My latest fantasy - want to help me with this one? janey.....  

SexySWCouple 62M/61F  
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12/28/2012 6:36 am
My latest fantasy - want to help me with this one? janey.....

The ingredients needed to make my fantasy come true are as follows:

* my best hunk of a husband
* a dark nite
* several handsome security officers
* the center line of an empty football field

To begin:
Under the cover of darkness, we sneak into the football field being careful not to alert the security staff, because, their job is to keep people from sneaking onto the field at nite.

I'm wearing only a black raincoat, and climb over or go under any gates and walls as needed,

Finally, I run blindly onto the dark field while shedding the raincoat. My husband tackles me on the center line, rolling me over so that I am spread eagle under the stars -- directly in the center of the field. I'm trying to be sure not to giggle or otherwise call attention to myself.

My husband gets me hot and when I'm ready … but wait, here they come. I’ve alerted the security officers and its too late to get away. In this case, I stay where I am and wait, like a startled animal.

They will shine their flashlights until they get the whole picture. Then they will say: We’re taking you in!

And my husband will say: “Come here officer, may I have a word with you over here.?” They will disappear deep into the darkness to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, I am held in place by the wolf-like stares of the remaining officers. They regard me without consideration for my position on the ground, spread eagle on the center line. I wait.

The men, and the moonlight seem to put me in the spotlight It will seem surreal and wonderful. At this point, I begin to feel moist. When the two men return, they have an agreement. “Here’s the deal,” my husband says.

They will let us go on one condition. They will take close up pictures of you spread eagle. Close ups that they can and will use however they please.”

I agree wholeheartedly, and the men get to work. They position themselves around and take strategic photos … close-ups at various angles until they have captured everything that they need.

Some time later I will return to the security office and see the prints. I'm thrilled to see myself in various photos, because there is no face shot, so no one recognizes them as being me. Some are hidden in desks and others displayed on the wall.

No one notices as I smile and walk out of the room.
(anyone interested in helping me fulfill this fantasy?)

RedstoneandRed 66M/68F
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12/28/2012 7:51 am

Interesting Fantasy... Figured since you were at the 50 yard line you would want to run some plays... maybe some touch football... oh well to each their own... (make some nice photos)

SexySWCouple 62M/61F  
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12/28/2012 12:00 pm

Touch fun! What are the rules? Would you be there to supervise?

TrucknLuvn 57M/39F  
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9/18/2016 8:07 pm

Very sexy fantasy that appeals to the exhibitionist in me!

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jrwittfun 55M

10/18/2016 2:48 pm

What a wonder fantasy. Makes mine sound like child's play.

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