Some Reasons A Bar Is A Better Place To Find A One Night Stand  

MissAnnThrope 61F
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8/10/2005 6:38 pm

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Some Reasons A Bar Is A Better Place To Find A One Night Stand

All of us who chat have experienced this. There will be some guy who isn't even a newbie. OK, newbies do it to, but even guys who have been around a while do it. They start ranting that they want sex NOW and we're a bunch of cockteasing women, that we won't run out in the middle of a night to service a perfect stranger.

OK, the other night, someone asked why not, not in a belligerent manner, but in a polite way. So, I started listing the reasons a bar is a better place for a one night stand. Here are what I can remember.

1. Any woman who will run off in the middle of the night after 5 or 10 minutes of chat with a man definitely has some problems. Like mental problems. Think about it, if an anonymous woman is willing to drive 25 miles at some weird hour because someone whose name she doesn't even know is horny, you don't think she has issues? You don't think she's a potential walking petri dish?

2. All you have to go on is a picture. How many fake pics have we all seen around here? What if the person gets to the door and looks nothing like the pic or pics you saw? Do you still invite them in and have sex? In a bar, you get to see what they really look like.

3. In a bar, you can get a bead on a person. You can gauge reactions to things you say, you can bail if they turn weird. You get to learn if this is someone you trust to take home at the end of the night.

4. You get a chance to get her drunk, so you'll look even better. You not so good looking guys know beer goggles work for both sexes. Yeah, I know most of the newbies here will pay for a gold membership, but consider buying a drink paying for sex. It makes no sense and if you don't want to at least buy a woman a drink, you're a real cheap bastard.

5. You have no idea if a person is a psycho killer online. In a bar, you had a chance to see if they have weird eyes, ticks, that kind of thing. If they're fast to get angry when you say something. If she starts talking about knives, you know to move on to someone else, or hit another bar.

6. Let's face it. The idea that someone could be dangerous lurks online. We have all heard the sensationalist news stories. However, most women online want to get to know you before even meeting you, let alone having sex with you. You start out with email or the chat rooms. Then you move onto IMs and the phone. Soon, a month has passed, you're talking every day. Guess what? The strings have attached, there's already an emotional investment before even meeting. If you want no emotional investment, then bars are the place for you. A few drinks and a few hours of chat are far less of an investment.

7. If you never want to hear from her again after the one night stand, in a bar, you can ask for her number, (the gentlemanly thing to do) and then never call her. If you meet someone online, hey, they have your email, your handle here, your phone number, your real name, (if they're smart,) all of that. If they've got the emotional investment from chatting with you, they can hound you until they find the next one.

8. Why are there never any girls my age in this room, only old, fat women? Um, because junior, all the 21 to 25 year old women are in the bars and clubs, checking out the guys there and hanging with their girlfriends. You have a better chance when her girlfriends tell her how cute you are. But let me repeat... The girls your age are out in the bars and the clubs having fun, while you're sitting in front of your computer looking for someone to watch you jerk off on cam. Understand what I'm saying, little boys? If you don't believe me, hit your local 24 hour diner around the time the bars in your state close on a Friday or Saturday night. You will see what I mean.

Those are all I remember at the moment. If anyone has a few to add, please feel free.

justsayhi2005 56F

8/10/2005 8:34 pm

"The girls your age are out in the bars and the clubs having fun, while you're sitting in front of your computer looking for someone to watch you jerk off on cam. Understand what I'm saying, little boys?"

It's all true, but this especially!! Maybe it's because we didn't have
computers when I was in my 20s, but it really makes me suspect these young guys who are online begging women old enough to be their mothers (like me, for instance) for sex at all hours of the night lead very isolated, lonely lives with nonexistant social lives. Then of course there is the attitude that we "older" women should be flattered, overjoyed, and downright honored that these guys want to have sex with us! Some try very hard to make the argument that older women are so much more desirable, etc...but who do you think these guys would be hitting on in person?? The 20 somethings or the 40/50 somethings??? uh huh

goddessofbitches 46M/38F

8/10/2005 9:14 pm

YOu are so
I love what you wrote...and I think there is one more reason why a bar is better...
Because we have already seen that you are hot and horny and we are sick of it. At least in a bar...the woman has no clue just how desperate you are!!!


Always The Bitch

nietchze 48M

8/10/2005 10:37 pm

Well I like it here because I can lie. I mean when I go to the bars and women see my prostetic lips, nose, left leg and two hook hands they usually freak out and spit on me. Online when I convince them to come over I can at least wear my black leather gimp suit and play it off as me being "kinky". So ummm you wanna meet or are you a cockteasing woman like all the rest?

rdy2try4 56F  
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8/11/2005 8:50 pm

I have to add this. Remember Mr. Popiel and the pocket fisherman? Well I wrote the perfect simulated add that describes what men "HEAR" in their heads instead of reality when they sign in. Have a good laugh and think infommercial:

Okay, I am sorry, I left my phone post for a minute. I missed the call. I am now here ready to take your order and have that escort sent to your home FREE of charge sir!!!! Oh yes, you too can log into a site and get free, that is absolutely NO charge to you at all!!! one female or two for that matter, sent to your home with just the dial of the phone. Tell us what you wish to do to her, how you wish to experiment on her, what are your preferences, and we will find a custom built model to send over minus all the feelings and emotions that cause so much trouble when meeting up. There will be no communication, she will show up and drop her panties regardless of how you act or look. She will automatically get on her knees and do whatever bidding you ask because she has no brain and cannot think for herself. But wait!!! Don't call yet!!! If you call now and mention this can get one that will leave immediately upon you ejaculating with NO words what so ever!!! Yes, she will walk out the door with her panties not even on yet she will go so quick. There will be no follow up calls no nothing. You screw her and she flies!!! now!!! operators are standing by!!! is NOT a REAL Infommercial!!! This is a hypothetical to show how silly some of you are when you sign in. This is NOT what is real here!!! roflmao

rm_harryooooo 71M
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2/9/2010 12:00 pm

ALOHA ANN:.... hope i find u well... been wayyyyyyyyy tooooo lonnnnnnnnnggggg since we chatted..... been busy with life, the universe and everything here on maui.... are you still an okie???.... i spent last summer in joisey and would have LOVED to have met you..... oh well.... love and aloha from the northshore of maui.... "h" ...

redmustang91 62M  
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3/4/2010 4:43 pm

Bars are expensive and the drinks are not so great if you are into fine wine. I used to dislike bars due to the smoke and noise, but now the smoke is gone... Call it vanity, but I prefer to make a "conquest" with my partner sober! I know liquor helps peel away the inhibitions, but I want my partner to choose to have sex with me because she wants me, not just anyone to scratch an itch... Still you have some excellent points about the advantages of meeting in real life as opposed to the internet thing...

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