No1sAngel69 40F  
11 posts
6/2/2020 2:28 pm

i think that it is that time of touch myself

Allhard4u50 58M
868 posts
6/2/2020 3:23 pm

Sure go ahead.......masturbation can be fun....

12614 posts
6/2/2020 3:43 pm

Hey, No1.

*Sexy Profile Pics*


Starsearch1965 54M
255 posts
6/2/2020 3:44 pm

Sounds fun

Mr00Fun4U 61M  
901 posts
6/2/2020 5:36 pm

Damn that is so very sexy that you make time for you! It does make me happy knowing you have the ability to stimulate yourself. Enjoy


Hawkfan533333 30M
652 posts
6/2/2020 6:04 pm

I did that earlier today, went at it for a good 5 or 6 hrs, had a out of this world organism, and now my shoulder is sore, and I remembered why I don't do it often. I can do it faster, but the orgasms or terrible, especially comparing them to ones like today. I felt like I died, and was reborn.

Feel free to message my private mailbox

harbor112 60M
1299 posts
6/3/2020 2:39 am

Now that something I most want to witness

hpgeek5 53M  
390 posts
6/3/2020 4:29 am

Isn't it always the right time to touch yourself? I certainly do! Have fun, and have some great orgasms.

Jungle_juice4u 57M
105 posts
6/3/2020 6:01 am

Thats anytime of day..(

profcoquin27bis 55M
3111 posts
6/3/2020 6:15 am

totaly agree, it is alway the time

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 58M
529 posts
6/3/2020 9:28 am

Way ahead of you!!!

twinguy372020 38M
17 posts
6/18/2020 5:26 pm

Or I could touch you....

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