Mirrors of reflection...  

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9/4/2021 3:15 am
Mirrors of reflection...

I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror striking poses in my very short black dress feeling very sleek and super sensual and thinking about what hubby had said earlier.

My curved hips drawing the eye to my pussy gap and showing my stunning body line along with an ample amount of firm white breast bulging making them impossible not to notice. The thinness of the clingy stretchy material clearly showed the shape of my large breasts with a defined outline of my firm nipples. It was an off the shoulder design made of a stretch nylon cotton mix that clung closely to my body like a second skin and felt very soft to the touch. The fabric was an open stitch, so stretched over my body as much as it was on some angles made the material translucent. I lifted the front of my dress and admired the perfectly shaped camel toe I could see under my beautiful lacey black G string and thought some lucky guy or guys will probably be sliding their hard cocks inside my tight firm pussy tonight and felt a little tingling shimmer shoot through my body as the thought lingered.

I kept looking at myself in the full length mirror and as hubby said when he walked past I did look sensationally fuckable and thought to myself it would be impossible not to meet some guy who would want to fuck me tonight. Hubby and I had planned to go out to a bar but this was in the very early stages of us being together, when we kind of had an understanding of each other's desires, but we weren't all that confident with each other to be as open and forward about things as we are today.

Hubby took me to this popular night spot where the women were there just to look pretty and out do each other and every male was there to do nothing more than fuck any slut that came their way! This place had an upmarket glamour to it but a very dark undercurrent and you could just feel the sexual sleaziness hovering everywhere. We walked in together and I knew the second we walked in hubby had brought me to this place for a special reason. Hubby had been dropping little hints here and there all week long that he was wanting me to fuck some other guy. Just little things that only a woman would pick up on and for those who know me they know once a sexual thought is planted in my mind I simply can't stop thinking about it!

There was a band playing and people dancing in front of the band and hubby and myself found this very open spot on this raised platform overlooking the dance floor. I had to stand because my dress was too short to sit on the bar stools placed along the railing but hubby found himself a nice spot tucked in a forward position with a great view. Almost all the men there were early thirties or older and after we had a few drinks together I was really enjoying dancing to the music and attracting attention on this raised platform. I could see everyone and everyone could see me and I was getting a lot of eye contact from heaps of hot looking men. I was dancing around and all over hubby but I wasn't doing it for him. It was something hubby said earlier that was still stuck in my mind that made me want to play up with some men.

With out being to obvious I was being as sexually seductive as I could to catch the attention of a bar full of hunks! The whole place had a vibrant atmosphere and there were plenty of guys looking for sex in the packed venue so I did what I have always done best and started to tease and flirt with the men around me. Even with hubby sitting right next to me men were coming up to me and talking with me trying to hookup. I was loving all the attention and flirting with every guy who did approach me and hubby must have been enjoying it too because all he said was that I seemed to be very popular. I looked amazing, I felt sexy and I was getting tipsy and super horny. The more flirtatous I was being the more men I seemed to attract and even when I introduced hubby as my husband and kissed him or he had his arm around me or his hand on my ass guys were still trying their luck with me. Hubby was sitting on the stool and leaning on the rail facing the band and watching everyone on the dance floor. I was standing right next to him with guys interrupting me every two seconds trying to get my attention talking. Whenever I turned around to lean on the railing next to hubby and watch the band too I could feel guys around us deliberately feeling my ass. Some of them would be saying something to hubby telling him how lucky he was to have a woman like me and at the same time they would have their hands on my legs or be "accidentally" rubbing themselves against me or dangling their hands in front of me and sneakingly sliding their fingers across my pussy! These guys were drunk, very sleazy and courageously sneaky but maybe they kept doing it because I was actually enjoying it. I didn't say anything to hubby and the more these slimy drunks touched me the hotter I was getting.

I couldn't help but give these guys a little smirk of approval every time one of them did something and I wanted to tell hubby what they were doing but wasn't sure how he would react. I sensed that he may have known what these guys were doing although he didn't seem bothered by it but it was always so quickly done it was hard to even know who it was that was touching my body. Hubby and I were against this railing with several small groups of men standing behind us and guys from the separate groups were getting very friendly with me and started buying me and hubby drinks. I thought they were just being really nice and friendly which they were but really they were trying to fuck me and before long both hubby and myself were having a really great time drinking and chatting with all these guys. It kind of became our little spot for the night and if anyone left the area to get a drink they would always come back to where we were sitting.

I started to feel really relaxed and comfortable with these guys and more importantly with hubby there watching because he seemed to be enjoying the night and I was always with hubby giving him hugs and kisses and including him as much as I could with everything. A few hours passed by and every time one of these guys had their arm around me or were grinding themselves against my body or just blatantly gorking at my breasts it didn't bother hubby at all and he kept reminding me he didn't mind and kept suggesting I dance with some of the men hanging around.

