Do you pay attention to profiles without a photo?  

LetsChillax 55F
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5/3/2018 9:44 am
Do you pay attention to profiles without a photo?

Yes, no, depends? Please elaborate.

mrstiffler469 57M

7/31/2018 9:31 am

My reason for checking is most people are worried about being exposed by people they know in the real world...

redhotfun4you2 58F  
1596 posts
7/27/2018 5:23 pm

A picture is always a bonus, however, not a necessity. Most of the people I chat with are from the blogs or from my local chat room. Some are people I have met from local events which I attend as well. So even if they do not have a profile picture I usually have a sense of the type of person they are.

For anyone else who contacts me, picture or no picture, I require respect. Without that I have no interest.

LadyTeddieBear 64F  
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7/27/2018 9:23 am

Usually no unless they have a nice bio or if they contact me with a face pic in the message


Todd0516 50M  
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7/26/2018 7:59 pm

They are usually scammers.

Hardone371970 51M
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7/22/2018 12:09 pm

Usually not. Yes beauty is only skin deep. But if you can’t see anything the question that comes to mind is why. I will respond if they IM see what they are interested in and if. We have some similarities then ask for a picture.

Gentlegent21 48M

7/16/2018 8:40 am

I totally understand the Privacy aspect of it, but in my opinion, a profile with some kind of picture is going to get first notice absolutely!

sassywanda 69T
2 posts
7/7/2018 6:32 am

I will and will chat and if there is an interest i will ask questions and ask to see a photo and not a nude one.I want to see the person as he/she is normally dressed.If not willing to show me a photo or 2 then i discontinue the conversation and move on.

bker4ever 63M  
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7/4/2018 2:59 pm

a pic always helps

lookn4yu2day 70M

6/24/2018 1:01 pm

What's the old adage? "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words." There ya have it! Both are needed to provide a person with some idea as to what the other person is about. Another pertinent adage "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover."

There is a signnifcant number of persons who choose to have their written profile tell their story prior to any exchange of photos. After all, this is not a religious site and one has to act accordingly. Once a seeming level of trust is conveyed about each other then..... then I believe those persons who do not have a profile photo get to feel a bit more comfortable.

I personally do not discount any profile. I intently review all that is submitted. However, often even the written profile portions are incomplete and lacking. So.... it takes the desire to write and hope to hear from that person and determine if they are interested.

JeffXcitedNow 67M  
281 posts
6/18/2018 11:43 pm

I read all profiles, which includes looking at the pics included....I didn't have a pic for first 6 months or so as a member this time around (member previously 12 or so years ago); so I can understand why some pple don't have pics...{=}{=}
Thnx for blog n poll

gr8yham1965 56M

6/17/2018 6:15 pm

i read all the profiles i visit tbh

fun4all4one 66M
20 posts
6/16/2018 2:51 am

It could be part of the excitement not knowing sometimes

porterpiper1 54F
3755 posts
6/15/2018 3:04 am

I guess i like to read what a person put into their profile, because seeing a pic doesn't mean it is that person you see in the pic, I don't have face pics, if I have a connection with someone then I send a face pic, I don't think people are always being shy or fake, I think they are being cautious about blasting their face pic on a public web site.

CD2ServeU 68T

5/22/2018 7:11 am

The way I see it ... a LOT of the profile pictures are just plain crap. If you post one, it should probably be a GOOD one of your face. But I do understand that not everyone wants the world to know they are here.

Pictures of private parts will quickly gain or lose interest. If they attract you, you look harder. If they don't you move on quickly. [That may also be true of all pictures.]

As a Standard member, I usually can't tell much about a profile anyway. Occasionally they are well written, but I have found that most people who contact me don't read anything anyway.

I know that one of my primary ways of determining interest is geographic distance. I once had a relationship with someone a hundred miles away. And while it worked for a while, it ultimately ended because it was just too far of a commute for a night out.

Closer is more important than picture. At leas IMHO.

DiscreetAffairPA 45M
213 posts
5/16/2018 1:15 pm

It depends on if the rest of the profile has any depth to it or not. One-liners, then no. If there's an explanation for the lack of photo, I might look. Many of us don't want our faces on here.

hrlyridr87 67M  
363 posts
5/16/2018 1:06 pm

I always read the profile to see if there are common interests. If there are, I send an email with a pic attached.

truckfun2005 56M
8 posts
5/16/2018 4:12 am

pictures are great but not important at first

Pwm9073 60M  
17 posts
5/15/2018 1:53 am

Yes because i generally will read profile i sometime will hide or take my pic off occasionally

funasianma1e 47M
11551 posts
5/13/2018 10:43 pm

sometimes. just out of curiosity.

