The lies ppl tell  

Juicee_Fruit83 38F  
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10/5/2017 10:24 pm
The lies ppl tell

Ok so i have had a date set up for the past two nights... We agreed on a time for the first night and he didn't show... We talked about it and and rescheduled for tonight... Well let me but it this way he never showed and thus has been going on for a while now... So ladies if you encounter 8anahlfinchlvr plz go the other way cause he is a fraud

franki2806 54M
59 posts
10/5/2017 11:33 pm

it happens 2 all of as just move on

hello sexy friends

lyavu 48F
1536 posts
10/6/2017 8:12 pm

I will say there many dicks on here to even think about that one .

Juicee_Fruit83 replies on 10/12/2017 3:30 am:
This is true... But when they all seem fake what do you do???

Owatalife 65M
1688 posts
10/7/2017 7:11 am

Hard to believe that such a absolute tosser could be such an asshole not once but twice, especially with such a sexy Lady! The world is at times just completely Bonkers!!

We_R_Kinky_4_U 70M/61F  
4 posts
7/28/2018 9:59 pm

Try a Real Man...Young Talkers are Mostly Posers...

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