This was when I was quite new to all this type of stuff of having a partner plus the freedom to fuck other men and the thoughts in my mind were on a completely different level to hubby.

I thought he meant although I was his partner I was still allowed to flirt with other men but that would be it, however, hubby was talking about it not bothering him if I fucked these other guys! Before I met hubby I was always used to being with men who were obsessively possessive and controlling of me, men who treated me like dirt and viewed me as property to be shared with their friends. I wasn't used to having someone love me but still wanting to share me so to me it was very confusing!

I didn't know it at the time but hubby had casually suggested to several of our new friends that he would like them to come back to our apartment for some drinks and goodies later if they wanted to keep partying and knowing that I would be there to share in the fun was a massive attraction but the seed hubby planted with just a few selected guys quickly grew amongst many of our new friends that night. I kind of suspected hubby was doing something but he hadn't actually said anything to me about anything so I wasn't sure and by then was too tipsy to care because I was just having a great time with everyone dancing, drinking and having harmless flirtatous fun.

There were several men there I really liked and the rest were nice but then a few of them were just slimy! I kept dancing with different guys near hubby to the music and when I did they took full advantage of my scantily clad body. Every one of them had their hands all over me and they were doing it right in front of hubby with him looking and it didn't bother him one bit! A little more time passed and I was getting quite drunk and physically amorous with all the guys in our newly formed group of friends. With a lot of enthusiasm and passion I started behaving like a total slut with these guys. I was dancing with them like I was having sex, going from one to another kissing them and getting very passionate with all of them and hubby too! We had moved to the back corner of the venue near the bar tucked away in this little corner of our own where I was surrounded by these guys in a booth behaving more like a than someone's wife. Not one of these guys believed hubby was actually my husband anymore because of the things I was letting them do to me right in front of hubby!

Everything had become a little unfocused for me and half the time I didn't care or even realise these guys had their hands all over my body and pussy. I was sitting in the booth and hubby was opposite me with these guys sneakingly playing with my pussy and whispering to each other about how wet I was getting and telling the other guys to have a play. I couldn't resist because I was enjoying it too much, I knew I was behaving badly but didn't care and I kept thinking if hubby didn't like what I was doing he would certainly stop me doing it but I sensed that he knew and was getting seriously excited by it but was pretending he wasn't aware. I kept giggling and laughing and was very receptive to these guys sneakingly playing with my pussy under the table right across from hubby. For hours I behaved like a slut right in front of hubby and would sit in the booth with guys either side of me with my legs spread feeling them sliding their fingers inside my dripping pussy and hubby must have known because he would be sitting right across the table from me looking at my expressions of pleasure. I tried to hide it but I was so drunk by then it was impossible to hide how much I was enjoying it. As each different guy sat beside me I could feel them sliding their fingers along my legs, pushing past my lacey panties, then work their way inside my pussy making me flood from the sexual excitement of being the groups slut and hubby didn't do a thing to stop me! I wasn't aware of it at the time but hubby had been spreading the story that we weren't really married and were only friends masquerading as a couple so I could hookup for a gangbang. As far as these guys now knew I was really wanting a gangbang with every one of them and hubby was nothing more than a friend only there to keep me safe and look out for me but as far as I was aware I was just having a great time behaving like a slut which was starting to get a little out of control.

Looking back, hubby definitely had an agenda that night that he had probably been planning for a while and I really was absolutely clueless that I was slowly being set up for a gangbang by my husband.

I must confess I don't remember some patches of what happened after we left the venue and can only go with what hubby has told me but I do remember ending up back at the apartment with quite a number of these guys we met that night. I remember feeling really wet when I walked into the room from being fondled by so many against the wall whilst hubby was fumbling around trying to get into the apartment. I was standing next to the door with my back against the wall with guys fingerings my pussy. I don't know how hubby managed to concentrate being right next to me pretending to only be a friend when guys were taking turns finger fucking my pussy and making me pant like a as I stayed on the brink of climaxing the entire time. Hubby gave me something just before we left the venue before we walked back to the apartment which turned my pussy into a cock craving fuck hole which was now sensationally over sensative. They kept impatiently telling hubby to hurry up as he took forever to get this door open only realising after around twenty minutes or so of franticly trying, cursing and being abused that he was trying to open the door with the wrong key!

The second the door swung open I was dragged inside by this group of guys and I went to feel myself because it felt like I had just peed myself and noticed my panties were gone and I had cum spread all over my pussy. I must have looked shocked or something when I was looking at the fresh cum dripping down my fingers because everyone started laughing at me. I thought as hard as I could thinking I must have been fucked by someone on the way there and couldn't remember exactly what happened but I think it was when we stopped outside the apartment. By the time we arrived at the apartment I was so desperately horny and drunk I wanted to spread my legs and fuck everyone all at once so the guys who were there to fuck me probably just couldn't wait a second longer! I remember my clitoris just wouldn't stop tingling feeling like it was on a constant high speed vibration and I was begging to be fucked to make it stop. It would only temporarily stop after I had climaxed and gushed and when I was being fucked hard by cock I was desperate to climax screaming for them to fuck me hard but then almost immediately after climaxing the painfully intense tingling would start again and keep building until I was screaming out for someone to fuck my pussy hard and deep again.

