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Legacy of BDSM
My personal adventures in the BDSM and swingers lifestyles.
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Posted:Dec 11, 2019 6:38 pm
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2020 6:16 pm

Amber, liquid light fills the vision like thick, viscous honey flooding the empty space in a jar. There is no substance or rigidity the details; all is haze and motion. Somewhere, noises echo through the thick veil that coats the room, tiny bits of soul and breath escaping from wet lips and parted kisses. The first time the edge touches skin, it’s a shock of endorphins that coats and steeps an eager and excitement addled brain in the pleasure chemical that seeks to alleviate the bite of skin separating from skin.

The edge digs, but not so much.

It digs deep enough undo the very beginning layers of shell, the trace of it a bright red , like footprints in sand. For the rest of it, the sensation is of having ’s stitching pulled apart thread by thread, seam by seam. Part of that brain even swore that it could feel it’s essence leaking into the and wet air of the room.

The haze spins and spins and spins.

Through the whirl, forms can be made for brief, glinting moments as the bite of the edge forces the focus back lines being pressed into skin. The brain has since lost count of the patterns that were being etched into the peachy epidermis. It is hard to keep still and even harder to keep the pressure from building against the cold glass of the table on which the body rests. The hours are turning minutes are turning seconds are turning …

The rest is lost.

Now the light has changed.

It is no longer brilliant amber, but now a blue steel that creeps in through the window in the corner of the room. There’s a swirl of whispy, ethereal smoke that draws lines in the air, not unlike the ones on the skin. When the first bits of water touch the open seams, the amber, dripping light that had faded comes rushing back in a single explosion of motion and pulsing, aching need.

Knees meet tile.

A soft and steady groan proceeds the escape of essence to air.
9 1/2 ... limits
Posted:Nov 18, 2019 1:05 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2020 1:54 pm

He forbade me. 5 years ago he said stop writing. I obeyed. It was hard. I had chronicled so many adventures. My identity was united with his. This is talk to so please forgive any Discretions accordingly.

How can you describe a force of nature so devastated that time stand still? The only time in my life I was ever broken she left me, and my other partner died three days later. I was not sane. I was shattered. The narcissist that used me for 2 years found me in that hell hole.

Tonight, if the dead could come to life they would. That can't happen, however A came back. My nine and a half year relationship that ended due to cancer has returned. I don't expect an actual relationship, however you have never experienced anything like what we do together.

He picked me up at a Starbucks. He placed a diving weight upon my neck. Shackles, cuffs, blindfolded hooded. He knows how claustrophobic I am. It's like the ass fuck he gave me. No one ever is loud penetrate my ass. However no limits when it comes to him. I cannot say no. I don't want to say no. I was with my 2-year ex because I thought he was as mighty as my 9 and 1/2 year God.

After deliciously kidnapping me.,, he did the things we used to do. In his home that no longer has his well now ex-wife there of course was a gloryhole. Our third date, he bought me a collar , a special one, that attached perfectly to the connect your points on the portable Glory hole. I still possess this collar. Nee space games.

Minutes passed in 2 hours as he hurt me every way only he could. I will never, ever forget how hard I can make him come. He did S&M things like you couldn't imagine. I can't even speak due to the glorious nature of the depravity.

I will never be in a relationship with him again. Bitch got her toy back. The best fuel for her fire.

The cancer didn't kill him, he has gained weight. All is swell that ends swell. I jave my toy bwck, tralalala.

Seeking bi-sexual men or gorgeous transgenders for thrilling
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Would this turn you on?
Posted:Aug 19, 2019 5:04 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2019 9:27 pm

How many would relish receiving nude pictures as a surprise from their lover via ?

Edit/ outcome...had the best effect ever! He posted profile picture and many others of day on his .

I sent the picture of his cock being sucked as well as his favorite pictures him while he was out of town.

Upon his return, his response was more magnificent than I could possibly imagine.
Highly desirable!
No thanks.
Too creepy!
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Casey's Trophy Wife
Posted:Aug 11, 2019 12:10 pm
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2020 6:18 pm

The lips of the cold air brushed gently against her cheek. A gentle purr releases as her eyes open welcoming a new day in love, devotion and to Him. His pussy was dripping from the sacred times He had released into His property during their restful yet active slumber. She fuels her Master in all ways. The clock gently illuminating His bed says the day will shortly blossom. She silently slipped away from her Love's possessive embrace.

She is His perfect match and mate. She hums random love songs as she prepares His coffee. What a boring day ahead, her musings painting a wicked smile. She wakes Him up from His restful slumber with her lips celebrating His erection stands proudly each morning, He savors His coffee while she brings His senses to life. Listening to the sound of the the shower, He recognizes the steam and proper temperature obtained, Grabbing her firmly the hair He guides His property off of His cock. He does not release her as they head to the hissing delight of their morning shower.

She is cunning. A powerful lioness who chooses to serve Him exclusively. Her complete devotion flatters Him. The huntress fuels His hedonistic flames. As the hot water pours over their flesh, steam fills the air. He rules, therefore He bathes her first. A King is just a mark of rank without fertile land and those who bow before Him. She coos and purrs to His skilled touch. He pinches her nipples roughly. She wiggles about in erotic response.

He shampoos and conditions her mane. He savors how long she is growing it. He lets the conditioner soak as her hands masterfully caress His masculine pelt covering His pecks and back. She loves the lion within. Powerful muscles reside beneath a perfect layer of tenderness. She washes His delectable phallus tenderly last. It swelled to her fondle as her face nuzzled His thick neck. She artfully edged His shaft as the hot water poured over their bodies removing all suds.

He slips into His clothing and sits in His chair while she prepares His breakfast. Watching the news of the day while she busies herself. The scents please Him. She places His tray on His lap and freshens His coffee. Still naked from the shower, she positions herself on her hands and knees conveniently in front of him. He lifts His feet and places them in the arch of her back. He affectionately uses her as His footstool as He partakes of her savory food offering.

He goes to the door and she follows. She slips on a robe so as not to offend the neighbors. In love and she follows Him to His chosen chariot. She relishes every moment He allows her at His side. The daybreak illuminates her seductive continence. His heart swells with love and pride as He gently places His whiskers on her forehead. "I will be late tonight. You will be waiting for Me. I want you kneeling at the threshold when I return. I am not asking, just so we are clear. You are Mine!" His voice bellows in the twilight.

"I love You Daddy. Seduce all. Conquer everything. I believe in You." She says with humble authority.

She listens as His engine roars and watches as it creates beautiful morning mist. He nods His head with His crafty grin as He pulls away to embrace the day. She could sense He had tinkered with the app upon His phone. Her every breath and movement was now being watched and recorded. Safety, security, protection blanketed her like His love.

He was ruthless beyond measure. His levels of expectation were unyielding. He demanded nothing less than absolute subservient reconciliation. He spoke in the very beginning of absolute dominance. She bathed in the reality of His love and control.

Inside His residence she began to clean. He had never seen such perfection in art nor life as He found within her detailed cleansing. She use to hate being filmed, photographed, and watched as she is a powerful huntress. He uses this against her, like everything she voices in the negative He supplies in abundance. Confident His power will break any adverse seed the world has planted within His beautiful possession.

Everything shines. Everything in its place. She tends to all of His property with loving attention. While scrubbing the floors, she receives a from her God. "Masturbate and for Me NOW!" Into His bedroom she races while responding "Yes my King!". Her masturbation, her orgasms, her life...He controls them all.

She has no idea if He is currently watching or saving the footage for later. She positions His mobile camera in the bedroom to the optimal angle to capture her devotion. A cock dildo and external vibrator are her weapons of choice for this adventure. She lubes the dildo completely and begins gentle insertion. Each moan, sigh and whimper is for Him and His pleasure. She rides the cock hard while vibrating His pussy. She relishes the fact she is never out of His sight nor grasp. She feels completely safe and protected for the first time in her life.

Multiple orgasms have her screaming His name repeatedly. Towels are soaked from her squirting. She is a sweaty mess from an hour long orgasmic bliss. "Stop. No more orgasms." Her phone announces His will. She collapses in His bed with the weight of the cock still inside her. She can smell His essence on His pillow as she purrs in satisfaction. She drifts away into restful slumber while fingering His collar around her neck.

His cameras survey her at every moment. She cannot touch His pussy without His knowledge. "Egg." He texted to inform her to insert the remote control vibrator. She wakes up to his text and obeys immediately. She continues scrubbing the floor. Naked except for a dainty apron accents every curve of hers He adores. The egg remains silent, but it reminds her completely He is ever present.

