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Are LOve and luST LOST?
Posted:Aug 9, 2019 9:17 am
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2019 12:31 pm
Something that I have thought about for the last few years is where are we headed as a culture in regard to our sexual behavior. Now and again I see indications that traditional Love and Lust might be becoming a rarity in our society.

Love is a complex mix of Emotional, Mental and Physical elements that are in various amounts in each person but they all must be present to create Love. How much of a portion of each one depends on the individual and several factors (gender, age and upbringing for a few examples) and is above my ability to explain.

People tend to over use the word Love anyway and they use it to express a Like for something other than another person. You can Love a Person but to me when someone says They Love a Song, or They Love a Movie or whatever, this isn’t real Love because not all three essential factors are present. I don’t think you can Physically Love a Movie.

Lust, in my opinion, also contains these three ingredients BUT to a much lesser degree. Lust, in my mind, is probably best described as “Temporary Love”. Lust may be very intense but it is not as long lasting as Love.

I believe Love and Lust are being replaced by quick, no questions asked SEX.

I’m not condemning this in anyway since at times we all may want instant, non complicated Sex in a Physical way without the Emotional or Mental aspects.

What I am saying, is that more and more people today seem to want just Sex without any complicated beginning or ending. People these days don’t even want to take the time to establish a Friendship or Trusting relationship.

To prove this, I kept loose track of the number of message and IMs I get on here daily, well more accurately each night, and determined that approximately 50% simply say “Let’s Fuck” or something similar. They don’t even seem to care if I had a Good or Bad day or was hit by a bus earlier. They don’t want to know.
Again, I am not being critical of this trend. Rather, I am saying we are Losing our need to become involved personally and have eliminated traditional interaction and have skipped straight to non commutative SEX.

Why? I don’t know for sure but I have a theory. I call it “The Amazon Age”. If we can’t get it in two days or less, we look somewhere else or go without. In New York City, you can get anything Delivered in Two Hours or less. This seems to be how many want their Sex these days. Go on-line, find the item you want, place your order and have it at your door almost immediately. You usually don’t even have to talk to a real person.

So, it seems to me, this is the way many people want their Sex these days.
Go on the internet, find a hot body, place your order (Let’s Fuck) and have it in Two Hours.

I envision a fast approaching time when mens’ arms will become much shorter. Only long enough to reach their keyboard and not their cocks. They don’t need to jerk off. Just go on-line and find someone to do it for you within 1 hour or less without even leaving your home.

So much to look forward to.

Still a traditionalist
A New Experience
Posted:Aug 8, 2019 9:43 am
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2019 8:52 am
I have been having an Affair with a married man for several months. What started out as innocent late night chats on here became sexual encounters. I have made passing reference to him before as my “Secret Lover”.

I say Lover in the most complete meaning. He was kind, always complimentary and concerned about my life. He would ask about my day and was always happy for me when thing were going well and genuinely sympathetic when something troubled me.

When we made love it had was with sexual passion and emotional connections. I loved being with him for all right reasons. He was gentle, respectful of my desires and gave me hours of pleasure. We both understood we were committed to others and could never turn these few hours together in to a permanent relationship which in some ways added to the excitement when we could be together.

We continued to meet in private for a few months when something I told one night took us in a new direction.

I told him “I love being your Mistress”. I was speaking in the sense of being his concubine or paramour.

He took it to mean as a Dominatrix.

He eagerly told me how wanted to be my Slave and obey my every command.

I was some what taken back the lust I felt in him as he told me what he was willing to do for me.

Something I must tell you here. Years before we moved to New York I did have a brief period where I experimented with the world of BDSM. I actually tried being the one being Punished and the one giving the Punishment. I was sometimes Dominate and other times Sub-Dominate.

As I progressed in my Transition, I put BDSM behind me and concentrated more on becoming totally feminine. I realized BDSM was not what I wanted in life. I resisted or ignored requests to re-enter shadowy world. I told myself people were confusing I often like to wear leather as erotic fashion to entice men with thinking I was a Dominatrix.

Now suddenly I was confronted a man I loved romantically asking me to turn him into submissive slave. A total reversal of the relationship we had and I was enjoying.

