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Delusions about stopping  

NoTell101 61M
17 posts
1/11/2022 12:10 pm
Delusions about stopping

I often get on my high and try to tell myself that I will stop my cheating ways to straighten up and fly right. It usually works for a few months until that beast fights past my resolve. I'm prattling along enjoying life, sex with the wife has always been steady, although not as much of a rush as being with someone new. It never is enough.

Following a few months of post Katie life, I thought I'd learned my lesson. Although Patti occasionally popped into the picture, we got our fuck on, then she dropped out just as quick. I also thought that was enough for me, it wasn't. Soon, the hunger for non-monogamous sex was overwhelming. Everywhere I looked, I was always evaluating my next paramour. The food store, the gym, social events, damn my dick was leading me in all directions. I did have some limits, never at work or in the neighborhood (yet). The married women had to have that one thing that set them apart, their discretion had to be primary. I'd never venture into a tryst if there was a chance that it might blow up and ruin both of our worlds, I was deluding myself for pussy.

As luck would have it, I used to get my hair cut at a salon near my home. They added a couple of new stylists and when I showed up for an appointment my regular stylist, a guy, was out sick. One of the new stylists was handling his appointments, her name was Rita. A little uneasy about a new person cutting my hair, I spent a few minutes to get to know her before potentially giving me an Enzo (Seinfeld reference) . Rita was very pretty, very Italian, olive skin, long jet black hair and emerald green eyes. She had a New York accent and a bit of an attitude to go with it. Her body was tight and she wore skin tight jeans and a top that revealed her ample cleavage. She was a couple years younger than me, very personable and touchy feely. I liked that. Soon I was in her chair as she shampooed my hair. I wasn't used to women doing my hair as I had only grown up with old male barbers until I could afford a better cut at a salon, even then, it was a guy who cut my hair. It felt nice to have a woman as pretty as Rita running her fingers through my hair. The added bonus of having her ample chest in my face didn't hurt either. My beast was zeroing in on my next conquest.

After a short time in the chair I learned that she was married with a . Her husband was a carpenter who often would go on extended trips with his buddies while Rita stayed home with her young . She seemed a bit resentful of that as she claimed to have no real social life being a young mom. All of her friends were mostly still single and they partied like the old days, something I felt Rita was pining for. She had the look of a party girl, albeit trapped in a life that didn't afford her the time to smell the roses. She queried me, as most stylists are prone to do, about my life. I rattled on about y job, what I did for fun and how I was newly married to a woman who was a bit of a crazy workaholic. She said, "I feel your pain, it's tough being a one man band" I got a good laugh out of that comment. I noticed the sparkle in her eye when she smiled, something I felt she didn't do enough of those days. She sat me up and I admired the outstanding job she'd done on my hair. I thanked her profusely as it had never come out so well. She asked if I thought it was better than any time before if I'd consider being one of her regular customers as she was new at the salon and needed to build a following. I told her as long as it was cool with my soon to be former stylist, that would be great. I spoke to my guy and he understood. He was pretty inundated with women requesting him as he was a good looking guy. With that, I became Rita's regular.

I was put on a seven week rotation, an appointment I never missed. As time went by our conversations became more detailed, more intimate. All of my former barbers/stylists seemed to want the juicy details about everything, but they were men and there wasn't the sexual tension that was building. After a while Rita volunteered that she got pregnant because she hated condoms and wasn't responsible with her pill. A habit she told me she was now diligent with since her first "whoops". She asked me what I thought about condoms, kind of forward I thought, but what the hell as she was open enough to share. "I hate them too, you can't feel anything and they usually don't fit or break anyways". She giggled and I caught her looking down at my lap in the mirror. The topic remained on sex. She asked about my wife, what she looked like, did we have sex often, what was life like before her. I answered honestly as my guard was let down as she massaged my scalp to ease my tension. "What about you?" I asked. "It's really hard with a and a husband who does what he wants" she said. "Not the same as before I was married, that's for sure!" "Why's that?" I shot back curiously. "Life was a party, not a care in the world, now I have to be a working mom, cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, ahhhh, it sucks sometimes. His mom helps but I don't get much time off and we don't do anything anyways". The discontent rang clear in her words. As she was talking, she kept pushing her boobs into me as she worked. I chalked it up to the fact that they were big and she had to work close to me, maybe it was more???