With all of her chores complete, she texts Him she is going out for a walk. He does not have the time answer always, so she does not ask permission. She knows His priority is for her to take care of all of His property including herself. Her phone has a location tracker for Him. He knows where she is at every moment of the day. She walks for miles, flirting with all along the way. He did not the huntress within her, but nourishes it.

The egg sends instantaneous orgasms through her mid-stride in her journey. She almost trips as His pussy drips down her legs. She slows her pace to hide the quivering. The special tone somehow causes her nipples to become more erect than just the orgasms He was sending to her. "Find a new lady. Beat her and fuck her TODAY! Before 10 p.m. It wouldn't piss me off if she is still there when I home with My property."

"I love You. Thank You!!!" she responds. She is always on the hunt. He commands her to fuck cock, pussy or delicious special ladies depending on His mood. Mainly she takes them to His home so He can watch from wherever He is at or wait until He has time to be thrilled His property's taste and obedience. She texts a lady she met online. They had not met, yet the passion between them had ignited over texts. The lady is available and will come over after the lady gets off work. Success!

She went back to His house and worked on her club for a while. She never wore clothes in His home. She was either undressed or dressed to please in lace or leather. She would wear a corset and ruffled panties later while beating and the lady. When she was caught up, she took a pleasurable bath ruminating on His

Full disclosure regarding the filming was made to the lady with the strict understanding nothing would be posted online, simply for His viewing pleasure. She had the lady disrobe upon entering. She had the lady kneel in front of her and placed a collar around the lady's neck. She led the lady back to His bedroom and placed the lady on the spanking . Securing the lady tightly, she went to adjust the cameras to where He could enjoy multiple angles of the girls at .

Skillfully she administers a flogger to the lady's back, ass, thighs, side breasts and calves. She takes her time, building up slowly on the lady's now rose shaded flesh. The lady was not a stranger to the pleasures of BDSM and they had already negotiated the scene and safewords. After a thoroughly flogging the lady for thirty minutes, she switched to her crops. The lady whimpered, but did not cry out. She then applied the neon wand to the lady's slightly bruised flesh. This elegant stimulation illicit the most pleasurable noises and purrs from the lady.

The lady had been on the bench for almost two hours when she finally put the strapon harness on. She put her fingers against the lady's pussy. It was dripping with desire and excitement. Surely the lady had orgasmed already, but she was in for quite a ride. Quickly she pierced the lady with her cock. Music filled the air as she rode the lady in an fury of passion. The lady screamed as the lady's orgasm monumentally shook the lady from head to toe. She paused to let the lady catch her breath before riding her another half hour. A puddle of goo, she took the lady off of the spanking and held her on His love seat. She held her tight until all aftercare needed was received.

Into the kitchen they progressed, famished from the night's pleasures. She delighted in feeding them thoroughly before leading the lady into the shower to freshen up. Once the lady was clean, she took time to perfect His pussy. Freshly shaved in all the ways He commands she is ready for His return. They go to the door and kneel naked in place. She is no longer in control of the lady. It is all about Him and His will. She is fondling His collar when He walks in. He shoves His hand in His property's mouth without saying a word. She can smell another woman's pussy juices lustfully lingering. His date must have gone well. She is pleased as she sucks every drop of His hunt from His gracious hand.

He lifts His queen up and kisses her with such wanton desire her heart beats loudly in her chest. "You are Mine!" He bellows as His hands grab His property forcefully. "What have you brought Me?" in a softer tone.

"A special treat my dearest King. The lady has never had a threesome." She responds lovingly. "I texted You the lady's hard limits and safewords. The lady is Yours tonight to do with as You desire." He kissed her forehead looked her in the eyes in the way told her no more eye contact would be allowed. She kneeled before Him again, beside the lady. He took control of both.
Passionate Kisses Continue
Posted:Jul 18, 2019 9:55 pm
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2019 9:33 pm

Honor. Integrity. Loyalty. He has displayed these sacred traits during the last several months while I was owned by another. Often my side my events and other parties, he stood as my friend. No excessive temptation nor disrespectful pressure to disobey. He did not understand my relationship, though would not speak negatively of my choices.

His patience was rewarded by being the first arms after my owner released . I had not had sex except for a few minutes one special evening in well over four months. The last beating I had experienced was by his hand over five months ago. Needless to say my flesh and soul desperately needed attention.

He texted when he arrived to pick up early from work. Even from across the street his eyes spoke volumes. "Someday" was here and now. The hunger. The genuine caring and compassion. The gentle seduction. I traversed the distance between floating on a rainbow of bliss. We stood staring in each other's eyes as rivers salted my cheeks.

A breif touching of the lips before his embrace. He tucked my his chin. The beard he grew the start of the year is special to as it wiped the wetness away. Time stood still as I listened to the soft rhythmic beating of his heart. Comforted, we released.

When we were ready to leave, his gentlemanly manners shined as he opened the door to his vehicle for me. As he charioted me to our dungeon destination, our hands caressed each other's arms sending shivers through me. His signature "Dad jokes" caused my dimples to ache from the smile and laughter upon arrival.

He walks always closest to the street when I am on his arm. When he holds my hand, his thumb holds mine his to display my wilful submission. Inside the dungeon privacy my friends are waiting.

Hugs and more hugs as all are reunited. He was there the night I met her. We sat around the fire as I savored cigars, joints and fellowship. Poor dear was subject to my desires. I moved his chair to where I was practically on top of him. My fingers seeked solice in his thick beard and hair.

Jokes, riddles, laughter and sweet reminiscing filled the air. There is a guy on his way home. A man in a mask stops him. In 20 yes/no questions or less, can you guess why the man didn't make it home? Giggles.

I put my hand on his rosie cheek and lured his eyes into contact with mine. Voices seemed to empty into the vacuum of space as we travelled into the depths of each other's souls though the iris.

His thin lips trembled as they took an eternity to build the tension between us, slowly coming closer. A last gasp inhaled sharply between my slightly parted lips when the space between ended. Like a nervous I allowed him to kiss . I let him have control, savoring his sensual kisses. Looking desperately in his eyes, I sought salvation.

Many minutes passed before the surrounding conversations came back into focus when our lips parted. A few more laughs were had before I stood up, looking like the kitten who ate the canary. I stuck my thumb in my mouth and my other hand reached out for him to join me. "It's time." I said in a factual voice. My blank crept into a grin.

We located the right space and I ripped off my dress. It was my time of month. In an attempt to be in little mode I used a diaper for sanitary purposes. I felt ashamed standing in front of him. My head lowered and my fingers intertwined behind my back. My feet shifted nervously from side to side.

Had he forgiven me? I had abandoned him against my word for another. Would I have any stamina? He brought his extra large toy bag. What was my pain threshold? Blood has never been an issue, will it get in the way tonight? Thoughts flooded my head until his fingers pinched my nipples.

He instructed me to finish disrobing and hop up on the padded foot long rectangular box. Giggles and wetness. My hiney swished about as if my cat tail was visible. The cool air clashed with my bloody mess that mixed with the clear juices that flooded from the extreme passion he elicited.

Although he had shown vigor ravenously devouring my menses previously, the goddess flow would hender the safety of his tools of pleasure. He gathered wet and dry rags for cleansing purposes and excused himself as I bathed.

Meow. Purrs. Stretch kitty kitty. On my hands and knees crawling about, I was thrilled when he returned. Excitement beemed from my naked flesh. While he was absent, my hunger grew.

My for the night instructed to turn around and present my ass. On my hands and knees, my buttocks was his to swat. His bare handed spankings produced excruciating pain. Pain equals orgasms. I must endure to capture the elusive pleasure I deserve.

My little drummer man. His rhythm and stamina generated waves of orgasms while I squirmed about. His hands repetitively striking my ass made the most erotic slapping sounds. I laughed as the endorphins flooded my senses.

His slid his arm around my waist to pull me close to him. His knee was raised into a position on the bench that allowed me to rest sensually upon it. My arms snaked into holding him as he took his time to showcase his perfect percussion.

He helped me stand up as he lead me to the Saint Andrew's Cross. I positioned myself only to receive his relocating my flesh for the right reception of implements. Ass further out, spread the legs more, arms higher and head down. His soft hands were substituted for verbal commands.

He is not a sadist. As long as the pain produced smiles and laughter, he played a symphony upon my skin. My moans of pleasure were rewarded with longevity. My muscles relaxed into the pain to where all tension other than orgasmic bliss melted away.