I thought through this for days, imagining all the possible consequences. Was I willing to forego my role as his lover and take on the role of his superior? I even talked to my dearest friend for advise. I thought of completely ending our relationship. I was so unsure of the new direction we may be heading.

In the end, I decided to do it for him. I love him much.

I don’t know how to completely explain this. I have decided to humiliate and bring anguish to a man I love. I have put aside expressing my love for him to making him beg to lick my boots. Instead of enjoying him making love to me, I must degrade him denying him sex. Instead of praising his sexual skills I must forbid him from touching me except to lick another man’s cumm from my Ass.

Instead of him having the leadings role in our love making, I punish him for the slightest indiscretion, even being late for my . Now instead of him being on me and creating wonderful passion, I order him to be on his knees in front of me for whatever I want done to me.

I have never felt this way before. In complete control of I man I love so to even control his Orgasm. In my prior sessions there was not the element of Love. Those were simple times of detached debauchery without any emotional content.

We have done this now three times. I have found myself being more and more powerful as his Mistress. I have become more cruel and more demanding each time. I have taken him from manliness to lowliness over the last month.

He is now my complete SLAVE. I am ordering a new Strap-On Dildo to teach him what’s it’s like being A BITCH SLAVE. I want a full weekend with him serving my every Command to enforce my position as his Masterful Mistress.

I don’t plan to make this my lifestyle. I am only doing this for my LOVER.

Mistress Jan for my SLAVE
A few little things,
Posted:Aug 3, 2019 2:04 pm
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2019 12:08 am
Does this happen to others on here? You get the icon, jumped over there, answer in less that a minute and NOTHING, no reply. They’re gone that quick. Is there a delay in the program on here or do some people put a flood of Greetings and just answer the first reply? I don’t know but I find that very annoying.

Why do so many guys send an Invite to watch them masturbate on CAM? I honestly don’t get it. If it was some really unusual or special way to beat your cock I might be interested but just a routine jerking over the internet doesn’t do much for me.

Speaking of people who CAM, has anyone else noticed how many are in a messy or cluttered room? This includes all types; women, men, couples and TS/TS. Just seems to me, trying to be sexy on CAM in a messy room sends the wrong message.

Why do so many guys touch or rub a woman ass in a public place? I tend to think it’s strange fetish similar smelling a girls bicycle seat (Yes, I’ve seen that in NYC). I don’t think any one likes or gets turned on by having their butt fondled in public by a stranger. This is reason #1 why I don’t ride the subway anymore.

Silhouette as Profile Pictures? I think these people should be labelled as “Having no serious intend”. It’s the first clue this person has something to hide. Maybe they’re married and want some deniability if caught. I just don’t know why anyone, if truly wanting to hook up, would go a Dating Site without a picture of some kind. Even just a Cock Picture is better than nothing.

Also, those screen names that attempt to be provocative, like “bigcock4U” are just silly. Can’t you come up with even a decent alias if you need to be anonymous. By proclaiming something like “bigcock4U” , you’re almost saying Not Really.
Some sort of name is especially important if you send a message and expect a reply, believe me on this. I try to answer as many messages as possible but I’m reluctant to send a reply that starts “Dear bigcock4U”. Just makes me feel and desperate for a contact.

I’m getting reacquainted with ELO. We were lucky enough to see his show in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. I’ve always liked their music but after paying closer detail to the lyrics, I’ve become a bigger fan. I want to suggest you listen to the words in “Hold on tight to your Dreams”.

A Wine update. If you enjoy Shrimp or Lobster dishes, next time please try a Chardonnay that wasn’t aged in oak barrels, unoaked as its technically known. It is a much crisper wine without the vanilla flavors aging in oak imparts in white white. Unoaked Chardonnay has a more lemon taste that really refreshes the taste buds when having shellfish.

Just filling the time while my cake is baking
Examining the Female Ass
Posted:Jul 29, 2019 11:05 am
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2019 10:08 am
Lately I have had many, many Messages or IMs regarding my Ass. I find most very Complimentary but also somewhat puzzling so I decided to give the Ass a closer look as to it’s popularity in todays culture.

