Sexybiintx7 48F
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10/10/2021 7:08 am

Yesterday was ok. I made potato casserole. Tasted great to me. Hardly anyone else ate it probably because it wasnt ruined with jalopenos cajun and weird seasonings first. Oh well. More for me. That's why i do not cook much. I fix for everyone n everyone takes time eating and it sits out for hours and winds up wasted when i could have ate more and frozen rest for me. So annoying. They love her cooking but she just over seasons everything n uses packets for everything. Their taste buds are fucked in my opinion. Their fave meals to fix and eat are jumbalaya and spagetti alfredo n cheese spagetti. Overseasoned. Yuck yuck yuck. I like normal spagetti. What the hell even is andouli sausage n why does it taste so weird? Hoping for deliveries today. Been having some weird ass dreams. Almost all my dreams have in them that i am watching or helping.

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