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Story For You  

PalmBeachEJ76 46M
0 posts
1/5/2022 9:31 pm
Story For You

We have been wanting to meet for a long time. So you call me and tell me your husband is going to be out of town and i should come over tonight. So I say ok and I make my way over to your house. I take off my shoes and we sit down. We start talking as we start eating and I go to stretch out my leg. I accidentally rub up against your inner thigh but don't think much of it. So I go back to eating not thinking much of it. Before I really can do much of anything else I feel something rubbing up against my coc It's your foot. You pulled your chair in just tight enough so you could reach me. And you start teasing me with your foot. It's getting me quite hard and really turned on. So I decide to keep up our game of footsie. I act like nothing is going on but I slide my foot between your legs and under your dress. I slowly start rubbing it up and down your panties and you look at me and smirk as we are both starting to feel really good. After this goes on for a while, I decide I just can't take anymore. So I get up, I pull out your chair, I lift you out of it and I take you to your bedroom. I put you down on the bed and I get on top of you. I start rubbing my body up and down yours. My cock is starting to get very hard and it feels really good up against your body. I hear you let out a soft moan of pleasure so I know you are enjoying yourself too. I move up your body and start kissing you passionately for what seems like hours. But in reality only minutes. We are both really turned on now. So I pull away and I lift your shirt lift your hands and I take it off exposing your bra. You go to unhook your bra but I push your hands away. I love to tease. I start playing with your nipples through your bra. I lightly caress them and use my fingernail ever so slightly to tease them. I run my fingers all around the edge of your nipple feeling the material of your bra as it rubs up against your super sensitive nipples. I go from one to the other teasing both. I can see you starting to squirm and could tell ur really horny. You go to sneak your hand between your legs to start rubbing your clit but I won't allow it. I push your hands back and hold them down. I start kissing your nipples through your bra. Moving from left to right I plant kisses on each breast and inbetween. I get to the right one and i keep going. I kiss up your arm and then your neck until I reach your ears. I suck on your earlobe and lightly nibble on your ear. I then whisper into your ear. "I'm gonna make you cum SO hard." You love this and it gets you SO hot you look at me and say "FUCK ME-I you inside of me now!" But not yet. You're not ready yet. I resume kissing your nec..I take soft kisses and plant them up and down each side of your nec I blow into your ear..causing you to shiver ever so slightly. I pull up for a second and I look at your incredible body in only your bra and I just get as hard as can be. Almost on cue you grab my jeans and unbutton my pants. I try to push you down to keep going but you won't be denied. You to see what I got. You pull down my jeans and I step out of them. I can see a smile across your face as you see how hard I am. You start caressing my 9" cock through my boxers. When I couldn't get any harder you pull my cock out and start playing with it. I step out of my boxers but push you back down on the bed. I start kissing the top of one breast while playing with the other one's nipple through your bra. It's driving you wild and you so badly for me to take your bra off. I kiss all the way down to the top of your nipple and then I move over the other one and do the same. I finally decide you have had enough of that. I go to your bra strap and I pull it down with my teeth. You slip your arm out and your breast plunges out. I see your rosy nipple standing there hard as can be SO suckable. You quickly unhook your bra and slide out of it...flinging it across the room. You think I am just going to start sucking on your nipples and you push them towards me. Instead I wanna tease you some more. I take my finger and start drawing circle around each breast. This has you oddly turned on. I start with a big circle and then draw smaller and smaller circles as i get to your nipple. You could not be more aroused. I can smell the musk from your pussy juices as they really start flowing into your panties. It's an unmistakable<b> scent </font></b>and it smells intoxicating. I know you so badly to be fucked but you need to earn it. After all, you teased me, I am goin to tease you right bac I gently grab one nipple and roll it between my thumb and forefinger. U cab see the look of pleasure on your face as I give it a squeeze and a tug. I do that a few times before I step back and admire how hot you are topless and horny. There has always been an unspoken attraction between us but I always believed nothing could come of it. I always thought you were SO sexy and would have given anything to be with you. As I looked at your half naked body, I thought this a dream come true. As I admiring your body, you popped right up and grabbed my coc Before I knew it you had all 9 inches in your mouth. I had never felt such pleasure in my life. You licked each part, you sucked on the used your tongue in ways I never felt possible. I feeling weak at the knees. I warned you I getting close to cumming but you kept on going....all of a sudden I felt this incredible warmth over my entire body and I shot my load of cum deep into your mouth...rope after rope of cum went down the back of your throat and you swallowed it all without flinching. I ready to collapse but you shook your head slightly-as to say not so fast. You licked and sucked until minutes later I rock hard again. You wanted me inside of you. But I guess you didn't learn yet...I pushed you back down and started kissing you again passionately...this time while playing with your nipples. I rubbed and tugged at them to make sure they were ready. I pulled away from you...I kissed down the nape of your neck right to your nipples. I took one in my mouth and sucked on it while I flicked it with my tongue. I having a hard time concentrating as you were rubbing my cock and caressing my balls. But I knew what I doing and I took your nipple between my teeth and nibbled at it slightly as i let my tongue lick all around it. I