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Spring is in the -Show me what's under you skirt
Posted:Apr 7, 2021 6:08 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2021 4:49 pm

I love the warmer weather. It makes me so happy see a little or even a lot of Women's legs. Unlike the ladies that get tired of seeing men's goods. I never get tired of seeing a woman in the nude or exposed. So please help me get through the lock down days and share a little show with me.
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Day two at Debbie's cabin
Posted:Feb 14, 2021 7:05 pm
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2021 6:09 pm

I wake up with Kim in bed with me. We are both naked and wrapped up in each others arms. She starts kiss me and rub my cock. I'm rubbing her round sweet bubble of an ass. She starts grind her pussy against my leg and says " I need you in me". I roll on my back and she climbs on top of me. She starts by rubbing herself along my shaft. Feeling the entire length with out taking me into her. She seems to be in a kinda trance working it to her pleasure. I suck her nipples and this starts to get her moving faster and faster. After a few soft moans she presses my cock head through her folds. Working down me slowly starts telling me how good I feel and to let her ride me. I agree and lay back and enjoy. She starts to cum with great excitement and pleads with me not to cum yet. Then she turns to a reverse cow position, with out ever getting off my rock hard cock. In this position she rides up and down moving her perfect ass in front of me. I grab her ass and hold on all the wile loving how good it all feels. I start rub her clit and this sends her into another orgasm. By this time I'm going to burst. Sharing this with her she pleads with me not to yet. We enjoy each other for a few moments then she lifts herself off my cock and presses her soaking wet pussy to my face. I lick her from end to end and eat her into another orgasm. She has my cock in her mouth as blow yet another load into her hot sexy mouth. Exhausted we fall back to sleep.

A few hours we wake up to making us breakfast. During breakfast Debbie asks us if we got any sleep at all. We agreed that we got a good amount and we would be ready for the day after a good hot shower. Debbie then asked if she could shower with us. Kim quickly said yes. I was floored. I wasn't too sure if Kim was into it but, I sure wanted to see where this would go. Once in the shower Debbie started kissing me. Kim had a bar of soap and she was rubbing it all over me. They both were stroking my cock getting me harder than hard. Kim looks over to Debbie and says this is for you now. Debbie bends at her waist and presents her sweet sweet pussy to me. Kim is now standing behind me and she starts rubbing my cock along Debbie's slit. With in seconds I work my cock into Debbie and we are fucking wildly. Kim takes a seat on the shower bench and watches us. Debbie starts to moan and then cums. I can barely hold on and a few seconds later I send my load into Debbie. We finish our shower . get dressed and head out for a little shopping and some lunch.
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Debbie and Kim invite me to The Cabin
Posted:Feb 13, 2021 8:25 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2021 6:11 am

I was on my way home from work Wednesday night when my phone rang. It was Debbie my mid 60's built like 40 year old hot widow friend. She called to invite me up to her cabin in the mountains with her former co-worker friend Kim. She went on to tell me Kim just finalized her divorce and they thought it would be fun to go up to the mountains for the weekend. I mind starts to think of Debbie's long hot legs her firm perfect breasts and how much I love eating her sweet pussy. Then in an instant I start to remember Kim. It was a few months ago and I met her at Debbie's. She was a little younger than Debbie. Just under five feet tall with a great full round ass. Her breasts were packed into tight top and just as nice as her shapely ass. She was thin with hot legs too. I quickly accepted the invite and drove hone with a raging hard on for both of these exciting women.

Once home I start to plan what pack for my weekend. All the wile telling my self to be cool. Do not expect anything. Do not let my desire for both of these women exceed what they are thinking of as a fun weekend.

Friday afternoon finally comes and I leave work a few hours early. I make my way up the turnpike with my bags packed and no idea what will my weekend be like.

A few miles from Debbie's cabin I stop. Freshen up brush my teeth and just I'm getting back on the road my phone rings. It's Debbie calling to see how much longer before I will be there. She tells me they just can not wait to see me and that they are expecting snow overnight. She then tell me she will leave the garage door opener in the mail box and I should get it and just pull into the garage when I get there.