After an hour, my breasts, belly, back, butt and legs vibrated from his continuous attention. He guided me to a sofa and sat down. Patting the cushion, he offered me a seat. I sat facing him as my legs blanketed his lap. My head was on his shoulder as he pet his kitten.

Hungry for our intimacy I lifted my head. He produced the most peaceful sensations within my soul as we stared into each other's eyes. His lips hovered close as his breath filled my lungs. Eyes wide open, his sensuous kisses commenced. Time ceased existence, while the brushing of lips crescendo. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
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Ode to Younger Gentlemen
Posted:Jan 6, 2019 6:21 pm
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2019 9:10 am

Once upon a yesteryear, a decade of hedonistic indulgences were lived in service to a very powerful older man. My life purpose under his control was to feast on all who came across my path. Male, female, transgender, older, younger, fat, thin, all races, every adult that crossed my path with hunger in there eyes. I gathered many playmates for us. I kept his infinite sexual appetite wet with the writings of our adventures as well as tales of my seductions when not at his side.

He protected me. We played whatever role was necessary to illicit the most orgasmic fulfillment in our prey. When we were alone though, he was the mighty one who satisfied all of my sexual, role play and masochistic needs, desires and fantasies.

I have had sex while bound at the bottom of the ocean on numerous occasions without my own oxygen tank relying on another to breathe. I have been bound in abandoned homes and buildings beaten deliciously and sexed ravenously. I have had some of the kinkiest gunplay imaginable. I have been savaged while hanging underneath a bridge. I have been hauled out into the ruralest locations so no one would hear my screams tied to off roading vehicles of all nature.

I am currently single and am under no such orders to play with all. As such, I see no reason to enjoy anything less than the type of man I am attracted to...bigger, taller, older, wiser, more experienced, sadistic men. I don't expect to be lucky and find the man I desire, but at least when a man has all of those traits, I can really enjoy mutual chemistry and feel fulfillment from my encounters.

I love the compliments received on pictures, videos and will be cordial when you sends messages. At this juncture, I simply do not desire younger men.
Target Practice
Posted:Nov 26, 2018 1:04 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 9:19 am

A Fantasy...

A Beast off-road and on, He loves to chart His own course in His Raptors. A group of His friends out to play so His property was on perfect display. Confident and cordial she engaged appropriately with His circle. Onlookers could notice Him fiddling with His phone as the plan of action for the afternoon was determined.

Only He noticed the slight blush that painted her elegantly composed engagements. His special app on His phone had engaged the butt plug and pussy egg He inserted in His property before their departure. He knew how hard He was making His pussy cum in spite of her silence therein.

Each head to their epic trucks to begin the adventure. No one has any clue what masks the couple dawns as dark delights are most certainly in store. Once inside His choice monster of the day, as He possesses a selection, she pulls up her skirt to where He can see His pussy.

She lowers her top to where her bruised breasts are thoroughly exposed for His pleasure. Cameras in His Raptor record every moment. Later she'll piece them together into a personal porno that they can indulge in other pleasures while viewing or in those rare moments His property is not at His side, He could relish the details of that day.

A bag of toys awaits her. She is not allowed to indicate as she navigates any perverse sound which would alert the pack of how hard His cock was watching her. She began by removing the egg. She left the butt plug in place. He cherished her enough to train her ass to take His cock without harming His property.

She picks a regular size cock dildo from the bag. Although she can take much, much larger, she prides herself on muscle control. She lays multiple towels under her and in her floorboard. This will be messy and they must keep up their normal appearance. She teases her labia with the tip, wetting the hard toy completely.

He is free! There are no idiots blocking His path. No traffic delaying His progress. No assholes trying to start shit. Blissful open desert where He can go as fast as He wills relying on His intellect and instincts. A predator. Alpha. His sensual Queen at His side. Perfect chameleon suited for all of His desires. Deserving of His collar.

She orgasms freely during this interlude. His cock is stiff as she gently rotates and squeezes the dildo with His pussy. His head shake indicates He is dome with this apparatus. She discards it in favor for one twice as thick. She also pulls out a present. A lion tail butt plug she has saved for a special occasion. His jaw drops as His eyes widen. He uncharacteristically nodded His head in rapid, excited approval.

She removes the one He had placed inside His property and replaces it with the golden long silky lion's tail. She wraps it around her backside then onto her thigh that is closest to her King. Although His eyes are currently on the road, He can see her slowly insert the larger cock. Her eyes roll in the back of her head as His pussy opens to receive this thick dildo.

She pushes it until it is as deep as she can receive. The pressure causes her to orgasm hard. She pulls it out as she thrashes silently. A gushing river flows rapidly from His pussy. She interest it again. She rides it as hard as He rides the terrain. Every five or ten minutes another glorious stream flowed when she removed the thick cock.

Next was a very large replica of a taboo she fancies. His cock is so hard, He rips it from her hand and grabs her hair tight. He shoves her face in His crotch. Her fingers fumble to undo His belt and britches. She pushes them down slightly so that she has full access to His shaft and balls.

Her head bounces with His truck. Her tongue and teeth keep Him edging for miles. He conceals His perfect predicament as He communicates with the pack. She makes His cock feel so good when it is in her lips He has escaped for full days from His daily routine to have her suck Him from before sunrise to well after sunset. She cannot get enough of Him either. Often times she falls asleep curled up on His legs sucking on Him as she passes to blissful dreamland.

He jerks her upright by her hair. With that predator look in her eyes matched by the wicked smile she grabs the humongous taboo dildo. Sucking on His cock made her squirt twice so His pussy swiftly swallows the object. She lets out a muffled moan of deep orgasmic pleasure as the object reaches deep within.

He strikes her breasts hard as she rocks back and forth on the fantasy cock. When she is ready, she pulls it out. The air is filled with her sex. Precum tickles the tip of His cock as His property rocks with a seductive demonstration of how far His pussy will stretch for Him.

With it deep inside, He uses her hair to guide her plump lips back to His cock. He strokes her hair and lion's tail as she weaves her magic. He reflects on the times He has watched her take that cock. She backs off sensing how quickly orgasm almost occurred. Gently kissing His balls, she waits patiently for His excitement to subside.

"I own you. You are mine." He whispers in her ear. No words of love can pierce her heart more deeply. She nibbles up His shaft. Her tongue swirls around His head. She slowly lowers her lips maintaining suction. When her kiss meets His balls, her tongue wiggles and pushes His cock into the roof of her mouth and the back of her throat. He deserved this ecstasy.

Soon the pack journey would end, though not their adventure. She cleaned up quite efficiently His Raptor, His cock, His pussy, His property. As everyone came to a halt, they were the portrait of normalcy. Great times were had with fantabulous food and intellectual intercourse.

As the sun lowered in the sky, each friend said their goodbyes. He had selected this spot to set up camp for the night. Cleverly maneuvering the pack to agree to His will. The stars and moon alone would bear witness to the predators hunting and feasting this night. She removed her clothes and re-inserted the lion's tail.

Although the fire between then ripped through the fabric of distance, there were tasks to be accomplished. A fire pit left behind from the post off-roading feast crackled as the setting sun painted the desert sky with reds, oranges, pinks and purples. They dance effortlessly in synchronicity setting up camp.

Tonight His pussy is swollen. He beat His property to where every inch that was covered by her chosen outfit today that could be beaten wore His mark. Light bruises to deep colors painted her flesh to where every bump caused her to remember the previous predatory evening in explicit detail.

He laid her down and kissed her lips as His hands gently caressed her soft flesh. Only His collar, lion's tail and footwear grace her elegant form. His cock is stff in His jeans. Passionate kisses pass between them. She feeds His as thoroughly as He indulges her lust for His kisses.

He kisses her forehead as he proceeds to her long neck. Her fingers stroke slowly through His hair. Nails gently scraping His scalp. Gentle nibbles, succulent kisses, and occasional sharp snaps seduce her completely. As His lips reach her breasts, He grabs her wrists, locks them in handcuffs and places them outstretched above her head. When He removes His hands, they remain in place via mental bondage.

He ravages her breasts with His hands and mouth. He strikes her there in spite of the bruises. His pain has been rewarded as His pussy squirts in recognition of His masterful skills.she cries out into the darkness a braided ribbon of pleasure and pain.

His pussy has been wet all day. He needed to drink from His swollen, bruised pussy the sweetest nectar of His Queen. His tongue found its flower. Dripping wet He lapped and sucked her savoring every drop. His whiskers tickled her fancy in the right way and caused her to orgasm promptly even when His lips and tongue were still.

