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Single now as I found out that the man I shared a home with for over 15 years wasn't true
Posted:Jun 29, 2020 10:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2020 9:46 pm

Anyone out there male or female who thought you knew someone after living with them for so many years and they lived a lie from the start? I had no intimacy or sexual anything from him for over 10 years as I thought it was a medical condition etc. so I went on for years with nothing and as if we were married I accepted it as a vow. Like in sickness and health and for better or for worse etc. I can never get all those lonely years back! I was convinced by him the last 5 or 6 years that I was no longer attractive as when I was in my 30's when we met and I was aging and a fat disgusting nasty over the hill menopausal mess and he just let me live here as he felt sorry for me etc.! U found out that all he told me from day one 16 years ago was a lie. He should have been truthfull then and told me of his preference for sex etc. I am so angry yet I stayed more years and tried to do things that I won't say here, but I still never ever got what I wanted and desired sexually ever! He thinks I have no sex drive etc and I am like some virginal nun or something? It took friends and my own grown to convince me that he convinced me and himself that I was no longer gonna make heads turn as I walked down the street or no man over 40 would think I was attractive enough for a date or sex relationships in the present day or future? I have aged graceful and I owe a lot of that to my mom and pop's great gene pool of ethnic looks from both sides and I have been blessed in so many ways from moms body and pop's dark and handsome Scottish Italian good looks. Yet , to hear my x tell it I was lucky to be in his home as he had been with so many models and sexy big breasted women that I should be so lucky to be in his home!! I never saw any woman come looking for him or calling on the phone from day one and over a dozen years or so went by and nothing? Till he started to finally reveal his secret World of cybercheating and well really a lot I won't say but let's say exotic fetishes that I never knew about and well he tried to bring me in on stuff etc. I still never ever got what I desired and I am a believer in fucking and intimacy is a 2 way street. I love to turn a man on first but I want to be rewarded in a fast and furious traditional cock thrusting very rough and Cumming fast like my tight snatch desired and hungered for it all day. I use to please my past live in lovers this way at the door when they got home from a hard day at work and I always pleased and got them Cumming in minutes! The bottom line with all my radical little rants is that I now have to go on a site and speak of my private business but I am ok with that I guess. I still have a lot of sexual desire and I am just still a great fun gal to be a good friend and lover and yes I probably could still fall in love but lust for now sounds great to me! How about you men out there? If you all who read this and managed to finish it? UGgg!! Sorry everyone! If you read it and it makes any sense to you ( men near me in Kansas City area?) Maybe you could leave a comment or helpful suggestion as maybe you did the same or is it true that men don't like when women are etc? Younger women are better etc? We all have to age sometime and its a bitch kitty that I am now as old as I am!, but it's life right? So we stop having sex as well as sexual needs etc as women but men don't have to stop anything ever?

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