Please share...  

SarahLem80 41F
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1/17/2020 3:33 pm
Please share...

We’ve all done something or someone we shouldn’t have and feel that guilty please for. What’s your story that you will tell but not anyone you know in person

Apollorising58 61M

1/20/2020 11:56 am

Letting a young lady hit on me while I was at the Mall with my wife. She went to Starbucks and I stayed outside and a young lady tried to pick me up and then my wife comes out of Starbucks and sees her talking to me. That started a shit storm!

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skier4u4 62M
280 posts
1/23/2020 9:51 am

I did some handyman work for a couple. After I had finished we set and chat with a drink she offered me. Sakes if I'd like to go into the bedroom and fuck her. Had no problem taking her offer up.

skier4u4 62M
280 posts
1/23/2020 9:53 am

Any chance you travel to the northern parts of Illinois NIU area?

restlesschap 57M
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6/16/2020 9:38 pm

Masturbating in my car for a much older married lady, and cumming for her. I was in my mid 20's at the time, and she was 57.

Turn on for both of us. She'd never watched a chap masturbate, not even her husband, so for her, having someone her sons age wanking off and cum as she watched was a big turn on.

For me it was the erotic excitement, a kind of taboo ........... masturbating for a stranger, especially for a lady of my mothers age

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