Taking a brief look back in our history, the female Ass has gone through periods of both increased emphasis and de-emphasis which in itself is a refection of wide swings in the fashion world. Fashion styles seems to alternate between Wide to Narrow, Long to Short, Loose and Tight and so on.

In the case of the Female Ass, it was not given much attention until sometime in the 00s when women decided their long skirts and dresses needed to kept from dragging on the ground. Stiffer undergarments like crinoline were used to provide a fullness around a woman from the waist down thus lifting the skirt off the floor.

This may have saved the dress from getting dirty but it also started giving men dirty thoughts. They fantasized about what was really under the enlarged skirt.

Women picked up on this and started using the Bustle which allowed the skirt to straight down in front but project the“derrière” further and further.

Early in the 1900s women went to a much more natural look and and wore dresses without padding or enlarging features. In my opinion this is when young women started becoming more independent and the pretty face became the fashion statement for awhile,

Big Boobs started to dominate in the 1940s and 50s as an addition to the pretty face and the Female Ass was somewhat left behind, pun intended.

Now, the Female Ass is being rediscovered. Butt enhancements are as common as Breast enhancements. A whole new B&B, Butt&Breasts, meaning beyond Bread&Butter and Bed&Breakfast although the B words are very interchangeable. Think of this, Butt&Butter, unsalted of course, or maybe Breasts&Breakfast along with Stacked hotcakes.

A nice large, round Ass is to be enjoyed in many ways. Just walking can show the flexibility of the Ass as men watch it like being at a tennis match. Their eyes move left and right, back and forth as one hip moves and then the other.

The Ass can be fondled just like a nice set of Boobs. Either from the Front while Kissing or from Behind while having a full view of its total Beauty.

What really sets the Ass apart, it my opinion, is that hidden deep within the Valley of the Ass is the Entrance to Heavenly Pleasure. Most well described in the novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton as,

“Shangri-La as a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from a lamasery (a place of prayer) enclosed in western end of the Kunlun Mountains”.

A place of earthly paradise, Utopia.

As a Transexual, I am proud that I can offer Utopia to those who are wanting to visit my Shangri-La. The journey may be long, but the Reward is beyond any expectations.

The Amazing Erect Cock
Posted:Jul 20, 2019 12:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2019 12:51 pm
I’m speaking in general, not about a specific Cock.

The Cock has been praised for centuries as the creator of life but more recently the Cock has become more acknowledged as the source of pleasure. Now more people view the Cock as essential for sexual gratification and less for its ability for fathering offspring.

I find the Cock of natures most amazing achievements and am in continuing awe. The process it goes though provide such sexual satisfaction is phenomenal.

An Erection begin when a man is stimulated either Mentally, Visually or Physically. A sensuous thought, an erotic view or the slightest touch can cause the Cock to begin to become erect. Any stimulates combined will accelerate the Erection process.

This is where nature’s most incredible process begins.

For the Cock become larger and firmer it must have increased blood flow. It draws the blood it needs from the Brain. I’m not sure if the Brain consents this or if the Cock just asserts itself but either way, the result is the . A larger, firmer Cock.

If either the Mental image of Visual image become more intense or erotic the Erection will increase. I help this happen by showing more flesh (usually my Breasts) and making suggestive comments. My goal is get his Erection its maximum length and girt.

Physical stimulation should be used now bring the Cock its bursting point. It can be either Oral or Manual. If you have good Hand/Mouth coordination, a mixture of both will surely intensify his his Erection. Timing me is critical at this stage unless you want him Orgasm in your hand or in your mouth, you must be able sense his pending release.

I, for , usually want him release after he is in me. Since I am not always in the Missionary Position when having sex, I can’t see him every time he orgasm so I need feel his sperm fill me.

A good general rule is the younger he is, the faster he will be ready spill his seed. This is not always true as some younger guys can last longer and some older gentlemen are surprisingly quick.

