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Casino Night, A Female Cop, and That 96 Camaro  

Squirt_Professor 68M/55F  
89 posts
12/18/2021 7:44 am
Casino Night, A Female Cop, and That 96 Camaro

The posting of this story is the second due to the inspiration of Jules90 recent post, All good things her blog, Delving the Jules. This story is also about our collector 1996 Z-28 Chevy Camaro SS, cherished memories of our cars, my ex-fiancé, me, a date night in northern New Mexico, and a female<b> police </font></b>officer.

It is fair to stay that I have been fortunate to own or have access to several outstanding automobiles over the course of my life. I came of driving age in the early seventies when muscle cars were born out of the thirst for raw speed and the dedication from the auto industry to NASCAR and their appetite for speed and performance. In Europe, the rich and famous were tied to Formula One and the European auto industry, milk, and high-class well-dressed sexy women. While in America, Ford and Chey, were tied to NASCAR and the rising middle class, Budweiser, and beautiful women dressed in bikinis, T-backs, and/or Daisy Mae cut-offs showing a little ass with reviling tits tied in white blouses.

My ex-fiance, Susan, had her rules, her own thirst, and carvings when it came to the vehicles she or I purchased. Mainly, that there had to be a break in period. Many of you that have purchased new cars know of the manufactures suggested break in period, the careful driving and maintenance of the car over the first one thousand miles. That was NOT Susan's rule. Her rule was much simpler. We had to full on fuck in our new cars within the first month of purchasing them. This rule was enforced with any car that was new to us, used or fresh off the showroom floor. We enforced the rule, breaking in new cars, SUVs, and pickups, in rest areas between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, open fields in the mountains surrounding Santa Fe, in the National Forest in pull over areas or camp sites, in my company's parking garage, out on Albuquerque's west mesa, along country roads, while driving up or down I-25 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, or on I-40 east or west of Albuquerque.

While we had some awesome vehicles that provided some cherished experiences the most rewarding, the most cherished was from this beautiful collector's 1996 Z-28 Chey Camaro SS cheery red convertible. This car demand attention, it was all about raw power with its new generation corvette engine, and sex appeal was its theme, people drooled over it, girls and women wanted rides in it and on it, they orgasmed in it from the roar and vibration of the engine cruising through and into their pussies, and men they loathed over it knowing the fuck machine and beast it was.

This story took place in the fall, about this time. I was to attend a charity golf and casino event benefiting the local chapter of a national scholarship program and because it was a casino night, I was permitted to take a date. The event was to take place at Angle Fire Ski Resort in northern New Mexico. The first night would be the casino night with silent auction and the golf tournament was to follow the next day at the resort's course.

We left Albuquerque midafternoon with a clear blue sky on a comfortably warm day, so the top was down on the Camaro. We took I-25 to Santa Fe at speeds toping ninety, then slowed down between Santa Fe and Espanola, and even more so for the drive towards Taos alongside the Rio Grande River on the two-lane mountainous road while watching for river rafters. Just south of Taos we took the loop to take us to Angle Fire, a curving, two lane mountain road, a fun road for the sporty Camaro. When I cleared the last Ponderosa Pine into a straight-a-way lane that past the Vietnam Memorial I took the right hand turn into the community of Angle Fire. As I drove down this road, I did not notice the speed limit had changed from fifty-five, which I wasn't doing anyway, to thirty-five. I did notice the<b> police </font></b>car that pulled behind me, but the light bar was not on, so I continued to the turn to the resort. I soon saw that the<b> police </font></b>car had also turned but still no lights. I pulled into the parking lot and the<b> police </font></b>car also turned into the parking lot, still no lights flashing. I pulled into a parking space, the<b> police </font></b>car past me and turned into the parking space beside me, Susan set up, removed her knee from its position of leaning against the windowsill, and her foot from the dash to the floor. As I was getting ready to rise the top, the door opened on the<b> police </font></b>car and a clear firm female voice said, nice car! Susan and I turned just in time to see a blonde-haired head rising above the blackened window and door frame of the<b> police </font></b>car. It continued till we saw the most beautiful set of blue eyes one could imagine, followed by a small perfectly shaped nose, and a gorgeous set of lips. I watched as she placed her fingers on the window frame of the Camaro and started to walk around it while letting her fingers feel its coolness, I watched her ass in the passenger side mirror as she walked the length of the passenger side. She had a lovely firm pear shaped ass held tightly in her tan<b> police </font></b>uniform slacks, the view of the waistline was distorted by the wide belt, holstered gun, and ammunition clips, pepper spray, and night stick which were hanging from it, but it also gave her a look of power while adding to her sexiness. As she turned the corner of the car, her fingers still lightly touching the car, I shifted my eyes to the driver's side mirror and found framed in it a view of the officer's cove and could make out the faint line of her pussy lips. I didn't release my eyes from the mirror until she was standing beside me and requesting my driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance. She then said, as a statement not a question, you know you were doing fifty-seven in a thirty-five zone. Without waiting for a respond, she followed, are you here for the weekend and the charity event? I replied we were and that we are sponsors. She then told us that we had a really nice car while she was sliding her hand over the windowsill and she said don't leave any food or drinks in your car. The bears have been known to rip a convertible top to pieces if they smell anything inside. She handed my paperwork back to me and said, have a nice weekend, I hope you enjoy your stay.

