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Thanks for the Memories, Jules!  

Squirt_Professor 68M/55F  
89 posts
11/1/2021 6:55 pm
Thanks for the Memories, Jules!

The posting of this story was inspired by Jules1590 and her recent post, “All good things…” on her blog, Delving the Jules. If you have not visited her blog you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. Jules is gorgeous, sexy, erotic, and desirable in very sense of the word. She is fun to converse with via her blog, chat, or messaging. She has an erotic mind and a passion for her own sexual pleasure as well as that of her followers through provocative erotic thought, graphic artwork, and the written word. Her blog is one of the best we have found and enjoy. While she has not requested this endorsement, we encourage you to enjoy Jules 1590, her mind, her picture, and her provocative, erotic mind.

As I said this story or at least the posting of it was inspired by Jules1590 recent post, “All good things….’ and more specifically a question she presents at the end of the blog posting. That question: “Do you have a favorite car that holds cherished memories?” The story is about “cherished memories” around a car, a collector’s 1996 Z-28 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible, my ex-fiancée and myself, and a date night.

If you have followed any of my stories and more specifically the lake or Sea doo stories than you know my ex-fiancée, Susan, her athletic body, her killer legs, her tight firm ass that could stop anything in motion that was fawning over it, ogling over it, okay fuck, stripping it bare, lusting in its panty less firm roundness and cheek creases, her gorgeously shaven pussy, her perky tits, pale pink nipples, her seductive lips, her hazel eyes that flashed sexual awareness, desire, and cum fuck me intent. her faced was framed in shoulder length sandy colored hair, and her fun nature, and up for almost anything energy provides a social freedom that results the possibility of sexual adventure.
As to the car, what more can be said than it was a 1996 Collector’s Z-28 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible with new generation Corvette engine, and a cum fuck me or I’ll fuck you appearance. It was candy cheery deep red, with a long shapely body, recessed lights framed in black, scoped hood, a slanting windshield that gracefully merged into a black low hugging convertible top, but which was hardly ever up. We lived in Albuquerque; our nights are made for a top-down convertible driving. Our destination this night, from the west side to Old Town and the restaurant the Melting Pot, then to Pope Joy Hall for the performance; All That Jazz, and back home. This night had been planed for at least a month.

At the Melting Pot we always reserved our favorite table. It was reserved out of our devilishness, our sexual playfulness, and knowing that Susan would be wearing a short black dress that hit the top of her thighs sans any panties. The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant, but far more was dipped into and covered in a rich nectar than just meats, vegies, fruits and cakes for a pleasurable and rewarding taste; Susan’s nectar of the gods…, was very rich, tasteful, and enjoyable. It was here that Susan made her first plea. Running her hand up the inside of my thigh and fondling my cock a move that the couple next to us were watching, leaned into me while looking into the eyes of the woman whose eyes were moving from Susan’s hand working my cock to her eyes, she whispered…, let’s skip the musical! We didn’t resist the fondued chocolate dipped strawberries and assorted other deserts, Susan’s hand continued chocking and playing with my now hard cock, and our watcher, the woman at the next table, now somewhat blushing, would not or rather refused to take her eyes off the<b> performance </font></b>Susan was putting on with her hand and my cock, her eyes, and her mouth while seductively eating her dipped strawberries. Susan was fucking this woman!

As we left, I noticed Susan reached out and touched the hand of the woman who had been watching us or more so Susan and her devilish performance, followed by her dropping her business card on the table. Nothing was said but as Susan moved out from between the tables and I followed I looked down over the woman’s shoulder and saw her placing Susan’s card in her hand clutch. We continued out the restaurant and walked to the parking garage. Susan was almost in my jacket she was leaning into me so hard and she again pleaded, lets skip the musical. I am the Jazz fan and hesitated, so Susan upped the ante. As I opened the door she stepped away from the Camaro and told me to get in the passenger side, followed by instructing me to recline the seat. She again made her plea…, while allowing her dress to slip down her body to the parking structure lot. She performed a brief striptease, shoving her ass towards me, spreading her cheeks, her fingers pulling her wet, glossing lips apart, showing me her love hole, her swollen clit, then quickly she spun around, reached behind her unclasped her bra throwing it in the back seat, dropped to her knees on top of her dress, and started pulling my cock from my slacks demanding we FUCK…, right THERE…, right THEN!