This is part of my fascination with Cocks. There are so many sizes and such a variety of abilities. There is no such thing as “ size fits all” in the realm of Cocks. Sometimes I like vigor and some times endurance is more important. If he has taken some type of Enhancement, he may be able do a Marathon at Sprinter speed.

Think of that for a moment. Having a Cock hammer you for hours. What a wonderful thought. And, the search for the ultimate Cock is never ending. It also is a matter of his and your mood at the moment which may affect your needs or wants.

Regardless of the requirements at the time, a Cock has the versatility adjust. It is so Flexible (figuratively speaking) it can match its performance the audience. It is just a remarkable item.

And give you something appreciate, Half the people in the world have a Cock.

Yes, it’s a Wonderful World.

Jan (over Saturday morning coffee and Cognac)
TS/TV/TG/CD, Is there a Difference?
Posted:Jul 17, 2019 10:53 am
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2019 11:40 pm
Yes, most definitely!

Late last night I had two conversations with men that were clearly unsure what they really wanted. Both were inexperienced in dealing with individuals in the TS/TV/TG/CD community however both were “curious” and wanted to “try”. They were talking with me in the belief that I could satisfy their needs when in fact they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Later I began to think about the confusion that is still out there over those of us that are either TS/TV/TG or a CD. Since IMs are not intended for detailed discussions I promised both to put something in my Blog that may them.

Each of these abbreviated terms attempt to categorize our community into easily identifiable types but stringing the terms together with only a Slash between them , the uniqueness of each is lost.

Here’s the differences as I see them;

TS (Transsexual) is someones who has assumed the identity of the opposite sex, be it to Female or Female to Male, and wishes to be considered as such. Transsexual people assuming the identity of the opposite sex usually include physical changes to more closely resemble those of the gender they wish to become. Transsexuals have not undertaken Gender or Sexual Reassignment Surgery and have retained the genitalia of their birth.

TV (Transvestite) is someone who derives sexual excitement from the clothing of the opposite sex. Today, this almost exclusively are men who wear female clothing, mostly under garments and or heel shoes. This desire may not lead beyond this level of enjoyment and is almost always done in total privacy or secrecy.

TG (Transgendered) are people who have completely taken the outwardly physical changes to be considered of another gender. Someone Transgendered has had Sexual Reassignment Surgery which began with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Keep in mind that to date, replacement or addition of the internal sexual organs is theoretical possible but as far as I’m aware has never been performed.

CD (Crossdresser) are people, again usually males, who find sexual excitement wearing clothing and make up of the opposite sex. This is often, but not always, done with other CDs and may involve mutual sexual acts while Crossdressed. CDs may venture to public places on occasion while Crossdressed but will, for various reasons, normally need to return to their daily gender role un-crossdressed.

These are simply my definitions and most surely do not cover every individual case. I am only attempting to clarify, in general terms, the major differences of TS, TV, TG and CD.

To describe myself, well I have gone through three of the four categories I listed above.

As a young boy, I found it extremely exciting to to dress in my ’s undergarments when alone. She had a wide variety of sexy clothes and was a . Later, when I was in college, I began Crossdressing and going to gay clubs and bars but was living as a Monday to Friday. In my mid 20s I decided to Transition to a full time woman. I began Hormone Replacement Therapy to Feminize my body and came out as a Transsexual at work. I have recently had some physical “enhancements” to add greater dimension to what the Estrogen Therapy gave me. Since 99 I have lived, worked and socialized as a Female.

As an aside, I now celebrate October , 99 as my Birthday.

So, my own experience and definitions, I was a TV, then a CD and now a TS. Since I have not had Gender/Sexual Reassignment Surgery I am not a true TG although I often use the term as a way of describing my Mental, Emotional and Physical state at this time in my life.

I hope this make some sense to anyone who reads this.

Jan, a Transsexual
The Power Outage in Manhattan
Posted:Jul 15, 2019 7:52 am
Last Updated:Jul 23, 2019 7:00 pm
Saturday evening parts of New York City, including our apartment on West 58th, were plunged into darkness and chaos due to an electrical failure. By one estimate, 77 thousand people were impacted by the black .

Turns , my partner and I were not there. We were visiting friends in DC last weekend and didn’t even know about it until someone saw it on the news Sunday morning.

