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Supervisor Meeting
Posted:Jun 19, 2019 9:45 am
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2019 2:3 pm

I had gotten home and received a phone . As I answered it, I recognized the female voice on the other end. As it so happened, she had said she wanted to speak with me first thing in morning as she had something to give me for doing
Such a good job, and wanted to congratulate me perally on my performance. So I thought cool maybe I will get a promotion out of this.
( little did I know ) mind you my boss is really hot. Mid-length black hair, could be a C cup, terrific curves for a woman in her mid twenties. Nice firm ass, no more than 0lbs and 5’4. All tucked into skimpy short skirts, or super tight mini skirts. Short enough some days you could almost see everything underneath her skirts. Not to mention the halfway unbuttoned blouse was just enough to see half her breasts without seeing the nipples. Or an extremely low cut short sleeve shirt one would have thought it to be a corset as it showed the tops of her breasts and stopped just before the aureoles. All ended
With different various colored stiletto heals.
So I showed up early the following morning, as she invited me into her office then asked me in a stern voice “ shut the door and lock it please “ so I did as I was told. Next thing I know she hits a remote and the windows in her office completely black to where no one could see in or out. I saw a ref light on a camera turn on. Then she said in the same tone...
“ do you remember when I told you, I own you? I nodded in agreement.
She smiled and said “ well means I own ALL of you. I said “ huh? “
“ ’s right, I own every single inch of your body. Now With being said,
“ I have not had a chance to see ALL of you yet. “ I just kinda dropped my
Jaw , then said “ umm ok, what are you wanting to see ? “
She got serious and said “ your dick. I want to measure your dick, 3 different ways. First by tape measurements, then secondly with my mouth, and finally
I want to see how far you go in my pussy. However on the last measurement
This camera will turn on and record you. So I have evidence of consent, just
Incase you try to get out of my ownership. So take your clothes off ,
show me your dick now.” Needless to say, I quickly did what she asked.
Till she saw my Rock hard cock was sticking out in front of me.
Licking her lips, she said “ ohh very good, now put it on my desk. Licked a finger
She pulled out the tape measure. Smiled, nodded, ran her tongue along the tip
And said “ a nice thick 8 inches, well you look very good. Now let me taste you”
She grabbed my cock and led me over to her chair , opened her mouth, grabbed my ass and pressed me quickly and close to her face so my cock went fully down her throat. In which she sucked and moaned “ mmmhmm” as I felt
Some pre-cum leak out and glide along her tongue. She immediately stopped
Pulled my cock out and said “ well you taste good, but no your not cuming
In my mouth. But it is time for your final measurement.
Did you by chance bring a condom? “ I said , no I never do, but I was not expecting this. She smiled and said “ oh good, I was hoping not. “ I asked why
She said, “ why with a condom I can’t get an accurate measurement. “
next thing I know she laid down on her back along her desk
and spread her legs and rested her feet on my shoulders. Then hit a button
As I saw the red light on the camera turn on. She said,
“ now I know you have been wanting to see me like this
And I have caught you trying to see if I had panties on.
You know I could charge you with sexual harassment.
However I won’t if you do me. “As I began to slide my cock past her pussy lips,
She gasped “ Well I know you have a condom on. At least I hope you do,
Let me check first” as she said I slid my cock halfway inside her letting
Her put her hand on my shaft. She moaned in approval and gasped in shock
As I slid fully inside her feeling her body loosen around my cock and slightly
Caressing my shaft as if she were giving me a hand job.
She then spoke in a low pant. “ oh my god your so thick, and so deep. You are far wider and much deeper inside me than my husband has ever gotten “
Then looked to the camera saying as I began pounding into her shaking her body with each thrust “ oh my god, he didn’t put a condom on, this will be
The first time someone willingly got me pregnant. You all get to watch.
As I continued fucking her. She whimpered “
I am sorry hunny but this dick deserves to knock me up. Oh my god it is getting thicker!! “ she looked at me saying “ you know I am ovulating right? Do you want to pull out? “ I then shoved my cock deeper as I felt her body just open up
for me as if eagerly welcoming me. I replied “ nope and I am glad, nothing better than cumming in a fertile married woman. At which point I felt my cock begin to swell as I immediately began filling her pussy as she moaned
“ oh no, god no pull out, oh god no, don’t, don’t stop, give it all to me.”
After I had finished, I began cuming again. As her body shook in orgasmic bliss
I began cuming a third time. Until I had finally been drained, she shut the camera off. Kissed me and said “ damn you are good. Now get dressed and get out”
The homeowners
Posted:Jun 12, 2019 10:01 am
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2019 2:3 pm

I had begun my day like any other day. Blazing heat , sunny skies, and yet a dreaded neighborhood was known for being hostile to anyone within
Any capacity within the door to door industry. This neighborhood even hated the Girl Scouts. To me never made sense because who would hate someone trying to sell cookies after all? I digress,
After several hours past my own water supply running out, and still being cussed out, threatened and the like. I finally came across this house as I saw in the a woman had spotted me she was 45 , Asian about average height, and must have been a 32 D cup wearing a sports bra, skin tight leggings, and very long flowing black hair. A much welcomed sight as I was approaching her.
She quickly ran inside and shut the door. So I figured why not knock on her door, after all not every day I get to be told off by a hot older woman. So I walked up slowly just to give her some time to relax and change clothes.
So soon as I knocked on her door, of course no answer. So I knocked again, yet still no answer. I knock a third time and finally said out loud. “ look I know you are home and I know you saw me. So just at least talk to me, so I can get something to drink as it is extremely hot out here. After I heard some shuffling around, and finally the door started to open. Much to my surprise the woman I saw go in the house and answered the door in a black lace bra and panty set which was covered by a sheer practically see through robe.
She smiled and asked “ you asked for water right? I can see why. Sorry I did not answer earlier I just was getting dressed had to put on something cool because you are right this weather is miserable. I don’t have anything bottled but I hope you are ok with tap water? I nodded in agreement and and she smiled and asked me to come inside and enjoy the AC. I thanked her and followed her inside. Soon as I did I heard the door behind close and lock. As I turned around I saw a much younger Caucasian woman standing behind me who looked slightly younger figured probably 25-30 about 5’ and very thin yet toned,
Almost looked like a super model except sporting a 40B cup and about a size 7.
With Buzz cut red hair. Definitely something to catch anyone’s eyes in her skinny jeans no bra and white silk shirt. She spoke with a seductive soft purr.
“ Lin he does look exhausted, why don’t you sit down on the couch while we talk? I am Debra by the way and Lin is my wife which I saw you checking out.
So how about we a game while we talk? “ I was like, sure as I had already had a full on erection. Then asked so how do we ?
She smiled and said “ quite simple actually , every question I ask is true
You undo a piece of clothing. Until we make you remove one of your clothes and whomever gets you to remove all your clothes wins. Then they go first. “
I was ok with so I said “sure “ . They both smiled as she said “ well you might as take belt off as I know you think Lin is hot I can tell by your growing buldge. Which by the way I so cannot wait to see. So do you think I am hot enough to screw? “ she smiled as I started unbuttoning my pants and took them off. Lin walked in the room holding water and said “ would you do us both bareback? “ I responded by taking my shirt off. Which point Debra took her pants off and asked “ would you do me first ? “ which point I just stripped naked. She then gasped in approving excitement. As she straddled me as I felt my cock enter her, I noticed she was extremely tight.

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