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G, the Red Dress and the red 911 Chapter One  

Rosiesparkles 63M   
5 posts
1/14/2022 11:03 am
G, the Red Dress and the red 911 Chapter One

I have been messaging G for over a year now, one of the great things about Adultfinder. Now this gorgous gurl had a business trip in Oz. How she managed to get the visa and all the rest, well she must be well connected. G had a number of business interests, one was fast cars, and she was coinciding her visit with the big 12 hour race in regional NSW. All the top cars were lined, up, Ferrari, Bentley, Corvettes, Mustangs, Porsches, Audis, all competing in this world ranked race. G owned a Porsche over in America, and me, Rosie, I had one as well. That car had an effect on women and gurls. For example I was driving, a girlfriend home one night, and I got the blowjob of my life when I was driving home .
I recounted this story to G, and she was most impressed with it…..but then went on, this hadn’t happened to her. Well I said I would gladly oblige if she picked me up with a nice fast car, when she came to visit. A car that went fast around corners, where I would feel a little helpless and more than a bit turned on.
The weeks ticked past, and we continued sexting, to keep up the anticipation. I was learning a lot from G, especially looking at here profile pics which improved my look and make up. G was generous with her time and hints. The new photos I was sending her, she loved. The confidence I was getting allowed me to go out for the first time in Sydney, and OMG, I couldn’t believe the success I had. Maybe too successful, being in a swanky apartment, with two other TGurls, and having two cocks at once, something I had always fantasied about. It was divine. I hadn’t swallowed that much cum in one night ever.
I sent G the pics, and her response was a little surprising. I think she was a bit jealous as these Tgurls were hot. Now let me make it clear, G is very hot, and I imagine that she could get anyone she wanted. She is that gorgeous.
Anyway the time had come, and G was about to pick me up, and I wasn’t disappointed. Why, firstly she was more beautiful than the photos, plus her sexy American accent and legs, I got harder as soon as she stepped out of the Brand new Red 911, in a matching tight red dress and started talking. My first response, tell me what to do and I will do it honey. We kissed passionately
G was fun and she wanted fun, and asked directions to a fast windy road…..I played hard to get, “why baby?” G was fast on the come back, because you Rosie promised, and I am sure you want to play with all those knobs in this car. We both laughed, we both hoped into the 911 and tore off down the road. The car was manual. I said this is great honey, you use the gear knob, and I will use yours.
G took off in a shower of dust, she loved the car and so did I, so shiny, curvey, god I would love to spread my legs in front of that bonnet. I shrilled with delight, as G worked up the gears, and we got to a windy part of the road. G was a great driver, down shifting on the curves, she had mastery of this car. I commented on her driving skills, and then she asked “ how about your sucking skills?’. I needed no prompting, I bent over, pulled up her gorgeous dress, and saw she had a tight g string, with a stunning straining cock. I gently nibbled at her g string, but the car was moving so much, I didn’t want to bite G. So I realized the evergrowing member had to be released by my fingers, and so it happened. I licked it’s gorgeous growing head. I was in heaven, I had dreamt of sucking this beautiful cock and now I was. G kept driving fast, moving the gears was more difficult now, but G used the movement of her hand to push me down on her hardening member. As we swung through corners, I had to be careful not to let the sideways pressure, push my teeth into her ever swelling cock. I couldn’t believe how big it was getting. At this time, G opened the sunroof, and the rush of air was wonderfully refreshing, even though it blew my hair around.
I kept pumping up and down G’s cock, and she really started to move and thrust her hips which in turn pushed her cock into my mouth. She did it in rhythm with the gear change. So it was gear change down, and she would push me down, then the corner, where I would get that lateral energy from the corner, then gear change up, where I would bob up for air and then the whole thing would repeat. As the drive continued, the movements became more uniform but more arousing, for G and me. Soon it got to the stage where the deep throating from G pushing me down, I was producing so much saliva and it was spilling from my mouth, G’s G string was getting wet, very wet. Then after about ten minutes down this road, I had to stop as my mouth and throat were exhausted, so I said, “what about your balls honey?” I then pulled out my cock and started stroking it, as it was so hard, with all the arousal I had
G just moaned a Yes, and I then realized when I sat up for a break, G was going at 85 mph on the straight, I didn’t want to know, so back I went to G’s balls and just sucked them up….they were so wet and delicious. I fantasied that I would love to put cream all over them, but hey, let’s get back to the story. G said, “back to the cock honey, you have had a well deserved break”. I just wanted to do anything for G and of course I did. The process of the well rehearsed rhythm continued, gear change down, then G pushing my head down so his cock slid deep down into my throat cavity, and my lips touching his balls, then the sideways force of me coming up around her fat shaft, then his pelvic thrust, which brought back half way down his shaft, then I would come up for some air, and then the whole thing was repeated on the downshift with G pushing down into the complete deep throat position. I actually loved it. I hadn’t had oral sex like this before, as the danger was adding an extra layer of arousal.
Then G said, “I have to pull over I am cuming and you are going to have it down your throat”. Mmmm, I thought. G kept downchanging, and the pelvic thrusting, gear change and deep throat sequence continued. When we stopped I felt her cock surging, and she pushed himself deeper into my throat. The moaning was astounding such deep primal noises, and the jism went into my throat, I was gagging but G held me there, I relaxed, but then I saw blue and red lights, illuminate the cabin. G cried out, “Cops”, G was still spurting but as I withdrew but I was covered with her cum, all over the cheeks and chin.
Oh dear I thought, this is going to be tricky, I covered my cock and wiped my cheeks and chin, but I started coughing, with all the excitement. G struggled to get her still large wet cock into her g string, but I noticed everything was so wet, including her dress.
The<b> police </font></b>person popped out of the car quickly and came up to the sunroof and said “leave this open, you girls having a bit of a party….do you know how fast you were going, 85 mph, well above the speed limit” G confidently said, I know and I am sorry about that. The policewoman softened her tone, as she got a sense that we were compliant I now recognized her as a policewoman,. “well we can do it two ways, one, I can give you a fine, and you will lose your licence as you well over the speed limit, or we can have a chat them maybe a drive and anything that happens from now on is off the record”.
G said, the second please, we could make it up to you….”mmmm, get out of the car both of you” we obeyed. She strode up to me, and put her finger under my chin, and wiped some of the cum off my chin. She smelt it and smiled. “Thought so, OK, I am getting the picture here, come here red dress”, she said to G. “Hop up on that stump and I want to check something”. As soon as she stepped up on the stump and she was illuminated with the car headlights, I could see her soaked pelvic region. The policewoman got out her baton, and lifted G skirt. All the way past her tummy, “I see, a moisture affected pelvic region, with signs of a masculine appendage, this indeed is very interesting”. She looked again at me, then back to G and said, “You, the older one, spread your legs and bend over the bonnet, face down”. I did what she said, and she took out her handcuffs and pinned my arms behind my back, and then slid her baton, up the back of my dress and revealed my cock as I had no panties on. “Well, it just gets better, you will go in the back seat of the Porsche, and don’t make trouble”.
I was helped into the back of the 911, which is very cramped, with my face buried into the rear seat, then I heard, “Hey red dress, get into the passenger seat, we are going for a drive, you don’t mind do you?”
“Of course not honey, it’s your night now”. Just before the policewoman got into the car, she unzipped her trouser and OMG out popped this fat 9 inch monster cock. “Wow” said G and me. “Let’s see if you can swallow all of this when we are driving… be continued

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1/14/2022 11:57 am


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