Would this turn you on?  

Robinsnestisbest 49F  
201 posts
8/19/2019 5:04 pm
Would this turn you on?

How many would relish receiving nude pictures as a surprise from their lover via ?

Edit/ outcome...had the best effect ever! He posted profile picture and many others of day on his TSdates.com .

I sent the picture of his cock being sucked as well as his favorite pictures him while he was out of town.

Upon his return, his response was more magnificent than I could possibly imagine.
Highly desirable!
No thanks.
Too creepy!

12913 posts
8/19/2019 5:45 pm

Like mail mail ?

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 8:42 pm:
Yes. Postal service.

roustabout6 65M
281 posts
8/19/2019 6:12 pm

It's always nice to receive nude pictures unexpectedly, goes to show they are thinking of you in sexual way, now say thank you and get your ass home...

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 8:45 pm:
Thank you. Yes Sir.

Leftie1960 60M
32 posts
8/19/2019 6:29 pm

Snail Male?

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 8:46 pm:
Yes. Snail mail.

uknowwhofool11 40M
1 post
8/19/2019 6:37 pm

damn straight am i next?


Sflguy04 64M
306 posts
8/19/2019 6:41 pm

Snail mail....hope it doesn't go next door

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 8:47 pm:
Isn't that part of the fun?

anythingoesinvic 41M
20 posts
8/19/2019 6:54 pm

yes please indeed

jolielaide 50F  
1710 posts
8/19/2019 7:29 pm

lover, surprise me with an ice cream cake please

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 8:47 pm:

200910tomorrow 66M
31 posts
8/19/2019 8:10 pm

would totally make my day.

us2foragirl 59M/41F
14 posts
8/19/2019 8:41 pm

Maybe spread the pictures out to 1 picture at a time.

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 8:49 pm:

spicybicpl 40M/38F

8/19/2019 8:53 pm

We always exchange intimate and nude pictures with each other

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 9:32 pm:

Dallas95002 59M
19 posts
8/19/2019 9:31 pm

Yes please.
Even better if it went next door and made its way back . ..opened and taped shut with a smiley face sticky note attached.

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 9:33 pm:
Yummy. Blush.

Heathen_G 63M
7965 posts
8/19/2019 10:26 pm

No.... bad idea... once you start sending, via email, your nude self pictures to the people you're "Currently", and most likely , "Temporarily" involved with, you lose control of your personal images. .... She then would expect me to send nude self pictures....ha.. hell no.... not going to do that.

No telling where those images show up , when one or both of you get mad at each other, or break up.

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 10:42 pm:
This is a 2+ year romance

Heathen_G 63M
7965 posts
8/20/2019 12:35 am

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/19/2019 10:42 pm:
This is a 2+ year romance

So you are infatuated with each other. Still not a good idea to put your nakedness in someone elses cyber files.

Even if you were together 20 years, sending each other naked photos is not a good idea.

welshmatt80 44M

8/20/2019 3:55 am

oh yes please

andimnowhere1976 43M

8/20/2019 6:43 am

With a little perfume sprayed on it for a reminder

Homemadehealthy 55M
31 posts
8/20/2019 6:48 am

Absolutely!! Very arousing!!

14854 posts
8/20/2019 9:40 am



discreetyum 61M
78 posts
8/20/2019 1:26 pm

It would be a nice surprise....if it got to the point where is was often then I think it would be a little bit uncomfortable

bj69ormore 68M
28 posts
8/20/2019 1:59 pm

a very welcome surprise but NOT gonna happen

Discreetmeetfish 54M
41 posts
8/20/2019 7:15 pm

only if its a total surprise and they exhibit...........something very special otherwise nothing really exciting about a 2d picture.

