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A good guy with a dark side  

NoTell101 61M
17 posts
1/7/2022 8:35 am
A good guy with a dark side

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the need to be with another woman other than my wife. We have a great relationship, but I have a darker side, one that connects with the animal magnetism of other women who have that same hunger, one they try to hide deep down inside them. It seems souls that share this trait can somehow find each other. I have only a couple of conditions for these dalliances, they must also be married, we have to be in relationships that are our primary concern - no breakups and no condoms (I had a vasectomy years ago). The older I get, I find the last point is never a problem.

We live in a neighborhood of fairly affluent neighbors who love to socialize all the time. Lots of parties, pool parties, ski/lake house weekends, etc. One particular woman has always attracted me, Janet. She and her husband seem very opposite, he's a decent guy but a real homebody. Never wants to travel on the fun weekends and usually wants to leave early from the parties. Janet, on the other hand, is a party girl. First to do shots, jump in the hot tub, go skinny dipping and she always is the last person standing at the end of the party. She is a very curvy woman, big DD cups with a small waist and a very round firm ass who looks ten years younger than her age. She always flirted with me at parties. I looked forward to the goodbye hugs at the end of the nights as she usually found me more than once, our goodbye kiss was always on the lips, usually away from sight of others and the hugs were never "ass out", always extra tight and extra long. As time passed, there were ass grabs, a little grinding and the kisses lasted longer. Both of us were very concerned with being seen doing this as our group would spread gossip like wildfire.

Janet was a teacher in the local system and I had a job that afforded me plenty of time off as I had been there for decades. We hosted a party on a summer Sunday that turned into a bit of a blowout. Lots of hungover people trudging to work on Monday, my wife included. I had the foresight to take the day off for a long weekend and maybe sneak in a motorcycle ride. We had lots of serving dishes to return, so I was given the task of bringing everything back, then I could take my ride as a reward. I had ten dishes to return and the list of who to drop them to. One caught my eye, Janet's dish. I knew she was home, unfortunately not alone as her teenage was off for summer vacation as well. Her hubby was good and he left before he had to pay the hangover price, he worked early so he didn't want the hassle of a hangover. I made her stop the last one of my delivery route. I was suffering along with the majority of the party guests and it was a bit of a drag to drive all around. I texted Janet to let her know I was going to stop by to drop her platter, I received a couple of heart and wink emojis as a reply. When I got there, she was just getting off her treadmill trying to sweat out the alcohol, it wasn't working. She met me at the door wearing a sports bra and yoga pants, her skin still glistening from her workout. She apologized for her sweat as I hugged her, I drank in her scent as I gave her a firm squeeze. Her was texting on her phone as she walked past up to her room and barely acknowledged me as I stepped in. We commiserated about our hangovers as she toweled herself off. I laughed as we sat on the patio holding our heads. "Hair of the dog?" she queried. I said, what the hell, I have nothing else to do today as she poured two generous bourbons and returned.

One drink turned to two, then three and neither of us was feeling any pain. She remained in her workout clothes as we drank the day away. After the third cocktail she moved over to the couch with me and sat close. As we talked she kept deep eye contact, rubbed my thigh, laughed and tossed her hair, all the queues that told me she was feeling frisky. Our conversation gravitated to a bit of gossip and steamier topics as I hoped it would. Janet's hand lingered longer and longer on my thigh. As the alcohol took more effect, I caught her staring at my crotch a few times. Janet was very forthright and volunteered that her sex life was waning, she asked about mine which was also a bit lacking these days with a workaholic wife. We clinked glasses as she said, "Just like Bridge, if you don't have a good partner, you better have a strong hand!". I laughed and said amen to that. At that time there was a rumble of thunder and Janet took me by the hand and said let's go inside. As we stepped into the kitchen, we were a bit unsteady and she stopped short and I bumped into her. She turned to face me and we were now face to face. In an instant, my lips found hers and we were locked in a deep kiss and embrace. Her long tongue delved deep in my mouth as mine returned the favor. My hands roamed her curves as our steamy embrace lingered for what seemed like an eternity. We broke our embrace as I stared deeply into Janet's eyes. She glanced over her shoulder to ensure her hadn't come downstairs. I kissed her again hard and deep. She didn't resist and her hands pulled me in tight to feel the warmth of her body. She put her finger to her mouth to sush me and pulled me into the garage. We continued our torrid embrace and kissing, breaking only to whisper how hot we were for each other at that moment. I felt her nipples stiffening against my chest as my hands slid down her yoga pants to squeeze her firm full ass. She gasped as i squeezed hard and pulled me to grind against my now stiffening cock.