I cursed hubby for giving me whatever it was he tempted me with because I was now in this room which hubby had paid for being fucked like a drugged up by this large number of random men hubby had invited back for drinks. I thought hubby only wanted me to cock tease and I felt so bad but I couldn't stop, I couldn't help myself, I was obsessed with wanting sex and I didn't care who I was being fucked by or how many! Hubby was sitting on this chair and I was kneeling in front of him frantically sucking on his cock trying to make him cum again and there were men crowded around behind me shoving as many fingers inside my pussy as they could stretching my pussy beyond feeling comfortable. It felt like I was being gang fucked by a herd of elephants as these guys were brutalising my pussy and ass one after another in as rough a way as they possibly could and trying to fist me as deeply as they could. Hubby had become just like one of them, grabbing me by the back of the head and forcing my mouth down over his cock making me gag and choke almost making me spew before he would let me up again. I had absolutely no control at all with these guys because I couldn't even control myself, I was the one turning them into animals because I was behaving like one myself yelling at them to fuck me harder and grabbing at anyones cock put infront of me and trying to mount it like I was a crazed sex slut. It was making me squirt every two seconds, my body was heaving, I was panting so hard I could barely breathe and almost kept passing out, my legs wouldn't stop shaking and I could feel their hands inside me. I could hear my pussy sloshing and I could hear them laughing and yelling at me to spread my legs wider.

I couldn't turn around to say anything because hubby was grabbing my hair and holding my mouth down over his cock. The rougher the men behind me were being with my pussy the harder I could feel hubbys cock become. He kept telling them to slap my pussy and double fist me which they so willingly did without mercy! I felt hubbys cock grow massively hard when I started screaming because it felt like I had two whole hands inside my pussy and another deep inside my ass tearing me apart in different directions. I couldn't control them, I couldn't control body and I certainly couldn't control my high pitched screaming begging for them to go deeper to make me climax and stop the painfully intense tingling that had now gripped my entire pussy. Of course, they did it, my screaming only made them do it more, go deeper and harder and literally try to split me in two. Hubby had a very firm grip on my head making me gag on his cock as he forced it deeper into my throat making him become more and more excited watching me thrash about between him and all the men huddled behind me torturing my body with the groups unyielding forcefulness in the combined domination of physically controlling my body and torturing my pussy. The booze, the goodies and the whole sexually dominate situation being dragged from one guy to another, one room to another, one sexual position to another and one cock to another in this dramatic highly energised fuck fest of hard domination. The frenzied fucking and sinister domination simply too exhilarating and consequently exhaustive rendering me within the five hour of sex becoming nothing more than a totally submissively obedient piece of meat for them to use, abuse and enjoy as this groups sex slave.

Looking back on the night I have always known it was my own doing that made me become a slut for all those men that night, it was me who really made it happen and hubby just enjoyed what I offered him. He loves me being a slut for him and still very much does and because of that I have never regretted doing anything I have ever done.

Hubby later told me I fucked eighteen men that night and he loved every second of watching me being used like a by them. He said he especially liked it when I was lying face down on the mattress and he watched one guy after another get on top of me and fuck me from behind. He said between my spread legs he could see their cocks sliding in and out of my cum soaked pussy and watched everyone's cum ooze out of my stretched and battered cum pit as their cocks pumped me hard spreading it everywhere and it made him get so hot he cum several times watching this whilst playing with himself. He said there was this huge wet patch on the mattress of their combined cum and my juices that just became this massive mess! He said he watched them fuck me in the ass and fill that too as he jerked off and cum all over himself. He said I was behaving like a crazy girl and the sex was so frantically intense he was amazed I managed to keep fucking for five hours. He said he absolutely loved watching me hop off one guys cock and jump straight on another and do that with four or five at a time. I remember being on the floor next to the bed straddling this guys cock and sucking off several others around me and watching myself in the full length wardrobe mirror. I couldn't resist wanting to see myself being fucked, looking at everyone's thick cum smothered over my breasts and seeing myself being used by multiple men. It was such a turn on for me and made me feel hotter than ever watching myself being filled and covered in so much fresh cum by men who were just as crazed as I was fucking me with this kind of possessed madness.

I felt so pleased the next day because hubby seemed to be so very proud of me but barely able to move or walk or talk from doing what I did. At the time I was very confused as to why hubby was so pleased with me but just accepted I had done something good.

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What a fascinating experience. Thanks for sharing.

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Very HOT!!

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Sounds like everyone had a good time

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What a picture you have painted here.

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