He owned this pussy. Wild as a lioness she requires a more powerful predator to conquer her. He has completely and continues to do so daily as she is the eternal hunt. He knows how to excite and titillate His pussy to where He is repeatedly rewarded with her flowing orgasmic liquid eruptions soaking His face, whiskers, chest and hair. Ample was her display of love and devotion.

When He could illicit only moderate to little squirts His swollen pussy called to His cock. Flipping her into a doggie style position He gently pushed His way inside His pussy. Although her muscles work magic pulsating and clamping on His cock, His pussy swells super tight when repeatedly abused by large objects. He craves that sensation wrapped around His cock almost swallowing His balls.

Steady pace, He used His pussy to edge His cock. She came repeatedly due to His pain and pleasure which heightened His edging. He could feel the butt plug push against His cock as the tail laid sensually across her back. He pounded her fiercely taking the pressure of His cock's edging to near insanity.

He gently removed the lion's tail. Between His pussy's well of lubricant and the lube she had used on the tail, His cock slipped easily into her ass. He had been training it for a while to reach this level of achievement. She wasn't capable yet of a rough ride without tearing, but He was patient.

Her ass was so tight it was immensely difficult to continue edging. His will pushed past His carnal desire to explode in this utopia. She cums continuously anytime He is inside her ass. Her nerve endings are so virginal His pulse throbbing inside her ass causes waves of undeniable orgasms. Like rough sex, He will train His property to not orgasm on His command.

After a good long while of hearing her primal purrs, He succumbs to His own primal urges. Emptying deep in her ass His cock is squeezed unbelievably firm. It stops the flow of His cum midstream. His love oil caused her to dive so deep into an orgasm she locked His cock. As her ass relaxes, it is as if He had a second orgasm as His remaining cum pulses of pleasure as it spits into her ass.

Spent, He uncuffs her and they curl up together. Deep sleep takes them soundly into nighttime rest. In the morning glow she flutters about still naked placing targets about as He fixes their breakfast. When consumed, it is time for a little target practice before heading back to civilization.

As He took His aim, they began the distraction game. Sucking on His cock with all her lust she helped Him reach higher levels of concentration as each time He hit His mark. Excruciatingly difficult not to cum while also aiming at her well placed objects, yet thrilling and satisfying to fire with her lips pleasuring Him.

Her turn. Without distraction, she can hold her own. As His fingers grabbed a nipple and shot His other hand up His pussy, she was not quite as efficient especially as she squirted to His strumming. He was amused by her frustration and determination.

On the road back to reality, she sucked His cock and kept Him on edge the entire way. There was no better way to travel than with His property stoking His flame.
Full Moon Mayhem
Posted:Nov 20, 2018 12:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 6:15 pm

Darkness submits to the hunter full moon as her arms wrap tightly about His waist. Her hungry roars can be heard above the highly horsepowered engine as they gain altitude. His cock stiffens knowing His Queen is a badass, deserving of His collar and commitment as well as looks spectacular riding with Him. Every man wants her, but she only wants to serve Him. His cock swells.

He has found the space that suits His needs. She removes His helmet in service. When she removes hers, His suspicions are confirmed. The narrowing of her eyes, the way her plump lips have thinned into a Cheshire Cat grin, she has fully slipped into primal predator mode. The moonlight has created shimmering knives in her dark eyes.

He slaps her face so hard that she loses her balance momentarily. Her head snaps back instantly, a wild smile flashes as she launches her pounce. Not heavy enough to push Him over, but strong enough to land on Him and hold on without her feet touching the ground.

Her silky skin thrilled Him. The sensual details to her appearance, the way she maintained His property caused a guttural exclamation of His fierce longings. His hands wrap around her slender neck as her legs tighten around His waist. She strokes her fingers through His hair with one hand and His long whiskers with the other. Her heart sings with love and joy.

In reality she would never push Him away nor run from Him, yet this is precisely her actions for their current pleasure as she dismounts and breaks for the treeline. She is so loud, He waits believing the chase to be swift.

Even without the perfect circle hanging in the sky, she has big cat vision that serves her well in utter darkness. She removes her leather jacket shortly upon entering the woods. Since she knew they were going to play, she had on a one piece, long sleeve lace top that snapped in the crotch for easy removal. As she was about to lose sight of the jacket, she left it as the next breadcrumb returning to His Harley.

Deeper into the woods, she memorized a few landmarks to lead her back to the lace. She wasn't wanting to lose her chaps, nor the special panties He loves as take down will not be gentle. She also didn't want to make it too easy to find her.

His pussy is so wet and her pheromones so vibrant she marvels that her trail of liquid desire isn't leading Him directly to her. She finds a comfortable rock and waits patiently for the sound of Her Hunter. Time passes, she plays with His pussy, and her patience is rewarded with a snap of a branch.

Silent as a mouse, He once commented about her. A lioness also stealthy approaches her Prey. He passes her. In the blink of an eye she is airborne, His back her target. He knocks her backhanded to the dark earth before she reaches Him. He had sensed her essence.

On top of her before she could catch her breath His lightning hands bound her wrists with rope. Leaving a length to lead the beast His physicality mandated she keep pace. He knew His way back as sure as she. He paused without a word for her to collect the clothing left behind.

Defiant, she fought against His binds and direction. He would, at His whim, stop and strike her hard. He was completely in control and her will and might would always lose the fight. Upon arrival at His Harley she startled Him when she jumped up and wrapped her arms with wrists still bound around His neck.

His wet pussy knew the precise location of His stiff cock. Through His loose jeans He could feel the pressure of the lips wrapping around His head and shaft. A fierce fucking fills her thoughts.

He sets her on His Harley and slips out of her grasp. He positions her ass up, bent over His Harley as He ties her legs spread wide and secures her hands on the other side. He removes His belt and delivers repeated blows to her ass. She screams at the top of her lungs. Terms of endearment as well as random curse words pepper her tongue. When she utters "I love You." He knows it to be true.

Her ass bloody and welted, His cock needs to be served. She makes love to His cock with her mouth. A lifetime of oral fetish has prepared her to edge Him close to the point of orgasm with a thousand erotic techniques. He relinquishes His erection to her ample oral perfection. She will not let Him cum...His pussy screams.

He takes His time serenading her flesh with His cold steel blade. He has carved His name in Her flesh because she is eternally devoted to Him. Tonight, the knife will only heighten their senses. Sensual seductive strokes leading to a bite of pain and pressure. No bloodletting this wicked night.

His property. His pussy perfectly accentuated in His preferred panties. Turning moments into an eternity He warps time with His powerful lust slicing the material away from His conquest. Falling to the ground, His shaved pussy glistens under the full moon.

Using His pussy, He edges Himself again and again. His pussy practically clamps down on His cock every time He gives her permission to cum. If He is not careful the pressure can actually push Him out if caught off guard. He is in no hurry, because the night belongs to Him, as does she. His teeth dig in mercilessly which cause her to squirt repeatedly on His cock.


In the voice to be expected this evening, the lioness roared. "Please cum inside of Your pussy. I deserve every drop! Please use my body and Your pussy to cum like the GOD You are!"

Her love, her submission to Him alone completed the circle. He yelled with primal flare as He pulled her hair and emptied His power deep inside of her.
Passionate kisses returned
Posted:Oct 19, 2018 10:24 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2023 1:55 pm

The last time I was suppose to visit my haven, I reached out to my "Passionate Kisses" blog lover to join. Sadly, he was unavailable and my visit fell through. My precious pussy eater. I discovered him shortly after I made decisions that produced unfavorable outcomes which caused my King and I to previously part.

Before the most romantic first date of my life, I had been turned off by the number of people who couldn't comprehend my pee hole could never be my pleasure source. Within moments of arriving to the honeymoon cottage in the mountains with a two person Jacuzzi he delivered his impeccable credentials regarding his cunniligus to my menses mound.

Our second date found him in the fantasy land surrounded in a hot tub by women. All of the women were thrilled with his expertise. Going around in the perfect circle my 10 year celibate man made up for lost time and pleasures.

Ever since then, blood and water have ruled our encounters. We don't really talk in between. He is a switch who is such a cute Daddy and tops me mainly. Serial relationship addict, this year he has sworn off deeper connections. Single for the first time in well over 45 years.

My haven. I have seduced hundreds within the crystal waters. I hadn't played there since my heart was broken a few years back. He is who the universe brought me to break that fast.

The hello. Because he is a switch, I can overpower him instantly. I have to be very little and non-ruling around him to get what I want. Yet, because he is a switch I can be the most playful sadistic little girl.

He knows how to be Daddy. My lips dance around his but he is in control. As much as he desires that connection of the elusive tongue dance, he withholds. My hands go under his shirt. The smooth masculine pelt thrills me.