WantSomeNice2 48M
38 posts
8/20/2019 7:15 pm

Indeed, and the dirtier the better!

placeboeffect9 31M
18 posts
8/20/2019 10:18 pm

Of course

RavenGB 60M
1409 posts
8/21/2019 2:05 am

I seem to remember that it was US postal rules that got the owner of one of the first (very innocent by current standards) "men's magazines" jailed for sending indecent images via the US postal service. I'd be surprised if the statute has been removed...

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/21/2019 2:46 am:
LMAO with all the adult magazines going through the USPS legality isn't an issue

alfrom79 42M
19 posts
8/21/2019 3:39 am

Why not, as long as both trust each other.

Lasttry731 42M

8/21/2019 3:42 am

It would be a very nice surprise. to me it would show she put some thought into it.

bitchkitty2017 69F

8/21/2019 4:05 am

i adore my fwb and he wouldnt do it anyway ....but i wouldnt think it odd if ppl do that its normal to some...and it would be a surprise lol ..sweet gesture..

Letsgetiton727fl 43M/37F
5 posts
8/21/2019 5:14 am

Thanks fo showing that big beautiful cock!

marlkg4fwb 57M
59 posts
8/21/2019 6:01 am

Definitely makes my day go faster, especially during meetings. Post 4243006

tungemall 63M
39 posts
8/21/2019 6:51 am

hell yea

wantingmore40216 61M

8/21/2019 7:15 am

Be fun,knowing what I got coming to my later that night

mtguy2019 66M
185 posts
8/21/2019 7:52 am

works for me

likeit563 68M
22 posts
8/21/2019 7:53 am

I would! it would make my day.

guyinchi3535 37M

8/21/2019 8:22 am

Def would be different and sexy!

DJEH1010 61M

8/21/2019 8:49 am

I love your profile language. You must have more requests than you can manage to keep up with from couples who both want what your desires overflow with. No one more sexy than a woman who knows what she wants.

Robinsnestisbest replies on 8/21/2019 10:53 am:
Aw shucks. Thank you.

old_stick 59M
83 posts
8/21/2019 9:25 am

As long as they weren't with a stranger

funsnellvillecpl 64M/52F  
3814 posts
8/21/2019 9:51 am

Hell no , not via the post office, they lose to much shit or it goes to the wrong address , we orderd some stuff from amazon that was private, mail guy put in wrong box and the neighbor opened it , ,so we say NO

Fredomm33 47M

8/21/2019 10:28 am

That would be awesome especially if she left a pair of her panties in there too !!!

Funnfuckn 54M
12 posts
8/21/2019 11:25 am

It would certainly better than opening a bill...lol

aimtoplease1033 60M

8/21/2019 12:05 pm

My lady has an awesome body, but is kinda conservative about showing it off. So this would be way toooo cool

Bangwiz64 56M
73 posts
8/21/2019 2:02 pm

I always like surprises. And nude pics are super hot.

earth2adam4u 57M
109 posts
8/21/2019 3:43 pm

Depends who they are fucking

Rob_4_Fun 46M  
28 posts
8/21/2019 5:18 pm

Should be like a subscription...like a daily feed...only in the mail.

Mikeps1988 39M
37 posts
8/21/2019 7:00 pm

I like pictures and videos, bc it make your lover think about you all day

Azbear1969 52M
85 posts
8/21/2019 9:01 pm

Would brighten any day to receive a surprise photo of your lover

69davidren 52M
18 posts
8/21/2019 10:09 pm

As long as its registered..... and you have to sign for it!!!! LOL

Hardayfun 37M
22 posts
8/22/2019 7:57 am

Would be a nice surprise

Tall_HardOne 65M
27 posts
8/22/2019 10:04 am


vince8689 33M
17 posts
8/22/2019 10:56 am

Not for me.

hillcountryman60 62M
183 posts
8/22/2019 11:30 am

Oh, yes it would turn me on, suck it baby!

Bluedragon694 50M

8/22/2019 1:20 pm

Love it, very hot!

