite surprise when he pushed his cock into my pussy..he suddenly gave a very hard smack to my butt… then fucked me so hard. he pulled my hair so he can fucked and kissed me the same time. We both kneeling in bed and im no longer in doggie position…my hands holding back to his was amazing feeling..he made cum while keeps smacking my butt.

Then we changed position and I was on top. Oh gosh…he was so damn cute when I ride him… his curly hair in the pillow, his blue eyes…awwwww…. And when he smile ….I made myself cum for another 2 times when I riding him. He started to help me move faster and harder… squeeze my boobs and he got up to sitting position while I holding on to his neck when he’s about to cum. Oh he looked so fucking cute when he cum. Pushed me deeper to his cock and holding me tight…so ….

it was really nice.. we snuggle a bit after that and watching tv… had shower together. Then he carry me bed and he get ready to go home. Cant keep my eyes off him… how he dressed…put on his glasses and his hands fix his curly messy hair then wore his hat. He looked at me looking at him and he smiled. Jumped to bed and gave me a nice kisses and then he left. so damn cute ...

Cant stop smiling…I changed into my bikini and headed to pool to get some tan…
what will you do?
Posted:Jul 7, 2019 3:03 pm
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2019 12:18 pm

what will you do when you miss someone?
when you know that you cant tell him
when he always crossed your mind now and then
no matter how busy you are

what will you do when there's a little ache
in the heart, every time you think about him
and that ache keep irritating you
because it just won't go away

what you gonna do when you try to
distract your mind, find new things to do
met new other people
but in the end, it goes back to him

and when you talked to him
you acted cool
when he sent you photos
you're like...awww my heart...

what do you do when you miss someone
and he's right there just a text away
and you feel like giving him the world
but then you think that's the stupidest idea

what will you do when you miss someone
and you know that you cant tell him
and you just realise that... you start to care??

I will unload my mind, put it in writing and publish it here
what will you do?

ps. no..this was not about my ex at all.
it's about someone not so-special ..
Posted:Jul 5, 2019 4:09 pm
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2019 12:19 pm
I just posted a blog and suddenly it's missing. is this happen to anyone before?
able to see it from my main profile but not here...weird...did I do something wrong again ...

I'll try to post this, please let me know if you can see this post ..thanks...

me in the mood for stocking...

it was not tinted..
Posted:Jul 1, 2019 3:30 pm
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2019 10:21 pm

So as you know, I loveeee having sex in the car. not only having sex... but everything related to sex. I've been talking with this naughty guy for couple of days. knew each other by accident which was pretty lucky. for some rea..he can't host the moment. then I asked him if he has a car with tinted window. he said he has a car with not tinted window. I said chance.

he said.. can find dark spot somewhere. I said no way. it goes on for days. he kept teasing me with his pictures and he has a very very nice cock....I can't resissssssttttt....then when I gave up (yeah I'm too weak with naughty look kinda guy with nice cock haha) I told him 3 things.. wear shorts, no underwear and don't cum til we met..which is 2 days away. I told him we can go around and ill give him blow job til he cum in my mouth. no sex in a car without tinted window.

so he picked me up midnight... I laughed as soon as I entered the car. gosh... you literally can see everything from outside. he started driving around..I opened my underwear so he can finger me...he rubbed my pussy with one hand. I touched his cock from his shorts..hmmm so hard... I couldn't lower my body yet. so I just slide my hand to inside his shorts and start to with it. listen he moans..turns me on. rubbed each other... was so hot.

when already in empty road.. I took his cock out and I smell it...oh my... I love it...I put in my mouth directly...I told him don't drive too fast. it's a bit difficult because his car was a bit small but if there's a will then there's a way. I'm crazy about his cock... lick it and suck it and lick his balls...

then I felt the car stops.. he started to finger me and he lift up my hair so he could watch me sucking him. I told him to look around the area... I'm a bit nervous.
he moans harder... he told me sit on his cock.. I hesitate... I looked around and its dark and empty but I continue suck him...he fingered me so fucking horny...and wet..