Eye contact is kept during this elegant interlude. Continual enticing. Finally he swoops in and my lips part in gratitude. My hands exploring his torso. He has put on enough weight to where he is more attractive to me. Muscle should be under a layer of soft fat. Better to cuddle.

Post embrace, we catch up on life. I ramble incessantly about the King. Then he rocks my world with his test scores. My poor lover. Until he met me and learned that he can be cherished and be a slut, he had lived a barren existence.

STI free. He is happy yet sad. I have passed him now to every woman in my circle of friends and lovers. We all maintain healthy statuses. I am puzzled as I watch him struggle.

The fact he is fine scares the shit out of him because he has eaten dozens of pussies this year. He doesn't know how to balance risk with pleasure. How can he safely play knowing what lies with debauchery?

I take him to the hot tub. I remind him sensually that he still drives his car regardless of the fact that he has been in accidents. My hand on his cock. Things stir.

I hurt him repeatedly. The cutest lil girl ever sitting in her Daddy's lap. Empathy serves me well when pleasing others. Intense pressure properly distributed his cock swell to my puppeteering.

If I care, there is no cloak I deny. Causing him pain didn't diminish him in my eyes, it connected us instead. A nibble here. A bite there. Water makes flesh willing.

We don't. In spite of his clean tests and our blood play we are not otherwise fluid bound. I rub against him, the pressure thrills us both without penetration.

Friends arrive. A succulent lass fixes a feast. The King calls. Everyone knows who he is and who he is to me. He is at least 25% of what I speak about every day. My pussy eater heard during our first date why I walked away and how the King had regained admission to my realm subsequently.

A good chat, then I was dismissed to eat dinner. My friends, though mainly vanilla have no issues showing affection in front of us. We have fucked in front of each other on numerous occasions. Dinner was playful therein.

During dinner, the discussion of how I juggled truth with multiple partners was brought up. I explained that yes, I answer the King's call regardless. I used an example where the King knew I was in another man's bed when He called and I answered while fucking. I showed my loyalty and honesty to Him. Ultimate turn on.

I had never seen my pussy eater jealous until that moment. The idea of another man holding me tight all night thoroughly ruffled his feathers. The one night we spent in bed together there was no sleep and our bodies never parted. I reminded him that I am who I am and am not a sleep cuddler with most thereby there was no space to envy.

Post dinner hot tub soak followed by the demanding lil girl insisting on a beating. Although he eats my pussy regularly we haven't gone here much. Pity.

It has been almost a month since my ass was last beaten. His percussion skills come into play as he positions my naked body over his lap. My vanillas enjoy the beats as they fix a lava cake dessert for us all. I can take whatever pain he decrees. My ass is happy as she insists we join.

Unaware my body is rejecting food for bloody reasons I graciously declined dessert. Sitting with Daddy, he feeds me a few bites. I am safe enough to be small for him.

He has brought his toy bag. Yea me! I select the implements to thrill my flesh. Leather paddle, leather flogger and his fun black sticks.

Fuck it hurts. I don't bottom enough lately so the pain is fresh. Each strike catches my attention. We have moved to the formal living room. Defiling that haughty space was exquisite.

My vanillas loved all of my lil noises. I was such a happy girl. His noises were lounder. I needed real pain. He provided. Thuds, smacks and hisses of implements mixed with my cooing.

I had insisted at the beginning he penetrated me before concluding. Instead, when the time came, his tongue was in demand. I needed to feel his hunger. Repetitive orgasmic bliss obtained I turned the tables.

He doesn't cum easily nor regularly. I don't take this as a challenge. The journey is the true goal. I lay my head on his leg. I suck and nibble while maintaining eye contact. I feel special at this moment.

I know he will leave shortly. This cannot last, yet in this moment I feel connected. He stops me. He pulls me up to his chest. I collapse in his loving embrace. We hold each other tight. Feeding each other such loving warmth.

I won't make this hard on him. Santa Ana is a lifetime away. He has work and responsibilities. I am just a whisper in time. I get up and walk him out. The warm winds surround me as I blow a kiss to the parting pleasure.
Walking bowlegged
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Junkies and the misfortunates roam the streets of LA. Most harmless, some are deadly. If it was nighttime, I would not have wandered the dirty streets so recklessly. I need a drink. I am thirsty and water won't quench my need. I am blessed beyond measure. I find that my old salvation has returned. Sierra Mist, the only American commercially produced soda that has pure cane sugar (digestible to me) is back on the shelves.

I am cum drunk, the state I call the ecstasy that accompanies the natural drug induced (adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, testosterone, serotonin, endorphins, prolactin, and limerence) euphoria of orgasming repeatedly and walking bowlegged. Each step hurts the pussy and helps me etch the minute details of the last hour into my brain so that not a single drop of pleasure remains undocumented.

It began with a tease. You know I am simply waiting for Your notice that You stated at the beginning of the week. "I guess you should know that if this conversation goes like it should I am going to fuck you and have my complete way with you." I have been waiting to hear when You'd come for me.

Today, You rang early and hard. I hoped You were going to tell me, but it didn't happen. You called again. After a longer conversation, the topic turned to the lustful ways that lead to my orgasms. I describe how I masturbate. I love that You are listening to me like auditory porn on Your way into work. I cum hard, repeatedly. You order me to explode...I squirt all over the bed.

Back to cleaning. My head is in a state that my world needs to be in order. Cleaning is the most meditative, therapeutic form of putting everything in its place. Here is where You found me. I count well. Three hours to get there, means that within 20 minutes after arrival You were calling me for my address. I couldn't allow myself to get hopeful. Keep scrubbing the walls.

In the kitchen doing dishes You call again. You give me a 40 minute warning. My pussy and leg hairs are between a half an inch to an in long. My kitchen and floors, bathroom and kitchen are not done. I assess the best way to clean so that I can meet You for our conversation. Surely there is no need to shave, yet. What am I going to do, bring You here?

Sleep has been a deserting friend this week waiting for You. I am so alive and full of energy while my mind races with thoughts of physically being with You as well as deep analysis of my mental and emotional maturity to make sure I am ready for something magical with You.

I finish the kitchen, or as much as I could, in 25 minutes. I swear that time stood still so that my tasks could be accomplished. A cold tub waits for me to combat the heat and do my best to prepare for You. One leg hairless. In olden days, that meant I've dulled the new razor enough to where it perfectly shaves my pussy.

Although that wasn't on the time schedule, I had to do it. If You were to see me hairy, I wouldn't feel I was serving You best. I still have one severely ingrown hair from my first shave in months when I sent You that picture. I had been waiting for the second shave as when I begin shaving again, I gain hundreds of painful ingrown hairs. Round two won't be any different but the pain is more than worth Your pleasure. Somehow I finished just in time for our song to come on my playlist.

It isn't "our song" per se. Most likely You have never heard it. "It's No Good" by Depeche Mode (lyrics in footnote 1). I feel this song's energy emanating from You and Your desires/control. The lyrics take me each time to You. As it comes to a conclusion, I hear Your vehicle. I jump out of the shower in time to receive Your text. I have laid out clothing to meet You. I choose sandals vs. heels for comfort.

The first thing I see is Your sandals when I open the door for You. I don't know what I am suppose to do. I want to kiss You desperately, but I refrain as I will do nothing to fuck this up. I follow Your lead and guide You to my place. Going up the stairs, I become very glad I chose a skirt instead of the shorts as Your hand finds its way deep inside me.

Inside I kick my sandals off. I know from the power exuding from You that we aren't going to sit down and have a conversation. If that is to take place, this is not the moment. I keep my head down and don't look at you. Brilliant white Harley Davidson shirt, comfortable jeans and other details are absorbed through my peripheral vision.

You pin my back up against the door. I should be worried about...a list of things crosses my mind now, but in Your arms there were no worries. With my head lowered, I steady my nerves to see if this is real. Looking at You, in Your eyes, I melt. Most close their eyes so they can be where they really wish to be, I am here with You, my world is complete and perfect. Seeing You so powerful and handsome.

"Do not look at me now." You say as you meet my eyes. I know now....eyes lowered is not head down looking up. I close my eyes and hold Your sexy masculine image in my head. You pin my arms against the wall. I am helpless, not simply to Your overpowering muscles, but to Your will. My skirt comes off first. You've lifted my shirt so Your lips and teeth locate their target on my exposed nipple. My thumb is too far away to prevent my screams so I push my tongue hard against the roof of my mouth. It doesn't have the same effect. My heart is racing, pounding so deeply I fear it will explode.