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atveffect 44M  
59 posts
5/13/2018 5:57 pm

you mean like yours

zjanus89 32M

5/13/2018 2:10 pm

If you can't be open enough to put in a photo... I mean... what are you doing here?

camgroup10 37M/39M
28 posts
5/12/2018 5:39 pm

it was worth a chance back in the not so much

jay1446 65M
40 posts
5/11/2018 6:43 pm

It's all about location for me if there's no picture and there close by I pay bit alot of attention

curiousparty1234 36M
8 posts
5/11/2018 5:09 pm

If they send me a well crafted message I'll usually reply. I've been finding more and more bots on the chat that are starting to message me from another province with a big long paragraph that includes an outbound link.

And then if they've an interesting profile I'll message as well. I know the want for discreet meetings is strong so I post as few public photos of myself (that include defining features such as face, hands, and scars) as possible, reserving those for people I click with for meetings.

Saranghae2 49F  
206 posts
5/11/2018 2:52 pm

yes, i do. if they write an email that i click with and if they are local...

When I'm good, I'm great, but when I'm bad, I'm even better...

ToriB2 43F  
1 post
5/10/2018 2:19 pm

to me they are either fake, or they hiding somthing so i wont talk or interact with anyone that has no profile picture

joewantssub 50M
38 posts
5/10/2018 1:52 pm

Most of the female profiles in the UK without pics are actually male Dick heads masquerading as females ~^~

Tightestgrip1978 43F
2 posts
5/10/2018 12:24 am

I make it very clear on my profile if you do not have a picture then do not email me. If you email me then you better send a picture with it. If you have a lot to hide maybe you should not be on this site. I live in a small town.

stax51170 51M  
33 posts
5/8/2018 10:34 pm

I don't pay attention to profile without pics because most of the profiles without photo are fakes fishing for emails of members. If the profile doesn't take the time to fill out the rest to of the questions. then the no pic is not going to be truthful with it intent for being on profile with are not better because they can be fake too. Bottomline if they are not going to make an effort on any level then it is not my effort to do the same to chat and get to know.

funsnellvillecpl 64M/52F  
3808 posts
5/8/2018 2:23 pm

nope and single guys cant read

Timetraveler2 58M  
159 posts
5/8/2018 1:14 pm

I read the profile, and base my desire to contact a person by how they express themselves. I would prefer no picture to one that is a close up of their crotch.

tongueteaseH 39M
10 posts
5/8/2018 11:27 am

Photos can be a nice addition but it has to start with something enticing. I'm still amused at the occasional photo where you feel like you're trying to guess the body part.

albanynycouple51 61M/55F  
23 posts
5/7/2018 8:16 pm

want too see self pics 4 interest

utfrangrl 47F
267 posts
5/7/2018 3:21 pm

I prefer profiles with photos.

SummerDances 45M
23 posts
5/7/2018 2:05 pm

Not usually. I understand the need for discretion and privacy, but there is always a work around. A picture of their shoes or shadow, or recently used sex toy are some options. For me a lack of profile pic shows a lack of creativity and confidence, two things which really turn me on.

If if if they live very close by and shoot me a very interesting IM then I might chat back.

browser2017 60M
99 posts
5/7/2018 9:03 am

I pay more attention to what is written

Domcop 51M

5/7/2018 8:59 am

I have actually met and had fun with a woman that did not post a pic on her profile. She was upfront that she wanted this part of her life private and would not take the chance of friends and neighbors seeing her here.

2017Up4You 54M  
165 posts
5/7/2018 7:18 am

Yes, if the profile is within about one hours drive and they are HWP and under 60 yrs. old...afterall, many folks here are here to secretly make a connection and do not want to share with the "world" their personal quest!

kenoshamale 55M  
20 posts
5/7/2018 5:56 am

If the profile is local and something in the profile catches my attention, It will not matter if they have a pic. I will try and start a conversation with them.

Aldemars13 51M
72 posts
5/7/2018 3:20 am

The photos are not everything ... I think there are a lot of fake photos on some profiles, but by talking with people, you can better get an idea of these .....

Strongsensual19 36M
25 posts
5/6/2018 12:43 pm

It depends if you can hold a conversation.

4meovr40 60M  
15 posts
5/6/2018 10:05 am

Yes if there is something that grabs my attention.

joeyten 66M
10 posts
5/6/2018 3:25 am

I voted no.. nor do I pay attention to profiles with dick pics or dicks with pussys, I don't want to see that shit. Men in Shorts I find a turn on.

Darkhorse705 52M

5/5/2018 9:18 pm

If they are local and sound interesting.... yes but they have to have a well written profile...

