I don't think that anyone actually uses this  

LookingInSWDC 45M
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10/16/2018 11:40 am
I don't think that anyone actually uses this

I've posted, I hit up the IM and nothing. Open for comment

rdy2try4 56F  
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1/23/2019 12:11 am

Sorry for the intrusion, but you wrote an answer in the advice lines that it is frustrating when women don't respond to you when you contact them on the IM. Okay, you have been here a bit, but just in case you don't know let me give you some help.

A - when a woman turns on her IM within seconds there are 25 men all yelling HELLO HELLO HELLO HI HI HI HELLO at her.

B - within another 5 seconds 1/2 of them start yelling we are b*tches and c*nts because we didn't answer. Well we can't answer all 25 of them in the first minute and now that it is 2 minutes there is some 100 men all trying to get us to talk to them.

C - if a woman IS talking to someone, let's say she does talk to you. How would you like it if she stopped talking to you to answer the 25-100 other men all trying to contact her to talk to her the way you just did? THAT happens LOTS!!

D - most of the men on here haven't read any profiles at all so 90% of those 25-100 men, which is now over 200 in about 5 to 10 minutes, are out of state/country, over/under an age we are looking for, many are not the marital status we want, and most just want to say exactly and in detail how they are going to shove their dick in us and we are going to have the time of our lives. There is NO chat of any kind at all.

Now I am not trying to be a pain in the butt, but even a horny woman will lose her horniness once we get those men all yelling 'get on cam - show me your tits/a**/p*ssy' and it is repeated some 500 times over and over as if we are trained seals. I can only say most women don't like being yelled at and called names for not doing it.

YOU may not do these things, but you are outnumbered here. There are 500 men for 1 woman on here and 95% of them are a**holes and the good men pay the price for their problems. You can say don't judge everyone by what they do, but when we actually do take the time and try to gauge which man will NOT become the a**hat we are usually wrong so after a bit we stop doing it.

Mostly though it is we are bombarded by men and so we only talk to the ones that match what we are looking for. The idea that it is viewed as a sex site for many means no manners or respect and women learn really quick to not just talk to anyone that asks aside from we couldn't even if we wanted to with as many men trying to all talk to us at the same time on IM.

Standard members can only talk to 3 IM's all day so they use them wisely.

On top of that the idea that a woman is going to just meet a total stranger and put out sex with him on the first meeting i.e. 'hooking up', although it can happen, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning. IT IS NOT SAFE!! Guys seem to not realize that although you may not be a problem there ARE problems out there and way more for women than men. We can be r4ped and attacked. There are STD's out there. PEOPLE LIE!!! When it comes to getting some p*ssy many a man is more than willing to lie to get it and most women don't fall for that stuff as easily as men think we will. The idea of 'get laid in 24 hours' is an advertisement by the site for men in order to get you to pay for a membership.

rdy2try4 56F  
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1/23/2019 12:14 am

Sorry, but I should have said also that 99% of the men that are contacting us be it in messages or IM's.... you guys seem to think we all want to see a dick shoved in our faces FIRST. Most women delete those messages and ignore those IM's. If the only thing you can offer is your dick, well ALL MEN have a dick and we don't meet dicks. We like to meet men. You may say this is a sex site as a reasoning behind it, but banging your face into a wall is all you will do when women don't see it that way. Again, even the horniest woman loses the thrill when all we see is a sea of penis' shoved at us. Men may like to see 1 billion boob shots, but women do not want to see even 25 or 50 dick shots. To us you seen one you seen them all. How YOU act and how YOU perform is what counts to us. Men and women are totally different creatures when it comes to sex and having 25 men on IM yelling out "I will f*ck you" and their dick sticking out... blah blah blah is what we hear.

rdy2try4 56F  
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1/23/2019 12:17 am


What is the purpose of TSdates.com?

The purpose of the TSdates.com site is to make it as easy as possible for you to meet people, using the power of the internet. At TSdates.com, you'll find a community of people using the site as a tool to make connections and find partners for dating, romance, friendship, and a variety of encounters.To find your match, we offer several powerful features, that allow you to narrow your search so you can find exactly the kind of person you, are looking for. On various occasions, we also add new features to make your time at TSdates.com a successful and fun experience.

Please note that it doesn't say FOR F*CKING specifically.

THAT IS WHAT THE SITE WROTE AND I COPIED IT !!! Women do know what the site is about. It is men that are trying to make it an online whorehouse and make the women just start having sex with those they are not interested in. I wonder how many men seriously screw anything that lets them as that is kind of disgusting ya know? Over 100 sites log in here and many are not listed as sex sites. Passion is listed as the leading personals site for dating, romance, and marriage and it logs in here. Datenation as well as SeniorSizzlers log in here as well. Lesbian personals is another one. So to say this is a sex site and expect people to 'know what the site is about' because someone thinks or interprets the tag lines to mean you come here just to f*ck is honestly pretty ignorant.

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