Your hands roam over my flesh. You drop my skirt to the floor. I don't wait for Your order, I know what You want. I spread my legs far. I keep my hands on the wall in mental bondage as You ravage my pussy and body. You take off my shirt. I cum and squirt in Your hand with Your skilled finger manipulations and the brilliant pain You are causing.

You lead me to the center of the room. The invisible wall between her space and mine hits me as a brick wall and I stop dead in my tracks when we get close to her bed. I rarely go there and do not want the memory nor energy of You in that space. I want my bed to absorb us so that when I am alone on it like now, YOU ARE EVERYWHERE around me. You understand and I gladly get on my hands and knees on my daybed and await You.

The belt is every bit as hard and unyeilding as You said. My thumb in my mouth, I can take anything from YOU! I steady myself for a beating of a lifetime. I love the feeling. I can sense Your immense control on the strikes being dealt. I sense Your avid attention. Most strikes are kisses and feel like bliss. Occasionally You deal a harder one. I could do this for hours. During this You ask "Are You done playing games now?"

In spite of Your previous command, this seems to be a very serious moment. I bend around so that I can look You in the eyes briefly and say "Yes Sir." How the hell after this moment in time could I ever do anything other than believe in You.

I was never allowed to suck my thumb as a . My brother was two when I was acquired and it took my parents until he was 12 after they put a special metal orthodontic piece in his mouth to break him of the habit. I wasn't sure how You'd react. Would I disgust You? When You were done with the belt and what followed You answered those questions in the most loving ways.

Pussy dripping, Your hand softly rubs my ass, admiring Your handiwork. I feel Your fingers dive in. I want what You desire so I spread my legs far apart to open myself up to Your hand. I can feel Your spittle drop as You utilize my ample wetness to lube Your way in. Holy shit that hurts. The pain makes me cum. I suck on my thumb as I try to relax and not push You out from the orgasm.

I am cumming as if Your fist was an orgasm instigator set of full speed! The moment one orgasm would start I would barely breathe a breath until You were forcing another upon me. I squirted some of the time. I couldn't stay still. You were so large. Micro-tares formed. Pain equals orgasm, fisting equals extreme pain, pleasure and plethora of orgasms.

At one moment it felt like You were clawing Your way all of the way to my heart. You were so deep inside of me and pushing further than I imagined could be possible. I grabbed onto the bed, mental note, need more solid frame as I will break the current wood with my hands when being ravaged by You. "Relax." You say. I am cumming so hard the command is virtually impossible to follow but I am determined to obey at all costs.

Breathless from the incessant orgasmic utopia, You lay me down on the bed. You sit down beside me. Is this my imagination or our connection? I see from overhead You looking down on me. My eyes are closed, my thumb in my mouth. The intensity of Your compassion pierces my soul as You position my body to the resting moment. As ferocious as You had been, this was the perfect Yang. Your hand gently rested upon me. I smiled. Have I ever been closer to anyone in my life. My mind was empty. Only your breath and your hand were real. "Are you ok?"

How can words convey the heights of my elation and sensations. My pussy was constantly shuttering in afterglow orgasms. Was it still my pussy? It doesn't matter. Mine, Yours, it is all the same. Peaceful tranquility and amazing touch. Please don't get me wrong. I want to be the lady who proudly says this is Your pussy. "Wonderful. Fantastic. I am with You, which is much better than ok?"

You stand up and roll me over onto my back. I hope that it is for magic of Your cock, but instead You use Your magical fingers to entice another round of earth shattering orgasms. You hold my shoulders down. I had come simply by thinking of that thought earlier in the day on the phone with You when You were directing me to play with myself and now it was reality. I orgasmed instantly with Your desirable weight upon me.

You move my hands to my shoulders. Your hands and lips move to my breasts. Your pain causes me to orgasm so intensely my body convulsed. You sit down beside me and use the newly produced moisture to take possession of my soul again. I have never been so skillfully fisted. My mind was becoming delirious from the lowered oxygen and brain chemicals.

You placed me into resting position again. That is the only coherent name for what You do in between. You moved my thumb to my mouth and told me to breathe. You stroked the hairs from my face with the grace of angles wings. Your hand rested on my leg.

In my deepest meditations I cannot silence my brain to any level near the silence that occurs when You hold, watch over and protect me that way. I wasn't thinking about anything. I was simply present. There with You. Your hands find their way back to the sweet spot.

You arranged my pillows to present me in a different way for Your pleasure. Again You pinned me down, knowing what a thrill it is. Sweet bruises have formed reminding me You were here. Pussy juices squirted on the bed. Rapid rolling of Your fingers and other techniques were squirreled away in my memory banks. Your master manipulation was teaching this old several new tricks.

You had me cumming so hard the need to squirt was beyond painful. I put my finger to my button to push it over the edge. Was that allowed? Was that disrespectful? Those thoughts quickly entered my head and were whisked away in a flash. There was no room for doubt. I know You well enough by now to know You are more than capable and have zero issue correcting me.

You place me in the resting position. This time the amount of care and detail to the position was noted, especially the placement of one foot upon the other leg. Beside me again I am smiling. I am more alert and aware this time than previously. The softness of Your lips and whiskers upon my leg. They are trimmed shorter than I think I have seen. Once more they bless my spirit. You stand up, noises are occurring.

"Stay in little space." You state as You walk away. I feel so safe. I don't think I ever realized all of those times You talked about protecting me that You were referring to much more than simply my physical safety. I realized although I want to be Your queen, You would protect me regardless as You were doing now. In a matter of only forty five minutes, I saw so much of You I did not know to anticipate. I stayed safely in little space knowing You would be my King regardless. i.e. You will always receive my respect and service regardless of whether or not You choose to own me.

You returned and laid down beside me arms wrapping me up in Your warm embrace. I was silent and reveled in being completely held by You. I looked at Your fingers, memorizing every line and shape and Your perfect nail. The deep sun kisses that bronze Your flesh. I could have fallen asleep in a heartbeat. It has been days since I have slept more than a few hours at a time. Serenity.

You get up, walk around the daybed and stand in front of me. COCK!!! Wait no. That isn't what is happening here at all. This isn't the next round. This is Your departure. I get to look in Your eyes. I search for signs that I have done wrong and that is why You are going. This was neither a conversation or a fucking. I don't know where I stand. Solid. In Your eyes I saw the answer. I stand sold. You have claimed my flesh today in so many ways my pussy is still having orgasmic aftershocks. You owe me nothing. I stand solid. If You see me again. If You offer me Your collar. If. If. If.

If's are no longer my concern. You're in control. You ask me to call You in a little bit. You ask me to think about if there is anything I need/ or want that I did not get. I am so perfect at this moment in time the question seems preposterous.

You walk out the door. I close my eyes. NO! This is not what I do. I stand up. I go to the window. I believe every moment in time is valuable and I am not going to waste this one! I watch You as You head towards Red. Relaxed yet confident stride. You are a King and watching Your direct path to Your truck turns me on. The way You handle her and turn her around it the parking lot has juices running down my thighs knowing that if things go as they should, someday or many days, I'll be sliding down on that stick shift. Facing me You are handsome as You wait at the stop sign. I look into the trees as You pass out of my line of sight.
Tale of Two Wands and a Bush
Posted:Aug 31, 2018 1:31 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2019 11:00 pm
A lovely day of Escape. I was waiting upon my ride to my daytime BDSM/Swingers party when He called. My heart races every time His image notifies me of His intent to speak with me. "What would you do if I told you to spread your legs for me right now so that I could eat you?" In shame I looked at my pussy. He prefers a clean shave on those lovely lips.

There was zero possibility of Him showing up at my party to where I could feel His scrumptious whiskers against my freshly shaved flower. I am not His. He is interested...but perfectly cautious and thorough in His pursuits. My heart was racing so fast after that conversation. Just the mere thought of what if...I had no choice. Time to shave.

The daytime parties have been small, intimate party with more women than men. Over the last few weeks I have become quite appreciative of this particular dynamic as I can top for hours on end and like multiple female submissives/bottoms. Returning to my old lair, everything has its place and purpose in my adventure, even the ghosts that haunt me both literal and metaphorically. She whispers in my ear, "Welcome home." A lovely lady that remains there...when the lights twinkle, you know she is near.