Veronica_Lynn 43T

5/5/2018 8:52 pm

I consider profiles with no pic. But after a while I'd like them to make the initiative of sharing a pic privately. Far too many times the conversation gets deeper and deeper towards meeting, yet I have no idea what the person looks like. I'm not big on looks and prefer someone that's genuinely a nice person... but when someone gives me a description and says "I have a long beard." and I know I don't like beards then how can I know if I'd find it attractive enough to accept it...

The discretion thing naturally hasn't been for me. Anyone afraid of this or that usually isn't compatible.

dream_on4849 63M/62F
3 posts
5/5/2018 4:10 pm

we do not, we can understand discreetness, but ya dont need to show your face . your foot or left boob whatever. went to many rounds with guys hiding behind a couples profile and ones ya swore ya answered these same questions a week ago and your doing them again, like their reading off a clipboard. so over the years no photos and no single folks.

Tony110392 51M
2 posts
5/5/2018 2:42 pm

Generally I won't. But if they are close and have an interesting profile, sometimes I will.

ShoreCiti 56M
11 posts
5/5/2018 1:43 pm

My cupid matches are set for profiles with pics but if someone local checks me out, maybe. If they flirt, hotlist or message me, then yes, I will strike up a conversation. Some people are shy.

That said, my profile has a pic of my feet, so it's not too hard to do this.

So far, though, every scammer has had at least one pic.

lookingtoplay145 64M
128 posts
5/5/2018 12:18 pm

So far, I have meet more fake, bullshit conversations with pictures then none. I understand starting with no picture and only sharing with those who seem real.

dabless 44F

5/5/2018 11:44 am

I WILL chat, but won't look at the profile and will never, ever meet. I don't need a face pic. I don't meet dick pics. I just want something to prove he has some semblance of imagination...

plumbboi 28M
164 posts
5/5/2018 9:11 am

If there is no photo then the profile has to be completed and well written to compensate for a photo.

There is alot to see out there, so get out & experience the what the world has to offer.......or not

shooter304 61M
34 posts
5/5/2018 8:43 am

I say no, a pic can be of any body part or part of the body but at least you have made an effort. I also enjoy the pix people post.

velcroshoes24 41M
19 posts
5/5/2018 4:45 am

pfft. the hottest women never have profile pics

yumehole 55F

5/5/2018 3:58 am

I voted yes and have met several times not receiving a photo sometimes the same day and its been wonderful.

dig76301 63M  
124 posts
5/5/2018 3:55 am

No I don't. Should be a rule you have to post at least one picture. It doesn't have to be of your face, but have something posted. And no more than Three prefer not to say.

sphxdiver 71M
21064 posts
5/4/2018 9:02 pm

Sometimes, really depends on what's in the profile.

If it's blank like the photo, PASS !!!!

fandral2006 58M
14 posts
5/4/2018 6:57 pm

I voted no. I like to see at least 60 percent of the person to see if there's some attraction. No photo means no idea.

temptationplus58 63F

5/4/2018 5:36 pm

I voted no.. nor do I pay attention to profiles with dick pics or dicks with pussys, I don't want to see that shit.

SwtBadGrl 48F

5/4/2018 4:54 pm

Physical attraction is important unless you are into randomly jumping into stranger's beds, sight unseen

mitteimasu54 61M

5/4/2018 4:52 pm

Honestly, the photos do quench the visual yearnings. But, I have met women that really valued her privacy. Once contact was made then more info/photos were exchanged. And, this type has made for "real" and pleasurable meets.

SomewhereSE 64M
314 posts
5/4/2018 4:15 pm

I find most photo deficient profiles quite funny actually, I live in a sprawling, ever expanding metropolitan area of well over a million people, where it’s rare to read a profile of more than a few sentences as if that would be enough to be identified. Rarely are there women’s profiles that convey that there is more to the woman than just boobs and genitalia in need of attention. Any wonder you only attract dick heads?

SomewhereSE 64M
314 posts
5/4/2018 3:57 pm

Nope not one bit... I did in the past but never received a response and figure those are just women looking for their husbands/boyfriends, or males pretending to be women or just seeing what other males write... one of the nonsense suggestions from relationship “exspurts”

jajo696 66F
4029 posts
5/4/2018 2:38 pm

I rarely read profiles, I prefer to talk with a person and form my own opinion before I read what they profess to be. We can't be objective anyway , so all those attributes that are claimed, should be said by our partners, not us. So yes, I'm only a standard member, but when I do get the chance to see profiles , it makes no difference to or not. People need to ask , why is a photo necessary? Is it going to have u stop talking to the person, or talk differently to a person. Photos have a way of over or underwhelming .....the viewer, which also precludes getting to know a person from the inside out. Me ? I have no photos due to being in a school district.

