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How old is too old?
Posted:Apr 5, 2021 4:42 am
Last Updated:May 2, 2021 1:29 am

I was a little taken back when one of my closest friends became a little judgemental about the age of a group of friends I meet up with occasionally for a little role fun. These guys are in their 60s and we normally behind closed doors but I have been out occasions with them as part of our role fun. I was a little surprised my friend was so shocked because like she is quite open when it comes sex too.

What are your thoughts, how old is too old for you when it comes to sexual partners?
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2 years
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30 plus years
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Posted:Apr 4, 2021 7:13 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2021 5:01 pm

It had been a while since I was allowed to see Tyrone or any of his friends although I still secrectly kept in touch messaging or talking to them and they were always wanting me to come over for a visit.

Hubby had forbidden me to ever see them again but despite his demands it was almost impossible not to bump into them especially at the local shops because of how close they were to where we lived. I think that's why I stayed in touch because it just isn't in my nature to shut people out like that and besides I wasn't the one who was upset at them because for me I actually really missed the sex.

I was recently on my way to my girlfriends place to head out for a meal so I stopped on the way to some beverages at the local shop. I was in the isle looking at what I wanted to get when I heard someone call out my name and when I turned around I saw these two very tall, muscular and physically intimidating looking dark skinned men standing behind me. It was two of Tyrones friends and the last time I saw these guys I was kneeling on the floor at the end of a bed and bound to the bed end in Tyrones room being gang fucked them and a heap of their friends. I was left there tied to the bed and used all of them throughout the entire night and when they had finally finished with me I was absolutely shattered and had been torn to pieces every one of them over and over!

I couldn't remember their names and was too embarrassed to ask because they seemed to know me very well. They were very friendly and followed me out to the car where we kept chatting and they obviously weren't aware I had been banned from seeing them because they kept asking if I could come to catch up with everyone. I wanted to but felt it would be wrong if I did although to me these guys were super sexy and just talking to them was getting me excited. They kept saying everyone would be there and would love to see me and deep down I did want to go but had already promised my girlfriend we would go out so I told them I might come later.

My girlfriend and I went out and had a meal followed a few drinks and the whole time I was getting a heap of messages from Tyrone and his friends asking me to drop so those guys I bumped into obviously told everyone about seeing me. I really did want to drop but if hubby found out I would be in so much trouble! I came up with an excuse for my girlfriend to leave early and headed straight for Tyrones place and I was super excited about seeing him again especially after reading all the messages he sent me because it sounded like he really missing me too. I sat in my car outside his house for a long time before I mustered up the courage to go in and even then I was still thinking of running away when I was walking down the long driveway from the street. The front yard and street was packed with vehicles and from the music blaring there was definitely something going on! I was at the front door checking how I looked one last time and instead of just walking in I messaged Tyrone to let him know I was at the front door and to my surprise several minutes later he was at the door welcoming me inside.

All his friends were there, some girlfriends and others and everyone was having a really great time which was something I really missed with these guys. I had only intended to stay for a little while and be back home before hubby became suspicious but once the drinks started to flow and things were mixed I totally lost track of time and once again I fell back into my old habits which only strengthened my reputation of being a slut and I became the focus of conversation. I didn't realise just how popular I was with his friends because they were really glad to see me again and couldn't keep their hands off my body.

At first everyone was just friendly and flirting with me as men usually do but then slowly the flirting became a little more seriously directed by the majority of the men and before I knew what was going on I was well on my way to becoming the party slut! Yes, I was a little drunk and yes, I had been my usual self flirting and yes, I wasn't rejecting any of the suggestions or blatant groping they were doing but I didn't go there for sex although in the back of my mind I knew it was a definite possibility. There were several guys there that I was quite attracted too and as the atmosphere of the night slowly shifted from being just friendly and flirting to becoming more sexual I started seriously considering hooking up with these guys. I didn't want to be doing any of that bondage stuff these guys were right into but I would have definitely be saying yes to some good hard straight sex!

The guy I was really into was this very tall well built slim man who was a lot quieter than the others like a mystery man. A deep thinker who didn't say much but did as he wanted. I was definitely drawn to him and he made me feel safe with his hot body and amazing smile towering over me. Despite all that was going on around us in the we were kind of drawn to each other and we did kiss and I did let him fondle my body quite a lot in front of the others. I sat on his lap most of the time kissing and when we did kiss his hands were all over my breasts and inbetween my legs teasing my pussy but it was only him I let do these things to me. I didn't care amongst these guys I was flagrantly displaying myself in front of others as this guy took advantage of my care free state of mind. I didn't mind that he pulled my dress partially down to expose my breasts and offered me to other guys to fondle them and lick my nipples. I loved the attention, I loved the arousal and I loved being a cock teasing sexual extrovert for these guys and amazingly enough I didn't end up having sex with anyone there but I think that's because Tyrone wouldn't allow it.

I was about to leave to go back home but I had drunk way too much and thought I had better not drive so ended up getting a lift with a few of Tyrones friends who were on their way out anyway. These guys were just guys who I could either take them or leave them but because I was drunk I was still being a big flirt. There were six of us squashed into this tiny car and I ended up in the middle of the back seat sitting on this guys lap.

I had been drinking, I was now seriously horny and I had definitely been sexually flirtatious all night with these guys and others so it didn't surprise me the second I was in the car I was being groped in the back seat all the way to my place. I was in the car with five young horny men who all knew how big a slut I can be and they knew when I'm drunk and horny I will fuck almost anyone! At first I was playfully pushing their hands away when they kept grabbing at my boobs but because I couldn't go anywhere and all three guys in the back seat where groping me it was only a matter of minutes before their hands were down the top of my dress and they had their hands all over my boobs stimulating my nipples into a hard sensative state. I instantly started to really enjoy what they were doing and just let it happen. Their hands just as quickly found their way up my dress too and in minutes their probing fingers were all over and inside my pussy. I was really enjoying this and just spread my legs and relaxed leaning back into the guy whose lap I was sitting on. The whole minutes or so it took to drive back to my place these guys were all over me making me feel as horny as hell and the time we arrived in my drive way my pussy was saturated and they still weren't finished with me yet!

When we stopped in my driveway I tried to get out but they kept pulling me back into the car and slipping their fingers inside my pussy which felt absolutely amazing and I simply couldn't resist because of how good it felt. I quickly ended up sitting in the back seat with the top half of my dress pulled down to my waist with my legs spread wide watching these five guys all positioned around me in the car finger my pussy altogether. I had all these fingers stuffed in my pussy stretching my pussy in all directions and I had to kept asking them to please just do it one at a time but of course they didn't listen to me and just kept telling me to shut up! Even being as rough as they were it still felt incredibly good or maybe the roughness was why I was enjoying it so much! I was slumped down in the middle of the back seat, with my legs spread as wide as I could spread them with my knees against the back of the front seats looking down at my pussy and watching these guys taking turns plunging half their hands inside my pussy. I watched them take turns to slide all four fingers and the thumb inside my wet sloppy mess right up to their wrists and keep trying to go even further. The interior light was on because the doors were open and I could see my saturated pussy glisten in the light and all this was happening in the driveway right outside of my lounge room and I knew hubby was in the there because I could see the lights were on and I could hear the TV. All he had to do was open the front door and he would have been able to easily see everything that was going on inside the car! I think it may have also being the thought of taking such a of easily getting caught whilst having sex with these guys I knew I shouldn't be with, was making me so hot for them to keep doing what they were doing. I was so worked up I was panting from the sexual excitement and these guys liked to make it rough which made the whole thing feel even more intense.

I knew that they had no respect for me at all and to them I was just another slut willing to give them my body for free because of the size of their cocks. They didn't care if hubby came out and the way they handled me it was easy to work out they cared even less about me. I was scared shitless of getting caught by hubby with these guys and after many attempts I finally managed to get out of the car but it didn't stop there. Every time I told them to stop because I had to get inside they would just start talking loudly so I would have to let them do what they wanted with me. I was at my front door now trying to get the key into the slot to open the front door and it was hard enough to do being so drunk but with five guys all over me trying to drag me back to the car made it impossible! My dress was hanging off my shoulder because the strap had been snapped so my breasts were just bouncing around loose under the material and half exposed. I was pinned up against the wall right next to my front door with my back against the wall trying to be as quiet as I could with my legs spread and these five guys all finger my pussy as hard as they could, one after another, without giving me a seconds break and as they each had their turns they would come in close to me and say horrible things to me in a really aggressively mean tone and the most common thing they kept saying was they weren't letting me go until they decided they have had enough!

They then held me up my legs with one guy either side of me, my back against the wall with the other three taking turns to shove their hands as far inside my pussy as they could and be as rough as they could whilst doing it. I couldn't breathe because all I could do was pant and every time they slapped my swollen super sensative swollen clitoris which felt more like a punch it made me want to scream out but I had to grit my teeth and hold it in so hubby wouldn't hear.

I could still hear the TV going and I could even hear hubby moving about and I was just so glad he obviously couldn't hear us outside. I was finally let down and then they insisted on wanting to come inside to fuck me and I really started to freak out! I told them no and because they now knew I didn't want hubby to know I was with those guys they took advantage of that and threatened to make heaps of noise again. I didn't want them to fuck me right outside my own front door but these guys were bastards and insisted on doing it right there. Luckily the front light hadn't been left on so no one would probably see us from the street but there was still always that chance someone could walk by along the path that was only meters away. I begged and pleaded for them to fuck me somewhere else instead and promised they could do whatever they wanted with me. It took me a lot to convince them to do this but they finally agreed to take me to a nearby park. This park was a two minute drive away and the parking area was reasonably dark and private. I was excited but also annoyed at myself for being so foolish and trusting of these guys especially after already knowing what they are like with women like myself.

As soon as we stopped in a corner of the off street car park I was taken out of the car and promptly sat on the bonnet. One of the guys started to kiss me and I undid his pants and in seconds I had his beautiful big black cock in my hand. I started to stroke his cock while he kept kissing me and in no time at all it was fully erect. This enormous black throbbing muscle in my hand feeling so warm and hard squashed between our bodies as I stroked the full length from tip to base. He took me off the bonnet and turned me around bending me over the bonnet and lifting my dress up over my waist to expose my very ready wet pussy between my widely spread legs just waiting for his cock to enter me from behind. I felt him place his hand on my ass then I felt his enormous cock pressed against my pussy then I could feel it spread my pussy apart and fill my body inside. I knew that they all had large cocks but this guys cock was on a level all on its own. Without any exaggeration it was as big as a cock and as he slipped it further inside me working the full length and massive girth into my pussy stretching it past its natural expansion I could do nothing more than flail about on the bonnet. I couldn't even scream because I was just in way too much pain and I just held my breath and winced as he held me tightly the hips and pushed this thing inside my body splitting my pussy into two halves!

He finally worked this thing fully inside me and started to fuck me hard and to the amusement of the others watching I screamed out with every hard thrust of his massive cock feeling like I was being fucked an elephants cock with a sharp tip because the pain I felt deep inside my body was simply excruciatingly mind numbing. He fucked me bent over the bonnet for a long time without cumming until some of the others became impatient and wanted to fuck me too. They kept me bent over the bonnet of the car swapping with each other because now they were running late for where they needed to be and just wanted to fuck me, cum and then leave. The first guy had stretched my pussy so much I honestly couldn't even feel the other guys inside me and they themselves were quite large. Each and every one of them cum deep inside my pussy and were proud of their efforts to leave me barely able to stand when the last one finally cum. I had cum trickling down my legs and when I stood up it just poured out of me like a flowing river and I had to use my dress to wipe myself.

I assumed they would give me a lift back home but those bastards said they were running really late and left me there to make the ten minute walk back to my place myself. That wasn't the first time that had happened to me so I almost expected it and when I did finally make it home and snuck into the bathroom to shower all I could think about was how much I will be dreading going back the next day to collect my car and of course, as usual, the overwhelming guilt got to me and I told hubby what I did the next day.
Emily's Touch...
Posted:Apr 2, 2021 2:49 pm
Last Updated:May 31, 2021 1:10 am
Emily and myself had been out all afternoon catching up with friends and drinking and ended up at a bar with hubby and two of his work friends that evening.

The drinking continued and hubby, myself, his two friends and Emily were just having a really great fun night together with a lot of laughs and just enjoying each other's company. I was super drunk and as always was flirting with almost every male at the bar and Emily! We had been intimate before on many occasions together but mainly with Tyrone and his friends but tonight it felt a little different between us. Hubby was more interested in drinking with his friends than spending time with me but he knows what I'm like and normally just lets me roam freely whenever we're out together then if I haven't hooked up with some guy collects me at the end of the night to take me home.

Hubbys friends were quite cute looking and very young, probably only around nineteen or twenty and they both still had that sweet innocent look on their faces and still totally respected women. My attention drifted from one male to another at the bar until I finally did a full circle back to hubbys work friends. Hubby has always told me his work friends are strictly off limits but these two looked so sweet and corruptible and both Emily and myself were having so much fun teasing them with our bodies. We couldn't stop laughing at how nervous they both seemed when we flirted with them and whenever we did hubby would just glare at me. Later that night myself, Emily and hubby ended up at a party of his two work friends and the men were all very young, very hot looking and totally off limits because most of these guys were hubbys work friends but they were all so very cute! The entire time we were there hubby kept warning me to behave myself and stop behaving like such a slut! To me I was just being myself and it was obvious so many of these guys wanted to have sex with both me and Emily and it was only because I was behaving myself that they weren't all already the both of us in some room somewhere.