1seeking1 56F
3750 posts
8/22/2019 1:59 pm

No thanks , too risky, and what is on internet stays forever.

lurch4040 52M
11 posts
8/22/2019 2:10 pm


DerrickJames1992 29M

8/22/2019 3:54 pm

Most definitely, some of the best surprises!

guzanitoQRO 62M
85 posts
8/22/2019 4:00 pm

si q rico y excitnte

hot30male4fun 38M
13 posts
8/22/2019 7:14 pm


youngcub940 27M
15 posts
8/22/2019 7:29 pm

Absolutely I would. This isn't FB, it's TSdates.com!

proteus_2a 56M
7979 posts
8/23/2019 12:49 am

Interesting proposal indeed !

But on the other hand, snail mail has its's limitations receiving the hard copies

Cheers my lady


Bigcockring555 52M

8/23/2019 5:48 am


dontcumtoofast 35M
144 posts
8/23/2019 7:04 am

at first it sounds cool but then thinking about it, it really weird. there are so many other things you can do that would be just as sexy if not more. plus how terrible people are now , its very easy to share a legit photo. or easy for kids or just someone looking through a drawer can find. so like i said sounds sexy and cool but overall a poor decision. to each their own hope you have fun figuring it out.

Ndsomefun2018 52M  
152 posts
8/23/2019 7:39 am

I think it would be a turn on when it is a surprise, but would have to be sometimes.

FieryFunPa 59M/56F
40 posts
8/23/2019 9:11 am

Tasteful erotic nudes would be a turn big turn on.

Fun, laughs and beer.

bluegragon8469 50M

8/23/2019 11:51 am

Rather have her there to fuck

mrmouth02816 61M
24 posts
8/23/2019 3:46 pm

I love when my female friend sends me pictures of her with other guys

brandini734 27M
179 posts
8/23/2019 4:15 pm

It sounds like a fun idea. I would enjoy it.

SteamyDaydreams1 56M

8/23/2019 4:33 pm

Always puts some pep in the step on a down day!

happyenigma 67M

8/23/2019 4:40 pm

Once it goes out in the cyber-world - it's out there for everyone. Good tool though to make some fake profiles.

bmsf27 63M  
19 posts
8/23/2019 9:02 pm

While I said would be ok to recieve,I wouldn't want to send any! Afraid where they might end up,still have pics of my x (not that I will share).

mike1958773 63M
945 posts
8/23/2019 9:09 pm

es excitante

1countrey1 65M
16 posts
8/24/2019 3:01 am

I find them to be stimulating, It gives the receiver something to look forward to when he gets home makes ur day go faster

StrMan4Fem 56M

8/24/2019 7:39 am

I'd love nude pics via email, text, but not regular mail since there is risk of the mail getting into the wrong hands.

StrMan4Fem 56M

8/24/2019 7:41 am

    Quoting Heathen_G:
    No.... bad idea... once you start sending, via email, your nude self pictures to the people you're "Currently", and most likely , "Temporarily" involved with, you lose control of your personal images. .... She then would expect me to send nude self pictures....ha.. hell no.... not going to do that.

    No telling where those images show up , when one or both of you get mad at each other, or break up.
Valid point! However, I would under NO circumstances send a nude pic WITH my face included.

vagatariun 64M
118 posts
8/24/2019 12:06 pm

I agree, no usps, but a naked selfie text would work

CumsDeep 60M
89 posts
8/24/2019 1:21 pm

No ladies have ever sent me one through here so vial postal mail would never happen .

CumsDeep 60M
89 posts
8/24/2019 1:23 pm

No ladies have ever sent me one through here so via postal mail would never happen .

Hornyoldsub 66M

8/24/2019 5:42 pm

Yes indeed , sexier the better.

howdydoodyXLII 50M
42 posts
8/24/2019 8:39 pm

Even from a stranger would be nice the rate I'm going.