As soon as my car in in the garage and the door goes down. Debbie is at the door wearing a very short off the shoulder animal print dress and high heels.
Some how I think my cock saw her first because I was instantly rock hard. I meet her at the door . I set my bags down and pull her into my arms. We kiss and Kiss. Our hands move about each others bodies. I move to kiss her neck , Then her soft skin on her shoulders. Our movements caused Debbie's dress to slide down just barely covering her breasts. I can feel her one nipple . Rock hard against my cheek through the sheer dress fabric. Almost as if it was a natural reaction. Debbie pull the dress down from her breasts and I took that nipple into my mouth. She enjoys my attention for a few moments and then brings me back to reality. "We can't keep Kim waiting, she will think the bears got us"

I follow Debbie into the house all the wile my eyes fixed on her hot legs and sweet swaying ass. As I enter the living room Kim comes rushing to me and gives me a great big kiss. She has on high black boots with real high heels . A very short tweed skirt . Black v-neck top that shows her large breasts off so perfectly. She kisses me again saying I've wanted to know what kissing you would be like for so long . Playing along I start to kiss her back and we quickly turn our hello to a full make out quickie. As we finish Debbie returns from setting my bags down in the guest room.

We settle down and have a very nice dinner. During dinner the ladies would from time to time brush against my leg our touch my arm affectionately during conversation. I Could see the top of Kim's stockings as her skirt would ride up and I also noticed Debbie had no panties on. Both of them knew how much I enjoyed a good pair of breasts and made sure I had a good view of them all dinner long. My cock made a large tent in my dockers . At different times they both rubbed me as we ate and chatted.

After dinner Debbie suggested I take a shower and relax. She led me to the guest room and gave me a few towels. After setting them down in the bath room . I turned to find Debbie behind me with her dress off and it lying in a pile on the floor. Standing in front of me in just her heels . she starts to undress me for my shower. I kick off my shoes and Drop my pants. After taking off my shirt Debbie kisses me down my body . Bending down in her mid section. with her legs straight. she pulls my cock from my shorts and starts to suck me. I'm running my hand along her firm ass and then. I start to rub between her legs. She opens her stance a little more and my fingers slide into her wet pussy. I gently push her to the floor where we get into a 69 position . I feel her body shake as she starts to cum . She moves down and starts to rub her pussy with my cock. Teasing me . Moaning as she enjoys the feel of my hard cock against her slit. Again she shakes and cums.. After settling down she rides down on my cock . She rides me hard - pressing her ass back to me . I watch her sweet pussy take every inch of my cock...Not being able to take it any longer I turn her around still riding my cock . I suck her nipples and she cums another time..We stand up and go into the shower. We soap each other up and kiss some more. Standing in front of me she bends down touching the shower floor, I take the Que and I slide my cock deep in her. I pound her harder and harder as she moans and begs me to cum in her. Seconds later I send my hot load deep into her. We finish showering and Debbie tells that Kim is her best friend and I will have to as good to Kim as I am to her. With that I feel my cock start to come back to life.

After our shower We slip into Sweat pants an t-shirts. Debbie insists that I do not put on any underwear. With half a hard on I walk into the living room. Kim is sitting on the couch still in the short skirt and high heeled boots. She motions me to sit with her and I do. We talk a little and start to notice Kim's nipples are rock hard. I lean in and give her a little kiss. She pulls me back for another. We get so hot and next thing I know she has my shirt off and I'm rubbing her inner thighs. I feel the snaps and I quickly realize Kim's top is a body suit. With out objection I unsnap Kim's snaps. Her bare wet pussy is the next thing I feel. Oh does it feel good. By this time Kim has My Pants off and my cock in her mouth. I lay her back on the couch and pull her body suit over her head. I kiss her then I suck on each nipple. Finally I bury my face down between her legs. I feel the leather fro her boots on my body as she moves with me as I eat her up. After cumming she starts to moan and ask for me to fuck her...I slowly slide my cock into her.. She is so tight but it feels awesome for the both of us. After a bit of work I have her stretched open enough to slide fully in and out of her freely. I'm holding her legs up by those sexy high boots. She's moaning louder and louder. This is really turning me on. I stand up still fucking her -- She is holding on to me around my neck and riding my cock wildly. She starts to ask if I will do her from behind. Being a little cocky. I make her ask again. This time she asks me to bend her over and fuck her good. She then went further on to tell me she wants to suck every drop of cum out of me.. I drop her down and she quickly bends over the chair. Her ass is perfect. Full round and firm. I slide my cock into her and she goes to town. She works her ass . Pressing back on my cock working it like she has always know it. I pound her hard and then I let her work it to her own orgasm. Knowing I would not be able to take much more. She dropped to her knees in front of me and sucked down every drop I had.