I was just wearing this casual waist flared mid length dress which for me was very boring and tame and Emily wearing something similar so it wasn't my fault all these guys were trying to get us into one of the rooms for sex. They were all way hornier than the usual male but I think it was my free spirited behaviour that was the real attraction and also maybe because Emily and I were being so physical with each other declaring we had been together many times before. There were five or six guys all really pressuring me and Emily for sex and desperately trying to convince us to go with them into one of the bedrooms and slowly as we talked together, drank and flirted the suggestion grew and became the main topic and in my mind, deep down, I desperately wanted too but kept reluctantly refusing. I knew Emily would be into it because she was practically these guys already in the hallway leading to the bedrooms where we had been for quite a while saying no, no, no but only because the thought of being punished hubby if I did kept playing in my mind and hubby and I were still in an unsettled space together because of other things I had done. We were right next to the bedroom door, Emily, myself and these now seven guys who had all been wanting to fuck us the whole night. They swore they didn't work with hubby and claimed they were just friends of the host and they seemed so trustworthy and genuine in there claim so I started to believe them.

These guys were so horny they were almost jerking off right in front of us as the fun flirting between us had become more like serious convincing. They had me and Emily right outside the door of this bedroom wanting to take us in with promises they only wanted get away from the loud music to talk but I knew exactly what would happen if I went in there! The sexual energy between us was incredibly intense because I was as horny as hell and practically dripping because I wanted sex so much and Emily being the slut she is was all for it! These guys looked innocent but still very hands on especially with Emily and kept sliding their hands all over our bodies when we talked and kept kissing the both of us and fondling my pussy through the material of my dress when they did making it impossible for me to stop them because it felt so incredibly good. They then had both me and Emily up against the wall with hands all over us and I just stood there and let them. I didn't want them to stop and stood with my back against the wall and had my legs spread with hands now under my dress touching my pussy while I was being kissed. I couldn't stop smiling and immensely enjoyed every second because I felt safe where we were not to be seen. I started to let go and let them put their hands down my top to fondle my breasts and had fingers inside my pussy. I simply started to melt away and my pussy had become so saturated my scent was all over their fingers. They did this for a long time with the both of us and the whole time I could feel the hardness of all their cocks pressed against my body. I was definitely and wontingly behaving like a complete slut now and just letting them do what they wanted simply because I didn't want them to stop.

I was already convinced to go in and with Emily wanting to go in too I felt I really didn't have a choice. I told these guys I didn't want to do anything and they promised but the second the door closed Emily was already kissing one of them and letting another two feel her pussy. One guy came up to me and started kissing me too and I could instantly feel my resolve to try to be good almost instantly vanish. I kissed him back then fell onto the bed between two other guys and started kissing one of them then the other. Their hands instantly found there way up my dress again and together they started to finger fuck my pussy. It felt so good being a slut with these two hot looking guys with their hard perfect bodies pressed against mine, passionately kissing and feeling them explore my entire body with their finger tips. This wasn't just , these guys were almost making love to me in the most soft caring way I haven't experienced for a long time. Emily was at the end of the bed sitting on the edge giving two of the guys a blowjob with the other three standing there watching in a state of shocked disbelief. With my dress swiftly removed I found myself on my back with one guy between my legs licking my pussy with others fondling my breasts and engulfing my nipples in their mouths. The sex felt amazing because these guys were being so considerate and gentle like they cared for me which is something I'm just not used to anymore. It felt like I was dreaming with my eyes open feeling the warmth of their hard muscular bodies ontop of mine. I soley concentrated on them kissing me as each one took their turn. They were now taking turns to have sex with both Emily and myself together because Emily had come to me to enjoy my body too. She will have sex with men but definitely enjoys women and that night she was definitely enjoying my body to its fullest with the men in the room enjoying both our bodies together.

I was lying ontop of Emily kissing her soft lips. I could feel my breasts drapped over hers, the softness of her skin tickling the sensativity of my nipples as they moved over her warm supple skin. The cum over our breasts helping them slide effortlessly over each other in this tantalising erotic sensation and with her hand also placed between my legs with her fingers upon my clitoris gently flickering from one side to the other made the whole thing feel like heaven. I could feel the hardness of the cock inside my pussy ready to explode as its long length and large girth was slowly pushing deeper inside me from behind. My legs started to shake as the tempo of the sex increased, the heavy breathing of the male on top in my ear, his sweaty body sliding over mine and feeling his cock sliding in and out of my pussy with the touch of Emily's fingers guiding it was almost to much for me. Her hand deliberately being rubbed against my clitoris while I was being gently fucked from behind felt amazing! I was sandwiched between their bodies, feeling the gentle smooth calm of Emily beneath me with the frantic strained uncontrolled thrusting of the guy on top, his body stiff and contorted as he desperately tried not to cum but with my thrusting hips involuntarily pushing back against his deep thrusts in fits of uncontrolled sexual spasms I think it was just too much for him. I felt his whole body stiffen, then violently shake as he yelled in my ear with this deafening howl of "Fuck yeah!" then I felt him thrust his cock deeply into my pussy and held his hips pressed hard against my ass and I knew at that moment he was filling my pussy with his hot lustful cum. I slipped my hand down between our bodies and felt his cock still pulsating inside me and gripped the girth of his cock so as he pulled out I drew every drop of his cum from his cock to rub over my sloshy wet pussy.

I knelt up spread leg over Emily's body and pulled myself up along her body with my arms sliding my cum dripping pussy over the length of her body leaving a trail of warm cum from her pussy to her face. I straddled her face as she pulled me into position pulling on my nipples with her fingers squeezing them tightly. Another guy behind me straddled in front of Emily's pussy with his cock in his hand guiding it inside her, her legs spread wide with a few of the others standing on the bed around us jerking off to cum over the both of us with me looking into Emily's eyes expressing emotional passion and I positioned my pussy over her mouth and watched her lick and swallow the cum dripping from my overflowing pussy. I was then distracted one of the guys jerking off as he started to spray cum all over my face and breasts with some of it splattering over Emily's face too then moments later a second and third guy did the same.

The mood of deep sexual bliss between us was broken when the door of the room swung open and a rowdy crowd of drunk stormed in totally ruining the magical momentum of the sex and in an instant bright lights were turned on with a heap of uninvited males yelling and screaming out as they kept pouring into the room. Both Emily and myself quickly grabbed our clothes and hid in the ensuite behind the locked door denying anything had happened!!!

These guys were behaving so immaturely with the way they were carrying on banging on the door and trying to break through. In a massive panick Emily and I hurriedly put our dresses back on and fixed ourselves up and the whole time completely denying anything happened and we stayed in there until hubby came to get us. We said Emily wasn't feeling well and that's why we were in there and swore we weren't doing anything. I walked out with Emily feeling a little scared of hubby because by the smirks on the guys faces and the guilt he must have seen in our eyes hubby would have known something was going on but what I was most afraid of was the unopened protection that no one had yet noticed still sitting on the side drawers.

Hubby interrogated me for weeks about that night and despite the mounting evidence, rumours and collective stories from the boys who had sex with us that night Emily and I still feverishly anything happened in that room until I felt it was safe to tell hubby the truth.
Stretched Sloppiness...
Posted:Apr 1, 2021 3:18 am
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2021 2:10 am

The firm grip of hands my inner thighs pulling my legs apart, fingers slipping deep into my pussy, hands down my top fondling my breasts, fingers squeezing my erect nipples and with hubby sitting right outside completely oblivious to what I was doing simply made my pussy drip!

I can't believe how lucky I am to have a husband who actually wants be a slut! A husband who encourages his wife behave like a complete and is super proud of it! A husband who continues love the promiscuous nature of my personality although I still don't understand why he would want behave like this because I don't think many other men would approve of their wives doing what I was doing in that moment.

These men had been after me for months and now they finally had me getting what they wanted. Hubby was the one who encouraged me drink that night and mix things, he was the one who wanted dress provocatively and he was the one who kept teasing the point of losing control.

I hadn't seen hubby for almost two months and I expected him want have himself his first night back but instead he organised a drinks night with every sexually deviate friend he knew. That told hubby prefered drink with his friends rather than spend time with me and that made me upset! Hubby had forbidden me do anything with anyone until he returned which was really hard for because so many men knew hubby was away and kept contacting me wanting hook ! He even locked my sex toys away before he left and kept a close eye every night with the security system we had installed and questioned everything I did and if I did go out making tell him every detail then he would check that I was telling the truth.

I think hubby was still a little upset at about Tyrone and his friends and was punishing for being so disrespectfully disloyal but I absolutely behaved try and redeem myself and unless I specifically had his permission hubby had forbidden have any sex with anyone
while he was away and was making certain I didn't! He would taunt as he listened beg for his forgiveness and make promises of letting hook with some guy then call me an hour before I was meet them and tell me cancel. He would make go a park and show my pussy random men or make me wear a revealing top and parade myself some place public. Several times I was told to meet with guys I found online and hubby would tell let them finger my pussy and send pictures of them doing it but that was I was allowed do!

After enduring two months of an incredibly fustrating period of sexual deprivation I had now been let loose with his friends and was loving the compliments I was getting how amazingly sexy I looked. I wore a red cami top with loop buttons down the front and because it was a little small my breasts were bulging out of it and stretching the top at the front leaving big gaps for everyone to see straight through at my supple breasts. I also wore my slutty denim shorts that are more like a thong with black stockings and black high heels. Like most of these nights I was one of only a few available females there and all of hubbys friends knew I was off limits so most of them stayed clear of in front of hubby although behind his back they had been trying their hardest fuck while he was away.

Normally men would treat me like a , feeling my ass, groping my breasts or touching my pussy as often as they pleased and nothing would be said and most times I would just smile and enjoy what they did but sometimes some guys were just real pigs! While they drank and behaved like complete animals I would be subjected to some disgusting behaviour and things would happen but it was what I was there for and hubby loved it but tonight it seemed they were almost scared of me.

Hubby became really drunk and I did feel a little disappointed he didn't want to fuck me! I was sitting on the couch opposite hubby next to a guy who I think was a friend of Matthew. Like most of Matthew's friends he was around late thirties or early forties, had a beard, looked a little unkempt, was noticeably overweight and like most men I knew he was more than eager to . I already had his attention and I started getting really angry at hubby and thought if all he wants do is get drunk then I may as well fuck someone else! As I sat next this guy the couch having my drink I knew he and his friends would fuck because they did the whole time was look at my breasts and yes I was definitely flirting like a slut!

I was so horny and every time he touched me my whole body would quiver and I could physically feel my pussy becoming moist. Hubby was looking at me and giving me gestures to come with him outside but I was comfortable and didn't want to move, then he became annoyed at me for refusing, stood and walked off. I just kept drinking and almost as soon as hubby walked out the room the guys in the room started making some really suggestive remarks. This continued for a while as I kept flirting with them and encouraging their sneaky behaviour behind hubbys back and every time hubby came back into the room I would stop behaving like a slut and they would kind of ignore me again. It became almost like a game and I knew hubby wanted to catch me out but I made sure he didn't.

Hubby hadn't given me any permission to do anything with anyone because I think he was still upset at me and was continuing his mind games. Each time hubby left to go outside into the patio area the men in the room with me became more and more brazen taking advantage of my seriously horny mood and lack of self control from the alchohol. There were around ten guys or so inside with me and probably about twenty or so outside with the other girls and hubby but I already knew the men inside with me weren't there with any honourable intentions to look after me and protect me. I kept behaving like I wanted sex but I was too scared of getting caught out by hubby and I had teased these guys to the point where they couldn't control themselves!

I only really kind of knew two of the guys there and the rest were just random strangers I had never met before but according to them they knew of me very well through friends of friends telling them about things I have done. Once again my reputation was following me and men were judging me solely on my reputation expecting I would behave the same which I normally would except tonight was a little different. As I continued to flirt and tease mainly to spite hubby the mood of the men in the room started to become one of expectation. It seemed to be expected that I was going to let all of them fuck me but I was only really interested in doing anything with two of them but looking back I can fully understand why they thought I was wanting to be gangfucked. I was dancing with them in the room to the music playing outside in the most provocative way grinding my pussy and ass up against their bodies and laughing and giggling and behaving like a shy silly school girl when they touched my body. I would slowly dance from one to another letting them touch and grope my body and some kissed me too.

Hubby was so drunk now he couldn't even speak properly and when he came back into the room he just slumped on the couch and stared into space in my direction watching me slowly become the party slut for all the boys right in front of him! I kept looking over at him whenever some guy groped my pussy but he didn't say anything probably because he was so drunk but I could tell he liked it. The men in the room were all over me now because they knew hubby wasn't going to do anything so right in front of him guys were rubbing my pussy and getting me seriously worked up as we kind of danced together. I couldn't stop myself from enjoying what they were doing to me and became really wet with their fingers slipping through the holes that were now in my stockings and deep inside my saturated pussy. Guys were all around me with their hands all over my body and then I was moved to the couch opposite hubby. I sat on the couch with my legs spread wide loving every second of being groped by this group of horny excited men. My top was removed and I did nothing to stop them, my denim shorts were removed and I still did nothing, then my stocking were ripped from my body and I almost climaxed from the rush of all their fingers trying to fill my pussy all at once. They stretched my unbelievably wet sloppy pussy in all directions and all I wanted to do was spread my legs even wider for them but I couldn't stop my extremely loud moaning of sexual satisfaction at what they were doing. Hubby was only two meters away and could clearly see everyone mauling my naked body and when one guy started to lick my pussy I just couldn't help myself anymore and screamed out as I gushed all over his face making my pussy instantly super sensative!

