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SHOWING OFF: What do YOU think?  

MyHoneyLips4U 64F  
215 posts
3/8/2017 11:15 am
SHOWING OFF: What do YOU think?

Someone asked me about how I like to show off and for whom .......and what do YOU think??

>> It really varies, depending on where I am and with whom. I usually keep it classy and fairly subtle in public and during the day......depending on how horny I am.
>> I show off A LOT more....both above and below...when I go out at night, and much more so when I'm with a boyfriend/S.O. (safety).
>> When I go out of town on vacation, I love to REALLY let go and indulge my sexy !!

I love to show off to men of ALL ages.....and I don't really see any difference in men's reactions....whether they're 18 or 80 or anywhere in between.

I do find it very interesting that in this day and age when men can go on the Internet 24/7, see anything/everything their heart desires in explicit detail AND watch it in the privacy of their own home where they can satisfy themselves, most men seem to get MUCH more turned on by much less when they see the 'real deal'.

I'm curious about what YOU think .....Is this true for you/the men in your life, and if so, why is that?

HamburgDave2 79M
16526 posts
3/9/2017 10:32 am

I'm 73 and I still check out the ladies especially when one is showing off!

I think for me, a woman showing off in public, is in a mans mind attainable! However unlikely that seems, but the Girls in Porn or on the Internet, will never be!

Visit my Blog Older but no Wiser and find out more

MyHoneyLips4U 64F  
122 posts
3/10/2017 7:26 pm

Attainable makes you never know how things on the internet have been edited..... Reality can be very different from what you see.....

Rafael071165 57M
76 posts
3/23/2017 11:37 am

Enjoy the real deal more hearing the wet sound it makes me horny as hell love to see when someone plays with them self hear the sweet juicy pussy the smell that's the real thing

s2ndegree 64M  
9800 posts
3/31/2017 10:51 am

It is of common knowledge that what you muse is not gender specific!
As time itself is a fleeting prospect so to is class and decorum.

Using more than all the road!

MyHoneyLips4U 64F  
122 posts
3/31/2017 5:30 pm

Everyone appreciates being appreciated!!!!

madeamark 69M

4/9/2017 6:36 pm

I always check you out...very sexy!

MyHoneyLips4U replies on 9/28/2017 5:30 pm:
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm......I LOVE that...... I hope you cum and stay awhile
......or should I say, I hope you stay awhile and cum??

MyHoneyLips4U replies on 9/28/2017 5:33 pm:
When you stop by, take a second and leave a comment..... I love to know what you viewed and how you enjoyed it!!!

bob144333 67M
201 posts
9/28/2017 4:49 am

basically a man my age does't have the opportunity to see some one of your beauty in person nude and showing your beautiful body so seeing it on the internet is all we have.I would really love to see a picture with your face if you wouldn't mind sending it in private. I have always been turned on more by a nice smile.

TypicalGuy2018 63M  
3 posts
4/11/2018 7:24 pm

My late wife greatly enjoyed this. She would often wear a skirt that ended several inches above the knee, no panties (of course) and we would go to a local place that had a large circular bench around a gas fire pit in the bar area. Most of the men were younger, 20-something techies. She wouldn't be so obvious that she was intentionally showing it off, which I think added to the attraction of it. Each one thought they were getting an unintentional glimpse of something they weren't supposed to see. If there wasn't too much of a crowd (an evening in the middle of the week), I might put my arm around her, pull her close, get a good lip lock in a deep kiss, and slide my hand up her leg and slip a finger or two into her pussy knowing some young software engineer directly across was getting a nice view of what he wasn't going to get that night.

If I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he was still watching, I might look my wife in the eye as I sucked the juices off my fingers, then I might look at the young man and wink, which generally caused an embarrassed smile and a quickly averted glance. She so loved tormenting those poor boys.

MyHoneyLips4U replies on 10/23/2018 11:36 pm:
We’ll have to do that together one of these days.... ))

BGNBLK4U2017 60M
15 posts
4/24/2018 1:00 pm

I seem to be one of those people that runs into women flashing on purpose or by accident. I also used to drive to Las Vegas and let truckers watch my girlfriend give me a blow job along the way. That's a turn-on also.

MyHoneyLips4U 64F  
122 posts
5/6/2018 4:22 am

If you are into showing off yourself..... or showing off your partner, perhaps you are more ‘tuned in’ to subtle cues or nuances of behavior that draw your eye.........and maybe you see it/pick up on it because you’re always subconsciously looking for it.....
.......OR....maybe you’re just lucky!!!!

realldeall57 65M

10/23/2018 4:10 pm

seeing a woman showing off in public, whether its a nice cleavage, short skirt, nice legs and ass, long legs and heels, sheer clothing, seeing it in person is a much greater turn on than anything you can find on line. Watching real women on is even more of a turn on than porn. This is real, porn is staged. Just my opinion.

MyHoneyLips4U replies on 10/23/2018 11:41 pm:
Well, THIS girl LOVES showing you the real thing.....I get a MUCH bigger rush than when I simply post something on the pussy gets soooooooo wet and swollen that my lips and clit really protrude...

realldeall57 65M

11/5/2018 4:00 pm

myhoneylips4u when I see the hard nipples, the camel toe, the short skirt and long legs with heels, in person my jeans get very tight and when I am commando (most weekends) it is very visible. So if you see me hanging out in the frozen food section at the grocery store with a hard on, you will know why.

69luv2ski69 51M

1/14/2019 5:58 pm

i never watch porn, at least it was something i did in my 20s. its too one dimensional. I prefer sites like this chatting with real people and yes seeing a girl flash or acting risque is so much more interesting and a turn on.

flzimbrit 68M
15 posts
6/13/2021 6:51 am

Real life and the allure of the faint possibility of meeting a sexy woman who is confident enough to show of like you obvious enjoy doing beats the internet every time.

MyHoneyLips4U replies on 6/13/2021 4:07 pm:
Because it’s real!! Porn is rarely sensual….

MyHoneyLips4U 64F  
122 posts
6/13/2021 4:04 pm

Most of the professional porn stars on the internet are not especially bright either…. not sure that matters to guys, but I find dumb a huge turn off…. Have to mute the sound sometimes!!! Lol….
They’re also not there for their acting talent, and just plain animal sex/fake orgasms is pretty mechanical.

Myopic92 73M

9/30/2021 4:06 pm

Cybersex just isn't the same. It's the sight, sound, taste, touch and smell that really makes the difference.

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