My first thought was My God, it could have ruined my dinner preparation if we had been home.

it good fortune that we were in DC Partying and missed the NYC black however, we would have survived even if the failure had lasted longer because I have an Emergency Survival Plan and Kit for just such a catastrophe.

In the interest of helping others avoid suffering through an emergency, I will share with you my Personal Survival Kit.

At least two cases of wine. One red and one white. The reason for both types of wine is to be able to pair nicely with the variety of canned foods mentioned next.
You may not be able to chill the white so be prepared for room temperature white wine which will change the taste and crispness but remember you are in an emergency situation.
I recommend middle-of-the-spectrum wines such as a Merlot and a Pinot Grigio.
Also, have a backup wine opener or select wines with twist-off caps.
2. A selection of canned foods such as Pate, salmon and tuna, chicken and ham. This are not recommended for everyday dining but in an emergency, you must have food.
Along with the canned food, have a selection of crackers to pair with whatever canned food you select. Go with water crackers and wheat thins and the versatile Ritz crackers.
3. Candles to some decent accent to the emergency meals you may have to endure.
Include some warming candles in your Emergency Kits. All types are available to match your dinnerware.
4. Battery powered radio so you may a little music to dinner.
5. Moist Towelettes are a must to have on hand in case of an emergency in order tor removing your makeup or even for a quick way to refresh your “private” areas. If the water supply is interrupted you must still remain as hygienically fresh as possible.
6. Plenty of Chocolate. How else are you going to get thru a crisis? In a severe emergency chocolate will also go with either red or white wine if you don’t have cognac.
7. Plenty of Batteries, especially if you have a battery powered Vibrator.
8. A digital camera other than the one on your cell phone. If you can’t recharge your phone you don’t what to miss a good picture of you surviving the fiasco.
9. Bottled water for rinsing the wine glasses. Even in an emergency you should not have to suffer through mixed wine tastes.
. Most of all, since you are now ready to survive the crisis, be sure to have a lover with you. I mean what’s the reason for all the preparing if you’re alone. And, without cable TV or the internet, you should still be able to have a little fun.

I hope you find these survival tips useful.

Why I Don’t Participate in PRIDE
Posted:Jun 30, 2019 11:30 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 6:38 pm
I received a message from a friend asking if I planned to march in the PRIDE parade on Sunday. I answered “No” and she ask me “Why not?”

Let me explain to everyone.

This is a LGBTQ Pride demonstration. I suspect hundreds, maybe thousands will be joining, marching to show their PRIDE in being LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANSEXUAL or QUEER and is fine with me. Really, taking pride in your sexual identity shows how open have become as a Society. Being able to show the world you’re Proud to be openly something other than “straight” is wonderful.

My situation is somewhat different.

I don’t consider myself LESBIAN because I not seeking a relationship with another woman.

I don’t consider myself GAY as term normally applies to a man seeking another man.

I don’t consider myself BISEXUAL since I’m not seeking sexual relations with both men and woman.

As I mentioned in an early post, I don’t think of myself as still in the TRANS phase of my life. I feel I have completed my journey, or TRANS anything, and am now in my new life and identity.

QUEER is just a catch-all term for anyone may not easily fit the other categories. In fact, the word QUEER in just a plain hurtful word originally described someone who was Stupid, Shady, Mentally Unbalanced or just Odd.

So, as you can see, I don’t consider myself a part of any of the subcultures. If I was to describe myself it would be Heterosexual.

I am a woman who is attached to men. I’m theoretically STRAIGHT.

You may wonder how is possible? I still have a Penis and Testicles in an otherwise feminine body.

To I say, I don’t use it for Sexual Intercourse so I’m not exhibiting a masculine characteristic. I don’t even masturbate with it. And, to use a description I often see, it’s non-functional!

So my Genitalia is external. So what? I have never had Sexual Intercourse with a man who cared. I still provided pleasure and he orgasmed.

I lead my life as a woman in every way. I’m just not LGBTQ anymore.