I suddenly became acutely aware of how wrong it was doing what I was doing with hubby the way he was and I
knelt on the floor infront of him to make sure he was okay. He mumbled a yes and gave me a little smile then I kissed him and told him I loved him. The whole time I was doing this the men behind me were trying to fist fuck my pussy while I was drapped over hubby hugging him. My mouth was right next to his ear and the whole time I was being fist fucked from behind my heavy breathing and screams would have echoed through hubbys mind. Still on my knees I went down and started to give hubby a blowjob and with my ass poised high in the air, my legs spread wide and my pussy gaping the temptation was just too much for me not to beg for someone to fuck my pussy!

Hubby started to come alive again and was holding my head by my hair forcing my mouth deep down over his cock as he watched these random men behind me swapping with each other to fuck my pussy from behind. I just couldn't stop myself from gushing, screaming out and pushing back against their cocks to try and have them deeper inside my pussy. I'm not going to lie and tell you I wasn't enjoying this because every cock inside my steaming hot pussy felt fucking AWESOME!!! Time seemed endless to me and without realising I had attracted an audience of hubbys friends who were outside also wanting to join in the fun and play. Some guys fucked me bareback and others used protection but they all fucked me right in front of hubby with some of them taunting him saying thanks for supplying the slut as they fucked my pussy and ass!

I kept looking up at hubby when he looked down at me blissfully watching me sucking his cock and I kept wondering what was going through his mind? Not that I have ever complained but what did he enjoy about watching other men have sex with his wife? Why did he put up with the immense humiliation of his friends taunting him? Was his pleasure of watching me fuck other men really a pleasure or just an addiction? All these weird thoughts and questions kept popping in my head as I was being used by all these men right in front of hubby. I was having a great time being used again and I couldn't stop smiling as I was fucked by one guy after another but I think hubby wasn't feeling well enough to be able to fully appreciate what I was doing for him. The taste of some of the mens cum was really tangy and the scent really overpowering with many of them insisting on making me swallow their cocks seconds before they cum.

I dressed like a that night, I behaved like a and I was certainly treated like one too! Hubby couldn't remember a thing about it the next day which was probably good because of how much I enjoyed the sex and the things I let them do to me but I am sure over time he will hear about it.
Slices of Shadow...
Posted:Feb 28, 2021 12:57 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2021 7:25 pm
I don't know what it was about Tyrone but we had definitely formed some kind of bond. Maybe it was because he treated me like dirt, or maybe it was because he was such good sex, or maybe it was because what he did felt so sinfully stimulating but whatever it was I found myself being drawn to him and unable to say no to anything he wanted of me.

I very quickly felt I had become a sex slave to him and his friends which did place a strain on the friendship between Emily and myself because she was his on off partner but I had now in part replaced her. Hubby and I were going through a very difficult time and looking back I was being very disrespectful to him in so many different ways. I was drifting toward Tyrone and I think hubby knew that which only complicated things creating jealousy. I was emotionally confused, feeling like I was lost and going through a transformation and I was feeling more and more comfortable being folded into the more extreme domination of Tyrone and his expanded of friends.

I started to deliberately lie to hubby and within months he became more and more like a cuckold almost begging for my attention rather than being my master as I had previously viewed him. Hubby and I still had fun together and played our sex games but Tyrone and his friends were now definitely the dominant masters of my mind and I was quickly transcending into a situation where I was being used as a sex puppet by all who knew me. Hubby, Tyrone and Emily were all using me for their own purposes to gain absolute control and It happened quickly. Hubby was definitely feeling more and more insecure in our relationship as my bond grew with Tyrone to the point where I would often stay at Tyrones for the night ignoring hubby to come home. Quite often both Emily and myself would be used by Tyrones friends together for their entertainment but the more often this happened the more I came to enjoy it.

Between Emily and myself I was by far the more submissive in my role as a sex slave and when I was at Tyrones place I would often be taken into the bedroom by any male that happen to be there for sex or just as often men would have sex with me in front of the others and not because they liked me but just because I was available for sex with anyone who wanted to fuck me and quite often men would stop by just to fuck me then leave again and go home to their partners. Emily controlled me to stay close to Tyrone and in a few short months hubby had decended into an abyss of despair as I found myself turning to Tyrone to act as my guardian. This only pushed me further and further away from hubby which formed a much closer connection to Tyrone although the wedge between us was certainly Emily who was just as desperate trying to hang onto Tyrone as hubby was trying to hang onto me and this one night was the catalyst that clearly showed the dynamics of our intertwined relationships.

I had been taken to a place by Tyrone and not many people knew hubby and I had temporarily seperated and were surprised to see me with Tyrone and his friends instead. I was wearing a black waist mini dress which did look amazingly sexy. I undid all the front buttons so my breasts were amply visible showing a large of my soft bouncy flesh right to my nipples and the material was this soft cotton that clung and showed the gorgeous shape of my hips and breasts then the dainty ankle boots along with my pussy stockings made my legs look so excitingly long and slender. I had my long blonde hair pulled to one side, my makeup perfectly applied with hot red lipstick and no one else there looked anywhere near as availably sexy. I looked like a sex doll which would have been torturing hubby who was also there lurking in the shadows with his friends. I could see hubby seething all night long especially when he saw Tyrone and his friends flagrantly displaying my body and offering me to others to touch and play which I often encouraged to deliberately antagonize hubby. I was angry at hubby because of something he did that he shouldn't have done and deep down I wanted to hurt him.

When I first arrived I was led through the dispersed groups being offered to men like a plate of food for anyone to snack from and introduced like someone was showing off a new car to make their friends jealous. I would stand there not saying a word and feeling both repulsed and excited as men touched my body running their hands over the shape of my ass and breasts and feeling the wetness of my pussy as they looked at me with an expression of sardisticall sexual hunger. Everyone there wanted to fuck me and I was being promised to more and more men until there were no more men left to promise me too. Emily clung close to me and was always by my side like she was my partner with her hands all over me touching and caressing my body as if she was the one who owned me for that night and not Tyrone. I could easily sense the distinct shift in her attitude toward Tyrone from one of admiration and love toward an outwardly displayed sense of jealousy and bitter resentment. She was even glaring at the men who would fondle my body as I moved past like she was my protector. She stayed very close to me constantly touching and guiding me past some very horrible rude men. I liked it and it felt nice when she brushed her hand over my breasts to caress and adjust my dress after being groped by men.

I really was starting to want to be with Emily now and not just for sex to entertain Tyrone and his friends but because I was starting to feel a bond with her that was much deeper than being just friends. In a way and I think maybe because we were both in similar situations she had become my best friend, my protector and in many ways a companion. I was beginning to be pressured for sex by quite a few men at this function and as I desperately tried not to show my disgust at the obnoxious mannerisms of most of them I still couldn't stop myself from actually being sexually aroused as I provocatively displayed myself and seduced every male there and the more I did the more protective Emily became and the more sexually seductive I was with others the more insanely jealous hubby became too.

It happened so naturally when Tyrone and his friends started to have sex with me in the main area where everyone was congregated. I was standing there talking to some guys with Emily by my side when Dwain came up from behind and put his massively over developed muscular arms around my petite body making me look like a dwarf compared to his bulk. His deep powerful voice telling me how horny he was and wanted me to suck his cock then right in front of these guys he slipped his hand between my legs and started to slip his long thick fingers deep inside my pussy. It makes me feel so dirty when men do things like this to me and I instantly started to moisten feeling him work his fingers deeper and deeper inside me. He held me very tightly almost crushing me with both arms pressed hard against my body and pinning me against his with no option but to let him do as he wished. His other hand slipped between the opening in my dress firmly massaging my breasts as he told me what a dirty little slut I am and how much he was going to enjoy watching me being fucked by everyone there and I wish I didn't but I couldn't stop my pussy juices flowing because deep down I did want to be his ! I wanted to be fucked by every male there and I wanted them to force me to do things I didn't want to do and I wanted to be controlled. I just looked at these guys staring at me and could see them licking their lips as they fixated on Dwain turning me into an available slut for all to use. He made me kneel before him to suck his obscenely huge cock in front of everyone whilst he gave a running commentary on how good I was at giving him his blowjob. He offered my mouth to several random guys as they too had enormously large cocks making me swallow each one of them deeply until I would gag and spew. Other men gathered to watch cheering and clapping as I was humiliated in front of them and made to suck even more cocks. I had developed a lasting reputation for giving divinely excellent blowjobs and I did love the compliments.

I kept looking over at hubby who was watching me with this vile expression as I showed him how much I was enjoying giving these men a blowjob and readily drank their cum when they unloaded it into my mouth not wasting a single drop. Even after they had cum I squeezed my hand along the shaft of their cocks to drain those last few droplets and licked the cum off the head of their cocks with absolute glee just to show hubby how much I loved it.

I could see the absolute pleasure I gave these men from the contorted expressions of deep satisfaction as I teased and manipulated their cocks with my tongue, mouth and throat bringing them right to the brink of release then building on that so when they cum they cum so very hard shooting their abundant hot runny cum all over my face, my breasts and in my mouth as I joyfully recieved their of appreciation. I knelt on the floor surrounded cocks with my breasts out of my dress being offered to men Dwain and his friends. I took their cocks in my hands to gently manipulated them to hardness and craddled their swollen hard balls in the cup of my hands feeling the weight of their balls so full of cum and feeling the eagerness for these men to shoot their cum all over my body from the hard throbbing of their cocks. There were even a of guys who couldn't control themselves and shot cum all over my face as soon as I took hold of their cocks. I would just smile at them and say thankyou because to me that is a compliment when I know men think I'm so hot they cum almost instantly!

One guy slid between my spread legs as I knelt on the floor and started to lick my pussy from beneath and because he was drunk he kept biting my pussy which felt strangely erotic. He gripped my swollen clitoris between his teeth and bit down hard making me cry out in pain and kept biting hard then reached up to my breasts with his fingers locked tight onto my nipples twisting them hard until the pain went numb and the whole time I was being abused and slapped and told to keep sucking cock. I had guys standing either side of me huddled together in these two densely thick groups with their trousers undone and their cocks out shoving them in my face and I was shocked at how quickly things spiralled into this mass hysteria of men arguing about who's turn it was next! I saw hubby watching me become overwhelmed by men and despite the recent bitterness between us I could still see the absolute pleasure in his eyes as he watched me being used by this massive group. I saw Emily with Tyrone seducing him with her body but he seemed more interested in watching me being fucked by his friends and many other random men. I had been taken to the floor and mobbed by this countless crowd of men who were now definitely in a state of total mayhem. Some fucked me like they were in a hurry, others took their time and enjoyed making it hurt and many others pushed past other men to take their turn to fuck the party !

Again Tyrone and his friends deliberately created this mob mentality encouraging everyone to have sex with me. It was like they were going to make certain every guy there had fucked me at least once before they left and there were a huge of men there that night! Men were watching each other fuck me in so many different positions as they passed me around literally offering me to one another then passing me back and there were times when I would have had at least ten different cocks in my pussy in a matter of five minutes or so and it really did feel make me feel worthless! I am certain Tyrones friends deliberately did this as a way of using their control over me to to embarrass hubby some how and make him feel jealous he no longer controlled my body or my mind.

Things only became worse for me and even though I knew I had my safe word to use I dare not use it while Tyrones friends deliberately inflicted excruciating sexual pain upon my body as they too fucked me bragging that they were going to fuck me like the filthy slut I was should be fucked. I wasn't scared before and was actually enjoying the sex from the others but when Tyrones friends took me to the bedroom I was petrified. I was snatched from the men still waiting to fuck me and thrown over Warren's shoulders and carried there then thrown onto the bed like he was some kind of cave man then I was rushed by the others and with me kicking and screaming they subdued me into fearful submission as they forceably restrained me.

It was like they were taunting hubby and trying to provoke him to react by treating me the worse I had ever been treated by these men. I could see in hubbys eyes he wanted to have me too but didn't and stood by just watching me being torn apart by Tyrones friends. Hubby knew he couldn't intervene, he knew they wouldn't let him and he would have known they regarded him as a cuckold because of the way they taunted him by treating me the way they did right in front of him and it must have been as torturous for him to watch as it was for me to endure although I did wonder at times if that was the case from the expressions I could see on his face. I was restrained by a collar and lengthy chain to the bed head and put on display for the many to view as I was gangfucked by seven of Tyrones friends who took great pleasure in inflicting intense pain. I cried, I screamed and I begged but like a good submissive I never once used my safe word. I was left covered in bruising from the constant slapping and whipping, my nipples left bleeding, I felt sick from all the cum I was made to swallow and my eyes stung, my jaw ached, and my ass and pussy were so sore I could barely move properly and after the last guy had finished with me I was left chained to the bed for others to view, comment and judge. Displayed like a window ornament, shamed for being a slut and branded as open ownership for anyone to use.
Kitchen Slut...
Posted:Feb 24, 2021 4:39 am
Last Updated:May 7, 2021 12:43 am
I probably should have just agreed and said no too although I can't even recall why my girlfriend was so worried about it but I do remember her voice had become like white noise.

