Are you kidding me?  

Rustylj63 58M
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10/14/2021 10:18 am
Are you kidding me?

Ok, I understand that I'm on a website full of people who believe in alternate lifestyles. I have no issue with people who to live a certain way, or treat others a certain way. That's their business. I also know it's a real long shot to be on this site hoping to find that one special woman to spend my life with. But hey, that's ok too. And truth be known there a few things about me that people would probably consider kinky as well.

But what really pisses me of (I'm assuming that this is an adult website and I won't get fragged for saying "pisses me off") is when someone starts chatting with you and you seem to be getting along so you agree to install Hangouts (which is changing if you didn't know) and chat for a few more hours with them there when... yep, here it comes... "would you be able to send me a $50 Amazon gift card so we can video chat?"

Wow! O.. yeah, I'm no dummy and I know that as soon as I send the gift card I'll never hear from that person again, or worst yet, they'll keep chatting to me and explain their phone just broke and could I help them buy a new one, whatever.

So you call them on being a scammer and they immediately turn it around on you saying you don't trust them. No shit! We've been chatting for two hours and you're giving me some bullshit story about needing so we can video chat! Of course I don't trust you.

But is that the real problem? My not trusting them? Hell no! The real problem is the lame as shit, morally deprived, uncaring pieces of shit that will log on to a site like this, prey on other people's feelings, and try to steal from them.

I've never been scammed this way and never will. I am all for helping someone I know. If we know each other, we've met, or hell even if all we've done is video chatted so we can be sure of who each other is, I will help people (within reason). But, if you're going to lie, scam, cheat, and steal... well, all I can say is I hope that whatever genitalia you have rots off. You don't deserve to be called man or woman as you are neither.

Wow, this turned into a totally different rant than I thought it would.

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