Anything_1nce18 47M
14 posts
8/24/2019 9:10 pm

Yes, Very hot!

eclecticskr 59M  
219 posts
8/25/2019 1:05 am

Surprises are always nice!

akasecretsquirrl 40M  
15 posts
8/25/2019 2:08 am

isnt that the way its meant to go ??

wiewiljasper 58M
130 posts
8/25/2019 2:25 am

Yes that make my hot

brow6902 56M
99 posts
8/25/2019 3:55 am

send by courier...the faster the better!!😜

JeffXcitedNow 67M  
281 posts
8/25/2019 4:41 pm

Interesting yes please what a nice surprise and treat

Jayndely4723 49M/25F
14 posts
8/25/2019 7:57 pm

we love sending nudes to each other

MrHammer2u 68M  
10 posts
8/25/2019 8:30 pm

as long as that is my cock she's sucking! lol unless of course there is some kind of understanding already about other lovers. Still, even if it's not an exclusive relationship, but I did think of her as my lover I wouldn't want a photo of her polishing the knob of some random guy.

bs2019cj 42M

8/26/2019 2:36 am

it is always an amazing suprise

NJGUY08090 55M
4105 posts
8/26/2019 2:50 am

I'll enjoy a nude photo of my lover any way I get it. Oh Yes it would turn me on for sure

Maineguy4galpal 60M
28 posts
8/26/2019 11:47 am

As long as people at work can't get at them, I am so game...........Excellent foreplay

BigPembsMan 39M
5 posts
8/26/2019 4:18 pm

I would love nudes from anyone! Feel free to send me a few!

likeit563 68M
22 posts
8/26/2019 5:02 pm

I would love it.

Dontbgentle2 53M
27 posts
8/26/2019 7:44 pm

Ofcourse its a great thing! Just not all the time! Only rarely and a littlensurprise to show them you are thinking about them etc

sansgarb 45M  
19 posts
8/26/2019 9:46 pm

Yes, definitely. Hard to imagine it being creepy

stuttgart_secret 51M  
127 posts
8/27/2019 10:42 am

I think it would be quite erotic and I would relish it!!! BTW... I'm actually in Laguna Beach

looking4fun12114 47M
48 posts
8/27/2019 3:41 pm

send away

wordwordwords 54M  
85 posts
8/27/2019 4:33 pm

You called him/her a 'lover' - that said, why not? It's not old fashioned and quaint, but it's still uncommon, especially if by snail mail!


bi4cdfun 51M
76 posts
8/27/2019 4:34 pm

Yes...I'd really like that. It would be a welcome change to the same old...Good idea...

Racedrvr77 44M
103 posts
8/27/2019 5:56 pm

I do once in awhile

TallTattooedDude 54M  
39 posts
8/27/2019 10:37 pm

Sounds Good

nudeisgood15 69M
27 posts
8/27/2019 11:17 pm

Just sent personalized nudes to an online acquaintance. She loved it!

fahrenheit451x2 60M
161 posts
8/28/2019 3:29 am

Snail mail? Meh - ok.

needsumluvn54 63M

8/28/2019 3:37 am

throw in some kinky pics as well..


stuttgart_secret 51M  
127 posts
8/28/2019 9:40 am

I saw your message on here.. or actually I was notified you sent it but I can't view it because I'm a standard member

hit me up sometime on Google at usmcgunny36

Mugz6988 42M
19 posts
8/28/2019 9:51 am

I think that would be an Amazing day that I could go for everyday of the year.