And this was just the start of the three day weekend..
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Ms. Taylor
Posted:Nov 8, 2020 6:44 pm
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2021 6:41 pm

It was a pretty slow day for a Monday when Mrs. Taylor came in with her car for service. She is one of my favorite customers and very nice to look at. She is about 5ft tall with a great chest and awesome legs. She always wears skirts above the knee and smart but, very sexy heels. Her blouse today was light and low cut. I was enjoying the view as we talked about her cars service. A we talked she touched her dark shoulder length hair. Almost as if she wanted me to get a better look at her lacy bra cover her mouth watering breasts. When I addressed her as Mrs. Taylor she corrected me with a "Not anymore". Make that Ms. Taylor as she gave me a big smile and wink and half turn that gave me a side view of her tits and ass. I tried to get my attention back to my work and I started explaining what service was need to her vehicle at this time. When we started to talk about pricing I felt the Ms. Taylor was looking more at me than listening to what I was saying. She then said maybe it's time to get a new car. I agreed that the service was a big expense and that she only had a few years left in the car at this time. With that she asked me to hold off for a few minutes and she would be right back. I watched her sweet ass sway back and forth as she left my area and walked into the show room. An hour later she came back to me and gave me a big hug saying she bought a new car. It felt incredible. Her firm sweet breasts pressed against my body. Her arms pulling me close. It was only a second or two but, It was great. She asked if she would be able to go to her car to get her things out. I took her into the shop and to her car, She bent over in front of me taking things from vehicle as we made small talk. Turning back at one point to look at me she caught me staring at her ass. She just smiled big and went on taking things out of the car. When she was done I noticed that her nipples were rock hard and poking through the sheer fabric of her blouse. She started to tell me how getting a new car felt great and she was so glad to get rid of the car she had when she was married to Mr. Taylor. She then gave me another thank you hug and swayed her sweet ass into the show room. About an hour later one of our female sales people came down to thank me for sending Ms. Taylor up to the show room rather than making a killing on her with the expensive service the car needed. I told her that it was nothing and I'd rather do what's right for the customer. Service work will always be here. She then went on to tell me that Ms. Taylor raved about me and how well her car was taken care of. That made me feel real good and day dream about how hot Ms. Taylor is. It was then I spotted the canvas bag that Ms. Taylor was putting her things from her car in. I grabbed the bag. Made sure it was hers and looked up her phone number in the dealership computer. When I called her and told her that I found her bag she was thrilled. She said she was looking for it but with everything happening she forgot where she placed it. I saw that she lived very close to my place and I offered to being the bag to her on my way home. She cheerfully agreed and I could barely wait to get out of work and see her again. When I rang the bell it took her a few minutes to get to the door. It was well worth the wait. Ms. Taylor was wearing a very low cut dress and black heels. Much sexier than anything I have ever saw her in. She blushed as she invited me in and directed me to place the bag on the table. She asked if I would like a drink and I quickly accepted. It was very hot that evening and that dress got me even hotter. She went on to tell me the dress arrived today in the mail and she thought she would have time to try it on before I came over. I told her that I was glad to catch her in it because it looked amazing in it. She came right up into my arms and said thank you. That was exactly what I had in mind when I picked it out she said. I wanted men to see me and enjoy the view. I then felt her pull me close and give me a kiss. It was better than the hug earlier that day but just as exciting. Her breasts were pressed so tight to me I could feel those rock hard nipples against my body. Through our kissing she said she was always attracted to me and wanted to kiss me like this for years. I then confessed how I always was excited to see her come in for service. Our passion for each other grew and the kissing let to each of us running our hands all over each others bodies. After things were getting really hot she said I have to get out of this dress and into something more comfortable. Being understandable I let her out of my arms. She then with a very coy smile looked to me and asked me to unzip the back of her dress. The zipper went way down to her ass and I made sure I took it all the way down to the end. She again caught me looking at her ass. This time she said you like my ass don't you. Knowing I was caught I said yes with a big smile. With that and with her back still to me she let the front of the dress to her waist. Turning around she said I think I'm a complete package not just a nice ass. Then she stepped out of the dress and said come on lets take a hot shower. In the shower I explored her body and told her that I always thought she was the complete package and much more, She smiled and we kissed again . I moved down her neck and to her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and about half an inch long. Rubbing one and nibbling on the other she started to moan. She had my hard shaft in her hand and was stroking me. Through her moans she said how playing with her nipples got her so wet . She then pulled my rock hard cock to feel her soaking wet pussy. It was like nothing I have ever felt. I had to have it and she knew it. Pushing me back on to a seat in the shower she lowered her self on her on my shaft and rode me . Pressing her breasts to my mouth I felt her cum. Her body shook and she moaned with extreme pleasure. After cumming a second time she turned around reverse cow girl style and said now you can look at my ass all you want. She had great moves and she worked my cock like her life depended on it. Not being to hold on much longer. I totally lost it when she came on me the third or fourth time. We cleaned up and spent the rest of the night and the next day together. Learning what we like and what we always wanted to do to each other.
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Ending the lock down
Posted:Aug 31, 2020 6:54 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2021 4:50 pm