I lay naked in the shade in the extensive outside courtyard. Being ill recently means I forgot an outfit, my security blanket, and other items I wish I had, yet I remembered my razor. With His picture in front of me, a cup of warm water to clear the hair out of the razor, a pair of scissors to trim down and silky soap to make the sensation delectable. I reflected back to when it was His pussy and how it thrilled me every morning preparing it for Him. Hearing Him say "Mine." Shivers. That Man is so dominant that I swoon to His deep southern timbre. I orgasm repeatedly enjoying the cool morning breeze lap against the rug removed remains. I send Him a picture.

Old friends wander in and old passions rekindled as the day heats up. I spend some time practicing my cock sucking skills and enjoy learning techniques with my new toy. No one desires too much of my attention as they are enjoying rediscovering and my pussy is too sensitive for use, so I spend most of the day masturbating thinking about the windows of time that He could arrive.

He calls again in between our events. Sitting naked around my friends, I enjoy listening to Him ramble on about His day. Everything about Him excites me. I like how He handles Himself with integrity. He sends me a sexy picture of a perfect temptation trying to catch Him. He refuses to release His control to His desires. There are much better things He desires out of His life. He is focused, determined, unmovable.

My stomach betrays me before class begins. I have yet to go a whole Tuesday without my body's cruelty. I am good at smiling through the abdominal pain. I sip on water to hide my face in the few moments my mask cracked. The class was "What are Swingers?" We gathered around the firepit and I smoke my herb. Thoroughly engaged, the attendees learn and give valuable insight from their own personal experiences. Everyone gained knowledge and enjoyed themselves immensely. Two non-members showed interest in joining our private social club and I gave them the information on how to do so.

Into the restroom for the next hour. The aftermath of an episode has begun from my hospital visit Saturday. Healing hurts and it did. Although I haven't had solid foods since Saturday, there are still consequences. A hot shower brought me back to life to where I could go and join the party that was already in full swing.

I am back in the habit of gathering all submissive types that wish to play with me together at the beginning of my events. Since I had been delayed, only two scrumptious ladies and one sensual ts lady wished to scene. I laid my newest bitch (she said it, I accepted it) down on a long padded table. I placed one spanking directly beside the table near where I placed the other's head. The gothic ts succubus perched on it facing me. The wonderful service submissive who has helped us for over a year completed the three sided square around me sitting statuesque on a second spanking .

Prepared to thrill them all with my Neon Wand, the raven asked if I wanted to use her Violet Wand at the same time. Hmmm. I know electrical play safety enough to know I can do that as long as I don't cross the currents over the heart this is more than possible! Excited, I prepare each instrument. I put the music to Stevie Nicks playlists. Although she is full of positive female energy, I could have easily chosen Tori Amos, Loreenna McKennitt and Sarah McLochlan to set the desired mood. The lights were dimmed to amplify the beauty of the electricity.

Double fisting it, I began. Slowly the wands begin to flow to the melodies. Hauntingly erotic, the sizzle and the scent of ozone filled our senses. I leapt from touching one person at a time with both wands to sparking two souls simultaneously. Trailing over all of their combined flesh, only their pussies were off limits in my head. We hadn't pre-negotiated that part and only two of the three had I played with before using this toy. I did trace around paying particular attention to the responses. Ebbing and flowing from intense to gentle their grateful moans matched. As a spring sun radiates warmth into the snow covered hills resulting in the sensuous trickles of liquid parting the earth down the mountains, so were the wands upon their supple skin.

The man who gave me the toy was welcomed in. His first evening event, definitely had more BDSM flow to it. He played with the toy with the lady on the table while I spent some time thoroughly exploring the gothic raven's exquisite breasts. The sounds escaping her lips and the deep breaths she was enjoying made me orgasm repeatedly. Next to us, some tickle torture had begun on the table. The the third side/helpful slave got off her perch and came to the other side of the table opposite the man. Each began playing and sucking on her breasts causing her to squeek adorably. I handed the Violet Wand to its owner as she is a switch and we began to torture the other two submissives.

The pussy eater I had eat the submissives as I electrified them last week joined in the circle. He was bottoming nicely to the comb electrifying his scalp. I moved to the midsection of the lady on the table. As she is my bitch, I took a long time stimulating her cunt. Her panties soaked thoroughly. Thrashing about, her scent filled my nostrils. Everyone was holding her down. Human bondage is HOT. True torture time began. She had been severely bruised Saturday by other (such a lovely slut), so this was the perfect way to overwhelm her in all of the right ways.

It was time to take a break. I was feeling very ill so I had most people take turns rubbing pressure points that fluctuated from relieving to slightly relieving the nausea. Unfortunately, not feeling nauseous felt so good that I over did the nerve stimuli. My back hurt in two specific spots...time to try...something different. I take the pussy licker back to the scene space and lay on the table. I had him use my wand on those two points.

Each person's flesh responses differently to the sensation. Mine feels like a rapid tattoo needle continuously piercing the epidermis upon connection. It confuses my nerves to where the pain subsides, though I know bruising will form. As a reward, as well as a gift to myself I take him to another room to a demon I need to exercise.

For two years I have avoided this station. I cannot see it without hearing my name echoing from his voice. Hundreds, if not thousands of times, I secured my beloved ex to that chair. It was the first place he begged my name repeatedly as I edged him for long periods of time stroking his cock. He broke the thigh straps years ago, yet the leather has since been repaired. The lights twinkle. Many years ago, before she died, in the basement, we did old fashioned magic together. I could not break the chains that bound me to one who was undeserving so she sutured my heart chakra putting me into a state of shock (actual needles put my into shock instantly, a bi-product of getting many stitches on my ass cheek directly following my birth). Doing what pagans do, she cut open the sutures at the end of the ritual and that asshole held no control over me from that point forward. It would make sense that she would join me here as I took back control of my emotions now that my heart has healed from a very different type of breakup.

I sat in the chair like a Queen on her throne, yet this was no ordinary throne. Instead of a "seat" imagine a V stemming from the back 1" x 4" wooden plank to spread one's legs and allow access to what lies below. There is NO easy way to put your head under this throne as there it sits on a 5" platform. I did not allow him to strap my calves nor thighs. I bound myself into the waist strap so I would not fall in the hole. I used the cross portion of the back which has beautiful metal rings to bind to hold myself up as well. He went to town eating my pussy.

I looked across at the actual black leather throne that sat across from me. I thought about the Man with the whiskers. I rarely orgasm without thinking about Him since He first dialed my number again mid-June. The pussy licker receives the squirting my body produces as I fantasize about the Man's whiskers and how they must feel. I then think about how handsome He would look in that purple room that appears visually as blue due to the lighting sitting there in that throne watching me. I picture His typical poker face gazing at me intently. I neither see approval nor displeasure in His eyes. I see an increase in His hunger.

My mind becomes wicked. As He watches me in my mind's eye, the flesh beneath my feet starts to stir as I squirt looking at Him, my eyes lowered, but still seeing Him. Is that allowed? Back when He talked about lowering one's eyes, did He mean no eye contact or simply lowering while looking? If I ever need to know in person, He will command. He is immutable which allows me to be a peaceful solid reflection therein. My feet ensnare the pussy eaters cock. I know his profile, he likes cbt. Up and down to keep my feet parallel his cock rolls in my feet. I release the stomach strap, the pressure is too great at this angle.

I close my eyes as I drift into the sensations that are present. The sucking and gnawing keeps my pussy cumming. I am satiated for now, Elvis has left the building. Outside, we discover that the only two left other than staff are the two that were locked in the room beside us which echoed my orgasmic bliss. As the pussy eater lives in Orange County, we all did a walk through to clean and shut up all other spaces. With thirty minutes left, I had the pussy eater take me home. Unfortunately there were no other ways to distract my body as the pain I had been repressing overwhelmed me to tears. He dropped me off as I ran upstairs as if I was Cinderella and the clock had already clanged 11 out of 12 strikes. Into the tub I went. Pressure did the trick and within ten minutes I was human again.

Laying in my bed I reflected upon the wonders and excitements of the day. My mind returned to when He had called. I was laying in the exact same spot. I thought about what it would have been like if He would have magically appeared before me. He knows what He does to me when He puts those images in my head. I masturbated thoroughly until my juices soaked the bed. I gladly enjoyed the wet spot as I drifted away into serene slumber with His praise and gratitude on my lips.
Sex Ed - Button Up
Posted:Aug 20, 2018 3:49 pm
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2019 11:00 pm

This weekend I found myself in the pool naked with many yummy bodies. I enjoy pool parties because I love bouncing women on my knee in the water. It creates, quite the orgasmic sensation.

At one point, I had two women on the same knee and we all climaxed in perfect symmetry. The lady in the middle floated into another man's arms with her lovely mound floating in the water. I stroked a button that all ladies have and she came so hard, long, and noisy most of the 40 people in the pool stopped to take notice.