I was at her place and we were having a girls night in just having a few drinks in the gazebo area with a few other friends. We were behaving badly contacting guys we knew trying to convince them to drop in with some more booze and goodies and with a few promises made it didn't take a lot before our quiet little girls group swelled enormously and we had quite a number of guys dropping in. We were behaving like obnoxious bitches, drinking their booze and cock teasing these guys but not supplying our previously made promises. Shane and Stew arrived who have always been super keen on me and Andrew wanted to swing by too but my girlfriends said no because he can be an annoying sex crazed animal but he does have an enormous cock and is serously good at sex. We argued over this for a while and I eventually won because I would have felt mean excluding him. There was also Jay and his two friends that I had never met before plus a heap of other random guys and their friends that showed up who apparently my girlfriends knew.

We were having a fun night together just relaxing, enjoying a drink, mixing things and having a laugh and Andrew being the sleaze he is was constantly trying to get me upstairs into the bedroom. Every time I went into the downstairs kitchen which looked out onto the gazebo he would follow me and pester me for sex but I was having way too much fun with the girls to be dragged away and fucked by a robotic cock for hours on end so I would always make an excuse to get back to the group. We had originally planned to go out so us girls were looking sexy as ever and I did look quite sensational in my white high waist pleated dress. It was a very thin cloth cotton material that was partially see through and clung to my body showing the defined shape of my bra less breasts and highlighted my distinctly noticeable nipples and with the top buttons undone the dress gaped showing an ample amount of eye catching unsupported boob. It hugged my waist down to my ass then flared with the high hip cut showing the full length of my legs and the rest barely long enough to cover my pussy and ass.

Andrew was by far the horniest guy there and as always behaving like a crazed animal that has never seen a woman's body before. He thought I looked amazingly sexy and every chance he had he would have his hands all over me grabbing my ass, touching my legs, trying to pull my dress open to see my nipples and every time I made the mistake of sitting on his lap the first thing that happened was his hands went straight to my pussy. I was sitting on his lap trying to have a conversation with my friends at the table and the whole time I had to keep pulling his hands away from my pussy or boobs so I eventually just gave up and let him do it! I sat on his lap with my legs deliberately splayed over his facing everyone with Andrew constantly touching my pussy and circling my nipples through the material of my dress. The men certainly enjoyed watching him do it and I was far too drunk to care so I just sat there talking letting Andrew do whatever he wanted. I was actually enjoying being put on display like that and teasing these guys so I purposely leaned back on Andrew with my legs still spread over his knowing full well they could all see my pussy but pretending I didn't realise. I could see the excitement in their eyes as I sat there provocatively enjoying every minute of it and kept catching them out staring straight at my pussy whilst talking to them.

My girlfriends couldn't believe what I was letting these guys do saying it was typical of me behaving like a slut every where I went and although they weren't upset I think they may have been a little jealous I was getting all the attention. The men all flocked to me totally fixated on wanting to fuck me because I was flirting heavily with anyone who came near me but my girlfriends were only interested in drinking so my flirtatious nature became the focal point of the men's combined ignited lust. I continued to tease these guys getting them all horny and every time I went inside the house to get another drink at least several men would follow me into the kitchen and pressure me for sex. I would deliberately tease leaning against the side of the bench as I prepared my drink pushing my butt out or let them feel my ass with their cocks as I provocatively danced with them. The sleazy sexual tension was extremely intense and only increasing so my only saving excuse to stop them from all fucking me was that hubby would arrive soon to pick me up. All these guys know when I drink I can't help myself and they always prey on me when I become drunk and that is probably why so many men turned up. I was deliberately cock teasing all these guys with a very short attention span for any one guy but I had plenty of energy for the many.

It felt incredibly arousing being touched by so many so often and the more brazen these guys became the harder it was for me to stop them fucking me. I knew I was being talked about and some guys even seemed to get a little pushy but I would only let them have a taste of what they could have before I flittered off to flaunt myself with another guy. I increasingly noticed some men's fixation with me and couldn't help but feel the magnetism with so many of them as the flirting became increasingly more serious. Then with the arrival of a few more random guys I noticed a sudden change in everyone's attitude toward my playfulness. I was sitting at the table with my girfriends and noticed a group of men talking and looking at me and I just knew they were sharing stories about my past. I started to feel a little uncomfortable and I could feel their judgement smother the party atmosphere and since the arrival of these few men every time I went inside and especially when I was on my own guys were behaving like obnoxious bastards saying all sorts of horrible things about my past and automatically expecting me to do things like I was a paid . They would demandingly tell me to suck their cocks or spread my legs like a good slut should and kust grab at my boobs. I was really quite taken back by the attitude some guys had who were totally ignoring any resistance I gave and pushed past my efforts to do as they wanted.

I was standing there with my drink in hand with men openly fondling my breasts in front of the others telling them it was okay because I was only a slut and stretching my dress open to let other guys see my nipples and at the same time others would be fondling my pussy and collectively filling my pussy with their fingers. At first I thought what assholes they were but then something inside my head just clicked and I suddenly became submissive. It was like my self dignity suddenly disappeared, I felt I deserved the abuse and I should be punished for being a slut. I'm not sure why because it is so hard to explain but I felt so comfortable being treated that way and just smiled and giggled and continued to have my drink as I calmly accepted their wandering hands feeling my body and even accommodated them by moving my legs further and further apart so more men could use me as a play thing.

I still felt in control until one guy kissed me and that kiss turned into a long drunkenly passionate kiss. I lost my sense of awareness and became totally asorbed in the kiss not realising the pleasure I was feeling between my legs just wasn't from fingers alone! Some guy had found a thick cucumber and started fucking me with it from behind! I was quite drunk and it took a bit to realise what was being used but it actually started feeling really good and I started to really enjoy it! I stopped kissing one guy then turned to another and put my arms around him to kiss him instead. It was amazing standing amongst these men looking at the wide eyed expressions of sexual excitement as they kept brutalising my pussy with their fingers, fists and strange objects. I couldn't stop myself from enjoying the pleasure I was experiencing and widened my stance even more to give everyone in the room a chance to fondle my pussy. The top of my dress was completely unbuttoned and different guys were kissing and licking my nipples and I was now way beyond stopping these men from doing anything to me and instead found myself wanting more! I kissed several other guys while I stood in the middle of this group of horny men with my stance even wider apart absolutely loving having the men surrounding my body have their hands between my open legs. It felt insanely erotic letting go and just enjoying the moment without a care and I couldn't help responding in such a passionate audible way. I had my eyes closed concentrating on every touch that moved across my clitoris from the many fingers searching for the depth of my pussy. I could sense the powerful sweetness of my abundantly flowing juices waft through the air as I panted from the unbelievably intense stimulation that was being concentrated upon the inner depths of my pussy. I could feel my legs starting to weaken and leaned more heavily on the men to my front and then I just couldn't control myself any longer and gushed! It felt like I was peeing down the inside of my legs as my body shuddered and spasmed in this involuntary fit that felt both intensely painful but also so amazingly satisfying at the same time as all the tensions built up in my body just poured out of me in one gigantic wave of emotional and physical release.

I couldn't believe I had just gushed in the middle of the kitchen from being gang groped by these men. I suddenly felt weak and drained and incapable to stand and was carried to the adjoining room where I was followed by this group of extremely excited sexually motivated men. I was practically thrown onto the couch and mauled as I willingly encouraged all of them to treat me like a , to be treated in a way I felt most comfortable with to once again live up to my reputation of being the group slut. I slumped on the couch feeling a little light headed and clearly heard the excitement in the voices of the men around me telling each other what they were going to do with this drunk slut. I could feel many hands moving over my body in this rush to have me first as I was tugged and pulled in different directions like they were fighting over who I belonged too in a moment of hysteria.

I don't think anyone outside even knew what was going on in the front room where I was and the music would have drowned out any noise anyone made so even hubby who had just recently arrived and was mingling with friends outside wouldn't have had a clue about what was happening behind the closed door. The most dominant men immediately took control ensuring they had me first and I instantly found myself on my knees with two cocks taking turns to use my mouth as a fuck hole. I was then pushed onto the couch with my face squashed into the smelly cushions from the pressure of a hand against the back of my head. I could barely breath as I could feel someone trying to fist fuck my pussy from behind in a most brutal forceful way almost punching at my pussy and forcing his hand inside me. The louder I screamed the harder my face was pushed into the cushion which muffled my screams allowing him the time to use me for as long as he pleased. In the bragging that was going on between them I heard so many men refer to me as "the slut" as they fucked me in every hole and in every position possible as roughly as they could until I had completely submitted.

I struggled with my own self worth as I was being abused and mocked for giving them what they wanted. I sometimes struggle to understand why some men adhore me for the things I do for them yet others show me nothing but scorned contempt and total disgust. A number of men just watched with others joining in to have their fun in this group pressure gangbang from the dominant men to fuck "the slut" almost as a measure of punishment for being a slut!

It felt like they were having sex with me in this aggressively powerful way and covering my face in cum as a significant sign of contempt for who I am to prove their power and domination over me. The door kept opening and closing with men coming and going to share their story of conquest as the news of hubbys slut wife having sex with everyone that night quickly spread. Hubby later told me he saw men disapearing for long lengths of time but didn't think anything of it and the girls were too drunk to know what the men were doing and nor did they care. It was my reputation that automatically gave these men the permission they needed to have sex with me although my eagerness always seems to attract this but I behaved no differently to how I normally do or any worse than my friends but I always seem to be the one men are drawn too.

Andrew was certainly the orchestator of the revolving group of men having sex with me and like an excited boy he was fucking me inbetween other men then offering my pussy to the next guy in line. His massive cock, the fist fucking and cum had made me so sloppy I couldn't even feel some guys inside me anymore! Andrew certainly isn't shy with sex or getting close to men and he behaved like a giddy girl every time some guy ripped off his protection and jerked himself all over my pussy. He had incited a competition of who could cover my pussy with the most cum. Where other guys wouldn't dare touch me Andrew bathed in the cum splattered over my pussy and breasts like he was making sweet love. Inbetween other men he would rub his enormous hard cock over my pussy covering his cock in cum then bring it to my mouth for me to lick from his cock. I kept asking him to lick my cum drenched clit but he always refused and instead would tease me by placing his tongue close but not touching.

Hubby told me later men were going back outside talking to him and not one of them told him what was going on inside with me so he spent over two hours outside before he even realised I wasn't around anymore but wasn't worried because it wasn't the first time that had happened so he sat outside mingling with the very same men who had just fucked me inside! I think maybe he did know but chose not to know to teach me a lesson.
A Gagged Cry...
Posted:Feb 20, 2021 12:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2021 2:37 am
The imposing nature was in itself intimidating, the command not to move direct and authoritarian, the suspense of the prolonged silence unbearable, then holding my breath I continued to wait. I felt the coolness of the leather being dragged along my naked body from the vulnerable underside of my neck, across my breasts, then across my belly to finally rest upon my pussy. I could feel the pressure being applied against the exposed vulnerability of my pussy as he toyed with as if uncertain where he would strike my body. I tensed in the anticipation of the expected and held myself tensed just waiting for it to happen and every time I could feel the tip of the whip leave the hightened sensativity of my skin I braced myself to feel relief a moment later when I could feel the coolness of the leather gently placed upon my body again.

The tension felt unbearable, not knowing who was in that room with me or even how many. I hadn't heard hubbys voice for a while and wondered was he even still there? I was in hubbys little dungeon room at our place being teased, tormented and used by this of men who hubby knew well but I was yet to meet. I had been made to wait in the room by myself for a very long time. I was blindfolded, gagged and bound to hubbys converted equipment just silently waiting, listening to every sound behind the thick solid closed door. I could just make muffled deep voices, some laughing and the thud of the music playing which hubby puts on to drown my screams. Every now and then I could hear the door click then be bombarded by the roar of the noise coming from the growing of voices. A din of conversation, laugher and snippets of stories being told about other women like myself. Then I could sense movement around me, a change in the atmosphere, a slight touch across my body and whisperings of approval as I was inspected by the men waiting to use me. I couldn't stop myself from shuddering each time I was unexpectedly touched, shaking from not knowing, every sound a warning, the scent of the men inspecting my body wafting in the air like a thick cloud of tense anticipation. Then the door would click closed again and I would be thrust back into my world of protected solitude, my world of feeling safe and protected but it never lasted long and the agony of knowing what was to come but then not really knowing for certain was excruciatingly unbearable!

I had been left by hubby tied to a converted bench. My wrists bound to the fixed overhead bar pulling my arms to their full extended length and on my back in a slight incline upon the seat with my ankles bound to to the underside of the bench pulling my legs open and wide apart leaving completely exposed and vulnerable. Left there feeling like a captive, a captive to the intoxicating addiction of voluntary sexual slavery to men I have no knowledge off for the man I love. Beside my ankle boots and corset I was left completely naked feeling very cold in the air conditioned room. My breasts firm from the cold with my erect nipples superhard and painfully tender from a previous night of fun even made the gentle flow of air passing over them feel like sharp teeth tearing at the sensative raw flesh. I was feeling very uncomfortable and petrified yet also extremely exhilarated to a level of sexual arousal I had not experienced for a long time. My heart was beating faster than ever before and all my senses were at such a super hightened state it felt unnatural and I just couldn't stop my body from quivering. Then everything went silent and I could no longer hear the muffled sounds of chatter but the music had been turned up and I just knew it was time. I couldn't hear them but I just knew men were filling the room until they all blended into one. I was feeling many hands upon my body and most had a hard roughness feeling like a grator was being dragged over my skin. My loud shrieks muffled every time my nipples were touched by anyone which encouraged them to do it more knowing it was bringing great pain and displeasure in the most eroticly provocative way. I tried so very hard not to show my pleasure but the whole scenario was simply intoxicating making feel like I was being buried alive in my own emotions of lustful want. My pain bringing pleasure to others in satisfaction to witness my response to their torment, asorbed and welcomed as a sexual pleasure of great intensity.

