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Desperate times, desperate measures  

NoTell101 61M
17 posts
1/23/2022 4:33 am
Desperate times, desperate measures

I went through a dry spell with affairs and was starting to feel the withdrawal pangs of hunger for that illicit pleasure I craved. I thought about going back to Diane, but the possibility of being exposed or caught outweighed the potential reward. In my mind, I desperately needed to maintain the balance between both of my worlds of home life and the dark world of carnal pleasure which randomly took control. I started back with some of the sex and swinger sites that I would occasionally peruse. I was having no luck finding that perfect married match who wanted a clandestine affair.

One day I responded to an<b> email </font></b>from a very pretty woman who told me she had permission to play, a hotwife as she called herself. She explained that her husband would allow himself to be cuckolded while she was having sex in the same room with him. They were a professional couple who lived not too far from me. I'll call them Mr & Mrs X as I do not want to dox them on this site. She was also keen to have bareback sex as she used birth control and had no issue with men cumming inside her. She even went so far as to supply me recent tests to show they were clear of STD's. Even with all of her agreement and documentation, I was not comfortable with having her husband watch us. Even with my previous experience with Janet, another guy in the room did not entice me to get beyond that barrier I had in my mind. Eventually my need for that illicit sex and her compromise to have him hide in the closet and watch got me past my barrier. A date was set and a plan was in motion.

I arrived at their home promptly, a little trepidation flowing in my mind. She met me at the door dressed in a short silky robe, her husband was nowhere to be seen. It was a large beautiful place tucked away in the Berkshires. They were definitely a power couple. We sat for a bit and had a couple of glasses of wine to break the ice. We had already covered most of the basics in our emails and texts and the expectations for the night had been set. There was no talk of her husband as she knew of my proclivity for affairs versus playing with permission. It wasn't long before she sidled up beside me and let the robe slip open as she rubbed my thigh. She had a toned body, no doubt from lots of hours spent in the gym and at the spa. Our eyes met and we kissed. Long deep and very passionate. She let her robe fall away as she kissed me revealing her large breasts and a pretty thong which accentuated her firm ass. She was tall, about 5'8" and wore tall heels to bring her up to my height. We broke our embrace as she took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom. My eyes remained fixed on her beautiful round ass swaying as she sauntered to the boudoir with me in tow.

She asked me to sit in a chair as she knelt in front of me. It was as if everything was moving in slow motion as she unbuckled my pants and slid them off. She teased me a bit as she parted my legs and ran her hands up and down my thighs while telling me in a breathy tone how she was going to suck my cock. She ran her hands over the fabric of my boxers to as my member grew had at her touch. She never broke eye contact as she ran her fingers up the legs of my boxers and tickled my balls with her perfectly manicured nails. My cock begged to be freed, yet she kept me trapped as she ran her tongue up and down the outline of my hard on threatening to tear through my shorts. She pursed her lips and slowly slid my boxers down until my now fully erect cock sprang free. Her eyes widened as she took my throbbing member in her hands. "Oooooooh my, what a big beautiful cock you have, so much larger than my husband!" she exclaimed as she placed a kiss on my engorged head. She finished slipping off my shorts as she massaged my balls. "I'll bet your so full of cum for me too" as she kneaded my balls with one hand while continuing to stroke me with her other hand. Her long elegant fingers tightened their grip as she enveloped the head of my cock in her full lips and took it into her warm inviting mouth. Her long tongue swirled around me as I gasped out at the feeling. "Baby likes me sucking his cock?" she queried before taking me deep in her mouth. My hips responded automatically rising to meet her wanton mouth. She sucked me deep and hard before running her tongue up and down my shaft. She expertly handled my cock as if it were her profession. "Mmmmm, so hard for me, I'm not so used to a cock this hard" she mused. Deep strokes down her throat, both hands twisting while she stroked and sucked, then taking each of my balls in her mouth gently sucking them while her eyes watched for my reaction. I gave her exactly what she wanted. I groaned and begged her not to stop. Told her how incredible it felt. She tugged my cock skyward as my hips rose, she darted that long tongue into my asshole, causing me to let out a yelp. She was in total control.