As she started to walk away, I said thank you. Quickly followed by, we'd like for you to accept an invite to a drink tonight. Susan repeated the invite before she could respond and when she did it was simply, really? I replied, yes really. I said, Officer Mathews this is your decision, we'd like to show you our appreciation for your kindness. Offering an excuse, she said, I don't get off duty until eleven. I assured her that Susan and I would be up, in the casino room, and that she was welcome to join us. Officer Mathews offered a second excuse, I don't know I'd have to come in my uniform and before she could say another word, I told her that Susan and I would notice her then. She laughed and said so will everyone else. I told her not to worry about it and handed her my business card with my cell number and told her to call before she comes if she likes. Either way, I am sure it will be fine.

AT eleven ten I was beginning to believe that Officer Mathews was a no show. At eleven seventeen I was corrected as the room had a shift in dynamics. Every man was dressed in either a suit, sport coat and slacks, or a tux. Every woman was dressed in some type of evening dress from a black cocktail dress to a formal evening gown, well almost every woman! Leslie Mathews, Officer Mathews, enter the hall in uniform her jewelry, her deputy sheriff's badge but she had removed her belt and all it's accompanying hardware which resulted in showing her tapered waistline. Her hair was pulled back and tied while she had on only the slightest amount of makeup. Still there was not a woman in that room that displayed more raw or authoritative sexual appeal. As she walked across the room toward our table Susan and I both stood to greet Officer Mathews. As we hugged, she whispered in my ear that she felt a bit out of place and uncomfortable. She and Susan were about an inch a part in height, but both were of athletic build. Before I even asked Susan for her help, she had taken Office Mathews by the hand and was leading her out of the hall.

I played blackjack, nursed a drink, and checked on our silent auction items. After thirty-five or forty minutes I decided that I should check on Susan and Office Mathews and left the hall for our suite, taking with me a bottle of Champaign and glasses.

As I entered the room it was obvious that they had intended return the hall. There the couch laid Officer's Mathews uniform, one of Susan's navy-blue business suits and a pale blue blouse, along with, Susan's black cocktail dress. As I opened the double doors the bedroom, I opened , a naked Susan laying between the legs of a naked Officer Mathews. Susan's face was buried in Officer Mathews' cove, Susan's hands clutching Officer Mathews' hips, pulling her pussy towards her face, Officer Mathews' feet were resting Susan's back, her knees bent, and both women were in the throes of ecstasy; Susan moaning and Officer Mathews' begging Susan not stop.

When I had entered the room, I had let the double doors lose and when they closed together with a bit of a bang Susan and Office Mathews jump, startled! Officer Mathews grasped her firm, naked breast, covering her erect nipples while her face flushed red and turned towards the windows away from . Under my breath I laughed at her modesty, she was a gorgeous woman, dressed or naked. Susan rolled onto her side turning toward while licking Officer Mathews' pussy juices from around her lips and upon her lips, she blushed a faint pink and offered an apology, of sorts. D, I'm sorry, we were going come back but, Leslie wanted take a quick shower, when she undressed, WELL FUCK, look at her, I couldn't, FUCK D, we weren't just going buy her a drink, we're we?

There in the bed were two beautiful women, both blushing, both unsure. I turned Officer Mathews, who by the way was not doing anything further cover herself, and said, Officer Mathews, Leslie, nice meet you and offered her my hand. Leslie uncovered her right breast and took my hand. This gorgeous woman who was sexually beautiful in a mysteriously powerful way had metaphorized into an enchantingly and alluringly exquisite woman. Susan kept stammering about how sweet her pussy tasted, how amazing her mouth and lips tasted, how wonderful her nipples felt in her mouth and sweet they tasted, how tempting her firm ass felt in her hands, and then she blurted out, FUCK, D, you have got taste her! I looked down at Leslie, whom I had pulled over the edge of the bed and her face was turning a bright red, but her eyes were blazing and lustfully inviting.