Already I wanted to sccream my safe word and have them stop but my deep desire for more would always win over. The curiosity of what was to come next was so overpowering to the point of addiction to not know, for something to feel so wrong and adverse to me felt so deeply satisfying. I could feel the pressure inside my pussy as I was being fist fucked by some guy who was yelling at me saying how big a worthless slut I am with others slapping my breasts and twisting and pulling at my tender nipples making me scream as loud as I could in sheer tormented pain. I was now being gang fucked in the most opressively rough and aggressively torturous manner by a room full of men I had never seen before. Hearing my hubby orchestrate the entire time telling others what to do and telling them not to be so soft. My pussy torn apart, stretched and mutilated by cocks, fists, fingers, vibrators and obscenely large dildos with my ass meeting the same fate. My throat used as a deep pit for the many and my nipples and breasts left battered, briused and bleeding. My gag removed so my mouth could be used and my left covered in a thick mixture of by men who will know me but I will never see.

This is what hubby tells me to do and I will always love to do for him but this isn't about what happened that night. This is about the stain of being branded a slut and how men will treat you armed with that knowledge and take advantage of you and your vulnerability when alone and unprotected but that will have to be something to share next time.
Guilty Desire...
Posted:Feb 3, 2021 1:11 pm
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When I received the message from hubby telling me to go to Tyrones place to pick up some documents I think I went pale white and I could literally feel my heart skip a few beats.

He wanted me to drop by on the way home from the gym and although it had been several months since I had seen Tyrone just the thought of having to see him again was enough to make me feel nervous. When I arrived I saw Tyrones car out front on the street and felt a lot better about going in thinking I can leave quickly and the front entry is always unlocked so I let myself in and called out. I didn't have anything to change into so I was still in my sweaty gym attire and all I wanted to do was get the documents from Tyrone and leave as quickly as possible.

I stood in the large entry of this old style house and could hear movement in one of the rooms then saw someone's head poke out which was one of Tyrones friends so I asked if Tyrone was there but he was asleep and I was abruptly told to wait. I couldn't leave without the documents or hubby would have been furious so I waited at the kitchen table just flicking through my phone trying to be as quiet as possible then some time later two of Tyrones friends arrived and as soon as they walked in and saw me they recognised me and started yelling out in excitement saying I was that slut! I think they were talking about the night at Jake's place although I don't remember seeing them there I had acquired quite a reputation amongst people who were there which seemed to be following me every where I went and it was a problem at times.

These two friends were behaving like village disturbing the entire house going on and on about the things I did at Jake's place which unsurprisingly brought Tyrone and two house mates out wondering what was going on and because these morons just wouldn't let up about it of course my sexual exploits of that night remained the hot topic of conversation and of course Tyrone being the arrogant prick he is was in no hurry to rummage through the mess in his bedroom to find these documents for me. I found myself in a place I didn't want to be in, with people I didn't particularly want to be with, having to wait to get something I couldn't leave without and these guys knew I was hubbys and sex with me was always permissible.

I stood up and went to the fridge to get myself a bottle of water which was a mistake because as soon as I did the first thing that was noticed was how tightly my faded pink tights clung to my body like a second skin showing every detail of my perfectly shaped ass and more noticeably the hugging detailed shape of my pussy. I didnt realise with the sweat the tights became almost translucent showing in great detail my noticeable pussy bulge and especially with the material being swallowed whole by my pussy slit, looking down at myself I realised just how sexually provocative it would have been for them. All of a sudden I had these five men all wanting to feel my pussy and they just wouldn't stop annoying me about it. At first I kept laughing and trying to distract them with other things but they just kept coming back to it and eventually Tyrone refused to get me the documents until I let them all feel the shape of my pussy through the material of my tights. I quickly found they were very serious about it and just as quickly found myself leaning against the kitchen bench with five men lightly sliding their fingers over the shape of my pussy tracing every outline and crevice with the tips of their fingers. I stood there calmly smiling at them listening to their comments of absolute approval and I can't say I wasn't enjoying it either!

It felt awesome and tickled my pussy sending little shock waves through my body making me twitch and react a little. It felt good, REALLY GOOD and the feeling very quickly became intensely arousing. I braced myself against the kitchen bench and started pushing my hips back against their fingers so I could feel the pressure more firmly against the sensative area of my clit making my pussy tingle at an alarmingly increased . I started to murmur my pleasure and although I knew this wasn't something I should be doing I just couldn't stop myself from enjoying it so immensely. I closed my eyes and kept pushing my pelvis against their touch murmuring sounds of pleasure louder and louder until all I could hear was my own audible expression. I kept thinking to myself I should be stopping this but then I felt someone's hand slide up my body slipping under my crop top and engulfing my breasts. I felt their hand massaging my breasts and arousing my nipples making it impossible for me to stop them. Then I felt another hand upon my other breast squeezing my nipple and at the same time another hand slipping down my pelvis underneath the material of my tights sliding against my flesh toward my pulsating wet pussy. In a matter of minutes my mind had dissolved into a pit of sexual pleasures and my pussy had been turned into this rapidly responding rampaging drenched mess of sweetness. The second I felt those searching fingers slide over the engorged super sensitivity of my clitoris I couldn't stop myself from gasping loudly, clenching my hands against the edge of the bench, then letting my body shudder and spasm as the feeling of wetting myself soaked his hand and my tights in this intensely amplified climax.

I instantly became so hyper sensative I couldn't bare to be touched anymore and pulled away stopping them from touching my pussy. I knew I was doing the wrong thing because I knew hubby was so horny he wanted to fuck me the second I returned home but things had already gone too far. I had teased these men and by no fault of my own encouraged them giving them every signal I wanted to be fucked and there was no way they were about to stop their pursuit for sex now! I smiled and slid my hands over their cocks through the material of their clothing and kept grinding my pelvis up against their bodies as they continued to search the sensativity of my body with their combined roaming hands. I knew I wouldn't be able to just walk away now so I tugged at their clothes to release the obvious eagerness of their cocks in my massaging hands. I kept thinking of hubby whilst doing this, thinking I should be so much more accertive and demand the documents so I could leave but I am far to weak to be like that and especially with men like Tyrone and his friends. I stood there lovingly stroking their sizeable cocks and grinding my body against theirs teasing them all into this rock hard eagerness of throbbing muscle. I was then quickly deprived of my clothing and taken to Tyrones bedroom where he promptly bound my wrists to the bedhead. I knew this was foolish but I was so swept away in the moment I simply didn't care. There was definitely something about this man that made me feel so insignificant in his presence and although immensely petrified of him I also felt strangely secure and safe being controlled by him. I expectantly looked at him waiting to be mistreated but he wasn't anything like the way he was the first time hubby made me have sex with him and his friends. He was so much calmer and although just as intimidating it seemed to me we had some kind of sexual connection. Things had gone way too far now and all I kept thinking of was hubby. It felt like I was cheating on hubby because I had promised myself to him. I should have been home right now having sex with him and not Tyrone and his friends. Tyrone grabbed me by the throat and gently squeezed to let me know he was in control. I wasn't scared but more sexually aroused with the anticipation of what was about to happen but the guilt of having to lie to hubby when I arrived home was playing heavily on my mind. He would be extremely upset if he found out I had sex with Tyrone and his friends but then refused him.

The tentacles of long leather strips being dragged over my breasts tickling the most sensative parts of my nipples sent shivers up and down my body making me writhe beneath its power of the unknown. The suspended anticipation of not knowing if it will strike my body or continue to tickle was insanely suspenseful. I kept looking at Tyrone while his friends watched as he teased me with this whip. The anticipation of waiting for that painful sting upon my flesh was too much for me to endure and I really don't know what made me do it but I just blurted out begging him to whip my pussy! I begged for them to make me their slut, to fuck me and fill me with cum, to punish my body and use me for anything they wanted but my pleas were met with silence and all I could hear was the heavy slap from the leather tentacles of the whip slamming down hard upon my pussy. I instinctly flinched and waited holding my breath, waiting in my moment of suspence then I felt the sharp sting of the leather tentacles again. The whip being brought down upon the vulnerable flesh of my exposed open pussy. I felt the leather against the sensativity of my clitoris making me scream out in response to the lasting sting and instinctively trying to close my legs together but unable to because of the men holding my legs apart. I was told to shut the fuck up! I was told I was nothing more than a dirty and I didnt have the right to ask for anything! The immense pleasure of the pain I felt was disturbingly natural for me as I absorbed it into my body and expressed my pleasure by begging for it to continue which was met with even further whippings of my breasts and pussy. I had lost myself to Tyrones oppressive controlling power over my mind and found myself deliberately begging for sex just to be whipped and punished.

I felt their cocks enter me as my legs were held above my head, I could hear their heavy breathing as they fucked me then suddenly stopping to let another fuck my pussy instead. I very quickly heard the sloppiness of my pussy sloshing as these guys continued to swap quite frequently between themselves to stab at my pussy with their unforgiving cocks. One one they emptied themselves deep inside my pussy bragging to each other about how good it felt to fuck another man's then made me lick their balls and cocks treating me with the same contemptuous attitude I have come to expect from most men. I enjoyed the sex, I enjoyed being treated like a but I didn't enjoy feeling guilty about having to lie to hubby if I was too sore to have sex when I arrived home. These guys absolutely tore me apart leaving me so bruised and tender it was painful to just move and if ttjey tried to touch me or fuck me I would scream out in pain.
After about an hour they had completely destroyed my pussy and ass leaving me feeling more than content but ruined and released me then I was told to leave because Tyrone was expecting Emily to arrive soon. I left with the documents and that overwhelming feeling of guilt that what I just did with them felt so wrong on so many levels.
Binding Shackles...
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I desperately tried not show my fear but my legs just wouldn't stop trembling because I felt just as petrified as I did sexually aroused and my thought was hubby must have been insane to want this!

Hubby took a place and he knew of heaps of men who would be there that wanted fuck . Hubby wanted tease, he wanted behave like a slut for him and despite Emily's warnings he wanted see being used by Tyrone and his friends. Tyrone is a tall dark skinned man who works in construction with his team of friends. These guys work together, together and Emily told of how brutal they were when they fucked her together and to say they intimidating would be an understatement. They are all very strong powerful men with piercing eyes, commanding voices and are known to fuck women to complete exhaustion then keep fucking them! These guys were the sort of men you didn't go near unless you wanted to be punished.

Hubby told me to wear black heels, pussy thigh stockings and his black fabric jacket that was just long enough to cover my ass. It had a low open front showing most of my boobs and stomach right down to my pelvis with a button that did up so when I sat down the jacket would gape showing a very good view of my breasts and the leg split would open and show my legs right up to my pussy. It was like I was wearing nothing at all and it was extremely difficult to keep myself covered but I did enjoy the tease. I loved the feel of the fabric against my breasts making me feel constantly aroused and with the scent of my perfume impregnated into the material it continually attracted attention making it so much easier for me to behave like a complete slut. Everyone said I looked insanely sexy and I loved watching men's reaction when they saw me in compromising positions.

Hubby and I walked in together but were quickly seperated. I wasn't expecting to be quite so swamped by men and I hadn't planned for things to get so of control so quickly and once I attracted the attention of Tyrone and his friends I was swept up in their powerful tide of lust and it happened so seamlessly.

Despite there being other women there I was by far the prettiest and I easily moved from one to another teasing with my body and giving them enough to tempt but not too much too control. I knew what hubby wanted and soon I had Tyrone and his friends competing for my attention against other men. One of Tyrones friends was the first to demand my time making sure he wasn't interrupted by anyone and had me in this nook putting a lot of pressure on me for sex. A well developed tattooed man combined with a magnificent smile and rumoured to have a huge cock did make it easier for me to be what hubby wanted and he was soon joined by another friend. They both kept looking at me expectantly and spoke to me with absolute contempt almost demanding I suck their cocks. I stood there against the wall feeling completely intimidated, defenceless against the both of them slipping their fingers inside my pussy with their voices commanding me to suck their cocks. My legs trembling from fear and my pussy flowing like a river with their behavior automatically making me become a submissive slut for them and they weren't nice about it either, plus they were hurting me too, stretching my pussy with several fingers each inside being very rough with me. I wanted their oppressive manner, I thrived on the demands they had on my body and the repugnant way they were treating me was an attraction, luring my sense of curiosity, wanting to know what it would be like to know for myself if what Emily said was true. With men moving past in the tight area they kept demanding I suck their cocks, telling me I was nothing more than a worthless slut, telling me they knew I was hubbys wife ! With another of the with them now the pressure to suck everyone's cocks was immensely overwhelming and to be a good slut for hubby I knew I shouldn't refuse. Their dominance was like being trapped in a vice and the pressure was too much for me to resist. I now understood why my friend Emily warned me not to go near these guys.

Now I had attracted their attention they weren't going to let me go until they had what they wanted and that was to ruin my body. They seemed to really get off on being so demanding so when they pushed my head down to theirs and other mens exposed cocks I just automatically opened my mouth and took their cocks into my throat. They were very controlling, taking turns to firmly hold my head against the wall and harshly fucked my mouth making me gag and almost vomit. They kept smiling at each other as they competed to see which one could throat fuck me the deepest. I had tears streaming from my eyes and kept gasping for air and the rougher they were the more they liked it! Some men and others couldn't and said that was my fault so I was slapped, had my throat strangled and they relished listening to scream when they virtually ripped my nipples off. A lot of men walked past and they all seemed to enjoy watching them treat me this way and some joined in listening to them abuse me and hearing my own begging screams. They kept saying I wanted this because I was hubbys wife and they kept threatening to get the rest of the boys. I was fast becoming the main entertainment and men watching kept suggesting to gangfuck my pussy.

