Which orgasm would you choose?  

PleaseUs110 38M/27F
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11/9/2019 1:27 am
Which orgasm would you choose?

You meet up with someone from TSdates.com for a quick bit of fun but when you meet them they are not alone. They have brought 2 other friends of the sex as them. They tell you that you can have them all at the time but you will not be allowed to orgasm as it is for their pleasure or you can go with a single person from the group of your choice but you only have minutes to achieve your much needed orgasmic release. Do you..>>!
Go with all 3, my orgasm can wait until the next day
Go with 1 of your choice and hope to god they can get you off in time
Say fuck it, drop your dacks and rip one out infront of them all and leave
Say fuck it to them all, leave and try to organise another means of getting laid
Cut your losses, stop by a sex shop on your way home and treat yourself to a new toy and have the best orgasm/s of your fucking

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11/9/2019 7:29 pm



ed6569 51M
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11/10/2019 1:36 am

fuck that bullshit, they can go to hell LoL

undercover_bi469 57M

11/11/2019 1:06 pm

Strange group

cozzycouple 63M/64F  
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11/12/2019 2:36 am

Q? Who is the writer? The Him or the Her. Will change the answer always.

Karinagurl 58T  
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11/14/2019 2:38 am

My orgasm could wait I can take care of myself that way

Lickasauras69 66M  
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11/25/2019 6:50 am

Dad a;ways said, "A bird in the hand is better than three in the bush". I would go with the one for my pleasure.

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