Trying to Define Myself
Posted:Jun 23, 2019 1:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2019 7:03 pm
Lately I have had a problem with being a Trans-anything. I don’t mean in a physical or emotional way. It just the prefix Trans.

To me, Trans signifies something in motion, progress or action. Just look at some of the ways Trans is used;


Just to list a few, there are many more actions with the prefix Trans of course.

Please note, in each place where Trans is used it indicates something is happening. What isn’t obvious is what occurred after the Trans whatever is complete..

For example, after a Transaction at a bank you go on about a separate action. You spend the you withdrew maybe but the Transaction part is complete.

When you order something from Amazon you get a Text it is in Transit. Next notice says Delivered so again the Transit part is complete.

Here’s where I have problem. A person who is called a Transsexual is implied as someone is in progress. What happens when process is over or complete?

In today’s world being a Trans anything is now meant to be someone who has assumed a different gender identity than the time of their birth. Someone who has Transitioned.

’s all fine during the process of Transitioning but what should it be called after the Transition is complete, when you’ve gone as far as you can or what.

Maybe we should be like package from Amazon. After being in Transit, we have been Delivered or have Arrived. Time to open the box and enjoy what you ordered. The Trans part is over. Time for the next phase.

This is where I am now. I have Transitioned physically, emotionally and mentally as far as I plan to go. So I don’t consider myself a Trans anything anymore.

But how to describe this in a short, brief meaningful word or phrase has me perplexed. To say “I have Arrived” is somewhat pompous. To call myself “Delivered” sounds too spiritual. I can’t say i’m “Complete” because would indicate I’ve had Sexual Reassignment Surgery, which i haven’t and don’t plan to.

So, how to I define myself in todays world loves acronyms and short clever terms? I’m not sure. I talked with my partner about this and he said I was a “Sexual Mixture” or “Gender Composite”.

Not sure I total like those terms but maybe I’ll work on them and come up with something better, more descriptive.

If anyone who reads this Blog Post has an idea, please let me know.

Is She a Slut or Sexy?
Posted:Jun 22, 2019 2:29 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2019 1:08 pm
I guess I get confused by the many ways the word “Slut” is used today. I see and hear it used in so many ways. Sometimes derogatory, sometimes complimentary, sometimes it means how a woman acts and sometimes it’s about how she dresses. So “Slut” can be used as a noun, a pronoun, verb, adjective or adverb.

Most often on here I take it as a compliment because I believe most men like a woman is dressed in Slut style. Of course, this usually doesn’t apply their wife or serious Girlfriend but they seem like at women they don’t know when they are wearing something revealing.
This gives men ideas of fantasies.

This brings me my question, Is She a Slut or Sexy?

Is it the way a woman acts in public that makes her a Slut? I’ve seen women being somewhat of a tease or very friendly in bar or club that some men may think is acting like a Slut. I may even be guilty of this in the past but I assure that my intention was just have a good time be Sexy and never was trying lure a guy into my bed. Especially a guy I just met in a bar. Some women are just enjoying to moment more than others.

Believe me, today’s women just don’t pick up strange men anymore. Guys go bars in hopes of getting laid are most often disappointed. There are the rare exceptions but this is the 21st Century and women are much more aware of the risks involved in having first meet sex with a stranger.

Is it the way a woman dresses? me, this never is cause be called a Slut. Because a woman dresses in a tight dress or a low cut dress she is not doing this propel men in a sexual frenzy. She is allowing people see more of her body because she is proud of it. Pride in a well toned body is not an evil act and not something to be shamed for.

This is just another case of men not understanding women at all. Just as men like to show off their bulging muscles, women like to show off their best asset also. However, men believe their own display is acceptable but a woman’s is Slutty.

BTW, women with more modest bodies often tend to disparage women showing their more developed bodies also. I guess this is partially defensive.

While on the question of Slutty vs. Sexy, allow me to tell you what has happened to me personally on several occasions. Some men at my Pictures or Videos and I get these comments from different men,

“You’re so sexy” or “I love your sexy ”

or this,

“I love your Slutty ” or “I like your Slutty style”.

picture, different ways it’s looked at. Is there such a fine between Sexy and Slutty that the words are interchangeable? I don’t know. I see a very significant difference.