I felt numb and worthless, I felt alone and I felt I had no option but to say yes. It was what hubby wanted, it was what Tyrone and his friends wanted and it was what all the men watching wanted. I was taken to the main room and put on display. Used as an example of what a good slut should do. There was inexcess of twenty to thirty men with women too all focused on watching random men in the room come up uninvited to have sex with me. I was being pimped to whoever wanted and hubby stood over watching these men fuck his wife in every hole and most times altogether. I felt like a play toy for these men, nothing more than a body for them to over after they had every hole giving hubby exactly what he wanted. He was seeing his gorgeous wife being torn apart by vile disgusting men who were behaving like wild animals.

These men were insanely hyped up and I was dragged by the hair to a table in the room. I was bound to the top of the table, placed on my back and held down. My wrists bound to the wooden legs of the table my body and my ankles bound with mens belts which were biting into my flesh. Despite my thrashing about to resist the many overpowered me, seemingly enjoying watch me panic and beg for them to release me then with Tyrones friends acting as gate keepers they chose who was allowed to fuck me. I had a belt fitted to my neck which constantly choked me making it hard to breath then another of Tyrones friends appeared with a leather whip! I was teased and tormented by Tyrones men and others, sardistically played with both physically and verbally and humiliated all for the pleasure of onlookers. I actually feared for my life feeling totally and utterly at this groups mercy. They took great pleasure in whipping my pussy into this swollen sensative covered mess. I was kept bound to the table with men choking me then a fourth, fifth, and more taking turns to fuck my pussy then whip my pussy as hard as they could with this leather whip for being a filthy and letting them fuck my holes. I couldn't stop myself from screaming with every intensly sharp painful sting I felt which would bring great pleasure to the many but just more tears to my eyes. Then I was made to beg for the next guy to fuck and if I didn't beg convincingly enough one of Tyrones friends would whip my pussy again.

All the while I could see hubby watching intently, with all the other onlookers quietly waiting and so desperately wanting their turn with some men not being able to control themselves and jerking off over my covering my eyes, my lips and hair in layers of thick gluggy . My mind became numb, my body became numb and all my thoughts focused soley on the intense pain or pleasure I was experiencing. My senses could no longer endure and they too became numb with my mind closing down and my thought and vision was of hubby. The men around me in this frenzied hyped up sexual state tearing my body apart with others just standing there in this state of amazed awe at what they were seeing, almost in shock at what others were doing.

Then something happened that I didn't expect at all. Something I don't think anyone anticipated least of all me. Emily was brought to me and told to lick the from my pussy and
I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I watched as she hesitantly knelt before my pussy, the back of her head being pushed by another of Tyrones friends as he guided her into the mixture of that covered my pussy and pelvis where so many had finished themselves. She looked at with this subservient expression and I continued watching and saw her tougue reluctantly flicker across my clitoris. She is a slave and like has no say but despite her initial hesitation she seemed to really enjoy using her tongue to clean up the dumped over my body by so many. I never knew she liked to experiment with other women too. The whole room went deathly quiet as everyone watch in complete silence. She slowly moved up my body looking like a petite doll with her breasts pressed against my flesh sliding over my covered stomach feeling so sensually smooth and erotic. I gasp loudly when I realised she wasn't stopping and kept slowly going until I watched her mouth engulf my nipples. It felt so strange yet so exciting and magnificently natural. Something I have experienced before but not for a long time, something that to this still feels foreign to yet perfectly acceptable. I couldn't stop myself from murmuring my pleasure, she was like an angel who had saved from the brutality of these men. To me she looked so beautiful, her long dark hair drapping over my body tickling my skin in stark contrast. Her lips looked so supple and inviting as I watched them move along my body toward mine. I had already let go of the pain and was now so ready to climax again feeling her hand slide inside my pussy. She moved it inside me with such tenderness and knowing exactly what to do made her touch feel so inviting. With her lips almost about to touch mine I froze, my body stiffened and I had this very strange feeling surge through my senses. It was very stimulating and extremely powerful making me feel I was out of my depth, I had no control but was gladly accepting what was happening. She kissed me rolling her tongue inside my mouth giving me a taste of the mixture of she shared then lightly bit my lower lip as if to say she owned too.

Is a friend still just a friend once you have had sex? I felt the dynamics of our friendship change that night and I do want to share my feelings but that will be for another time.
Lets play...
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I could sense these guys were interested and I knew it was only a matter of time before one of them came over to talk to me so to entice them a little I continued looking over and smiling. I wouldn't have believed it was possible to hook up with three guys just waiting by the car for my husband to return but it did and it was something I would do again for him.

Hubby and myself had just returned to the car on an upper floor of a multi storey car park when hubby realised he needed to go back to the ground floor. We had just returned from a night out with some friends and I was dressed in this tight fitting red mini dress. It was very eye catching with the shiny nylon material clinging to my body like a tight fitting glove and it had a very low hanging front with shoe string neck straps and showed a lot of cleaverage and side boob with an open back and so short it only barely covered my ass. Hubby loves this dress because of how many men have had sex with me while I have been wearing it which is a real turn on for him.

Hubby left me at the car and although it was unlocked I became distracted talking to my friend on the phone and it self locked again. I was attracting a lot of attention, comments and offers from men driving past, but this happens all the time when wearing this dress so I just casually leant against the car flicking through my phone ignoring the vulgarity of mens comments. At first it didn't register with the echoing in the car park but then after a while I noticed some voices calling out. I looked around and saw three men several cars up and opposite me just staring at me as I leaned against the car flicking through my phone. They were older than me, definitely of European decent and quite good looking too. They didn't try to hide the fact they were perving at my body and were excitingly talk to each other in their own language. I was kind of enjoying knowing I was being perved at by these guys so I kept looking up at them and smiling. I did tease them a little making sure my dress had ridden up my legs just enough to show the tiniest glimpses of pussy and I adjusted my position against the car so they would have been getting an ample view of boob. After a while I wasn't even looking at my phone anymore and started making more and more eye contact with these guys. It was so obvious they wanted to come over and talk to me and hubby was taking such a long time to return so I eventually just waved at them and smiled. At first I think they were a little surprised at how friendly I was being but then when I waved again and said hello they came over and started talking to me.

I was only expecting to have a brief chat while waiting for hubby to return but I quickly realised these guys obviously had other intentions from their unmistakable manner of confidence or maybe arrogance. They were very good looking and they knew it and I could tell they weren't used to women saying no to them very often. Straight away I could feel my body tingling as they stood next to me having this very provocative sexually leading conversation. Almost straight away I found myself standing there leaning against the side of the car with these guys intimidatingly close to me making me feel cramped between them and submissively inferior in their presence as they made small talk to keep me engaged in conversation. While doing this they just blatantly kept perving directly at my breasts making heaps of flattering comments about my boobs and crowding me against the car getting right inside my personal space. I didn't move away because I was becoming quite aroused with the sexual magnetism developing between us and instead stood there encouraging them with my flirtatous girly behaviour.

They were being very friendly, highly suggestive and flirted with me just as much as I was flirting with them. There was this definite magnetism there that I was finding incredibly hard to ignore and the closer they encroached upon my personal space the more my pussy started to tingle. I stood there behaving in this slightly coy but very approachable manner like I was back in high school wanting to be fucked by some boys but not knowing how to initiate it.

I told them hubby would be coming back soon but they didn't seem to care and I just had this distinct feeling they would fuck me right there and then if I let them. Hubby was taking forever to return and about thirty minutes later I saw him walking toward us and I thought that would be as far as things would go with these guys but then hubby just kept walking past us as if he didn't even know me. He looked straight at me and saw me flirting with these men and I looked straight back at hubby but he didn't do a thing and whenever hubby does things like that I know I have his permission. That's hubbys way of saying he approves and wants me to be a slut for him. I had already had sex with two other men earlier that night but hubby was obviously wanting me to fuck these guys too. Now I knew I had hubbys permission I wasn't at all hesitant anymore and openly welcomed the sexual innuendo of the conversation. The eldest guy kept touching my upper thigh when he spoke to me with all three moving in closer and closer as we talked. They started complimenting me on how gorgeous my hips looked in this dress placing their hands around my waist and with every deliberately placed flirtatious touch the sexual tension kept mounting. I kept looking around for hubby but I couldn't see him although I knew he would be watching me from somewhere and I was thinking of all these hidden camera's they have in these places too.

It may have been because we were all a little drunk the oldest guy was starting to get really amorous with me and kept touching my body more and more and questioning if I really was waiting for my husband. I kept saying I was but we had been there talking and flirting for a while now and I knew hubby wanted me to fuck these guys so I told them that was a lie and I was actually on my own and had been ditched by my asshole boyfriend because we had a fight.

I had barely finished saying that and these guys were putting heaps of pressure on me to go with them instead of waiting for my boyfriend. Initially I said no but I did keep encouraging them with my flirtatous sexy behaviour letting them put their arms around my body, touch my boobs or have their hands placed on my upper legs so close to my pussy they were virtually touching it and showing I was enjoying it by giggling or laughing whenever they did or just letting them do it and showing I didn't mind at all. I was still quite drunk from earlier in the night and now super horny with these men continuing to fondle my body making me feel hornier and hornier with every deliberately placed touch. It was only by chance I saw hubby again watching me from behind a pillar close by and thought he wouldn't be happy with me if I didn't have sex with at least one of these men!

These guys were done talking and flirting and were now only interested in fucking me and I now had all three constantly fondling my breasts and pussy. I was enjoying being touched by them so much I just let them do it pretending it was because I was too drunk to stop them but really it was because I am just a slut who loves sex. I stood there leaning against the side of the car with my hands on the bonnet behind me letting these men fondle my body and it felt awesome! One of the guys standing in front of me started to kiss me then the other one to my right did the same. I was half sitting on the bonnet of the car with my legs splayed either side of the guy in front of me and he had his hand between my legs sliding his fingers over my wet pussy. I kept kissing the guy to my right and half heartedly pushed this other guys hand away asking him not too but I couldn't stop myself enjoying it and when he ignored me and kept doing it then moved his fingers inside my drenched pussy slit all I could do was spread my legs a little more. I was now lost, I didn't care where I was and I didn't care people were walking past who could see what I was letting these guys do to me but I felt so bad I was enjoying this so much with hubby having to hide behind the pillar. I couldn't believe how quickly I became so drenched with people walking past making comments about what I was doing with these men because for me it was such a turn on putting on such an explicit sexual display for complete strangers. I didn't care men walking past saw my half naked body, my exposed breasts, my erect hard nipples, my legs spread wide with three men finger fucking my drenched pussy. It didn't matter to me if I was putting on a sex show for all to see because that's what I love doing for hubby.

I leaned further back against the side of the car looking down at their fingers moving in and out of my pussy and feeling every bit of pressure as they stretched my pussy to accommodate all three with fingers inside me. I wrapped my arms around the guy in front of me and kept looking down between our bodies at their fingers sliding over and inside my drenching flow of juices. I loved seeing them spread my pussy juice all over my nipples then lick it of with their tongues. I pushed my hips against their hands desperately trying to get their fingers deeper inside my pussy but their fingers just weren't enough to satisfy my acute desire to fuck! They had aroused my desire for sex beyond my control turning me into this complete slut now willing to let them do anything with me. I grappled at their zippers and belts to release their cocks in my hands and looked at the smiles on their faces as I fondled their cocks in my hands making all three upright and rigid. I turned around and placed my hands on the edge of the bonnet and stood there straight legged pushing my ass out and without saying a word letting my body beg for them to fuck my pussy. I looked behind and smiled then looked over at where hubby was hiding. He was directly to my front behind the pillar watching me from not more than ten meters away, watching me be a slut for him with these three men.

These men were so engrossed in my body they didn't even notice hubby slipping closer to the next car and was now watching me through the windows of the car looking directly at me about to have sex. One of the guys held me by the hips from behind and excitingly blurted out something to his friends that I couldn't understand. I was leaning slightly forward over the bonnet of our car supporting myself with my hands and with my legs partly spread and my dress pushed up over my ass feeling them finger fucking my pussy from behind. It felt absolutely amazing and waiting for one of them to fuck me while I was looking directly at hubby through the window of the car next to us almost made me climax with just the anticipation of it!

I suddenly became acutely aware of my surroundings and realised the high risk of getting caught! I thought someone is probably watching us on the camera right now, there were heaps of cars driving past us and people could see, then there was hubby hiding like a peeping tom watching me with these guys, plus there were people walking around everywhere and what if the security guys I saw earlier came across us? All these things raced through my mind but instead of being worried it suddenly made what I was doing feel so much more intensely erotic.

These guys didn't care either! They were with a hot looking slut who they were about to fuck then would probably brag to their mates about later. I smiled at hubby when I felt the first guys cock pushing inside my pussy with his hand firmly gripped onto my waist and his friend squeezing my nipple. They all wanted me all at once as they took my body right in front of hubby and were unknowingly letting him witness his wife enjoy the pleasure of being a complete slut for her husband for the second time that night. I groaned loudly as I was fucked from behind over the bonnet of our car, my breasts out of my dress being dragged back and forth over the cold metal, my stiffened nipples tearing under the pressure of the movement making them sting so intensely it started to bring tears to my eyes. I was admist the pleasure of sex combined with the torture of being treated like a by these guys. They kept talking to each other in their own language and laughing at the things they were doing with me as they became a lot rougher with me than I would have expected. Their increasingly rowdy excitement with the first guy fucking me started to attract some unwanted attention and I heard a few horns being beeped too. He cum yelling out loudly and as he did letting the entire area know he had just fucked me! These guys were becoming a problem now and I was getting worried they would attract others which has happened before and things spiralled out of control. I suggested going to their car which we did where they each fucked me several times in front of each other but mostly altogether.