After being safe and alone for more than two months my friend Deb called me up and we started chatting on the phone and flirting quite a bit. After a few weeks of this nonsense we both became too horny to go on any longer with out some kind of physical contact. Deb being in her mid sixties is a little more scared of the covid than I am but I was not taking any chances either..

Seeing that the number of cases in our area went way down we agreed to meet. Deb asked me to avoid any sexual stimulation for a week. She wanted me at my best with a big hot load for her to enjoy. I just asked her to meet me at the door in a little as possible. We talked over a few other things and finally set up a date Friday night. We were going to cook a little food, drink a little wine and just stay with each other all weekend. What a great plan.

I arrived at her condo right after work Friday night. Deb met me at the door in a very short silk robe, a black g-string thong and very sexy black high heels. Her amazing body could be seen through the very sheer fabric of her robe. After closing the door behind me Deb pulled me close and gave me a great big kiss. We held each other tight kissing more and more. All the wile Deb was working my clothes off my body . Between kisses she says "You need to shower, let me help you. " In the process of removing my clothes Debs robe fell open and I pushed it off of her an on to the floor with my piled up clothes. My cock was rock hard. Every now and again between kisses Deb would stroke my cock and say how bad she needs it. I ran my hand across Debs breasts and pulled one to my mouth so I could nibble on her inch long nipple and tell her how much I missed her too. I slid my other hand down between her legs to find her smooth shave pussy. She was soaking wet and moaned a little from my attention. stepping back she led me to her shower. I slid her sexy little thong off and gave her pierced belly button a little kiss. Once in the shower we kissed even more. Deb washed my back and then gave my cock a thorough cleaning . After a good rinse Deb starts kissing my ear and tells me she needs to suck my cock. She need to taste my hot load and I must give it to her right now. I was just about to explode hearing this. She had been stroking me since the minute I walked in to her place. I did not know how long I would be able to last . She bends at her waist and takes my hard cock into her mouth. I slide two fingers into her sweet wet pussy . Her mouth feels amazing on my cock and I focus my attention on how I work with her movements . Her pussy feels as if it is holding my fingers in her as she sucks hard on my cock. With in a few minutes Deb has a deep orgasm. She stops sucking me for a minute as she rides it out . Once back to sucking me. I feel the pressure building . I tell Deb to get ready I'm about to cum.. She has her second orgasm and cum with her. My hot load comes out and She sucks and swallows as much as she can . I watch her do her best to eat up every drop. We continue our shower and I feel my erection coming back up. Not wanting to miss out on a good thing so soon . We rush to dry off and playfully fall onto Deb's bed. I softly rub her legs and find myself face down on her sweet pussy. I nibble and eat her like a man just released from prison.. She starts to beg me to fuck her and I tell her I'm only going to give it to her if she cums first.. She lifts her ass off the bed and works her clit against my mouth to her delight. She them rolls me over on to my back and rides me. Leaning over to press her breasts to my mouth and kiss me from time to time.. Riding my cock she leans back and says "Oh this was sure well worth waiting for" I then say to Deb this is just the start of the weekend ... There is plenty more coming..
I can not wait to get out and have fun again
Posted:Apr 5, 2020 11:35 am
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2020 6:54 pm

