Ex wont catch a clue  

Sexybiintx7 48F
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10/16/2021 7:17 pm
Ex wont catch a clue

He texted me twice this week. He had his chance and wasted lots of time. I am so over it. He texted vids n pics. Eye roll. Hes always trying but he cant if hes blocked so bye boy. He made me mad this time. I said i was waiting for someone that didnt need to be told how to treat me and talk to me n that was available nights and weekends and he starts saying he isnt here for the negativity and how did i get so mean and that all the negativity is on me and i use to be giving sensitive and freaky. The one in our house that made the most money is out of work now so its down to me n my again like before when she was out of work before. We are managing. It is stressful. I dont understand being a house of 5 but only 2 work and i am always 1 of the 2 that does work. Her don't go to school or do shit and that is ridiculous to me. Thank god me n my make a good team. Hoping i don't need a second job. Got cute vid of dog. Work wasnt bad. Been writing a penn friend of my uncles. Hes trying too. Nope. Pen pals only. By some miracle she cooked n it was good n the 17 yr old mowed the yard. Most hes done in a year. Was a good though because of that. I can say we can have basically nothing and she can find a way to make a good meal outta what we have.

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