Then he pulled me up and said once again...sit on my cock...he said he almost cum...then he lowered his seat and I didn't think twice, I move to on top of him...rub his cock in my wet pussy..then he pushed me down hard...we both moan so loud. he fucked me hard and so fast....ohhh..his cock felt so damn good inside of me. within minutes he told me he's about i pulled his cock out and turned around and put it in my mouth directly...and sucked his cum out of him..hmm its a lot of cum....I swallow it all... and licked him clean.... not a single mess in his car.

wow... it was awesome!! I had sex many times in the car but never actually sit on a cock in driver's seat. so thats quite amazing. done two new things today...fucked in driver's seat in a car with not tinted window lol.

it was a quick quickie... he knew I didn't cum yet. almost but not yet. he told me lets sit around and he'll reload within minutes... I said nooo...we stayed quite some time already in this area... lets go before anyone suspicious.
I didn't cum but it was a great fun night... I love that.
his hand still playing around in my pussy...he drove me back.

Doggie... me?
Posted:Jun 28, 2019 4:33 pm
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2019 6:10 pm
it was a hectic day today.. on the process of moving apartment again..and I kinda stressed . so took out my yoga mat and done some stretches.. made a few pics as well...

That new little space inside my broken heart
Posted:Jun 26, 2019 1:00 pm
Last Updated:Jun 28, 2019 2:57 pm

I notice that new little space
shows in my heart
When I still mending my
broken heart ...
i keep looking at that little space
It stays in the corner..
then I realise that you created it
On the day that we met
It’s so small I barely notice it
But when I touched it
I feel ..
you put a little bit of hugs there
I feel good
you add a bit of my fave kisses inside
I know you don’t plan
create it..
it just happen when someone
started means more
I like visit that little space
In the corner of my heart
Now and then..
but then I realise the more I
visit it..the bigger it become
And it scares me..
Because the rest of my heart
still broken..
If I let that small space grow
Into my broken heart
Then it will be so vulnerable
so I stop to visit that space
made me sad..but I need to focus
on mending my heart..
i know that in the future
when I visit that space
maybe you are no longer there…
And thats ok…
cuz I know that you never plan to stay
But ill keep that small space
In the corner of my heart
Because I like the way you make me feel
Because that space made me stronger
When I needed the most
Even if you’re not there
It will never be empty..
Cuz memories lasts a lifetime..
So someday when you happen to read this
And you realise it’s you
Just want to say that I’m thankful
For that little space inside my heart
it’s that small things in life that
Always matters the most…
and You gave it to me
What we done together was so simple
Yet it created a space in my heart
To store all those memories..
you are the special one..
To laugh and to sex..
Posted:Jun 23, 2019 2:22 pm
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2019 2:51 pm

Im not much a talker kinda girl..more to a listener. I'm a quiet per basically. Love to keep myself to myself. Unless you able to present a good ice breaker then normally I won't opened up. So when I met this guy, which was not much younger than me , I’m amazed because he talked a lot. (lets called him Mr. Talker) He’s italian but my English was much much better than him. Yet with broken English, he just can’t stop talking. He told me everything from his funny hood, his parents, and his recent story about his bad experience with a barber haha. He was so funny ( gonna keep saying this haha)... But things get serious when he approached me and gave me a really passionate kiss.

This guy loved bite……can’t believe I met another biter sigh. he bit my lips while his finger inside my pussy…fingering me so good..we then undressed each other and I gave him a blow job while he sat in sofa.. he loved it when I played with his balls and ass. I kinda love rough sex…so it turned me on even more when he grabbed my hair and started to fuck my mouth. He dragged me to bed and asked me to put condom on him…then he pushed me and went on top of me and fuck me hard. He grab my hair to look at him so he could kissed me. We moved so wild and fast…and when he’s about to cum ..he kissed me so hard till I can’t breath.
then I licked his cock and he put on another condom and this time he fucked me doggie in sofa. I loved a man that really dominate me in bed. it was so rough he made me so many times..yet he keep fucking, pulling my hair, slapping my ass, grab my tits..we both so sweating.

