UPDATE: The "Fake Profiles" On This Site Have Reached Pandemic Proportions And Are Out Of Control!  

Patti_Kake 43F
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6/16/2018 5:36 am
UPDATE: The "Fake Profiles" On This Site Have Reached Pandemic Proportions And Are Out Of Control!


Last October (2017), I wrote a Blog post detailing the "Fake Profiles" that were inundating this site (and all it's many 'clone' sites).

Since that time I've noticed that a very few people have occasionally written posts regarding these 'fakes" on the Support Blog, and having looked there today, I noticed yet another was written about 10 days ago.

As expected, the response was that it would be "forwarded" to the appropriate site department and their advice to the person who wrote the post was to report it to the Abuse Dept. using their online reporting tool at the bottom of the profile picture.

As if anyone is going to take the time to fill out HUNDREDS of Abuse Reports ... EVERY DAY!!!

Since I initially wrote about these "fakes", their 'authors' have added to the number of stock-standard profile Introductions that accompany each one, and are presented here as an "UPDATE".

Currently, one of these following seven "Introductions" can be found on each one:

Hey. Do you want me for the night?

Hi sexy, I see yo're close, and I'm really in a mood to fuck and suck your...

I'm webcam model, but i can't talking here. I'll be fired.

Hi! Do you want to have sex right now?

I am very hot sexy girl, now me totally naked any one see & fuck me...

Oh my god, you are sooo good. Fuck me hard, i'm waiting...

My naturally sweet and sensual personality will make our time together one of a kind

(Yes, the same grammatical mistakes that were present since these "fakes" began in mid-September of 2017 are STILL present today!)

In all fairness and in defense of the "Abuse Dept." I have noticed that these "fake profiles", newly posted every single day, are being deleted within a few days. Whether it's being done by the site or the scammers themselves is unknown.

I would expect that they will continue to show up as the site really can't do anything about it.

If they are being 'authored' by some "Scam Team from Ghana", the site can't/won't block the IP addresses they come from as most of these 'scammers' use 'Internet Cafe's' there to create these "fake profiles", and the site cannot/will not 'Block/Ban' any of them for fear of "punishing all for the abuse of a few".

Unlike those members on this site that do use Google Chrome and/or TinEye to verify that the profile pictures used on these and other "fake profiles" are indeed copied-and-pasted from various web sites, and report them for abuse, the site people cannot use those 'tools', as they represent a "commercial entity" and would be charged a fee to use them.

Let's face it, reducing the site's 'profits' for Customer Satisfaction, by them paying to use those sites, is NEVER going to happen!

The bottom line is that we will just have to live with continued new "fake/scam profiles" that infest the site on a daily basis, whether they be from the "Scammer Team from Ghana" or the other individuals that post them.

Although they still are few in numbers (compared to the ignorant members who leave 'knuckle-dragger' comments under the 'fake/scam profile' pictures), there are a growing number of individual members on here that do report the "fake/scam profiles" for abuse, and in most cases (not all), the site does get around to deleting them!


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lnghrdfckn 41M
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6/16/2018 5:50 am


Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:04 am:
I see from your comment and your profile Introduction that you would greatly benefit from using spellcheck!

buddy32932 76M
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6/16/2018 5:57 am

I agree with you..........but, not really worth my time to notify corporate.........over the years they don't accomplish any positive results............guess they are afraid of losing paying customers.
I do defend your right to complain

Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:11 am:
I can understand your reluctance to 'enter the fray' and report the 'fakes', and you're correct in assuming that a reduction in the site's numbers would undoubtedly steer away potential new people from signing up as members if they knew beforehand that more than 70% of the existing profiles were fakes and/or those that haven't logged in in over 3 months.

ClassicFriction 60M
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6/16/2018 5:59 am

All true and it seems to be getting progressively worse. It's a continual annoyance,
but the fake profiles are so easy to spot it's almost not a factor.

The clue I see over and over again is women "seeking for" something. We don't
seek "for" ....... we just seek. The idiots writing these fake profiles give it away
when it's obvious they're not from an English-speaking country.

I also get IMs with an intro like: "Hey baby, I'm ready to suck your giant cock!" Sure
you are!

Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:20 am:
It may be easy to spot the 'fakes' by some of us but judging by the amount of comments left under the profile pictures by many of the members it's obvious not all can!

pocogato12 69F  
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6/16/2018 6:07 am

Fake profiles are a dime a dozen and some of them portray as Gold. Well that's a sure since when they are so obvious. I have reported my share,
especially when the language gets abusive. Today the report was on one that was obvious advertising!! trolling for business. We justhave to take care of ourselves and be safe

(Virtual Symposium Group) use Virtual Symposium Group

Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:22 am:
I couldn't agree with you more, pocogato12!

mufdiver69er2 61M  
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6/16/2018 6:12 am

having joined the site back in nov 07,i have seen ebbs and flows of this but it has gotten worse since they started all the points nonsense...then bought out that colombian studio..its hard enough to get with REAL folks as it is,much less having to root out the fakes n flakes..love google image search..keep givin em hell patti cakes..i will too !!

woop woop

Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:24 am:

mc_justmc 61M  
6851 posts
6/16/2018 6:13 am

The fake profiles are greater in number than I ever remember seeing in the past. You think they're from Ghana? When I read their messages I can hear a thick Russian accent.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:29 am:
Whether or not these fake profiles are from Ghana or Russia really doesn't matter, but according to many of the web sites dedicated to exposing these 'scams', the guys from Ghana get paid to post them on dating sites, and obviously don't speak or read English. They just copy and paste the words on the profile Introductions and headers.

japaneseass 54F
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6/16/2018 6:14 am

I do report often, if I suspect fakes going on. If the member is new and just a standard, the site would take the profile down, but in most cases, if the member is already a gold member, they site won't do anything. I guess they figured, the gold females are the money maker for the site, or if they are male members, they are the paying members...so either way, they are getting their money, if they are fake or not.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:33 am:
Like you, I also report the Newest Member'Gold' profiles, which doesn't always result in their deletion, but sometimes they are.

Lotsa69s 53M  
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6/16/2018 6:18 am

TSdates.com is basically run by dirtbags--- they could not even remotely care less about members (free, or paid.. I'm gold, and a guy... obviously, I pay).

I've raised legitimate, significant bugs to them- IMs not being delivered. Worse, getting notified of reply backs to an email, and it's not delivered (that's happened several times). All you get back is "it's not us because we're awesomely wonderful" (paraphrased, of course). I'm even giving them suggestions, like checking the message trails between MemberX & I, provided times, screen shots etc... they do nothing to provide support or fix their site issues.

You put more thought into this blog post than TSdates.com does in taking care of its members. it's a dirtbag company overall.. and they're probably never going to change.

if they won't address functional core bugs, how can anyone really think they have a vested interest in paying someone to actually read profile complaints and then delete them. What they do delete is more of a token deletion.

They had a security breach... Bing it or Google it. And, they said nothing about it to any of us, even though 412 million accounts were affected including deleted accounts. Delete the spaces, and follow it... h t t p s : // www. zdnet. com/article/TSdates.com-network-hack-exposes-secrets-of-412-million-users/

I could keep going on and on-- Hopefully, I've illustrated a clear picture that the company at it's very core does not give a rat's ass about it's customers.


Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:47 am:
I won't debate the points you've detailed here except to say that this site, like any other, is here to make money ... period!

Unfortunately, we the members have to put up with their low standards and abilities of running a 'quality' operation, but then again, what would you expect from those that have tried and failed to gain employment from the Corporate giants of Silicon Valley like Google and Facebook and have to condescend to accepting positions with what most would consider to be a bottom-of-the-barrel in prestige "Adult Site'?

altlooking 67M
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6/16/2018 6:20 am

The fakes have proliferated here partially due to the shutdown of the Craig's List personals. I've noticed since then, fake profiles, and also the hookers asking you to email them off-site, have grown markedly.