Lexander29 40M
22 posts
8/28/2019 6:20 pm

solo fotos bonitas o estimulantes, nada de cosas raras, cómo situaciones qe uno preferiría no ver

787patriot 53M
3 posts
8/29/2019 2:21 am

It’s a pick me up , and keeps things nice and exciting

itsurgent69 58M

8/29/2019 3:29 am

luv it, turns up the heat and creates anticipation

Avejoe869 52M
37 posts
8/29/2019 5:57 am

Send them over

IMaMagikman 35M
119 posts
8/29/2019 8:02 am


stuttgart_secret 51M  
127 posts
8/29/2019 1:27 pm

I wasn't able to view your message... hit me up on G


Wantfunow 64M

8/29/2019 2:44 pm

i would love it

ClarkW23 65M
27 posts
8/29/2019 7:55 pm

How refreshing would it be to receive pictures of your lover to brighten your day.

jk4fun6859 49F  
40 posts
8/30/2019 10:24 am

Nude pics of her having sex with someone else very hot

tobebetween1 61M
9 posts
8/30/2019 12:57 pm

She always sends them to me, my dream is she sends a pic with another man or woman one day, makes me hard thinking about it.

Grangeroanonimo 43M
209 posts
8/30/2019 1:32 pm

Yes me pone Caliente

Grangeroanonimo 43M
209 posts
8/30/2019 1:33 pm

Yes me pone Caliente

Luvs2pleaseU4 57M
31 posts
8/30/2019 3:21 pm

Very erotic!!!love that she would do that for me

swfla56 65M
99 posts
8/30/2019 5:48 pm

fuck yea. who won't refuse that surprise.

redsled361000 62M
272 posts
8/30/2019 10:29 pm

I would love it

Eltopg 46M

8/31/2019 1:13 am

Any sexy pics are good pics

donny2444 51M
36 posts
8/31/2019 5:05 am

would love it, but wife never does, for me anyway....

Lastshot4fun 40M
37 posts
8/31/2019 7:38 am


s2ndegree 62M  
9797 posts
8/31/2019 7:41 am

Someone is working harder than the other in this

Using more than all the road!

robin55441 64M
172 posts
8/31/2019 10:03 am

I would also love to get one from you honey!

dilf5150 45M
95 posts
8/31/2019 10:57 am

Hell yes this would make my day.

cpete95 27M
24 posts
8/31/2019 3:44 pm


jcnsc4u 41M
26 posts
8/31/2019 8:07 pm

Yes please

MyGirlWould 49M/35F
22 posts
8/31/2019 11:09 pm

It's all fun and games until you have to ask...

Me: Hey, did you ever get that thing I sent you?

Him: What thing?

The adventure continues...

Looking4play589 30M
24 posts
9/1/2019 12:56 am

Oh depends on the occasion, especially if you live with the person

Stoph8ten 35M
178 posts
9/1/2019 2:57 am

Slightly old-school I must admit , but still a turn on. Maybe something professionally shot and edited would make it worth it in this digital age.

Stoph8tenMake sure to like, comment, vote, and watch. Participation is the key over here.

26lfcynwa 23M
2 posts
9/1/2019 12:49 pm

Thatd be so hot

26lfcynwa 23M
2 posts
9/1/2019 12:50 pm

I'd love that

horneym59 67M

9/2/2019 4:50 am

postman surprise I hope the envelope is sealed


xsimplely2 53M
28 posts
9/2/2019 4:53 am

i mean, what is the point of all this technology and wires and such, if we cannot send and receive a dick pic every once in awhile, eh?

retnavyguy_69 62M

9/2/2019 5:01 am

would be interesting !

mike1958773 63M
945 posts
9/2/2019 5:48 am

seria una agradable sorpresa

smokeyjohnson54 61M
32 posts
9/2/2019 7:00 am

That works for me

rockhardpeter43 55M
24 posts
9/3/2019 7:57 am

Yes that turns me on very well.

Toess10 42M
30 posts
9/3/2019 3:46 pm

Opening and pulling put a set of pictures would be fantastic! Something tangible, sexy and erotic! I can imagine the pulse racing mere seconds after pulling them out!