moved over to the next one and did it again as you collapsed back down onto the bed...I then started kissing down your body as you told me you thought you may cum just from this. I kept kissing every inch of your body. Your chest then your stomach then your belly button then to the waistband of your dress. What should I do I asked you? You yelled out FUCK ME!!!! I knew what I had to do. I started pulling it down and you thrusted yourself up to slide it off. You then started to take off your panties but I said no and pushed your arms away. I ran my finger across the waistband of your soaking wet cotton panties. I went back and forth and each time I got deeper and deeper into your panties-I made sure to only slightly nudge your clit. As you sat there with your legs spread I ran my finger along your pussy slit on the outside of your panties. You have never been wetter as I started from your pussy hole and lightly ran my finger right to your clit and stopped. Then I ran it right back down...stopping to tease the hole a from the outside. You tried to get your hand to your clit to start rubbing but I stop you just as you have your hand inside your panties. I grab your hand and start sensually sucking on each one of your fingers...I can taste your juices. I always knew you would taste sweet and you definitely did. I licked each one of your fingers very slowly before placing your arm back above you again. I then went on the inside of your thigh and started kissing ever so slightly until i reached your panties. I nudged at your clit a with my nose as I went to kiss the other side and I went back and did the same thing in reverse. I can tell you are soaking wet now, just the way i wanted it. I p ush your panties aside revealing your perfect soaking wet beautiful bald pussy. You once again raise your body up as I slide your panties down. I go to whisper in your ear and you remove my shirt rubbing your hands all over my chest. I whisper in your ear once again "Get ready to cum harder than you ever have" And right then without notice I go right at your clit and start attacking it with my tongue. Within seconds I can hear you moaning and feel you push my head into your pussy as you scream IM GONNA CUM! Right then I take two fingers and slide them deep inside of you. Seconds later I can feel your pussy clench around my fingers as you tell me Uhhhhhh Im Cummming dont stop! Oh and I don't.....I keep flicking at it my tongue while 2 fingers are sliding in and out of your soaking wet pussy. Thats when I decide I want to really drive you crazy. I open my mouth just a litle and i start sucking on your clit. I can feel you breathing heavily and moaning loudly knowing you have never felt this way in your life...I keep sucking at your clit while flicking at it with my tongue. Your whole body starts shaking uncontrollably and just when u think you cant handle anymore I flip you over. I take my tongue and plunge it deep between your pussy lips. You taste amazing. And I curl my tongue just in the right way so that i keep hitting ur clit sending you into more spasms of exctacy as my handle are rubbing your nipples at the same time. Suddenly you pop up and grab me. You push me down, my hard cock standing at attention. You kneel in front of me and put yout fingers deep inside of you making me harder still. You then get up and slowly lower yourself on to my rock hard dic Inch by inch my cock disappears into your soaking wet pussy. I can feel your juices dripping all over my coc Finally I am sall the way inside of you and then you slowly get up and then back down again. You're beginning to build yo another orgasm. My heart is racing because the pleasure is so intense. You start increasing the speed and and we both startr moaning loudly but I dont wanna cum yet. So I get up and flip you on your bac I spread your legs and I put my cock right on the tip of yur pussy hole. I rub it up and down the slit of your pussy and rub it up against your clit making you pant in excitement and scream I YOU INSIDE ME!.So I decide it's time to listen to you. I slowly slide my dick to your hole and I push all the way in. You tell me to fuck you harder so I do. I slam my cock inside of you in and out and in and out as fast as I can. The friction is driving me crazy and I can hear the juices of your pussy start sloshing around as our bodies slap together. You pull me closer as I drive into you and I feel your pussy muscles grab the head of my dic You are cumming again. So i decide to help you out by bending down and while still inside of your rubbing your clit furiouly sending you into almost a state of shoc You tell me you almost blacked out. But I am not done with you yet. I tell you to get up on your kneeds. When you do, I come up from behind you, grab you close to me and stick my 9" hard cock inside of you. Im building up to the biggest orgasm of my life. I go in and out of your pussy as I bring you closer to me still. I can feel the heat of your pussy on my coc I dont know how much longer I can last. But I you to cum with me too. As I keep sliding in and out of your wet pussy and driving myself harder and harder into you from behind I grab you and start kissing you pasisoantely. I take my hands and roll ur nipples between my fingers agains trying to get them as hard as possible. I squeeze them just a bit making youy quiver. You moan softly Oh baby Im gonna cum again-cum with me--cum inside of me. Just as you say that you start moving your hands down to your clit. With me inside of you and rubbing your nipples you start playing with yourself ...because you just cant help wanting to cum hard again. I hear you scream ohhh baby im gonna cum again cum with me, cum inside me. So with one last PUSH your pussy muscles tigh ten once again but this time I can't hold bac My cock explodes inside you as you start screaming ohhh Im cumming again dont stop. My cum shoots hard out of the head of my dic..ropes and ropes of cum are streaming out of me as we are both screaming in pleasure. Your fingers are stil lworking feverishky at your clit until I give one last contraction and one last squirt fills your pussy with my cum. We both collapse on to the bed...sweaty, drenched in each others juices.and exhausted. We both look at each other and smile knowing that the best sex either of us have ever had...and it could never be topped... or could it....

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