Beware of a scammer  

JackJack1971 50M
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3/25/2021 10:18 am
Beware of a scammer

I just wanted to give everyone the heads up.
I was chatting with a woman who went LiveLaughLove22. Her profile had complained about disappointing profiles etc.
So I had sent her a message stating my frustrations. When she replied she started talking about how there are both men and women on here that run scams etc. After some friendly messages she mentionef that her phone didn't work because she owed . That's when I thought to myself here it comes. She asks for $200 for het car loan, and informs me that if an e-transfer isn't good I can get a $200 Vinilla card judt take a picture of the front and back.
Needless to say I did neither. But call her on it she blocked me.
I'm sure others have had their share of stories, I just wanted inform everyone.
I'm pretty sure her profile is gone but here is some information:
Age: 32
City: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Looks: blonde, fair skin tone and of course very attractive.

1seeking1 56F
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4/21/2021 7:00 am

Yes all kinds of scams run by men and women on internet.

LovelaughLive22 33F
4 posts
9/14/2021 5:33 pm

Your just mad because your disgusting I don’t even know you and I stoped talking you after you said you only have sex without condom that’s when my time to go was . As women in that situation would run as well. Fuck that

LovelaughLive22 33F
4 posts
9/14/2021 5:36 pm

Beware of jacjack 1971 he only wants to to fuck women with safety per-causation like who does that so you want to throw salt on my name you better make sure that I’m off this site because your disgusting asking me if you could fuck my mom and me your fucking 🤮 disgusting

LovelaughLive22 33F
4 posts
9/14/2021 5:37 pm

Without safety precautions

LovelaughLive22 33F
4 posts
9/15/2021 10:49 am

Such a liar when I told him something that he didn’t like which was I do not have sex without a condom so this is what this fucking did head makes up about me

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