My head was spinning as she led me to the bed and continued her deft cocksucking and took me to the bring of orgasm before stopping abruptly and squeezing the base of my cock to thwart my load. I groaned out as the feeling of my aborted orgasm made my body shudder. "Not so fast Baby, there'll be time for that later" she hissed. She removed my shirt as she swung herself onto the bed and instructed me to get on my knees. I did so quickly as I was practically drooling for the taste of her sweet shaved pussy. As much as I wanted to tease her, her undulating hips told me otherwise. I ran my tongue up her thigh up to her pussy, stopping just short of her clit. She grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me in. "Taste me, fucking eat that pussy". I complied and dove in, driving my tongue inside her she moaned loudly as I took her swollen clit between my lips and gently sucked and thrashed it with my tongue. "So much better than my husband, you eat my pussy soooo good, Mmmmmm, fuck you're getting me so close" she urged. Those words caused me to go crazy on her driving my tongue inside her, my fingers finding her g-spot as her body stiffened and her cries grew loud,"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!!" She cried out as she arched her back and shudddered uncontrollably. She held her arch and then collapsed onto the bed all the while extolling my efforts as so much better than her husband. She wasted no time rolling me onto my back, once again taking control. "I'm going to fuck that big cock" she said as she straddled me, grinding her soaked pussy up and down the underside of my cock. She reached back and grabbed my rigid staff and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy, readying herself for my entry. She started to slide backwards onto me, never breaking eye contact until one deep thrust caused her to wince a bit. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as re breath huffed out as she continued to pump up and down on my manhood. "OH GOD YES!!! YOU"RE SO FUCKING HARD!!" She moaned out loudly as she rode me balls deep now. "Tell me what you want, fucking tell me!" she demanded. "I want you to fuck me, fuck the cum right out of me" I groaned. The sound of her soaked pussy was so sweet as she slid up and down, faster then slower, grinding then pounding. Her pace was drawing me ever close to orgasm. All at once she landed on me and ground her hips back and forth, so hard, so fast. "OH BABY, I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN, CUM ALL OVER YOU!! FUUUUUCK!!!" she howled as she shuddered to a stop, shaking, pulling off me quickly to drench me with her cum. So warm, so fucking sexy. She recomposed herself quickly and grabbed my cock and slid back down me. My balls ached to fill her with my lust. She looked down in my eyes and demanded my cum, "Give it to me, gimme that cum, it's mine and I want it!" She rammed herself down on me crying out how good I felt, how big and hard I was. All the extolling and encouragement was too much for me to bear, she knew it. I gasped out, "OH MY GOD, I'M GONNA CUM!!" I raised my hips to meet her pounding as I grabbed her waist to impale her sex onto my throbbing rod. It felt as if my orgasm originated in my toes as I blasted my hot cum into her. "AHHHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHH!!!" I howled as I thrust hard and deep with every cum blast. Over and over as I felt my cum run out of her all over my balls, down my asshole, so much cum. When I stopped shaking and thrusting, she dismounted me and went to work cleaning me off. She made hungry noises as she lapped the cum off my still hard, sensitive member and my drained balls. My head spun as she worked me. At that moment, I heard the familiar grunts and groans of another male orgasm from the closet. He tried to stifle the sounds, but he couldn't contain it.

My exit from the bed was quick after that. Mrs X also seemed to be in a hurry. As I gave her a kiss and thanked her for the experience, Mr X emerged from the closet, naked, covered in his own cum. She turned to him as I faded from the room and he pushed her down and immediately started to go down on her. I was taken aback as he devoured her jizz filled pussy. This must have been their cuckold, hotwife ritual. I babbled out a quick goodbye as they ignored me as I bolted from their home. That experience freaked me out a bit as I had a difficult time fathoming another man eating my cum out of his wife's pussy. I tried to rationalize it as I drove home as it being their thing, to each their own, etc etc. It was still tough for me to comprehend. They emailed me and thanked me before I even reached my house in the hour drive I had. They asked me for a repeat performance. I coudn't reply right away as I was still processing the whole thing. After a day of contemplation, I replied thanking them but declined to repeat the evening, still not being able to come to grips with the image of another man eating my cum out of his wife's pussy. I guess I'm not that evolved yet, maybe some day, just not that day.

author51 60F  
130010 posts
1/23/2022 11:04 pm

Hot story indeed sexy man. There seems to be a lot of cuckhold couples on this site where the hubby likes t eat the leftovers..To each their own, yet not something I would be into if part of a couple..xoxo

NoTell101 replies on 1/24/2022 5:55 am:
Agreed, not my thing either, but if they want that type of fun they can have at it. Me, I prefer to have my cum stay put or have you get creative with it like an impressionist painter.

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