Guess there's not a lot anyone can do. Except report them. That's what I'm doing now.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:55 am:
Craigs List shutdown was fairly recent. These particular 'scammers' have been flooding the site with new 'fake' profiles every single day since mid-September 2017. I have noticed that there are a lot more of the hooker/adult massage oriented profiles showing up since Craigs List's shutdown, but at least the site has made an effort to curtail them. If you 'click' on their profile pictures and check Google Chrome's search for image, it will take you to your own main profile page, most of the time.

itsallfantasy 54F  
1063 posts
6/16/2018 6:27 am

My problem with all of this is I don't understand the men that buy into that crap. Many years ago an old sage here named Dakranz used to tell the men in the advice lines to stand back and be honest. Look in the mirror and ask yourself would THAT women go out with ME in reality? The number of men that think because we are on this site we are so horny we fuck anything that asks us is off the charts and they think they are so studly that we can't possibly tell them no and some of them look worse than Quasimodo and have no communication skills AT ALL. Now to be fair, there ARE wonderful men on here. NOT ALL MEN are knuckle draggers, but too many of them ARE and to think this is some online whorehouse that you just log in, flip out your dick and women flock to you to suck/fuck it is just plain ridiculous let alone conceited and egotistical. The line of "get laid in 24 hours" IS AN ADVERTISEMENT!!! Can it happen? Sure, it can and might, but logically it is not any more than the commercial showing someone opening a Labatt's Blue beer bottle and it starts snowing inside the bar, yet when it comes to sex the men are so willing to believe that those hotties will want to let them fuck them that they fall for those fakes and scammers like flies on shit.

Yes, over 100 sites log in here and not all are sex based either. I blame the site for that as it causes the men to get all pissy when they see a woman NOT here looking to be the countries next cum hole whore. LOL Sorry to go on, but I so agree with you on the fakes and scammers, but the men are who make them live by buying into that crap.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 1:19 pm:
No need to apologize because we ALL agree 100% with you! I often wonder though, who are more ignorant ... the scammers who post those fake/scam profiles ... or the knuckle-draggers who believe they are real and make lewd comments below the pictures on their profiles?

heartshapedcock2 38M
1863 posts
6/16/2018 6:30 am

I report them whenever I see them. I to hate all the fakes here.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 6:59 am:
I find reporting them to be enjoyable and a welcome change from having to open, ignore and delete emails from guys that have dick pictures on their profiles!

cumwithme4469 59M  
124 posts
6/16/2018 7:07 am

i get these about 10 times a day:

Hey there.. would love to know more about you.. well i'm a Mistress and a very Dominant one who seeks a submissive guy to own or to have fun with.. a guy who is willing to explore his dark side and would love to have some sexy affair with me.. would love it if you mail me at xxxxxxxxx at google mail dot com .. As i'm just a new member here. I will be waiting for you.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/16/2018 7:15 am:
Those are the easiest to report. Just go to Report Abuse, select the Terms of Use Violation, and then select Advertising an email address. No need to verify and enter the web site where the 'fake' profile picture came from in the Comments box.

sirhC4372 49M
26 posts
6/16/2018 7:21 am

Ive been on this site for years as a gold and standard member. the fakes have Always been here! Glad to see you here though.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 1:20 pm:

New2Midlo 52M  
1037 posts
6/16/2018 8:40 am

As a marketing professional, I see having a bunch of fakes as a solid business model. If those behind the fake profiles are paying membership fees, TSdates.com generates more revenue than if they policed for them. And if TSdates.com is generating the fake profiles, it allows them to claim higher membership numbers and boosts the number of people 'in my area'.

Not to mention most guys have no sense of discernment when a woman 15 years his junior, with hot pics approaches them. So, the fakes increase male engagement in the site and keep them interested when the real women reject them.

That's my point of view as a male. Considering the male / female ratio on here, I don't see a benefit to allowing fake male profiles to explode, save the revenue aspect. It's not as though there's a dearth of men on here.

Personally, I've reached a point where I can gloss right over the fake profiles, but if I have a complaint about the fakes, it's that they often don't remain blocked when I disengage.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 1:27 pm:
The fake/scam profiles I'm writing about on these Blog posts are women's profiles, and their geographical locations are not the USA, which has the highest percentage of paid memberships for this site. So the massive quantities of these fake/scam profiles being posted every day is of no significant benefit to the site or the majority of men that are members.

