Yard Work  

Jadzia11 52F  
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6/18/2021 12:59 pm
Yard Work

Walked outside this morning grab my mail and saw my neighbor standing in his yard with no shirt on and looking all sweaty from getting work done early today. Since he moved in next door, I have seen him around from time to time and we have waved at each other but never spoken. I know nothing about him really, except that he looks yummy in the early morning glinting with sweat from making his yard look like a professional worked on it.

I have not been seeing anyone recently, so I was horny and every weekend that neighbor was looking better and better. I might have to go introduce myself really soon and find out if he is available to do some deep digging and a little trimming for me. And not in my yard, but my bedroom.

Later that day, I was outside working on my yard, it was a task I did not like doing, but had or would horrible in no time at all. When I heard a very sexy voice behind me ask if I needed any help with anything. I turned and was staring at his upper chest and shoulders. He was tall. Looking up into his face, I saw a very intense set of dark brown eyes.

I was at a loss for words, He was even sexier up close and damn if this man did not smell of salt and earth and something else I could not put my finger on, but I wanted to put my mouth on. I was immediately wet and not from sweating.

I smiled and said hi and laughed saying if he wanted to give me a hand, making my yard look like his, was I say no. He grinned and then told me had had actually been just looking for an excuse to come over and say hi and introduce himself to me.

I was surprised and asked him why? His response was he was tired of me walking out every weekend morning while he was doing yard work and teasing him by getting my in barely clothing. This man was not pulling punches and looking back, yes I admit I may have made sure I was not wearing a bra going the mailbox and the shorts I was wearing were a bit short, but hey nothing like making sure he knew what he was looking at.

I laughed and said it was hard not notice that he worked with no shirt on every weekend as well and that showed off his muscles quite nicely.

was no hesitation, he grabbed me and kissed me in a way that I had not been kissed in a long time. It was sensual and yet aggressive without being overly so. His hands slid up my arms and while one held me close, the other went between our bodies and cupped my breast. He used his thumb and fore finger lightly pinch my nipple and shot straight down my body. Yes I was wet again today.

He pulled back long enough to grab my hand and walk with me over to my shed where I stored my tools. He pushed me up against the side and then lifted the front of my shirt and pulled my breasts out of my bra. He worked on one nipple and then the other. I was enjoying every second of it.

He then stepped back and kneeled down in front of me. He pulled my shorts down and my panties weren't far behind. He spread me open to him and his mouth went to work on my most sensitive spot. He licked and sucked and I was holding onto his shoulder for dear life. This man was very good with his tongue. Then he proceeded to shove a finger into me and I came instantly. He worked his finger in and out and his tongue continue to massage my clit while I came.

When my orgasm subsided, he stood up and unzipped his shorts. I could not take my eyes off him. I wanted to taste him and lick him from top to bottom. When I started to make my move he grabbed my hand and said next time, he was not waiting today. He had been waiting weeks to have me and if my mouth touched him he could not promise he would not lose control. I did not have a problem with that, but he wanted something else.

He pulled one of my legs up around his waist and lifted me just a bit as he leaned into me and slid his cock against my already swollen clit. I wanted to feel him slid into me but he did not and I tried to move myself so that he would but he kept himself back just enough I could not take him into me right away. I asked him if I was not allowed to taste, was I going to be allowed to ride him?

Just stared at me with those intense eyes, while he slid his cock back and forth across my clit and said he was making sure it was covered in my juices because when he entered me it was going to be fast and hard and he did not want to hurt me. That just made me wetter and I told him I was so turned on at that moment he would not have a problem at all.

He then pulled back, turned me around and bent me forward just enough so that he could come up behind me and I felt him push himself all the way into me. I was close to cumming again and let him know this. He started fucking me and as promised it was fast and hard. was no holding back. My hands braced against the side of the shed, that man pounded me as hard and deep as he could. felt amazing.

Bracing one shoulder against the wall, I reached down between my legs and started rubbing my clit in time with this thrusts, so that my hands would also stroke his balls each time he was all the way in me. This just encouraged him me harder. I was cumming again and I could feel him getting close. I let him know I wanted feel him explode deep in me, I wanted feel his cum pouring into me. He growled as he slammed into another time and I felt him release. I could feel his cock jerking in me as he was shooting his load.

After a minute or two we both stood up and began to put our clothes back on. I smiled at him and told him any time he wanted to come over and inspect my yard and help me out like that again he was more than welcome. He smiled and as he walked back across the street, said next Saturday I could come over his place and see about checking out his shed and tool.

1bighammer1000 56M
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6/18/2021 3:20 pm

Sounds like fun,

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

Paulxx001 64M
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6/19/2021 4:40 am

Hot story.
I'm doing some yard work this morning. Ya think I'll get lucky? 🤔 ❗❗😎

Tbmontana 62M  
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7/6/2021 8:01 am

Very hot!!!

RobK2006 54M
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8/6/2021 2:34 pm

That was really hot. I loved all the details. Turned me on how you were stroking yourself as he fucked you.

NJGUY08090 55M
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8/15/2021 10:17 am

That was a great story. Hope you share more soon.

agelesssexylegs 78F
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10/16/2021 1:04 am

Oh very hot illicit story,i do prefer a toy who knows what he wants,sometimes actions speak louder than words

guy03234a 52M
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11/7/2021 4:45 pm

WOW.... Very hot. Wish I could be that neighbor!

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