Arousal would be immense!

lovetojerkoff55 58M/54F
24 posts
9/4/2019 7:14 am

on my work Computer for my Boss could see

lookn4LTFWB67 54M

9/4/2019 11:41 am

Not really a turn on.. Save for in person

29HornynBored 36M
16 posts
9/6/2019 10:29 am

There is never a bad time for sexy pics from a lover. would definitely make me want them more when i got back

andrzeji 32M

9/7/2019 10:22 am

Absolutely, and by any means. It shows both desire and that you're thinking of them.

Drthickhardcock8 33M
26 posts
9/8/2019 3:32 pm

I love taking hot cock pics and receiving hit nude pics too

4FunPlayfriend 42M

9/9/2019 5:55 am

Love receiving nude pics... Very much a turn on for me

Bull_mature 59M
41 posts
9/10/2019 9:09 am

It's a great turn on

FishersMan67 54M
42 posts
9/12/2019 4:28 pm

love to receive pics of her doing something that is just at the edge of her boundries. Shows just how hot she was how in need of getting her blood pumping.

platinum_gigolo 50M  
14 posts
9/13/2019 5:33 pm

It's cool but I can't be distracted at work. lol

best method is Snapchat app. you kinda already know it's gna be naughty.

oshea22e 45M
2 posts
9/15/2019 9:20 am

i would like that

SC4wheels 48M
408 posts
9/15/2019 12:44 pm

I would enjoy it, as I'm sure most men would. I can't speak for women because I'm not one

migo1891 43M

9/18/2019 1:00 am

This sounds lovely.

Ndsomefun2018 52M  
152 posts
9/18/2019 7:09 am

Of course that is hot

s2ndegree 62M  
9797 posts
9/18/2019 12:36 pm

Are you talking about the one you've been with or the one you came here to find?

Using more than all the road!

indio1375 55M
189 posts
9/18/2019 2:34 pm

i love pics

29HornynBored 36M
16 posts
9/20/2019 8:41 am

There is never a bad time to get sexy pics.

ieasyrider 66M

9/22/2019 12:04 pm

very nice tits dear

ajax057 46M

9/22/2019 8:40 pm

Hey, any free porn is good free porn!

needsumluvn54 63M

9/23/2019 5:58 am

Hey,whatever it takes to keep the excitement going!!


Hungforall54 29M
29 posts
9/23/2019 6:34 am

Adds some spice to the day.

StephanieHardcor 27F
15 posts
9/24/2019 3:39 pm

i would send a pic of my pussy dripping

ultimatecocksuck 61M
6 posts
9/25/2019 4:44 pm

I love cock picks..I love pussy picks send them all to me

feeling4u69 42M
71 posts
9/29/2019 9:43 am

bad girl

bwc4ladyznodudes 41M

9/29/2019 1:31 pm

Absolutely that's hot as Hell...

Ashlandfun77 44M
28 posts
10/1/2019 8:42 am

I love getting pictures like that

Zerosour 36M
17 posts
10/9/2019 4:54 pm

PetiteButterfly yeah, postal mail I guess that was a habit back than. "Hey postman. Any...mhm....photos for me?"

maybe1932 67M/52F  
43 posts
10/10/2019 6:47 am

I always enjoy receiving arousing pics sent to me but would rather decide who else get to see them

Mugz6988 42M
19 posts
10/16/2019 8:54 am

I love them and get them all day

DiscreteEscape4U 45M
28 posts
10/19/2019 8:57 am

If only it would happen more regularly! Love it when it does!!!

ieasyrider 66M

10/19/2019 12:56 pm

nice pics dear
makes my day

HaveSumFunWitMe 39M
19 posts
11/2/2019 8:19 am

Sweet butterfly..

VacationFun7892 29M
7 posts
11/4/2019 7:44 pm

Why not? Seems enjoyable.

Nothinserious61 57M
28 posts
11/7/2019 2:51 am

Visual all the way ..

Tinman7114 102M  
10 posts
2/23/2021 5:04 pm

I'll take whatever she wants to send anyway she wants to send it!!

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