Our next appointment was during one of the heat waves of summer. Blazing hot that day. I arrived to find Rita with a big smile, tight short shorts and a low cut top. Wow, I complemented her on her look that day, she laughed it off as I was settling into the chair. "You married guys are all alike, see a little skin and you get a little crazy" she chuckled. The salon AC was working in overdrive that day, with all of the dryers going, t was pretty warm in the shop. As she worked my hair, I felt those beautiful boobs pressed against my arms and my back. Her nipples were hard too, I felt them graze me more than once. "So, you have a lot of married guys hitting on you? I don't blame them, you're a hottie!" I retorted. "So you think I'm hot? That's the type of compliment I used to get all the time Ever since I moved up here to CT, everybody's so uptight, I don't get it" she replied. "I know, I grew up here" I laughed back. "So a lot of your married hit on you?" I queried. "Yeah, all talk no action" she laughed. "Not like you, they're creepy, you're nice" she complimented me. "Give me a chance, I can be as creepy as the next guy" I replied sarcastically. I saw a sly smile come to her face in the mirror. As she laid me back into the sink to wash my hair, she let those big beautiful tits fall against my chest and replied, "I'll bet you can" in a sultry low voice. I felt my cock stir in my shorts with that comment, swelling with desire for her.

I inhaled the scent of her musk as she shampooed my hair, her sweat smelled so hot as her fingers pushed through my hair. Those gorgeous tits pressing into me more and more. They were firm and full. She was turning me on and she knew it. Soon I felt the material of my shorts start to restrict my manhood. Fuck it I thought, I don't care if she sees me getting hard. The thought of my exhibitionism turned me on even more. She sat me up staring straight into her tits. I was mesmerized. I looked past her to see that her head was down admiring the bulge in my pants she was creating, we both looked up at the same time into each other's eyes. She knew I busted her, she nervously said, "Jeeze, it's gettin hot in here" I looked her straight in the eyes and said cooly, "It certainly is". The rest of the cut, I caught her staring at my cock multiple times. Her hard nipples and constant boob contact was sending me the message I wanted to hear. She was thinking about me. Our conversation went back to her . "So did you ever take any of your up on their creepy offers?" "Nope, not yet, haven't gotten a good enough offer yet" She grinned back. "Let's see if we can rectify that, wanna get a beer after your shift?" I offered. "Sure, I'm off at 4, I'll meet you at the bar across the street" She nervously replied. "Great, see you then". As I laid the cash in her hand, she used one finger to trace my palm as she took it and gave me a look that make my cock stand at attention.

Four o'clock rolled around and she strolled in. The day was super hot and the bar was dark and cool, there were only two other people in the place when she showed up. I greeted her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She gave me a nice return hug. I grabbed a table in the corner and a couple of beers. "So is this a successful, non-creepy come on?" I ask as we clink glasses. She laughed and tossed her hair. "The day's still young, we'll see" We slid in next to each other and kept eye contact. We spoke of different past relationships, what was good, what was bad and eventually the conversation turned to sex. "What do you like best, oral or fucking?" I asked. "Do I have to make a choice?" she replied as she slid her hand up my thigh. "Not this afternoon" I replied slyly. "We should get out of here, do you have a place we could go?" she asked. "How about the motel down the street" I asked bluntly. She nodded, as she had no words. She leaned in and kissed me. I quickly paid the check and we headed out to my car.

The two mile trip to the motel was nearly silent. We both knew what was to come next. I quickly secured the room and we hastily found our refuge. Once the door closed behind us she turned to me. We were instantly locked in an embrace, our steamy mouths found each other. Deep sensuous kisses, hands roaming everywhere. I unzipped her shorts and slid my hands inside to cup her firm ass cheeks, they were perfect. I squeezed them hard as she shed her shorts. They fell to the floor revealing a pretty thong that perfectly accentuated her stunning ass. I pulled her in tight as I whispered in her ear, "I want you so fucking bad!". She let out a whimper as her head fell back as I drew her hips in tight and ground against her steamy pussy. I pulled her top over her head to reveal a perfect set of tits, beautiful, firm and round. She looked up into my eyes as she knelt down in front of me as I pulled off my shirt. She caressed the front of my shorts with her cheek to feel my growing cock. She then unbuttoned them and dropped them to the floor revealing the bulge in my boxers. She looked up at me, "Ooooooh, this is what I was seeing in the chair today" she said as she pulled my boxers down and freed my manhood. "Whoa, you're got a nice big cock, don't you?" she proclaimed as she began to stroke me. MMmmmmmmmm, I let loose a low groan as her firm grip was supplemented by the warmth of her mouth as she began to fellate me. Her full lips traveled the length of my shaft until she reached the head and she took me in her mouth. Slurp, slurp, slurp came the unmistakable sounds of cocksucking. My hips moved to her mouth as she stroked me with two hands, twisting her grip. "Oh God Rita, that feels so good". "How do you want me today? Romantic or do you want me to be your dirty slut, Slurp, Slurp" "I feel dirty today, I need a good hard fuckin" she said as she sucked and stroked. I pulled her up to get a sloppy kiss.