But I will say this in my own case. I had sent years and a lot of have the body I now have. I’m proud of my body and do at times show it off. I don’t consider myself a Slut in a derogatory sense for this.

I would much rather be called Sexy than Slutty, unless when I want to be a Slut.

Posted:Jun 13, 2019 10:02 am
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2019 7:45 pm
I believe we would all agree Kissing makes us feel good all over. Of course I’m not talking about Kissing as in getting a peck on the check. I talking about two people, lips to lips, as a preliminary to sex.

Kissing has become so common no one thinks about the mechanics of Kissing. It is so natural we just do it without thinking of what happens or why.

Our lips are the most sensitive part of our body. Our lips are two hundred times more sensitive than our fingertips.

We tend to wear lipstick to soften and smooth our lips to give men a sexual sensation. We want to Kiss the man we desire and are willing to give our body to.

Kissing tells the Brain to start releasing certain bodily chemicals causes us to enter the zone of sexual arousal. Kissing begins the release of the Love/Pleasure compounds faster than any other human interaction.

Kissing sends silent signals to each person in the Kiss. If a man initiates the Kiss he is asking to have sex. When the female initiates the Kissing
she is signaling she wants to have sex.

This is an important part of Kissing, who initiates the Kissing.

I’ve found the best way to start Kissing, if I want sex with his man, is to gently place my hands on the sides of a man face, pull him slowly to me while looking deep into his eyes. As the lips meet, the eyes tend to close unconsciously. The Kissing starts very softly.

The first kiss does not need to include penetrating his lips with your tongue. You want to feel his reaction to the first Kiss before you begin tonguing him. If he slips his tongue in between your lips, he is telling you he is ready already.

But don’t allow the Kissing to stop and rip off your panties too soon. Each Kiss increases the flow of Passion chemicals to other part of your body. You must feel your temperature rise, your breathing getting quicker, your genital area starting to quiver.

In my experience, the more and the longer and the more often the Kissing, the more pleasurable the sex.

Even during sex I want to be Kissed. It keeps my juices flowing and my entire body feeling the Passion. This is why I’m not generally a fan of “Doggy Style” sex. There is no Face-to-Face intimacy involved.

I want to be able to inhale the scent of a man during sex, to watch his face as he builds toward orgasm, to drive my tongue into mouth and taste his Passion.

Surely, there are many forms of Foreplay, but to me Kissing is the most erotic and sensual of all. Love making, as opposed to just having sex, begins with Kissing.

More than a picture of a large cock, a man who tells me how he want to Kiss me is much more likely cue my interest.

Don’t ever underestimate the Power of Kissing.

The Fascination of Boobs
Posted:Jun 10, 2019 11:38 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2019 9:23 am
I spent part of Sunday trying to understand exactly why men are so Fascinated with female breasts. I’ve have had the notion men have a fondness for a woman’s breasts for a long time but only recently saw an article listing three reasons for this attraction.

Without listing them here I will just say the article was reaching too deep psychologically into the causes. I don’t think men think too deeply about why they like Boobs when they see a nice set. It is more of a visual impact than an analytical thought process.

I believe the most prominent aspect of the female body is her breasts. Women throughout history have attempted to display their breasts in the most flattering ways. They do this to attract men and it has always worked. Even today with so much nudity available on the internet and on television, men never tire of seeing tits,

I know some will argue with me but in my opinion, the larger the breasts the more they attract.

I don’t want to hear from men who tell me their wife has small breasts but they love her. It’s not about LOVE, it’s about sexual pleasure. Secretly, they probably wish she had a bigger set to play with.

I’ve talked to many Crossdressers and Transvestites about this subject and the most common thread is they want to have sex with men, either Oral or Anal, and believe Breast are necessary to attract men for sex, even if they just want to suck his cock. Even False Tits will work.

One very intriguing aspect of the Crossdresser world is if they desire to have sex with another Crossdresser, they will have some type of breasts on to present a more feminine figure to the other Crossdresser.

What I’m attempting to say is boobs are an integral part of sex in almost all cases. Maybe not so much for truly gay men but they are for the rest of us.