I looked down at her beautiful body, her state of embarrassment, her nipples had softened, their color had returned the natural skin toned shade, and goosebumps had started to form on her arms as her body temperature was changing, becoming cooler. I reached down taking her soft nipples between the forefingers and thumb of each hand, pinched them, twisted them hard, and pulled Leslie from the bed. Leslie moaned, hard and then yelled, FUCK as I was bending kiss her. Our mouths met, my right hand released her nipple, sledding around her back support her, and Susan, she moved into us taking Leslie's nipple into her mouth and began suckling her tit, her left hand slipped between Leslie's legs, and Susan's fingers started eagerly fucking Leslie's pussy. I could hear the sloshing sound of Leslie's wet juices surrounding Susan's pumping fingers, I sit in one of the chairs across from the bed and told Susan for her and Leslie to put on a show for and did they!

Leslie spent the weekend with Susan and . Susan backed out of the golf tournament to have more fun with Leslie. She did get to drive the Camaro taking Susan to a couple of her favorite seclude areas in the forest and mountains. When I returned from the tournament the room was empty and I took a shower to prepare for a planned ranch party which was another sponsored event. When I came out of the shower, I could hear the muffled sounds of Susan and Leslie, the sounds of two women getting it on. When I stepped into the bedroom, I was welcomed by an amazing sight, Susan and Leslie locked in a sixty--position feasting on each other's pussies. Susan waved over the bed and when I was standing next it and these two gorgeous women, they each grabbed a hand and arm pulling me into a pile with them. Susan pushed me over onto the other side of the bed while Leslie pinned my shoulders to the mattress and spread herself over my face in a reverse cowgirl position planting her beautifully shaved pussy over my mouth. Susan spread over my cock, holding it at the base, and sank her wet, warm pussy engulfing it with a moan.

Immediately Leslie was ordering Susan to fuck me harder, encouraging her to lift herself off me withdrawing my cock from her and then to drive down on it impaling herself deeply and Susan was commanding Leslie to shove her sweet cunt deeper into my mouth. To feed me her sweet cum! Leslie soon demanded that Susan turn around in reverse cowgirl position so that she could watch her fuck my cock, to be able to see it sliding in and out of her fuck hole covered in her cum. Leslie kept demanding that Susan fuck me harder, deeper, and empty my cock into her until Susan had drained my seed. Susan stood, Leslie reached around Susan grabbed her ass cheek, pulling it, while her other hand pressed against her opposite thigh holding her , and started licking Susan's pussy lips. I could hear her lips, and tongue smacking as she cleaned Susan's pussy, followed Susan's moans, and then Leslie's sucking of Susan's and my mingled cum from Susan's pussy. Susan was flushing juices and our cum from her pussy, feeding it to Leslie, and within minutes was squirting her nectar of the gods down Leslie's throat. Leslie as fucking my face wildly, posting and down just like riding a , and then everything stop, she screamed, FUCK, FUCK , and let go of a stream of her own nectar. She settled over my mouth and fed it while moaning and crying with Susan watching and praising her.
When Leslie fell the bed almost top of Susan and I, Susan was giggling and told Leslie; you're not done yet sweetie. I want you to clean D's cock and I'm going to tell you how; he has a gift for you. Leslie moved next to , lovingly took my softing cock into her warm hand, licked the tip of the head and piss slit, and Susan said. Now slip the whole head into your mouth without pulling his foreskin back and clamp your lips around his shaft. With my cock's head swelling in her mouth, my shaft hardening she followed Susan's instructions to perfection while moaning in pleasure. Her mouth in position, Susan told her to keep it clamped around my shaft and pull the foreskin down, Leslie went crazy. She was moaning, licking, sucking, and slurping. When Leslie had pulled my foreskin down, she had released a wall of Susan's and my mingled cum that had collected beneath the ridge of my cock head and the sack of foreskin. Leslie pulled my cock from her mouth and beaming said, fuck, that taste so good! Before Susan or I could say anything, Leslie dropped her head back down taking my cock back into her mouth and her tongue began swirling around the engorged head of my cock, cleaning every tasty morsel, every drop of Susan's and my cum from it.

All of us, Susan, Leslie, and I had an amazing weekend thanks to a speed ticket not given and that sexy 1996 collector's Z-28 Chevy Camaro SS convertible, like Leslie said, a really nice car!

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
12/31/2021 3:30 am

What an arresting tale as always this story is so detailed all the way through it is full of intense sensuality and the erotic description of the sex is done with feeling and dare I say shows you love of the sensual people you describe, you really know how to write.

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