SolarPowered0 115M
8346 posts
6/16/2018 8:51 am

Ya know why there are so many "fake" profiles?

There are way too many fake people. Simple.

The profiles are likely real. It might be, though, that your expectations of people are just a tad ethereal. People just ain't that "benevolent" by nature.

Now, ya take my profile--I tried the "real" approach back 13 years ago... and I found out real quick: "Yer wastin' yer time, Dude." So, I just write BLOG postings when I get a hair up my ass about the state of the "real" world.

BTW: If I want a hooker, I'll just head on out to Reno. They're "real" there... and generally cheaper than those found in this place.

You think these fakes are a problem, now? Just wait it out, like 'til ya been here 13 years. Everything will fall clearly into a certain perspective... and ya won't be wastin' your time dealing with the ABUSE team.


Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 1:29 pm:
Thanks for your personal opinion and singular experience!

s2ndegree 62M  
9797 posts
6/16/2018 9:42 am

I tend to believe the success of this site is that it offers those
who crave attention a place to do so without any intention to follow
through with what they claim.Mendaciousness is the mood here
where the measured can't even live up to their own expectations.

The scammers are the easiest to spot and they generally only
go after the paying members.What good is it to report these to a site
that it itself does the same thing to those whose gold is nearing renewal?
The fakes on the other hand have been here for a very long time
and enjoy amassing hundreds of friends all from a safe distance away.

Using more than all the road!

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 1:31 pm:
Thank you for you personal insights but I cannot agree with your statements.

DoctorBooty 40M
6420 posts
6/16/2018 9:51 am

the fakes have always been here, which is one reason I stopped emailing anyone first on the site. Too difficult to find one that isnt fake that meets my standards.

But there are far less of them than there once was, far less. So they did address the complaints a little.

Now its just changed to them trying to rip off chat cam sites by allowing cam models to work here, and with fake locations. None of them are locals, all are in other countries. They used to ban those cam girls pretty quickly.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 1:38 pm:
I beg to differ with your assessment that there are less fakes around today. Since the fake/scam profiles from the 'Ghana Scam Team' (as I refer to them) began in mid-September of 2017, the number of new profiles each day has grown exponentially. Friday through Sunday there are an average of 1,000 new profiles each day all using one of those seven identical profile Introductions, and many using the exact same pictures, but with different geographical locations (all non-USA).

MyBaffies 52M
4877 posts
6/16/2018 10:32 am

The fake profiles all follow the same handle naming convention too - usually some kind of female name followed by three numbers followed by two letters. e.g. Brenda223xv. They also use the phrases "Want to see my nudes" and "I love sex. My contact here" in their profiles as well as the ones you've already mentioned.

It's so easy to spot them, so why aren't the site doing more to prevent them being created or at least going public in the first place? They all contain a URL somewhere in the profile so that should be the thing that flags them up for further investigation. But no.

A few months ago I was reporting maybe five of these profiles every day to Admin and to be fair, most disappeared fairly quickly. But if the site can't be bothered to prevent them from being approved, then why should I make the effort to continually report them.


Link to my blog: MyBaffies

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 1:45 pm:
Yes, their profile names do follow that "convention". Something I first wrote a Blog post about 8 months ago, and a few individuals have also written Blog posts about since.

The site cannot do anything about blocking their IP addresses as most of the African scammers use Internet cafe's to connect and post them on this site.

The site has figured out that they are fake/scam profiles and deletes them en masse' within a few days of their showing up.

rdy2try4 56F  
3304 posts
6/16/2018 11:13 am

    Quoting DoctorBooty:
    the fakes have always been here, which is one reason I stopped emailing anyone first on the site. Too difficult to find one that isnt fake that meets my standards.

    But there are far less of them than there once was, far less. So they did address the complaints a little.

    Now its just changed to them trying to rip off chat cam sites by allowing cam models to work here, and with fake locations. None of them are locals, all are in other countries. They used to ban those cam girls pretty quickly.
AMEN Dr. Booty! Btw, LTNS!! Some of us have been here long enough to remember when there was at least a modicum of a resemblance to an adult social network site. lol They used to be far more up on things, but then Penthouse bought it and that is when the big change happened.

