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Covid Vaccines & Conspiracy Theories - Food For The Obtuse  

New2Midlo 53M
690 posts
7/13/2021 10:01 am

Last Read:
1/30/2022 2:10 pm

Covid Vaccines & Conspiracy Theories - Food For The Obtuse

Recently, I've been exposed to some of the current wild and fantastical conspiracies associated with the virus and more importantly, vaccination. They've left me completely flabbergasted and provided another reminder of how gullible too many Americans are. In all fairness, much of the medical mumbo jumbo is likely over the heads of those who believe it. The whole mRNA thing is beyond my own span of attention. However, we can still use the tools we all have at our disposal to ferret out bullshit; for example, a suspicious and critical mind. My regular readers know that I rarely take questionable assertions at face value and tend to fact check on my own. For example, one of the fringe outlets claimed that 'CDC data released on July 9th' shows a massive spike in deaths from vaccines. Before I called bullshit, I went to the CDC's website to confirm. Because they're a government entity, they put everything they release on their website. I think we both know what I found; or didn't find. Now, I'm calling bullshit. Something I did find was a direct correlation between vaccination rates and Covid deaths. No surprise the states with higher vaccination rates have fewer cases and deaths.

Another way to utilize your critical mind is to ask the questions 'to what end?' and 'Who profits from this and how?' These questions, and most of this entry, are universal with respect to conspiracy theories in general, but we'll stick with the one at hand. Who would benefit from the successful outcome of the supposed conspiracy and why? Clearly, the pharma companies would receive the greatest benefit by reaping huge profits from government contracts to develop and manufacture the vaccines on an emergency basis. PPE manufacturers also benefitted from a massive spike in demand. Hell, I received some nice upside orders from 3M earlier in the pandemic and it fattened my bonus for the year. Maybe I'm in on the conspiracy. Shit, I've said too much.

What stands out to me is the massive number of 'auxiliary players' required to be complicit in the scheme, but who wouldn't profit. What's in it for them to participate or at least keep their mouths shut? It's not as though the profits pharma took in would be sufficient to buy everyone's silence. Let's look at one of the most important groups of auxiliary players, the media.

Why is it that these conspiracy theories are always 'broken' by fringe media outlets, or bloggers, or some guy in the produce aisle? They're never ever covered by legitimate news outlets. I can hear the cry now - The media's in on it! Sorry to burst your bubble, but simple logic says otherwise. For those who've forgotten, all of these outlets (CNN, NYT, Fox News) are for profit companies. What generates the most revenue for a news outlet? Certainly not suppressing what would be sensational developments. Such reporting would massive ratings / readership, which would make them more money than an entity paying them hush money. The media, all the media, would fight tooth and nail to break such a story and cover it non-stop for as long as that gravy train lasted.

On the flip side, what do the conspiracy theorists get in return for their activities? Attention, money, and (misplaced) credibility that they wouldn't have received were they going about their lives. Who wouldn't throw out a ton of bullshit for that payout? Seems the conspiracy freaks might have greater motivation than those allegedly complicit in the conspiracy they're trying to sell.

Touching on the politically motivated, it would be quite the fantasy world to get D's and R's to agree to this sort of thing (or anything else, for that matter). Make no mistake, they'd all have to be complicit. Not happening. The wretched right seems hell bent on their constituents dying from Covid by keeping them from getting vaccinated, even though they've all be vaccinated themselves. There's some serious motivation for them to be driving the shit out of these conspiracies, if there were even the tiniest fragment of truth to them. But you're not hearing a peep from even the more euthanasia worthy lawmakers, like MTG or Louis Gohmert. I'll let you draw your own conclusion, but perhaps it's because such conspiracy theories are too obviously bullshit for even these dipshits to give oxygen to.

The bottom line is that massive 'evil' conspiracies can't exist in secret, period. Somebody always fucks up. There will always be someone who loses the the fortitude to remain evil and caves. Or, someone inadvertently shares too much with that in Dallas. This almost always happens when one party is involved. Dozens of parties all gettin' down on the evil? Hah! Again, pure fantasy. It becomes more of a farce, when you consider governments are involved. Nothing stays secret in governments. Throw in language barriers and differing agendas of the various supposedly involved countries and leaks will occur. Every damned time.

Ultimately, there's no way the conspiracy at hand could be true. It would have been leaked by someone and amplified through every level of media, by those with the incentive to do so, of which there are many.

Vaccination should be mandatory. Those who believe this is a draconian and distasteful measure are idiots. Your have to be vaccinated against various things to attend school, so you've already complied with mandatory vaccinations and given proof to the school system. Oops, didn't think of that, did you? You're not a fucking virologist, so don't pretend to know what is and isn't true on the internet about the virus, particularly when crosschecking facts blows the damned thing up prima facia. You don't have feathers, so stop parroting everything you read that you fall for. Do the right thing for yourself and your family, for a change. Take off the tin foil hat, say goodbye to Q once and for all, and get your fucking family vaccinated.

Also, stop with the idiotic memes comparing mandatory vaccinations with the Holocaust or any other Nazi symbolism. Comparing vaccination with genocide is offensive, because there is no fucking comparison, you moronic snowflake. While I'm typically fine allowing morons to identify themselves in grand fashion, there are too many soft minds in this country who may believe the bullshit. Largely in the same way there are those who believe the election was stolen from the Cheeto faced shit gibbon; but I already covered that one.

Now, really get off my lawn.