After they had each cum several times I managed to get my dress back on but they still wanted more despite hours had now already passed and I had received several messages from hubby asking if I was okay. I gave them my number and left walking away until I was out of site to meet with hubby again.

It is still a strange feeling for me after just having had sex with other men then being greeted with a smile from your husband knowing he knows you had just been fucked by some random strangers but it is what makes him happy. When I met hubby on another level the first thing he did was take me to the stair well and felt my stretched sloppy pussy while I told him what I just did then just before he cum from the excitement of hearing what a slut I had been for him he made me kneel before him and swallow his massive load of excitement which he pumped down the back of my throat with such force he almost drowned me with his abundance of thick gluggy cum.

I felt really pleased with myself that night and really happy that our relationship is just getting stronger with the things I keep doing for hubby.
Oblivious to Lust
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I just knew Jay was going fondle my pussy while we were watching hubby play on the virtual reality game because he had been wanting fuck me from the second I arrived.

Hubby and myself had been invited Jay's place for a barbeque, a few drinks and play on the virtual reality game he had at his place. He shared this place with Ben and Robby and the house was filthy. These guys didn't work and just drank and mixed things all day which made me wonder how they could afford spend thousands of dollars on a game set up but I didnt ask so not insult them. I wasn't one bit interested in wanting be there but the game did sound like a lot of fun and something that could be worth the trip.

These guys weren't anything look at or be impressed about, just your average society losers. Ben was a short tubby guy with an unkept beard, Jay was a thin tall man with very spooky looking eyes and Robby which was a nickname was much older than me and a little on the weird side but together they were an entertaining bunch who did enjoy their simple existence. I purposely sat between Ben and Jay at the table when we sat down to eat because Robby was hyped up on something so hubby sat next to him opposite me.

These guys were more hubbys friends than mine and I had only met them once before about twelve months earlier at a party but hubby wanted me to come along to have a go at the game Jay had been raving on about for so long so I wasn't one bit interested in doing anything tonight except have a few drinks, have a turn on the game to keep hubby happy then leave. I dressed really casual in my old and very worn short length black dress. It was just a super casual well worn low cut cotton dress but both Robby and Jay thought I looked like a goddess in it and I didn't even have any make up on so I don't know why. Hubby never lets me wear any panties or a bra when I'm out with him so maybe my escaping boobs, flashes of nipple and half bare ass was the attraction.

The whole time I sat between Ben and Jay at the table all they kept talking about was the game. They had a very limited scope of conversational topics and all they kept looking at were my boobs and pussy. Robby was talking non stop with hubby about who knows what and the whole time I was sitting there I was wishing we would leave because of how annoying it was that these two were so boring.

I didn't feel uncomfortable but I definitely needed to drink a lot! I started to drink everything that was put in front of me after hubby had gone into the room where the game was set up and was playing with Robby leaving me abandoned with Jay and Ben at the table. There was just no attraction at all for me, no spark or anything with these two and even with all the drinks I had I still wasn't at all receptive. I moved to the room where hubby was playing and sat on the couch to watch on the screen set up they had and was followed by both Ben and Jay who squeezed in either side of me still obviously trying to impress me with their knowledge of cyberspace intricacies. This wasn't anything I haven't experienced before with men so obviously wanting sex but just incapable of making it happen plus I just wasn't in the mood to play.

Jay was leaning over me and kept asking me dumb questions with his hand lightly placed on my thigh and Ben kept trying to accidentally touch my breasts. The sheer desperation of these guys did make me feel a little horny, a little in control for a change and it was so cute that they wanted my permission to play which felt so strange to me so after a while I couldn't resist and did tease just a little. I slumped down on the couch letting my dress ride up my legs almost showing my pussy and let my legs open up more than enough to look like I was inviting them to play with my pussy. They were so nervous and every time they placed their hands on my thighs while we talked I would close my legs together but not say anything. I did this a heap of times and let them get a little further every time.

I eventually let them fondle my pussy more to shut them up because they were getting really annoying so when I slumped on the couch between and let my legs fall right apart while watching hubby play the game I think they took that as a silently given permission.

My buttons were undone or missing on the dress so they could see most of my boobs, I had my eyes closed and was actually starting to dose off whilst slumped down on the couch listening to their non stop dribble. I felt their fingers tentatively sliding up the inside of my thighs like they were expecting me to slam my legs closed again but I didn't. I was fully aware of what they were doing and this time just let them.

Robby was still helping hubby making sure he didn't hurt himself as he stumbled about and I was slumping on the couch feeling a little comatosed with both Ben and Jay leaning over me very lightly fondling my pussy from either side. I could sense Robby looking at me in shock then looking at hubby and just not knowing what to do but did nothing. At first I let them do it to stop them pestering me but then it actually started feeling really good and I was getting really turned on by them.

Hubby was standing in the middle of the room punching air with his head phones and virtual goggles on totally absorbed in his virtual game and I was sitting on the couch several meters away being felt up like a slut by Jay and Ben. It was like these two had never seen a woman's pussy before and were amazed how wet and responsive I was, repeatedly commenting how gorgeous my pussy looked and how sweetly strong my dripping scent was over their fingers. I couldn't stop myself moving my hips against their eagerly deepening fingers inside my super reactive flowing pussy. It was so hot letting them do this right in front of hubby and he didn't have a clue! He was so absorbed in his game to him the rest of the world didn't exist. I sat slumped down on the couch, my legs spread, my dress pushed up to my hips, my pussy hanging over the edge of the couch with two very excited guys fondling my pussy. Then Robby came over, knelt on the floor and started to lick my pussy too. I was in slut heaven having my pussy licked and finger fucked by three very appreciative guys who thought I was some kind of beauty queen goddess which was a lovely change from being used by total animals.

These guys couldn't get enough of my pussy and Robby kept hubby on different games with us stopping what we were doing whenever hubby took a break then as soon as he started playing another game all three of them would be all over me again. Hubby probably wouldn't have cared but I don't think they wanted to take the chance of him telling them they couldn't play with me. Having a reputation of being a slut amongst certain groups of hubbys friends does sometimes have it advantages and this was one of those times. It was a little sneaky of them and a little wrong for me but it just felt so nice being with guys who appreciated my body so much and actually cared how the sex felt for me too. I was almost falling in love with these guys as they caringly fucked me on the couch, lovingly fondled my body and made me climax a number of times all with hubby totally oblivious to what was happening right behind and quite often right in front of him.

This went on for hours and every time hubby was on the game I would be having sex with these guys and as soon as he stopped we would too but I did almost get caught out a few times because I became too involved in the sex. It was hilarious that hubby didn't have a clue what was going on but the sex turned out to be absolutely amazing and was too good to have hubby stop it.

These guys loved my body and appreciated my willingness to let them have me which made me feel so wanted and desired rather than just used like meat. Even when we were leaving hubby still had no idea what I had been doing all night and it wasn't until the next day I told him and he was genuinely shocked but loved I was a naughty .

We kept getting invited back play with more of their friends there and yes I was always the willing slut for them although I did feel so much better with hubby knowing although he pretended not too because he loved playing that game so much.
Panty Peeking...
Posted:Dec 12, 2020 8:33 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2020 12:53 am
Hubby was sitting next to me close enough for me to hear him but far enough away so it looked like I could be on my own.

We were sitting on a bench in a park area that was along side a path packed with people. It was midday and most people were just rushing from one place to another not noticing we were just casually watching the world pass by while having our after lunch coffee.

It was a warm day and I was wearing a flared knee high light cotton skirt with a blouse. The skirt was a light yellow and tightly hugged my bum then flared out and my top was just a white thin cotton blouse. To me it wasn't anything special but I was getting quite a few looks from men going past. Maybe, it was because I wasn't wearing a bra so you could vaguely see the shadow of my nipples through the white cotton material and I had quite a bit of cleaverage showing too but to me that was just how I normally dress. I was getting a lot of eye to boob contact from these men passing then hubby suggested I give them something else to look at too.

At first, I thought hubby meant a bit more boob and nipple so I adjusted my blouse so men walking past close to me would be able to see straight down my top and have a clear view of my entire boob including an excellent view of my nipples. I was pretending to be looking down at my phone while men walked past and I could feel their eyes fixate on my breasts and sensed they slowed their pace to have a better look. Hubby had moved to the seat opposite and a little up from me on the other side of the path to watch me tease these men. I wasn't at all surprised at the number of men who almost completely stopped to gork at my boobs and a few even had the courage to make a few very vulgar comments as they continued on their way. I had also crossed my legs and was leaning over so my skirt fell to one side exposing my legs and a good portion of my bum on one side. I was clothed, but for anyone who wanted to look also appropriately naked. It was getting me a little excited knowing there were dozens of men looking at my near bare body with hubby watching me do this. Sometimes I would look up at the men and smile with some looking away in embarrassment and others smiling back and I noticed some walked past a number of times too.

After a little while there was this one guy who I was certain had walked past several times earlier who sat on my bench with his coffee scrolling through his phone. It was obvious he wanted to talk to me but instead there was this awkward silence. I waited for him to say something but he didn't and the awkwardness just intensified until I started up a conversation. That certainly broke the ice because he wouldn't shut up after that but he was a really fun interesting person to spend some time with but he simply couldn't stop himself from looking down my top and perving at my breasts. I couldn't blame him for doing that because from where he was sitting and looking at me on the angle that I was leaning he would have had a perfectly clear and close view of my perky stiffened nipples. I could tell by the look on his face he just wanted to reach out and touch my breasts. We were quite engaged with each other sitting quite close to one another and leaning in toward each other so to anyone watching us it would have been wuite obvious there was a physical attraction there between us so it didn't come as any surprise to get a message from hubby telling me he wanted me to hookup with this guy.

I certainly wasn't against the idea of fucking this guy so I messaged hubby back asking where he wanted me to go and he suggested a place a little further up where the park area expanded and there were pockets here and there that were a little more spacious and less crowded. I knew the area where hubby was talking about so I started heading that way with this guy in tow still nervously talking non stop. I walked right past hubby with this guy and looked straight into his eyes and could clearly see that really excited expression he gets when he knows I'm about to have sex with some other guy. I gave hubby that lovingly look of approval saying thank you for giving me permission to have sex with this guy who I thought was quite hot looking.

For someone who initially came across as a bit of a socially awkward geeky type this guy was anything but that and we really seemed to naturally connect and especially in the physical sense where there was a definite physical attraction between us. It was strange hubby would want me to have sex with a guy like this because hubby can get a little jealous sometimes. We walked toward this area with hubby following at an unnoticeable distance and although neither myself or this guy had actually said anything I could tell we both knew we were looking for a spot quiet enough to have sex with each other. We bought another coffee along the way and found an open space that was kind of away from the main streams of people but still very much in view of everyone. I saw hubby walking past us and kept going a little further up the hill to gain a better view point but I couldn't wait for hubby because me and this horny guy who was just as eager as myself to have sex were already getting into it on this beautiful grassy patch under the sun. It was very passionate between us with him lying next to me kissing me with his hand up my skirt fondling my pussy. This totally random guy who I only met about an hour or two before was about to fuck me in this open park with hubby now sitting only about fifty metets away pretending not to see everything that was going on.

We were lying on our sides next to each other shielding what we were doing from people who were wandering too close. There weren't many but there were enough for us to have to conceal what we were doing so we didn't quickly become a live public sex show. We were kissing each other and I had undone his jeans with my hand wrapped around his cock slowly jerking him off while he had his fingers inside my pussy making me dripping wet! It was so erotic doing what I was doing and where I was doing it and especially with this guy! I thought to myself hubby can watch this guy fuck me as many times as he wants!
We were quite cosy with each other doing what we were doing together and although I am used to having sex with other men for hubby it did feel a little strange being with just one guy but for me it felt very intimate and more like making love rather than just having sex.

I moved on top of him straddling his cock with my skirt hiding what we were really doing. I slid my pussy over his hard cock feeling it sliding along my saturated pussy slit and gliding against my seriously super sensative clitoris and it felt fucking AWESOME!!! I kept looking down at him and smiling then would look up at where hubby was sitting higher on the slope watching everything I was doing with this guy and I thought hubby should be more careful with wjat he wishes for because the sex I was having with this guy because of the instant connection we had was simple hypnotically all encompassing. My concentration became solely focused on this guys cock as I very slowly and deliberately kept sliding my pussy along his thick rock hard shaft. I could feel his cock was drowning in my increasing flow of pussy juices and I was feeling the tingling through my clit becoming painfully intense. I pushed down hard on his chest with my hands and the closer I came to climaxing the harder I pushed down onto his cock. I could see in his eyes and by the way he was holding his breath he was about to cum but I didn't want him to cum before I was able to climax. It started to become a race between us as I started to thrust my pussy harder against the length of his thick cock in a much more quickened pace as to who was going to reach their peak first and climax. Then suddenly his cock just slipped inside my pussy and although this was a little shock to me it wasn't as big a shock when he silently gritted his teeth seconds later and gripped me by the hips holding my pussy tightly against his pelvis as he released pumping all his cum deeply inside my pussy. I didn't even get a chance to slip some protection on him and I never had the cjance to climax. I quickly started to rub my clit with my own fingers desperately trying to keep that tingly feeling from disappearing but I just couldn't get there. He stayed with me for about another twenty minutes then made up an excuse to leave giving me a departing false phone number and a wet sloppy pussy full of his cum that I had to use the bottom of my skirt to wipe myself clean.