Over this winter I worked so much and I was looking forward the spring weather. Some short skirts, low neck lines and oh yes, My favorite a nice pussy flash or . Now that everyone is held up in their homes and even if we go out I can not get within six feet of a woman. I have had a few women make sure I'm ok and I have checked in on the as well. It just is not the same. If you ladies have a nice spring look you want share with please post it here. I need something for my cabin fever
Getting the green light
Posted:Mar 31, 2020 8:54 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2020 10:00 am

It was a Saturday at the end of the summer when Lisa and Jim invited be to a barbecue at their house. We had become friends through our playing sports together. A good number of the people there I knew from our growing up together. It was a nice to see everyone and I must say Lisa was one of the finest soccer mom's I ever saw. The other women were aging nicely but there was something about Lisa that always drew me to look her way.

Jim and I were sitting having a few drinks and eating when Jim tells me to look over at the ass on one of the other women there. He then goes on to say how he and Lisa like to get wild every now and the. I become all ears but, I'm still trying to play it cool. He starts to tell me that things could get a little wild tonight and he just want to make sure I'd be cool with it. I assured him I was good with what ever went on. I could see that he was pleased as well as a little excited. Wile we were talking Lisa passed by. Jim grabbed her hand and told he I was cool. She turns to me and gives me a pretty hot kiss on the cheek and says how happy I was there. As she leaves us she rand her hand across the front of my shorts. Jim seeing this says well it looks like Lisa is warming up already. He then goes on to tell me how everyone that stays after nine or ten is open and willing to play. Jim then goes on and says if you want Lisa like she's showing me she wants you then you two should have the fun you desire. I ask him are you sure.. He says sure play with her all you want .. My mind is totally blown and excited at the same time.. He then says she's got one sweet pussy. You are going to love it.

The night goes on and Jim continues to drink and talk to the others. I see the clock passes nine and the crowd starts to thin out. I'm talking to one of the soccer mom's and she is starting to flirt with me . Her blouse is down two more buttons than earlier this evening and I now see her bra is gone. As I look around I see others getting comfortable in the same way. Some are in the dark corners getting close . As others slip away not to be seen. We are joined by couple that start chatting. I take this as my chance to slip off to find a rest room. As I open the door to lave the rest room Lisa sees me and gives me a sign to stay right where I am. She grabs my hand and pulls me into their spare bed room. She puts her arms around me and asks how am liking their get together. I tell her it just got better than I ever imagined. She then went on to say how she always dreamed of being with me. How she would get hot and wet thinking of me fucking her whenever she saw me out and about. Things became a hot blur as we peeled each others clothes off. Once I had every stitch of clothes off of her . I kissed her body softly pushing her back on to the bed. Almost as if we had done this before we knew what each other wanted. Lisa fell back on the bed. I moved between her silky soft perfectly tanned legs and took my first taste of her sweetness. She rocked and ground her pussy against my mouth. I cam up for air and told her how Jim was right she does have a sweet pussy for sure. I went down on her again and she started cumming on my tongue and face. I move on to the bed and Lisa sucks my cock for a few minutes. She then says she need my cock in her right now. She goes to all fours and press my long thick cock in past her sweet pussy lips. Her ass is round and tight. She knows just how to work my shaft and her sweet ass. She cums again and says we need to join the others soon . She rolls to her back and tell me to Fill her pussy with my cum. I hold her legs up. Pull her ass a little off the bed and let my hot load go off in her . As we finish up the woman I was talking to earlier accidentally comes into the room to find us in the act. She goes down on Lisa and eats my cum out of her and then takes us to the shower to help us clean up the rest of the way
Continuing the fun with Deb
Posted:Mar 17, 2020 7:37 pm
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2020 6:37 pm

