Tantra's/Yoni Massages  

Mmmaria2018 54F
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3/3/2021 6:28 am
Tantra's/Yoni Massages

I've been wanting to learn this art of massage. Both receiving and giving.
I have had 2 of these massages and my orgasams were OUT OF THE PARK!

Does anyone have any tips/suggestions/advice?

If you don't know what this is, please Google it.

CleavageFan4U 64M  
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3/4/2021 7:12 am

Welcome back! Or perhaps I should be saying welCUM back.

I've never heard of this, but searched it as you directed, and it sounds interesting. I'll ask my masseuse/play partner/nekkie resort companion what she know next time I see her.

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SingleInGR 53M
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3/5/2021 4:43 pm

There are some good books and free videos you can watch on Y0u t u bE about it.

One thing I always have thought is try it on yourself, if you find it enjoyable, use the same technique on others and see if you get the same effect.

Talk with the person to see if they have any special thoughts that would help you make their experience better for them.

Do they need music, special lighting, harder touch, softer touch, special scents in the room, ect.

Make it an experience.

It is one thing to know a craft but it is better to know your clients needs and apply a craft to them.

I hope this offers some help?

Mmmaria2018 replies on 3/12/2021 8:00 am:
yes, i have experienced a little of it, but wanted to have it done to me, as well as learn how to do it.

Ngtybrian 49M  
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3/13/2021 11:28 pm

Always up for new things.... Willing to trade those massages with you.

TallDarkSexy563 58M  
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5/5/2021 6:33 am

Often when I bring up tantric loving to people, their initial reaction is "Sex for four hours? No way!" But the goal of tantric practice of loving is not necessarily to have marathon sex sessions (though that is 100 percent achievable of course over the time spent with partner for hours and days and not a bad goal). It's more about having a stronger, deeper, and more intimate connection mentally and physically with your partner. That can translate into four quarters of game that is tied up to last couple minutes and then you have field goal in final seconds mind-blowing orgasms feeling of Devine Union, but don't start out with that mission in mind.

Mmmaria2018 replies on 5/5/2021 7:21 am:
I've experienced that too.... its like a sloooowwww dannnnnccceeee..

Daytimer09B 53M
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6/2/2021 12:56 pm

I have read about it but have never experienced it. If you ever need someone to practice on I would be more than happy to be your ginny pig.

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