New2Midlo 53M
1075 posts
7/13/2021 10:03 am

Tasmanian devils can eat up to 40% of their body weight in a day.

redrockrascal 64M
23580 posts
7/13/2021 2:35 pm

There is another virus like thing going around - its called stupid. Lots of ignorant people have it so be careful out there. Oh BTW, the cure is fatal.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

benard69 65M/65F  
6298 posts
7/13/2021 6:04 pm

Thank you....

classicalrebel4 67M  
1755 posts
7/13/2021 6:34 pm

Maybe natural selection will eliminate these people.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

New2Midlo replies on 7/14/2021 7:07 am:
Natural selection has had millennia to remove stupidity from the gene pool and hasn't succeeded. I think it's easier to be ignorant today than say 200 years ago.

New2Midlo 53M
1075 posts
7/13/2021 6:47 pm

    Quoting redrockrascal:
    There is another virus like thing going around - its called stupid. Lots of ignorant people have it so be careful out there. Oh BTW, the cure is fatal.
I humbly disagree that the cure is fatal. My alternative treatment is get your head out of your ass. Granted, it's only mildly effective...

ranger2195 66M  
1 post
7/13/2021 6:53 pm

Excellent reporting!!

New2Midlo replies on 7/14/2021 7:08 am:
Thank you. Not so much reporting as a primer to think conspiracy theories through.

jajo696 112F
4287 posts
7/14/2021 3:04 am

    Quoting  :

Jules...people always confuse opinion with fact..its nauseating. We wonder if we will ever get those minutes back that we took to try n make some sense of it all.

I agree, inflammatory is never helpful, which is why i always take a moment or so before i hit ' send'. takes all kinds to make this world spin~~

positively4you 73F  
4605 posts
7/14/2021 6:10 am

We suffer from misinformation overload these days. Everyone is an expert.

WyoCowboy7751 69M
2537 posts
7/14/2021 7:25 am

Very Well Written I often believe this Whole Ordeal is likely to be a Never Ending CONUNDRUM

New2Midlo 53M
1075 posts
7/14/2021 10:13 am

    Quoting  :

This one wasn't up to my usual standards and I admit to being intentionally inflammatory, because it was aimed primarily at another blogger who's broadcasting the conspiracy and ignoring logic. Admittedly, the entry may have been tighter and more focused, were I to have blanketed conspiracy theories in general, but that would have taken more time than I wanted to spend on the entry. I needed to call him a moron quickly

pagancountrygirl 65F
6466 posts
7/14/2021 5:01 pm

I read the blog post you're referring to and was shaking my head throughout the entire post. When I got to the memes and looked through them, I was absolutely dumbfounded. I can not believe anyone in their right mind would compare it to the Holocaust. It seems that his posts have been escalating in nature but that was just over the top.

Hmmmm....I know I left that wand around here somewhere!

New2Midlo 53M
1075 posts
7/15/2021 12:32 pm

    Quoting pagancountrygirl:
    I read the blog post you're referring to and was shaking my head throughout the entire post. When I got to the memes and looked through them, I was absolutely dumbfounded. I can not believe anyone in their right mind would compare it to the Holocaust. It seems that his posts have been escalating in nature but that was just over the top.
If only it were just him regarding the memes. These are all over the right wing media; perfect example of the MTG playbook. They yell how libs are snowflakes, but the hard right is 10x worse. Fucking snowflakes...

rh1972 50M  
609 posts
10/26/2021 7:01 pm

Only the king of idiots thinks that violating bodily autonomy isn't evil, and a precursor to even worse government oppression.

Quit virtue signaling on a swinger site - it's probably why you aren't getting any!

rh1972 50M  
609 posts
10/26/2021 7:07 pm

So, yeah... Every other country on the planet with very high rates of jabbed (Israel, UK, Singapore, Gibraltar, Japan) shows that the jabbed are more likely to catch c19, as well as die from it.

Pay attention to the following from the official gvt report:
In total, 70 out of the 27,192 vaccinated individuals in the study died, which is a 0.26% mortality rate.

Meanwhile, 44 out of the 53,822 unvaccinated people in the paper died, resulting in a 0.08% mortality.

But no, continue being a maskurbating faucist, celebrating a "scientist" who likes to torture puppies and monkeys when he isn't tweaking bat viruses to make them lethal to humans.

Not to mention, the ccp has been pretty open about their intentions to replace the US as the world's sole superpower...

Again, thanks for virtue signaling on a swinger site! Makes us normal people look so much more attractive!

New2Midlo replies on 10/26/2021 9:18 pm:
Blah, blah, dumb fucks with your moronic spin on data. The countries experiencing higher death rates are being hit with Delta and Delta Plus, numb nuts. I'm done explaining basic shit for you brain dead losers.

Take your half wit stupidity elsewhere and eat a dick, while you ponder conspiracies and whatever you right wing losers do. It certainly isn't learning how to put all your brain damaged shit in one comment, that's for certain.

rh1972 50M  
609 posts
11/6/2021 4:41 pm

So, in other words, you don't want your fee-fees hurt by facts that you can't "spin".

Enjoy your fauci-furher diatribes and virtueless signaling; you're the one on a swinger/sex personals site demanding everyone violate their bodily autonomy because you're terrified of the air...

Sounds "rapey"...

New2Midlo replies on 11/6/2021 5:54 pm:
Are you still here? Don't you have some moose to molest or something? I guess you enjoy other readers laughing at you, but hey, you do you.

And for fuck sake, why can't you right wing dipshits speak English, instead of using your moronisms? And you wonder why you get dismissed out of hand.

malesouthernva 58M
21 posts
11/11/2021 5:48 pm

this is an interesting place for a discussion of this kind, when the participants are frequently depicted by their genitals

New2Midlo replies on 11/11/2021 7:30 pm:
It is a bit odd that the blogs frequently seem to live in an alternate universe. Also odd to receive comments from dick pictures, but live and let live, I say.

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