It was really funny at the same time because he kinda talked. ..I mean we talked about something (like having a conversation) while he keep moving inside of me… for example he suddenly asked me about some restaurant, or asked me about my fave food..or he said something that made me laughed out loud.. this guy always joking.
it was a very sexy experience…I never had a conversation other than sex talk when having sex haha. its like a seconds of distraction then we started to increase the pace and made me cum again. Different feeling. I like that. That day he cum in my face…a bit unfortunate for me because it goes a bit into my eyes (..ladies, you know how it feels when you have cum in your eyes).

The next encounter…he texted me saying he wanna had sex in bathroom. I said ok. When I arrived..I was confused and asked him…where is your bed mattress? I was laughing out loud because he kinda moved his bed mattress to the big bathroom just because he want to fuck in there..he was so impossibly funny or silly? I said we can fuck standing or in the sink, or in the tub…just leave the bed in the bed lol. so I help him to move out the heavy mattress and put it back to bed. I gave him a bit of kicked in the ass for being ish and he laughed.

Oh the sex this time was even rougher…he’s good at fingering me..I was dripping wet…I gave him blow job to his nice cock in the sofa again… he put on condom and turned me around and tease my pussy with his finger, asked me beg him fuck me. I beg him and he pushed his cock slow inside my pussy…made me feel how his cock stretch my pussy..the pleasure drives me crazy..he pushed all the way in and stared grab my hips and fucked me so hard…I can’t contain my voice… I cum instantly within minutes… he grab my hair and fucked me even harder…

we fucked in front of window so we can see our was so damn hot looking at him ..its a really turn on for me and he’s not afraid to rough me up because he knew I can take it. He did asked me to tell him if its too rough. I never tell him to stop. He kissed me hard..I can feel he bit me here and there but all I can feel was pleasure. we had sex for a long time…he asked me many times if I want him to cum or keep fucking me and when I said fucking me then he will keep going…
this time he was standing and I was kneeling down licking his balls and his ass…and he cum inside my mouth. Took a while to get our breath back…its a really good feeling.

He started to make me laugh again..playing around in bathroom and shower. Can’t stop looking at his cock so after shower while he’s drying his body…I was kinda pulled him closer to bed and start to suck him again. I told him I just want a taste…so I started to play and at some point he couldn’t stand it anymore and started to fuck my mouth then he played with his cock while I played with his balls…he kissed me and always asked me to look at him…I started laughing when I look him in the eyes…and he laughed too… his hands wandering in my body and finally he cum again in my mouth. That was pretty hot.

We started to get dressed to get some drinks at the bar..but he keep trying to tease me , to chase me around the room and try to undress me . I gave him another kicked in the ass and he just laughed…I don’t know how he can be such a and a wild guy in bed at the same time. it’s like I’m dealing with two pers instead of one. Was it weird?

We went to rooftop bar and he just put his arms around me and kissed me.
He made me laughed a lot..…I know I said this many times but he really did and that impressed me. and he couldn’t speak English really well so you can tell how eager he wanted to talk haha and thats amazing cuz not many people can actually made me laugh, I mean really really laughed…I think he’s the second one lol. (The first was my ex… yeah, he was a funny guy)

Mr.Talker was in my mind today because he just texted me about our inside jokes. I was in serious mode at the office and I just laughed…believe me…it felt so damn good to laugh.
ONS - the good one
Posted:Jun 20, 2019 6:22 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2019 1:39 am

..picture this..

