My Rants for today  

PNWPerson 65M
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10/20/2015 8:07 am
My Rants for today

So I wonder what it really takes to do a hook up. I'm willing partner and seems that theres plenty of women, so what is keeping us all from hooking up??

rdy2try4 56F  
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10/20/2015 8:17 am

Obviously you don't realize the dangers of strangers. I am amazed. Just do a g**gle search of internet date r4pes and see what comes up. There are tons of people being accosted and hurt as well as murdered my dear Sir. Even men are not safe. Do a search for Mark Twitchell and see how he pretended to be a woman to lure men out and he murdered one and almost another before being caught. It is not that rare any longer that people are sexually assaulted by strangers they met online. Women are at great risk and we DO take our time in talking to people and finding out what we may be getting into to keep our selves safer. Turn on your TV and see how Ariel Castro kept 3 women locked up for 10 years. There was just another one where a 14 year old was held captive by a 20 year old in Ohio and he got her pregnant. THIS IS REAL and no matter how bad you want to have sex SAFETY is first.

itsallfantasy 55F  
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10/20/2015 8:36 am

Maybe YOU don't have any preferences other than it is a female with tits and a hole, but most women don't screw anything with a penis!! You are MARRIED and have no time to do anything but rush in and fuck then leave. What the fuck would most of us want with that??? There may be some that will, but don't whine how you can't get pussy behind your wife's back thinking horny women will fuck anyone that asks. I would bet if you had a daughter you wouldn't tell her to just fuck anyone and everyone because some guy is horny.

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