She exclaimed she had never felt anything like what I had done and asked me to do it again/explain. Couples gathered 'round eager to see what new thing there was to learn and to watch the extremely petite vixen writhe again.

If you follow in a straight line the clitoris up to the pelvic bone, you will find the most interesting little ridge. This is ABOVE the opening of the pussy. That is a lovely nerve cluster, pressure point, that gathers the nerve endings in the G-Spot and the clitoris into one very handy button. Even if the woman is too sensitive for you to directly play with her clitoris, these nerves sensations will not cause the flesh touched pain they experience.

Once you find it, push it slightly into the pelvic bone. Run your finger side to side (not up and down). On me, and many others, that will cause an instant orgasm and possibly quieting.

I love being a sex educator. Making the world a better place, one orgasm at a time!!!
Passionate Kisses
Posted:Aug 3, 2018 3:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2023 1:55 pm

I saw him at an event. He was with a cool lady as her canvas of the evening. Handsome, intelligence, witty, although he was too far away to have direct conversation, I enjoyed watching and listening to him.

With sweet pleasure and joy, he messaged me the next day. I responded bluntly saying that I wanted his cock. Maybe that was a little forward as he wasn't sure how to take the next step. I advised him it was quite simple, ask me out. Silence. Sigh.

One week later, he asks me if I will join him for a hike and a cabin in Big Bear. Blush, yes, yummy! I know he is an experienced outdoorsman and look forward to hiking with him. He arranges the honeymoon cottage and jokes about not getting the wrong idea. I wanted to lolly back if it was ok if we role played, but decided he might get the wrong idea himself.

I haven't been on an adventure in a while of this caliper. Everything added to a deliciously sleepless night before. He was suppose to pick me up at 8:00 a.m., but I texted at 2:00 a.m. that 10:00 a.m. would most likely be better. Near 6 a.m. he said ok, but as I was still wired, I suggested we leave at our original time. As I had no response, sleep finally met me around 6:30 a.m. and I shot him a message saying 10:00 a.m. was fine.

He arrived early, moments after my alarm went off. Quickly I showered and prepared for our adventure. Down the stairs I flew to the manly chariot that awaited. He stepped out of the vehicle I was quite impressed, by the light of day he looked significantly younger than when I had laid eyes upon him in the evening light. Well into his 60's he was as young and fit as if he was still in his 40's. I had two errands I needed to accomplish before we progressed and he was a charming companion for both.

As we headed into the grey day, we did the introduction of who we are and what we've experienced in the lifestyle. I started to touch his arm, he had on a shirt rolled to three quarters length and his flesh was calling my name. Soon a long forgotten habit emerged. I slipped out of my shoes and placed my feet on his dashboard as one delicious moan after another escaped his lips. Electricity flowed from my hand into his smooth skin. His entire body was one humongous erogenous zone and each note I hit intensified the harmony. We held hands and could not stop trembling. It was impossible to tell who was more turned on by the other.

The first orgasm slipped out as we were going up the mountain range. I was sucking and nibbling on his thumb. His moan sounded like the release being granted by my clenching love nest. I joined in his resonating bliss and the pleasure flowed freely. Two more crescendos before we entered the thick fog. Unfortunately I had to stop holding his hand so that both hands could be on the wheel. It was hard not to notice all of my lustful endeavors had left a very pronounced effect on his cock.

We pulled over, the tension was too great. Snap, snap, snap, buttons and belts, everything hastily removed so that his swollen flesh and my mouth could collide. His moans were louder and more urgent. His cock was thick and the head was meaty. I wanted to devour him completely. He said stop, I thought he was about to ejaculate, however another vehicle had pulled into our turnout.

Onward and upward the vehicle traveled into the sunlight. It was a shock to the system after days of grey to see such brilliant light. The clouds were an endless sea of white and silver. Such a perfect view, such amazing company. Another hour of fondling and we finally arrive.

Rustic and quaint, the little cottages sat in dense wood. I couldn't keep my hands off his shapely ass as we checked into the little haven. We were so thoroughly wrapped up into each other that neither of us noticed that we had not received the key until after we had parked. Skipping around like schoolkids, we giggled as we retrieved the key and loaded our luggage into the cabin.

Wow...big bed, six pillows stacked high in two piles. Rock fireplace, wood floors, leather couch, two person Jacuzzi bath tub, mirrors strategically placed including a 45 degree angle that showed the bed while laying on the bed in great detail. This by far was more charming than any picture he had sent.

His eyes captivate me as we breathe in the freedom of our first moment truly alone. He has never liked the term Daddy, due to a previous bad encounter with a Daddy/babygirl couple. He allows me to use the term on him and I adore the twinkle in his eye at the sound of it escaping my lips. We kiss for what seems like eternity, his thin soft lips up against my fuller pout. He bites, I nibble, we move our tongues in beautiful waves ebbing and flowing in and out of each other's wet, warm and inviting mouths. He is catlike in his ability to hold my gaze, without blinking we stare deep into each others eyes as each movement produces exquisite sensations. Still clothed, our hands are pawing at each other's flesh as if trying to carve away inside of each other.

He starts to unbuckle his britches or maybe it was my hands fumbling clumsily upon the clasps. I have been feeling his hard cock for hours now and my patience is gone. I drag him to the leather couch and sit down so I can be at a perfect height to taste him. Beautifully thick and long, he didn't give himself enough credit for his blessings. I used every bit of self control I could muster to slowly tease with my tongue and lips long before I put his head inside my mouth. Kissing his cock as passionately as his lips I look up into his eyes and melt into bliss. I trace my tongue around the mushroom head. He is so vocal with his pleasure, I am aware these sensations are eliciting a perfect response. I suck gently on his balls as a final tease before I run my tongue up his shaft, I close my mouth as I reach the head. My lips gently part with perfect pressure as I slowly go down his shaft. Creating suction, I wiggle my tongue gently as I get further down. At the base, I open my lips and undulate my tongue to his sexy gasps and groans.

I angle myself to where I can see his face. The reflections of light in his glasses mask some of the hues in his eyes, but I can see that he is watching me intently. Holding his shirt back, I lolly between gazing fancifully at him and giving my full effort in showing of my cock sucking skills. Time slips and I am hungry. I mention my needs, the afternoon is already well past standard eating schedules. We are standing beside the couch, when he makes it dominantly clear that he is going to get his chance to feast before we depart.

My natural instinct when put in this situation as my readers know, is to decline. I have a sensitive urethra opening and am prone to UTI's from deeply probing tongues and fingers finding the wrong hole. Looking in his eyes, I earnestly could not think of a reason to refuse. I wanted all of this man's passion. I desired to see if he was one of the few that I could earnestly relax and enjoy. I wanted my hands to run through his hair more. I said yes, knowing he knew exactly what he was diving into.

Only women bleed, and I do...massively. Propping my ass up onto the armrest of the couch and giving him a comfy pillow to kneel upon. His fingers fully pulled back my labia. He looked into my eyes for one last assurance before diving deeply inside with his tongue. His divine skills drove me to orgasmic bliss instantly, but he would not be deterred. Like a ferocious lion he devoured me. Sucking, licking and prodding, he took my breath away. If it was not for the internal flow controls, I would have been squirting all over his face repeatedly. When an hour had passed, he finally came up for breath. In earnest, I insisted as I get sick if I get too hungry. His face was covered in my blood. Like a tawdry vampire novelette I attacked his face with my long and thick tongue lapping up every visible proof of pleasure. His eyes were closed as I methodically removed all of the blood. Then we kissed. My scent and taste were somehow more potent inside of his mouth. I must confess, we lost more time as our lips feverishly sought out each other.

TIME TO EAT! I know he brought food, but he said we were going out. I was in need of iron and more blood, so we settled on a deli that came highly recommended. How he could stay in the lines, follow the road rules, etc. are completely beyond me...he was too cum drunk to get us there without a few wrong turns, giggles. Knowing my feet on his dashboard was a major turn on, I used my entire arsenal of arousal to fluster him. The sandwich shop had food that we both desired. I was thrilled to discover he likes his spice/heat as well. The waitstaff exercised extreme patience with our flirty distractions of each other. We agreed for multiple reasons it was better if we ate outside. Thankfully, it took a long time for our food to come. We played with each other's hands, stared into each other's eyes, and kissed often. At one moment, I really wanted to flash him with an upskirt moment, but the lady in the window was watching us and I did not want to get into trouble. The food arrived, and we were satiated and satisfied. He let me eat his pickle

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