The story of a trip to the op shop  

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12/2/2019 6:57 pm
The story of a trip to the op shop

I feel pretty

I was opp-shopping one Saturday afternoon, maybe 20 years ago. Probably looking for novels, maybe some records or something. Back then, I always checked to see if they had any Levi’s for cheap after I finished looking through the books, and this one day… The men’s jeans, merged into the women’s jeans, and they suddenly became the women’s tops, and then I started to look at the women’s dresses.
When I looked at the dresses, I could feel a tension in my chest. I felt a tightness, and it became kind of awkward to breathe.
I started to flick through the coathangers looking at the styles and colours. And when I felt the soft fabrics with my fingertips, my heart started to throb in my chest and I felt a rush of a feeling that was indescribable.
It crossed my mind to one and take it home… god there was no way I’d do that. But then I stopped at a dress that had a halterneck. I imagined tying the halter straps in a bow behind my neck, and I decided it had to happen for real.
So I went straight to the counter, bought it and took it home. And then in my quiet bedroom, I slid the cool fabric over my naked body and tied the halter collar behind my neck. Such intense beautiful feelings. Such arousal and excitement and joy.
……… I still have that dress.

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12/2/2019 7:04 pm

...Oh, So Pretty...

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