Quick side story to this. Once in Atlantic City my Boyfriend convinced me to enter a Poker contest. I never had been in a Poker contest before. I was asking him for advice on how to serious Poker and he said, “Just show some tit and you’ll do OK”. His theory was Poker players usually watch the other players face for clues on their strategy. If they are watching my boobs, they won’t be looking at my face.

Well, I lost anyway because I’m not a good Poker player but several men did offer to buy me a drink or maybe it was offering to buy my tits a drink.

Friday evening we stopped at a Blues club after dinner. The place was crowded so we had to stand by the bar. There was lots of talking amongst the patrons but I keep noticing the guys looking at my boobs, even while talking to us. It was obvious to both of us.

This always turns my Boyfriend on. He knows other men are watching me so he get playful in front of them to make them jealous and let them know he will be having me later. It’s a macho thing thing I guess.

I have come to the conclusion ’s it all about the tits.

I’m a fairly attractive Transexual so some have told me. I’m well educated and am a good conversationalist. I’m an interesting person. I’m a good cook and a good homemaker. None of matters.

I think I wasted my time and money going to collage. Instead, I just needed to grow a nice set of tits.

The Wine Party
Posted:Jun 2, 2019 11:40 am
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2019 3:49 pm
I was talked in to hosting a Wine Party for some friends last Saturday evening. To be honest, the only reason I was a little reluctant was because I had never hosted a Party where I was expected to teach others about wine. I’m not a wine expert. I just am someone who enjoys different wines and took the time to learn why I like them.

This was the same group of young women (plus one new one) I held a Cooking Party for awhile back where I showed them some very basic cooking techniques I have learned over the last few years. They are all in their early 20’s, single and similar in they never needed to know much about the kitchen besides where was the can opener.

Anyway, they have been to our place several times since we have been in NYC and always seemed to have a nice time. Having a Wine Party was their idea to learn a little about different wines and what foods they compliment. So it was a mix of both Wine Tasting and Wine Pairing at the most fundamental level.

Since I had never done anything like this before I felt free to do it my way and not in the traditional format the experts tell you you must follow. This was meant to be informal, casual and fun with a little advice learned from my own experience thrown in.

I picked a dozen wines ranging from light whites to the boldest red. Wines I was familiar with and are on my favorites list but vary widely in type and taste. None were above $40 a bottle keeping with my belief the world is blessed with an abundance of inexpensive wine looking for a good meal to accompany.

I didn’t prepare a meal for this party but I did make a variety of items to match as much of the different wines as necessary for the women to get a sense of why a certain food taste better with certain wines. I had shrimp, chicken and beef unflavored with sauce or spices.

I wanted them to discuss the wines as a group so they could get a feeling of how different people have different tastes. Some prefer slightly sweeter wines than some who like a dryer wine. Only a well stocked bar can offer each person their personal favorite. When hosting a small dinner or having a large party you should stay in the middle of the spectrum and never go too extreme.

All this went well for the first two or three hours but they eventually started getting slightly intoxicated which lead to less than meaningful comments. By the time we got to the reds, they were a really good mood but the wines had lost their individuality.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind this happening. It was a Party, not a lecture or class. We got together to have a good time which we did. If they don’t remember one thing about the wines, alright with me. We had a lot of fun and became closer as friends.

I must tell you, my boyfriend volunteered to be at the Party even though I had told him he didn’t have to be here and he had as much fun as the five of us but also was a tremendous help. He was the official wine opener and kept us with fresh glasses all evening. He even cleared the dishes from the table a few times. He even went with our guests down to the lobby when they called for a car to take them home. A wonderful helping Gentleman.

Later night he was as more passionate than he has been in awhile. I don’t know if being around just a group of young women or the wine brought out his vigor or both played a part in his aggressiveness. Maybe he was just being thankful to me.

I do know this, both of my most important needs were fulfilled Saturday night. I felt acceptance from these women who know I am Transsexual and biologically different. I also felt sexually satisfied by the man who loves me more than anyone.

The result was a truly wonderful evening for me and I am truly thankful.


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