fkmeallnitelong9 50F  
2415 posts
5/4/2018 12:59 pm

I look at all profiles....some have ''shadow face'' BUT have pics on their don't know if you don't look....

ohioguy606 74M
326 posts
5/4/2018 11:30 am

I try to be discreet and therefore don't post a pic. Will send one or cam after we have chatted. Hasn't hindered things so far.....

throatscock 93M

5/4/2018 10:28 am

I ask for photo if there is none on profile. I usually avoid profiles without pic. What do they have to hide?

aniceride 51M  
117 posts
5/4/2018 9:58 am

weather there's a picture or not doesn't matter to me,what matters is how well or much did they fill out the profile.if there's not much there i just move on even if they try to contact me.most of the time when they do contact me with nothing in their profile it's normally a one liner email like "hey you wanna fuck" lol.the way i look at it is if you have nothing in your profile it shows a lack of respect,this isn't a porn site.these are for the most part actual people on this site looking to fill a need.i mean really,would you walk up to someone on the street and say hey you wanna fuck,i think not lets have a little respect for yourself and others and fill the darn profile out!also for gods sake be honest about it!there are all types of people on this site so you shouldn't have a problem finding something that fits you.okay my book comes out next week lmao.

CleavageFan4U 64M  
68292 posts
5/4/2018 6:23 am

LEt's just say I'm very visually oriented.

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sogoodfeelin 52M
21 posts
5/4/2018 5:31 am

I do as i know some people are like me and need to keep this side very discrete.

LoneLee87x 34M
10 posts
5/3/2018 5:14 pm

I at least talk to the person some to gauge what kind of person they are

Yours_4A_knight 56M
1501 posts
5/3/2018 4:18 pm

Being more of a beggar than a chooser, there being so few straight women in the area that I live in, I pay attention to all profiles.

A picture is information about the person I potentially want to know, but I am not on the site for the picture but to meet the person as unrealistic as that might be.

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

Leegs2012 48M
86539 posts
5/3/2018 4:11 pm

Not at all. Must be a real photo or photos.

NewName62 58M

5/3/2018 2:38 pm

The sexy photo of your shoe drew me to you. The way you are wearing the HELL out of those jeans reminds me I made a great choice. And the eye candy of your blog is outstanding.

Did I answer your question?

Aaaaand...I just got hard.

LetsChillax replies on 5/3/2018 3:09 pm:
You have indeed made a great choice in blogs to review.

gardenboy321 58M  
41916 posts
5/3/2018 1:58 pm

Nope... never.

Thoughts from the Garden...

charmer961 62M

5/3/2018 1:12 pm

Rarely. For one thing we are visual creatures. For another it's usually a waste of time.

Brownie202 64F  
2591 posts
5/3/2018 12:54 pm

Yes I do. Don't have one of me so wouldn't be fair if I said they have to have one. I rather no picture then the @$$hole showing me his damn dick or him getting oral or his ass.

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disago 52M
201 posts
5/3/2018 12:17 pm

I really dig reading a well written profile. And one gem that I might find simply by headline, username or just 'feeling it', instead of the visual, well, it's like finding that super cool lamp at a thrift shop.

...I like lamp.

LetsChillax replies on 5/3/2018 12:31 pm:
Lava lamp

dpguy1957 64M
490 posts
5/3/2018 12:17 pm

I used to have a pic(s) on my profile till a woman on here who lived nearby threatened to post it everywhere in town. if someone requests a photo, and we've corresponded to the point that i trust them, i gladly supply one or more.

fenderpicker 75M

5/3/2018 12:13 pm

I read the profiles either way, the ones without pics, usually have a good reason,. If I contact someone who piques my interest and we start a chat, You find out more about the person before you even get around to meeting. I can usually sort out the fakes from real people.

grandpa031958 103M

5/3/2018 11:43 am

Yes. I think they are more likely to be real women, who would actually be interested in meeting, but like me are being cautious about putting their face out there for anyone to see. I expect some percentage of the pics are fake anyway, or 10 years old. Plus I believe the vast majority of women on here, the ones who do post pics, are only here to post the pics and(or) fantasize in their blogs about sexual experiences they have no intention of ever living out with me. It's just fantasy entertainment.

windsjohn 70M  
771 posts
5/3/2018 10:41 am

I read most of them to see if they might be someone who might fit my criteria.

Funguy13916 65M  
40 posts
5/3/2018 10:40 am

One never knows who is to shy to reveal themselves. As for me, I would like to know somebody like that because I have the patience to allow them to grow. It's like not having fourplay to build.

OzMD 43M

5/3/2018 10:11 am


redrockrascal 63M
23347 posts
5/3/2018 10:04 am

Yes, there are very few members in my area.

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