We bumbled our way kissing and fondling each other to an old couch in the corner. Down onto the couch we toppled. I landed on top of her with my thigh now pressing firmly against her crotch. I rubbed hard against her pussy and it felt as if it was on fire, I was wearing shorts and I felt the wetness now against my bare leg. I lifted her sports bra to expose her fabulous breasts. Her dark brown nipples were fully erect as I suckled them as if they were my last meal on earth. She pulled down my shorts to free my now throbbing manhood. She gazed upon me, my fully erect cock amazed her. I'm almost 9 inches hard with big girth. She stroked me and said she always knew I had a big cock. Seconds later, she had the head of my cock in her mouth as she stroked me and sucked hard. Her warm mouth was amazing, there was no hesitation, no holding back as she sucked and licked with wild abandon. I groaned out and she sushed me again, "We have to be quiet, my is in the house" she implored. She rolled me into a seated position as she continued to work my cock like a pro, fondling my full balls as her head bobbed, slow long strokes then faster, twisting both hands while stroking my cock. "Oh Good Janet, you're so fucking sexy, you suck my cock sooo good" I moaned out quietly as she stipped off her sports bra. As she did that, I peeled off her yoga pants to reveal her fabulous firm ass. I pushed her onto her back and lifted her legs over my shoulders and my mouth found the sweetness of her soaked pussy. I sucked and thrashed her clit with my tongue as she grabbed fistfuls of my hair as she fucked my face wildly. Thirty seconds later she rewarded me with a mouthful of her sweet cum. Her body stiffened and convulsed as her orgasm wracked her body. She bit her own shoulder to prevent her from crying out as she gave her final thrusts onto my wanton mouth. She was like an animal now, she rolled me back to seated and straddled me. Our bodies were now a mixture of sweat and the scent of her sex. She looked into my eyes as she took firm hold of my rock hard cock. "I need your big dick inside me now!" she growled as she guided me inside her. She gasped as she tried to work me inside her, "You're so fucking big" she whispered in my ear as she took short slow strokes onto me to accustom her pussy to my girth. Her beautiful<b> sweaty </font></b>breasts dangled in front of me as her head fell back as she took me deeper and deeper with each thrust. I squeezed her tits hard and she moaned "Oh yeah, that's it".

She now had my full length inside her. Je.........sus,' fucking.....good, she stammered out the words out between thrusts. Her pussy felt so tight, so velvety fucking tight and she was soaked. Her sweat dripped onto me as she picked up her pace. I felt her body stiffen and begin to shudder as she ground down hard on me and her pussy clamped down tight, then I felt the the familiar throb of an orgasm on my thick manhood as she bit down on my shoulder to muffle her cries. "Christ", I whispered in her ear, "You almost made me cum too, you feel soooo good". I rolled her onto her back to dominate her as she wrapped her legs around me. I slid into her balls deep as she cried out, "Fuck, so deep!!" I tried to temper my thrusts, but her body begged for me to be balls deep, pounding that sweet pussy. She moaned quietly, "Oh God, Oh God, yes, yes, Fuck me, Oh God you're fucking me so good Jim, don't fucking stop". My sweat poured onto her as I pounded myself inside her. Her big, beautiful tits bounced with each time I hit home. The sound of my diamond hard cock sliding in and out faster, harder, the sound of her dirty talk and our glistening bodies colliding in pure animalistic sexual carnal pleasure made the cum well up in my balls, I knew I was close. "Oh I'm gonna cum again Jim, cum with me, fucking cum inside me!" she implored. At the first throb of her pussy, it set me off like a fucking volcano erupting my white hot sticky cum deep inside her. She made a noise I've never heard before, groaning deeply while finishing with a high pitched squeal. Then a torrent of barely intelligible dirty talk flowed from her mouth as our hips locked and her eyes rolled back into her head, "Fuck, God, fuck, you're cum, fuck...fuck, fuck, so good" She wrapped her legs and arms around me and pulled me in so tight it pushed my heaving breath out. It took all I could muster not to snarl like an animal as I pumped rope after rope of my seed into her. We both huffed into each others ears as we held each other so tightly and shook as our mutual orgasms wracked our bodies.

A few minutes to bask in the afterglow, we cleaned up and toweled dry and attempted to fix our sex hair and scrambled for our clothes in case her came looking for her. We exchanged our mutual desires to continue our affair, we're still clandestine fucking to this day, no one else in our neighborhood is the wiser.

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