Sadly we get too many men that believe those 'get laid in 24 hours' lines and they think all the women here are like that and they send out rude messages and then to top it off they believe the scammers when they contact them. I agree that some men and their egos don't realize that a woman that much younger than them pretty much is not really going to go for an old guy like them. Hence... they exist and work because men want to believe that a hottie would want them. It could happen. I may happen, but it is highly unlikely it will happen and caution should be used. For whatever reason when sex is involved common sense ceases to exist.

BTW... DR. BOOTY.. you have GREAT blogs to help men on how the site works!!! People you should hit his blog up.... Tips for Guys to meet women

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 1:53 pm:
Would you two care to be alone?

Apollorising2057 61M

6/17/2018 2:52 pm

I don't bother reporting anymore!
It's a waste of time!

Become a Apollorising2057 blog watcher!

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 1:58 pm:
Most people on this site probably feel the same as you do. Perhaps that's why there are so many new fake/scam profiles, every day!

elaleose1952 69F  
192 posts
6/19/2018 4:10 am

When I view the new uploads from my country, I see 65 such profiles in the list for about a year every morning.
They are almost never opened by anyone and most profiles have disappeared at the end of the day (Dutch time).
These are such clear fakes.
More interesting are the fakes that stand between these fakes especially when they use photos of models or with non existing place names or google translations or with a description that is not appropriate for the Dutch cultural language.
By the way because I live in the Netherlands, I mainly look at Dutch profiles.
Uploading photos for a woman like me (woman nextdoor,66 years old) is a flop with all those beautiful pictures on the list.
Reporting all these fakes is a daily task, there are new pictures every day on the list.

Little cloud blue or elaleose


Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 2:00 pm:
Yes, there are.

affdude10 51M

6/19/2018 9:36 pm

Yeah, the fakes are getting annoying. Can't forget about the IM's from several different profiles asking you to contact them at an email account. It's the same text almost every time.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 2:04 pm:
I guess being a woman I can be happy I don't receive the IM's that you guys do from these fakes. Of course I never use the IM on this site (because it doesn't work consistently), but I do get inundated by emails from 'real' guys, most of who can only be categorized as knuckle-draggers!

duclairson 53M  
18 posts
6/20/2018 6:12 am

I don't know if TSdates.com can DO anything against all those Fakes! I'm right now tired from that!!! Everyday the same shit!!.I'm on TSdates.com since years and it was never so bad!

Patti_Kake replies on 6/22/2018 2:08 pm:
I've only been on here for about two years but I can state without exaggeration that it has gotten worse in just that amount of time.

DoctorBooty 40M
6420 posts
6/23/2018 5:55 am

I beg to differ with your assessment that there are less fakes around today. Since the fake/scam profiles from the 'Ghana Scam Team' (as I refer to them) began in mid-September of 2017, the number of new profiles each day has grown exponentially. Friday through Sunday there are an average of 1,000 new profiles each day all using one of those seven identical profile Introductions, and many using the exact same pictures, but with different geographical locations (all non-USA).

You have only been here a couple years right? When I joined over 10 years ago at least 90% of all single female profiles were fakes, there were way more than 1000 produced by the porn sites and bots daily. They only made it more difficult for them about 6 years ago when the number dropped precipitously and they began deletion of unused profiles as well. It will always be a problem because they allow it to be for their membership numbers, but its no where near as bad as it was then.

Patti_Kake replies on 6/24/2018 3:38 am:
I only know for certain what I've seen and experienced in the past two years, which includes two facts ... there were only about 200 t0 300 new profiles, worldwide, for women, every day back then, and that there are between 800 and 1,200 every day now.

charlesmartel0 57M
175 posts
8/26/2018 5:01 am

But... don'cha know, herds of hot white chicks wander the savanna in Ghana, pussy to ass as far as the eye can see? They'd have to, gawd. I've trolled every scam I've found far enough to see how it works and I can see them coming. We have to do our own QC.

lov2showit 71M  
76 posts
10/6/2018 6:59 am

I have been on this site since 2003 and watched how it has changed and not for the good! I learned to navigate through the BS. Great blog!

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