midnight..cant sleep
Bored and horny
Then got message from
some website
same city, closer than ever
Move to chat ..
Exchange pics. it’s a must..
1 am when we agreed meet
the excitement to meet
Stranger for the first time
the adrenaline
You are wondering
In a very short time
If he’s gonna be cool
Or another psycho
Then when we met
He dragged me to his room
Both are way too horny
He kissed me so hard
no time to talk
Like we’ve known each other
leaving traces of clothes in the floor
Hands everywhere..
cant wait..
He pushed my back against
His floor ceiling window
which give amazing view the city
He licked me all over…
Knelling and lick my pussy
He turned me over and licked
My ass…and lick my back
licking me up and put his hands
on my boobs..squeeze it
While he pushed his cock
Into my pussy hard from behind…
and deep..
Not giving me time to get used
To his cock
We just fuck right there and then..
Looking our reflection in the window
Can’t contain our voice…
pulled my hair…
grabbed my ass
Turned me on so much
It’s not about pleasing each other
It’s about satisfy ourself using each other
And we just so lost in our time
Me trying to get my orgasms
And he’s trying to make himself cum
We just getting crazy and
we’re not moving from window..
We both sweating
I can feel his sweat drip to my body
slippery…made us crazier
when he knew I cum..
He asked me can he cum …
When I said yes..
He grabbed my hips and we
Fucked even harder…
Oh he’s so loud when he cum…
It was so intense…
Satisfied feeling…
We can’t even move to bed
We dropped on the floor trying to catch
Our breath…
5 mins later I felt his hands pulled
me closer to him
still in the floor
he spooned me
and still sweating all over
he pushed his cock
to my wet pussy
and I can't help to moan
and its all started again..
we had a quickie in the floor..
pounding me hard..
made each other cum one more time...
even more sweating...
Looked at each other laughing
strangers acting like a
Horny ager..
great feeling…
Gather my clothes…
He helped me to put on
My bra..
Gave me a deep kiss
With a squeeze on the ass..
Then I left.
Had a great sleep night..

-- of my best one night stand. hmmm...I dont think i even remember his ...hahaha.. joking, of course I know his name ---
The Decision...
Posted:Jun 18, 2019 3:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2019 1:54 pm
I've been working and living in the Middle East for years (3 years in Abu Dhabi and 9 years in Dubai) it's crazy when I think how time flies so fast. my younger sister arrived here first before I joined her 6 month later. We worked in different companies so when I came, I met her like after 1 month. I still remember when I met her finally, I cried uncontrollably hugged her and told her that I hate it here and wanted to go home. by that time I never lived on my own and to be kinda a spoiled brat!!! I'm an older sister but she's the that always protected me lol... I'm the weak in the family. but I did stayed and survived this long.

she left for Qatar 3 years ago. she asked me many times join her there. I always said no. but it was always in my mind since my break up..I wanted get of this place so bad. nothing left for me here.

my surprised, I got an offer from my old boss go there days ago. theres more of course and most importantly is that I'll be with my sister. The jobs mine if I want it.

but my feeling months ago and my feeling now is different. like now, I'm standing here in my balcony looking this city...I don't love being here but some part of me don't want go anymore...why?

I kinda forced my mind think that I need go, that I should go..I keep telling myself.. fuck Indi why you want be all alone here? my mind told me to go but not my heart...and I was
I was never never an indecisive all. normally I can make a decision like a second..whether it's good or bad.

I dont know... I still have time till after my vacation to decide. but it bothers me now and then...I want think that I might have something to hold me here but maybe it's just an illusion..just a wish...a wish that without me saying it out loud, I know all it's ever be is just a wish.

I can't keep my heart and my mind synchronise...did I even make sense? I wish some of you that reading this was closer to me because I think I need a slap....seriously....

oh well, still looking to this city, still asking myself...why I want stay? maybe deep down inside I know the rea? maybe I'm just in denial of the rea?
maybe I'm embarrassed of the rea because it can't be a rea at all??

story of my and my fucked up mind

still can't decide.

view from my balcony at night...

A moment...
Posted:Jun 15, 2019 5:40 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2019 2:44 pm