I have to say after meeting Deb's friend Anna I thought we were done for that . After all Deb was all cleaned up and dressed. As she fixed her hair I stood near her talking to her. I just can not keep my hands off of her. What started as soft touching of her legs quickly became both hands rubbing her ass. When she turned slightly to one side I took that as a cue to rub the front as well. By the time she forgot all about her hair I had one hand on her ass and two fingers in her sweet wet pussy. Between our kisses she begins soft sexy moans. My cock is rock hard . Deb takes me to her bed and pulls my pants off. We get into a 69 and got to work on each other. In only a few minutes Deb shutters and cums for me.. She removes the rest of her clothes and I work my way out of my shirt. She lays on top of me . Holding my cock and sliding the tip along her ripe wet slit . I play with her breasts and nibble on her nipples. She starts to press my cock into her a little bit at a time. She then says she wants to thank me for being so good to her friend Anna. I tell her that there is no need to thank me .. I enjoyed our afternoon and I hope we get together whenever they would like to . With that she rides down the entire length of my cock. As she works my cock to her pleasure. She tells me how it got to see us together. I tell her I did it for her and glad she's happy .. She turns and starts ride reverse cow . I go to town rubbing her sweet ass and legs. She has such good moves.. She starts to tell she is about to -- I tell her to sit on my so I can eat her as she cums I lay back on the bed as she grinds pussy against my mouth. I have one of her breasts in each hand and my thumbs are rubbing her nipples.. She is moaning louder and louder as she works her body with my mouth.. By the time she cums. crazy turned on I just want to leg spread wide deep hard missionary fuck her. Like a man possessed I turn Deb on to her back and with no hands I position my cock right into her waiting hole. She cheers on with crazed moans of "Fuck " and "Fuck Harder" I can barely hold on .. Then she says " in " Fuck and in ".. I pick her off of the bed with my cock deep in her .. Hands her ass and I pump my load deep into her sweet sexy little body. With this Deb starts to hard with . We collapse on the bed in a sweaty heap..
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My friends upstairs neighbor
Posted:Mar 16, 2020 8:45 pm
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2020 7:05 pm

Recently I posted a story of a woman that I met when visiting an old friend of mine. Deb is a mid sixties widow with a body and super hot legs. She has a sweet set of C cups and is a lot of fun to be with. I chat with her about once a week and we have only been together once.

She called me Friday after noon and asked if I would be in the area Saturday afternoon. After I picked my drooling tongue off of the floor I said I had no plans. She then went on to invite me over. Saying that she was going shopping and she would love it if I would come over and tell her what I thought of her purchases.