I walked up to hubby and he just smiled and kissed me saying what he saw me do with that guy was really hot and we will be doing that again sometime...
Play Thing...
Posted:Dec 11, 2020 12:56 am
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2020 2:36 pm
I don't know what it was all about but hubby very firmly told me to stay away from this guy before we went to this work function. He wouldn't tell me why and I didn't ask but I do know there was some kind of rivalry between them and if hubby knew I was half naked in this room and about to let this guy fuck me next then he would have been absolutely furious!

I think it may have been the excitement of the conquest that was the attraction for most of the men there that night, to feed their egos with the satisfaction of bragging that they had fucked the wife of one of their peers.

I had been caught out at a previous after work function months before giving this guy a blowjob. I was really drunk that night and he was so pushy and persistent and just wouldn't take no for an answer. Ever since then, at every after work drinks night, every out of work function and every social work gathering just about every male who attended would be trying to fuck me.

I had absolutely no idea I was always being talked about because I didn't realise the men hubby worked with all thought I was a slut. I didn't know someone had seen me give this guy a blowjob months before and the rumours had spread. These guys were sleazy and hubby had to rescue me many times from them but they were always sleazy in a really nice way, treating me like a queen, buying me drinks, being so polite and thoughtful and fooling me they were just being my friend.

As much as hubby and I tried to keep our sex life seperate from his work life it was almost impossible for hubby to do that after that indiscretion. I had been labeled and had men always trying to fuck me, so I did slip more than once and the evidence was starting to mount and the rumours became harder for hubby to deny. The rumours were true though, I had sex with a heap of men at the organisation hubby worked for but was foolish enough to believe no one would say anything because most were married but sadly rumours did spread of my sexual exploits making me the subject of scrutiny and sexual expectation.

Hubby did warn me about this one particular guy that night telling me he had heard he was going to set me up for something and told me not to do anything with anyone at this function. He was very accertive in delivering this message making certain I clearly understood what he wanted, so I promised and meant it, but alcohol always seems to have a way of undoing all my good intentions!

I was being very good for hubby and just mingling when this guy Mick started talking to me. I knew he was the one hubby warned me about but he seemed so nice. He kind of became my guide introducing me to a heap of people who I hadn't met before and they all seemed nice too. While mingling I couldn't hear what was being said most of the time so I didn't know I was being talked about. I would stand there behaving like a lady and pretending I knew what was going on but really I didn't have a clue and the more drinks I was given the less I cared about what was being said. I didn't realise so many men were in on it and this Mick guy had arranged the whole thing. I was the lamb being led to the slaughter, innocently following these men around not realising I was actually being unknowingly lured to their sex den.

I'm really not sure why I even followed them to the room. I thought they were just going to get something then go back to the function but when we arrived at the room they brought out some drinks and seemed to get quite settled. I really didn't give it any thought and just went along with what everyone else was doing.

I later found out Mick was the one spreading all the rumours too, he was the one staining my name, telling everyone of the men I had sex with and was trying to expose me by setting me up to prove I was a slut. He was obviously obsessed by me and wanted to do the things with me he had heard of other men doing but to me he seemed so nice and genuine and I just couldn't imagine why hubby disliked him so much.

I was sitting on the bed with my drink when one of Micks friends started saying they could all tag team me. At first I was strong in my refusals and also a little insulted so I just laughed it off and kept the party mood going then they started to vote who was in could stay and who didn't want to fuck me should leave. At first I thought they were joking because of the way they were saying it but they kept coming back to it and started to become quite seriously pushy about it. More of Micks friends turned up supposedly looking for hubby but it wasn't until the sixth and seventh guy showed up at the room I started to get a little suspicious and thought this couldn't just be a coincidence!

Mick and the other men started to get more direct and serious about wanting sex but I kept thinking to myself if things did happen I would be in huge trouble with hubby. I still felt I was in control and couldn't help flaunting myself because now the alcohol was starting to dictate my mood. I started to tease and tempt them because I simply love the attention and started to flirt a little more and play along with their game. I was sliding on the edge of saying yes to a gangbang but then kept pulling back to tease them, letting them touch my body but then stop them. I wanted to let them fuck me but was simply too scared of what jubby would do if I did. They put some music on and I started to dance with some of them expecting hubby to walk through the door at any time to rescue me as he has done before when I've been in these types of situations. I thought maybe it was another one of his tests because he has done that before and I was convinced deep down he really wanted me to be doing this with these guys. Micks friends kept pushing the idea of wanting sex with me and were getting very intimate in the way they danced with me but I didn't want to do anything until hubby arrived to be certain it was okay with him but he didn't turn up and wouldn't answer his phone either!

These guys were getting seriously pushy about the sex and started taking off their shirts and getting protection out, dimming lights and turned up the volume of the music. I was horny but panicky too and was so convinced hubby would walk through the door any second to rescue me but he still didn't arrive and I kept thinking I must not do anything until I have his permission but Mick and his friends kept saying "Are we going to do this?"

I sat there on the bed looking at these already half naked men expectantly staring back at me. I was drunk, the strap on my dress had snapped and my breast was mostly exposed. My pussy was drenched from all the subtle touching whilst dancing and I could feel my heart beating through my chest and as much as I tried to resist the temptation but it was beginning to become just too much for me with everyone's hands persistently all over me!!

Mick was sitting next to me and the rest standing or sitting around me trying to convince me to have sex with them. The pressure was so immense and it was so much harder to say no than it would have been to just let things happen and tell hubby it was an accidental thing but I was so scared of what hubby would do if I did.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed looking down my body with these hands all over me groping at my body. Some guy kneeling on the floor before me with others sitting or standing around. I was leaning back on my extended arms, my ass poised on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide and my dress pushed up to my hips. Fingers inside my dripping pussy, squeezing my nipples and massaging my breasts in this frenzied group groping making me enjoy every second of it and wanting more!

I knew I had to go and I tried to stand up to leave but they reached out and grabbed at my body. I stopped momentarily thinking to myself what should I do? It felt like I had been suspended in a moment of time and I continued to allow them to touch my body. I sat down on the edge of the bed again feeling so exhausted from the pressure of them wanting to have sex and I felt I couldn't say no any longer!

I felt weaker and weaker as I started to fully succumb to the inevitability of having to let all these men fuck me before I was allowed to leave. Some more men entered the room and I thought to myself if these guys really respected me then they wouldn't be so pushy but they were and I really did feel worthless. I was nothing more than a cheap slut to them, some they all knew would be an easy target for them to fuck but it felt so incredibly erotic feeling the prolonged painful stiffness of my nipples being tightly squeezed and the many fingers from so many different men inside my pussy all at once was just impossible not to enjoy turning me into the slut they all came here fuck.

One guy started to kiss me and it made me melt away. My hard resistant mood softening quickly and I started to thrive on feeling their hands upon my body. I did try to leave several more times and almost made it to the door but these guys were incredibly convincing.

The gentle way they took control of me and the sensual touch of massaging my pussy through my dress was simply hypnotic. I wanted to run but couldn't, I wanted to tell them to stop but was powerless to do so and most of all I wanted to respect Hubbys wishes but was too weak. I was surrounded by these men all lusting my body, giving me what I desired, drawing me deeper into my hypnotic sexual state to the point where even I stopped believing my own murmurs of verbal resistance. I stood in the centre of these men, softly begging for them to stop, softly pleading for them to allow me to leave but was ignored by all of them because there were too many of them. I started giving more of my body to them, I couldn't hide it any longer and openly displayed how much I was enjoying being sexually mauled by these men, then only moments later they completely took my resolve to resist!

One minute I was dancing and laughing with them then it seemed the next I was surrounded by them being fondled and kissed and now I was about to be fucked by everyone of them. It wasn't my fault because they should've let me leave when I wanted too but instead they deviously tempted my weakness. I was taken to the bed and I kissed several of the men as they slowly stripped me off my dress.

I sat on the edge of the bed kissing this guy with others fondling my breasts as they slowly peeled the top half of my dress down, slowly pulling it down over my breasts until it revealed my firm erect nipples, then the entire top half of my naked body. I turned and started kissing the guy on the other side of me and while doing this I could feel hands sliding up under my dress along my inner thighs toward my pussy but I kept pushing them away and stopping them from touching my pussy.

I knew if I let them do that then it would be too much for me and they would all get what they wanted. I was left with my thoughts of wishing I wasn't so weak, feeling them haunt me as I thought about hubby and how disappointed he would be with me if I didn't stop this going any further.

More men walked into the room which broke the moment and I became really angry at everyone going into this full on tantrum screaming and yelling telling them what bastards they were and how dare they just assume I was an easy gangfuck! I started to put myself together again and do up my dress in the ensuite trying to make myself look presentable to return to the function when Mick came up to me and apologised desperately trying to smooth things over and convince me to stay. He really did have a very persuasive manner about him and after a while, a few more drinks and some serious begging they convinced me not to leave and once I had calmed down again my mind started to sway.

I was in a room full of half naked horny men and although I knew it wasn't a good idea being there I couldn't ignore that tingling feeling between my legs either! The alcohol induced sexual urge I always have and the feeling was starting to become overpowering. I really shouldn't have stayed those extra few minutes to have those final few drinks to calm down because I think it was those that pushed me beyond having any resemblance of control over my intensly focused mind for sex. I was sitting on the edge of the bed again with my drink when Mick started talking to me, asking me if I wanted him to take me back to the function. I remember sitting their just not knowing what to do and waiting for him to make the decision for me. I didn't move and I didn't answer because I didn't really want to leave. Then some guy sat next to me and held me, kissing me in such a passionate way it gave me no choice but to stay.

My dress was completely peeled from my body, my wrists firmly held behind my back and I was gently placed face down upon the mattress. I could feel many fingers sliding over and into my pussy again and I couldn't stop myself from spreading my legs. I knew I shouldn't be doing this but I wanted too, I knew hubby would be absolutely furious but it didn't matter to me now. All I wanted was to feel the pleasures of sex. Someone held me down by the throat and I didn't resist because I wanted this to happen, I needed to have sex and I didn't care who with or how many. Hubby wasn't even a thought in my mind anymore, I could sense the excitement of the men in the room and I could see even more coming in through the door. I purred like the slut they expected me to be responding so profoundly to everyone's touch and hearing so many comments of satisfaction made me want to give myself even more! My pussy was sloshing from the many fingers inside me and I raised my ass high in the air begging for someone to fuck me. I couldn't stand not feeling the pleasure of someone's cock deep inside me anymore and started to move my ass around high in the air pleading to be fucked. I felt several hard slaps across my ass then suddenly one guy grabbed me from behind by the back of my neck and angrily said into my ear "You want to be fucked do you SLUT!!?" I almost instantly climaxed when he did this and a shiver rippled through my entire body. Then I felt someone behind holding me by my hips with his hard cock pushing its way inside my pussy. I could feel the warmth of his wet cock pressing hard against my slippery slit to find its way. I gasped as he plunged himself deep inside and I squealed from him yanking at my hair and pulling my head back while he slammed himself inside my sloshy pussy. He fucked me hard swapping with many others as they took turns filling my pussy with their hard cocks violently stabbing at my body.

An hour seemed like a minute as I was shared with all the men in the room. Having sex with each one of them again and again in so many different ways and being used like a fuck toy.

I was fist fucked and made to give anal sex. I screamed, begged and even pleaded for them to sometimes stop but was met with indifference then punished with even more harder rougher sex. My pleas a source of entertainment for many in the room with many of them telling me I wouldn't be getting this if I wasn't such a cock teasing slut! Many of the men in the room had tried to have sex with me before but I had been a complete bitch to them so they were now taking full advantage of my vulnerability having sex with me in the most brutal and aggressive way. They were behaving like complete animals, absolute bastards, giving themselves pleasure at my discomfort. I was used as an experimental sex doll, slapped, verbally abused and repeatedly told I was nothing more than a slut! I had my throat deeply gangfucked by many making me gag, choke and vomit, held down and had my face covered in cum.

They all knew I was hubbys wife and they also all knew that when I drink I am weak and will let men do anything with me. I really didn't mean for these things to happen, I really didn't mean to make things so difficult for hubby at his work. They just happened and that night things just really spiralled out of control but I think the men who fucked me knew exactly what they were doing. They knew they could treat me the way they planned and knew I wouldn't say anything.

These men kept me in that room for hours making me do things with them I would not be very proud to share but in the strangest of ways and just like other times I left the room with a deep sense of satisfaction. A sense of feeling complete and fulfilled but also with a mixed sense of deep bitterness I had also been deviously used and had allowed those men to treat me like a ! Deep down I knew what they were doing was wrong but I let them do it anyway because for me there is always an excuse, but sadly that one night did completely destroy my reputation.

After that night it was almost expected I would have sex with anyone at these work functions and I usually did just to satisfy those men. Hubby would always pretend he didn't realise I had disappeared for hours at a time and pretend not to hear the comments men made to each other about me near him. I did feel for hubby being humiliated the way he was but really the joke was on the men he worked with because little did they know that I told hubby everything about what these men did with me and we would have some incredibly amazing sex together afterward...

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