still pinching my arms
to make sure that I'm not dreaming
or hallucinating
that I'm standing here
looking at him..
walking towards me..
with a bunch of his friends
it's all become slow motion
how he talked with his friends
that smile..that laugh...
remind me of our wild times
I was in my world for one moment
still amazed...
then he looked at me...
one second our eyes locked
then he smiled at me...
oh those eyes...
everything in the past rushing back
through my brain...
sitting in the nearest pub
all of us was the noisiest group
couldnt stop laughing..
his eyes keep catching mine
locked for couple of second
I swear he could read my mind
by looking deep inside my eyes..
I felt his eyes...hugging me
like I felt the warmth all over my body..
then he laughed to himself
his messy hair all over his face
I was just thinking to touch it
when he suddenly come closer
with our eyes locked..
then he smiled
one second before his lips touched
I smiled too while we were kissing,
remembering those times
when he told me not to come when
he had drumming session
since we were always ended up having sex
because I can't hold myself.
our kiss about to get deeper
when suddenly I can feel
all of his buddies took picture
of us..flashes everywhere
while they cheering on us
gosh....made me blush...
back to drinking and chatting
all evening..
his arm in my shoulder..
glad to have you back..
.....for a moment.....

just for a moment.
About that drummer..
Posted:Jun 13, 2019 5:08 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 11:48 am
I always had a thing for a drummer. it's all started long time back when Im in my final year of university. me and my girls always went every concert in our city...whether we know them or no. so on that weekend, the closing act was a small band from the US. we were standing and dancing almost in the front row..I didn't attention any of them there's a drum solo in the middle of the g from this drummer.

I still remember it clearly, I looked at him and it was lust at the first sight. that day I never seen someone with so much energy drumming like there's no tomorrow. I was amazed and wondering if he felt tired at all.
I can't stop looking..and I looked at him with my mouth opened (thats what he said to me later). I looked at his muscly arms, flat abs, inked, yep, he's topless..and the way he played that drum turned me on so much. I didnt even remember anything else.

I stopped dancing so I can keep watching him. much to my luck.. he looked at me too. I remember our eyes locked while he kept drumming..and he smiled. still not sure he smiled at me...but I smiled back. it took almost an hour before the band finished that time, we already had sex with our eyes. it was one of the strongest chemistry I've ever felt...

when it finally finished, everyone started to go home...he jumped from the stage, approached and say hi. I said hi's like we already knew each other. he reached for my hand and pulled me to the back stage...we had our first kiss there...with people walking back and forth cleaning up the stage... that was a kiss to remember...our body was locked, I could feel his sweat all over his body..his long messy hair. I love to feel his energy...he had so much a fire that's ready to burn anything that touched it.

That night I told him to fuck me like he played drum..and he did...oh his energy was mind blowing...and our chemistry was so was almost weird. he always told me to look at him in the eyes when he's inside of always ended up we smiled to each other and then laughed. really nice feeling.

So he took me with him...going around Asia for a month...endless sex, everywhere... of the best time of my life. even tough i almost got kicked out from university and mum's got angry.
we kept in touched for years. but it's been years we haven't talked.

since then, drummer always caught my eyes.. been with some in my whole life

Today, I was on my way to work..and the weather was bloody ..I was thinking ok ill pass by the mall get my fave drink..which is avocado juice with cane. I was waiting with air pods in my ear listening music when suddenly I had a tap in my shoulder..when I'm about , this per just hugged me and when I'm about say what the f... he kissed me quick in the lips...shit. I'm about punch him when he said my . he's the that called me with my complete . I was shocked...he hugged me tight and I remember his smell... it's all happen so fast...Adam!

i still shocked see him. I was just standing there looking him..thinking what say. he was still the same.. only much older. shorter hair.. still messy though..wearing t-shirt, short and sandals.. I notice he got inked more. I think my mind travelled back the past for some time.. he tap my cheek slowly... he said I still looked at him like the first time I ever looked at him. I smiled, I said no, this is a surprised look.

when I'm done with my thinking...I laughed and hugged him again. he laughed and said there you are. we were still like we were used be..chemistry still there, act like best friends, like we never stop keep in touch.
I didn't have much time since I gotta start to work. so he and his buddies walked me to work..made some plan for the weekend... they're on holiday this weekend.

we chatted all evening...talking about our past times...

indeed it's a small world.. he's of my special per in my life....

what a day..

to be continued.. (I hope so!)

the image is not him. it's a drummer from of my fave band at the moment 'twenty one pilots' but he looked exactly like this drummer before (body type) 80% you can see that it was lust at the first sight


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