When i go to her place I was met at the door not by Deb but her long time friend Anne. She introduced herself and showed me to the couch. Taking a quick look over Anne I notice she is very sexy too. Great shape. Nice legs and full firm breasts. Deb came into the living room from the bedroom wearing a short dress with the price tags still on it. High black heels and no stockings. I stand up and tell how nice the new dress is . She does a little cat walk thing and comes over and gives me a kiss. She then turns her back to me and asks "Can you see my panties in this dress". I reply with "Let me get a real good look." She walks in front of me and then by me.. She then says "If you have to look that hard I may just have to show them to you. " With both Deb and Ann laughing they take their seats on either side of me on the couch. I feel Ann leaning towards me and her one breasts is rubbing against my side . Deb Starts to pull up the hem of her dress to show us her panties. With us both looking spreads her legs and the panties open too giving us a perfect view of her sweet tight pussy..Deb then says to me check them out and tell me how you like them. She places my hand between her legs . My fingers fall naturally between her folds. Neither woman seems to be too concerned that I'm fingering Deb and I have no reason to complain either. They start taking about how nice they feel and other colors. I'm just listening and rubbing away. Deb then asks me if I'd like to see them in white. Seeing that things were going so nicely. I say sure I'd love to see them in white. A second later Anne is standing in front of me and she lets her skirt fall to the ground. She is standing a foot in front on my face. As we sit there she turns around to show me they a a thong. Deb reaches out and rubs Anne's ass cheek. Feel how soft she is . So I take me free hand and touch Anne's sweet soft ass. Anne is enjoying this so much that she bends further down and pushes her ass closer to the two of us. This causes the slit in her panties to open . I look right into her and then to Deb. She gives me a big smile and says go on . I slip my hand from her ass to Between her legs . Anne is soaking wet and her pussy makes a little noise . Seeing how much her friend is enjoying my touch Deb leans towards me and says "You better eat her before she faints"
I slip her thong off and Anne backs up and on to my face . Deb is working on taking my pants off as Anne Rides and rubs her pussy all over my face. Seconds later Deb has my pants off and she is sucking my cock, I look down and Deb is completely naked fingers in her pussy an mouth all over my hard shaft. I push Anne a small step forward. Still bent over I Feel Deb pulling my cock to Anne's pussy . Oh what an awesome feeling . I pound Anne until she cums and her legs get weak. Deb pushes us back on to the couch. I'm resting back on the couch. Anne has her legs spread wide and Deb starts sucking Anne's pussy.
This just about finishes me off.. Feeling like I'm about to explode Anne rides high off my cock and glides into Deb'm mouth. What perfect timing they have ..
No sooner then when Deb has me completely in her mouth. I start cumming.
Anne still on my lap and legs spread wide is cheering Deb on as she completely drains me. The two kiss and then they each kiss me. We all head to the shower to wash up with smiles a mile wide. After our shower Anne heads home and Deb and I get a little rest..
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All cleaned up
Posted:Jan 11, 2020 1:56 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2020 10:01 am

Had to work today. Heading out with a few friends and things may get naughty. Figured I would do a little man scaping.... I like to trim things up. looks much better and feels great. Ladies please tell me if you like your man to be neatly trimmed - clean and bare or all natural.
Private Messages : I want to hear from you. It will be just between us.
Posted:Sep 8, 2019 4:50 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2020 10:01 am

Please share with what you want to tell when it is just you and . It will be between only you and . No one else.
Looking for ladies to flash me
Posted:Nov 26, 2018 6:10 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2020 5:35 pm

It is kinda sad to see the warm days go away and the cooler darker days upon us. I must say I enjoy the summer time with so many of you lovely ladies wearing as little as possible.

I guess the trade off is more women in sexy boots, deep v-neck sweaters and really seeing a woman's curves in the right tight fitting dress. Now I have to keep my eye out for the flirty. The fun and best of all the flashers.

I love it when a woman gives a nice view, Please help me through what is looking like a long cold winter. Flash me a big smile and more
What a great party
Posted:Nov 12, 2018 7:38 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2020 5:36 pm

I went to a party this week end at a neighbors house. The couple invited my over to meet some of their friends and co-workers and a few other neighbors. It was a friendly get together. I expected noting to happen just meet some new people and get to know my neighbors a little better.

My attention was quickly taken by a woman that said her name was Joan. She was with another woman from my neighborhood. I just could not take my eyes off of her and her perfect legs. I would try not stare but all night I could not stop looking at her and her legs.

As the night wore on Joan started to like it. She would cross and uncross her legs. First smiling at me. She then moved on running her stocking feet along my leg when I sat at a table near her.

The hottest thing she did was when most of the party moved into the kitchen and we were nearly alone in their family room. She spread her legs far apart for a quick flash and showed me her bare sweet pussy. I just could not take it any more we slipped off through the side door and back to my place
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