Wall of Shame - The Shorties  

PattiBannon 46T  
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9/8/2021 3:17 pm
Wall of Shame - The Shorties

I'm going make this one a sticky. Shorties are the messages that consist of one, or a few words that either make a statement, or say hello in various forms. Our previous WOSI was guilty of sending the shortest of shorties. Check it out [post 44903]. What makes shorties so infuriating is that I literally bring it in my profile. is the actual text:

"- When you send a message or IM, say a little more than 'hey". Give me something respond . Let know you are trying!!"

The one thing I enjoy about the shorties is the authors creativity. There are so many variations its crazy! Check back often see the latest shorties I post them.

Have you received an awesome shortie?? comment and add it the list!

So is the first WOSS (Wall of Shame Shortie) -

" You so sexy"
There you go! Short, simple, and guaranteeing that I will never respond!!

PattiBannon 46T  
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9/8/2021 5:29 pm

Here is another one fresh off the messages! Am I just supposed to thank him?? I'm not sure what to do...

"hot pics"


Brownie202 64F  
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9/8/2021 6:13 pm

Just the love my pictures or sexy pictures. Even though I only have one picture and never of my face or body.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

PattiBannon replies on 9/8/2021 8:30 pm:
It's all about the love!

peninsula_ 51M
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9/8/2021 7:20 pm


You can leave me a message here

PattiBannon replies on 9/8/2021 8:35 pm:
Annoying? Do you mean short messages are annoying, or is this a short message that you received? Or am I annoying (I can be). Wait a minute!!! I think you just won the first WOSI on the actual WOS!!! 😂🤣. Just kidding.

peninsula_ 51M
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9/8/2021 9:08 pm

Annyong is korean for "hello", never watched Arrested Development I guess. I could say more, but I think enough has.

You can leave me a message here

PattiBannon replies on 9/9/2021 2:20 am:
Haha! That Is hilarious!! I'll will be using that in the future!!!

PattiBannon 46T  
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9/8/2021 9:52 pm

And one more!

how are you

I'll give him credit, at least it's a question. Besides "hey" and "hi", "how are you" is one of the most used shorties. The only thing worse than "how are you" is to shorten that shortie down to "hru". Now I'm guilty of using some questionable abbreviations, but this one makes my head explode when I see it...

PattiBannon 46T  
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9/10/2021 12:29 pm

Got this one on IM just now -

hot pics!

I guess I could thank him, but I'm in a hot chat at the moment. If you Wanna steal me away from it, you gotta give me more!!

CaseyCat 56F  
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9/11/2021 12:07 pm

Now you know what us women go through

PattiBannon replies on 9/11/2021 2:48 pm:
100%!!! I was just thinking about that. I remember my first Crossdressing party I went to. I didn't really understand that there would be men there. One guy eye fucked me as he walked around the entire room. It gave me a sickening feeling. Later on, a very large Crossdresser came up to me at the bar and started to rub my thigh. I was in shock and didn't know what to do. That night I felt for all women who have to endure this behavior... It's fucking discussing and sad. Guys here treat me as if I owe them something. It blows my mind. I hope you are good! Thanks for bringing this up.

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