"You wanna be treated like a , I'll treat you like a " I said in a low growly voice. I yanked off her thong and spun her face first to the wall. She braced herself with her hands and offered me her ass. CRACK! I spanked that fine ass and left a handprint. "You're gonna take this big cock today you little slut until I tell you" I grabbed a handful of her hair and took a kiss. She bit my lip as we broke the kiss. She had a wild look in her eyes. I yanked back on her hair as I forced myself inside her, "Slow, slow' she begged. "You're not the one in control here, I am" I said sternly. I continued my thrusts as she bit her lip and took it. Eventually I was deep inside her. I yanked her hair again like a bridle and began long deep thrusts. She grunted and huffed as I drove deep with every thrust. "Jesus, FUCK!" She cried out as my hips slammed into her ass. "Oooooooh yes, Oh Baby! Yes, I'm so close, don't stop" She pleaded. With that encouragement, I went harder and faster. I felt her body tense as she hunched her back and let our a low moan as she started to shake. "Cumming, cccccumming!" she decried as her legs shook and eventually buckled. I caught her as her legs gave out. I carried her to the bed and presented her with my cock covered in her creamy lust. "Taste your cum on my cock, clean it off you little slut!" I commanded. She instantly grabbed my cock and started to slurp, lick and suck her own cum off me. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she worked my cock feverishly. She pulled her mouth off and looked at me, "I'm your dirty little girl Jim, your bad girl", then she went back to sucking me. I pushed her off and climbed onto the bed. "I'm gonna taste that sluttly little cunt of yours", with that I put a pillow under her ass and went to town. I teased her until she was ready to cum. I felt her hips bucking, my fingers felt her tensing. "No, you don't get to cum yet" I said as I stopped abruptly. She looked at me with a pouty face, "Please, please let me cum" she said as she was stroking her pussy with her hand. I pulled her hand off and went back to teasing her. My head thrashed as my tongue moved across her swollen clit like a vibrator, she howled and twisted. Finally I relented and finished her off into a<b> sweaty </font></b>heap on the bed. She was shaking and writhing as her orgasm hit so hard it almost looked painful.

As soon as she stopped shaking, I lifted up her legs over my shoulders, she gave me the same pouty look as her faux "No's" were belied when she grabbed my hard cock and guided it inside her. "OOOOOOOOHHHHH YESSSSS!!!!!" I groaned out as I slid slowly inside her. She twisted and winced as I hit bottom. I didn't waste much time before I worked up to a hard, fast pace as my hips slammed into her, she squealed loudly with each thrust. I felt my balls well up with cum, my cock grew steel hard. She sensed it, she felt me. "Where do you want to cum? My pretty face, my tits?" I slowed my pace and told her I want you to ride the cum out of me. I rolled onto my back as she straddled me and slid down my hardness. Slowly she picked up her pace riding my full length and then coming down hard and grinding me. "Oh God Rita, God yes!!!" I howled, "I'm so close, fuck, ssssssso close" Her beautiful tits bounced so perfectly as she fucked me for all she was worth. "Give it to me, give me all of it!!" she demanded. I could no longer hold out and I yelled out!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCK, I"M CUMMING, GRRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHH!!" my orgasm was so intense, I felt it originate in the tips of my hair down to the tips of my toes. The eruption was so intense it made me shake and shiver. Rita had her own furious orgasm at the same time as she fell onto me clutching me tightly and shuddering while babbling incoherent sex talk. It felt like forever before we both stopped shaking.

Sweaty and fully satisfied, she rolled off me and let the cool breeze from the ceiling fan wash over her. "Holy fuck that was sooo intense" she huffed out. She started babbling and laid her hand on her forehead, "I don't even know what I'm saying, my head's still spinning." I could barely speak a word either as my mind was totally drained as was my body. We laid motionless for about half an hour before getting in the shower. That was one of the most intense sexual experiences I've ever had.

Rita and I had several more rendezvous over the next year, none as intense as the first, before she ended up leaving her husband because she walked in on him fucking the neighbor while the baby was sleeping in the next room. She moved back to New York to be with her family.

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1/11/2022 2:28 pm

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