For hair lovers  

JuggsyMalone 31F  
20140 posts
4/28/2019 3:30 pm
For hair lovers

Twice the fuzz

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JuggsyMalone 31F  
3427 posts
4/28/2019 3:30 pm

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Come check out my blog

uncutdevil 37M  
266 posts
4/28/2019 3:33 pm

I do love a pussy with some hair on it

luv3sumz4 44M
77 posts
4/28/2019 3:56 pm

Juggsy have you got a hairy pussy just like theirs, or are you a Baldy?

oraljim201 73M
7348 posts
4/28/2019 4:09 pm


14854 posts
4/28/2019 4:16 pm

*Thanks For The Double Hair Pie*

Good Profile Photo, Juggs.


studmouse55 63M

4/28/2019 4:58 pm

very nice,send them to tongue needs some exercise.

notsure1949 72M
10502 posts
4/28/2019 6:50 pm

so much nicer, thank you

lonerock2 61M

4/28/2019 8:57 pm

Where did you find such beautiful pussy.

wow12345_ 44M
30 posts
4/28/2019 10:57 pm

Farling1 66M  
1380 posts
4/29/2019 12:44 pm

Yup... It is great... cant understand the insistence of everyone to remove all the body hair.... ?????


yulon2 67M
12100 posts
5/7/2019 8:56 pm

Happy together!

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