She continued to fuck me there on the top level of the parking garage, the cool night air enveloping her body, hardening her nipples even with the flow of heat between us, the night lights of Albuquerque glowing and reflecting all around, and when she reached her climax, she pulled from my erect cock exposing its shinning sheath of her sweet nectar. Susan pleaded again…, lets skip the musical…, I don’t want to go…, I WANT TO FUCK! How fast can you get us home?
I pulled out of the parking garage with Susan sucking her sweet nectar from my cock as we drove down Rio Grande to I-40. At the Big I, I-40 and I-25, I headed north towards Santa Fe as Susan raised from my lap and slipped her dress over her head covering herself from her shoulders to her waist. There racing northward on I-25 Susan planted her spread bare feet on the Camaro’s dash, her legs uncovered, her dress bunched around her waist, while her wet pussy seeped juices onto the leather seat, she began to finger fuck herself as we passed cars, pickups, and SUVs. I don’t know that anyone noticed us other than as the racing Camaro convertible driving northward. They may have on the exit ramp to I-25 and the entrance lanes to Paseo del Norte and they may have only seen Susan sucking her pussy cream from her fingers but the view I had only made me drive all the faster.

I may have missed out on “All That Jazz” but the drive, the view was outstanding…, as to the fondue…, it was extremely sweet, tasty, and very satisfying. As to that candy cheer red Camaro…, well…, there is another story about a charity casino night at a ski resort in northern New Mexico, Susan and I, a speed ticket that wasn’t issued, and a beautiful blonde female cop. However, that is another story.

As to Jules, thanks for inspiring the memories.

To the reader and for your enjoyment, this is the link to Jules blog.

spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
41171 posts
11/2/2021 3:44 am

The car that holds the most memories for me is my first one, a Ford Anglia. No sex was had in it though!

Squirt_Professor replies on 11/2/2021 10:30 am:
I think all of us remember our first car fondly. My was 73 Dodge Special Edition Charger 400 4bl, silver and black. I wanted a Dodge Challenger R/T convertible but my parents said no to a convertible. They felt it was not a safe car and in reality the Challenger was much safer than the Charger. Little to no room in the back seat of the Challenger while the Charger you could have a 3sum and girls loved it.

ltrskr 74M  
5151 posts
11/2/2021 5:24 am

My first car was 1950 Chrysler Winsor four door sedan, a big "lead sled"
He said "Here Cowboy, something u can't race!"
He never noticed it had two over stuffed sofas for seats...and a trunk that would fit 8 or 9 kids on dollar night at the drive in....LOL!

Squirt_Professor replies on 11/2/2021 10:47 am:
Now your talking about an era gone by, 1950 Chryslers, don't make them like that anymore. Mine first was a 1973 Dodge Charger SE 400/4, had a high rear end like the Mustang Mach in that same time. Big back seat and lot of trunk space. Dollar nights and drive in movies, kind like 0.10 cent matinees, and dime stores almost all gone. My ex-fiancée wanted to take her boys to a drive but they are hard to find, closes one was over a couple hundred miles away, they never went. Where I grew up we had three, one was outside of town and it was an adult drive screens were built in circle and each car had it's own large screen. I think you had a choice as to movie you wanted to watch. I think Route 66 may still be there, the adult one is long gone and just range land now, and the other one I believe is a shopping center. Fun days long gone!
Thanks for the comment.

staci_19702 52T  
3767 posts
11/2/2021 7:14 am

I had a pick up. Lots of fun.
My girlfriend, short lived, had an old Volkswagen. We had a lot of fun in that little beetle!!
Love the pics btw.

Have a great day! 💋

Squirt_Professor replies on 11/2/2021 10:57 am:
Those beetles were a lot of fun. My neighbor had one of the first ones that hit the shores of America. My first car was a 1973 Dodge Charger SE 400/4 wasn't in to pickups yet, if I had been would have loved a 1941 International D. My ex-fiancée and I had three pickups, 2 F150 4X4 club cab and I now have a F250 4X4 Crew Cab. My ex had a rule we followed in respect to all the cars we had did not matter if it was her or my car we followed her rule. Want learn what that rule was watch for my next posting.

Thanks for the comment and adding to the memories.

Squirt_Professor replies on 11/2/2021 10:59 am:
In response to the pictures, they are awesome. I must say you have some seriously impressive pictures in your profile.

author51 60F  
130010 posts
11/3/2021 12:15 am

What a wonderful read and brought back some amazing sexual memories for myself, an ex and his El Camino. Jules is an incredible story teller and an all round nice woman..

merlot5555 66M/56F  
1472 posts
11/3/2021 9:39 am

...touche... such a well crafted story! ....

Squirt_Professor replies on 11/3/2021 11:16 am:
Thank you merlot5555, hope it may have brought back some fun memories for you.

Squirt_Professor 68M/55F  
64 posts
11/3/2021 11:13 am

    Quoting author51:
    What a wonderful read and brought back some amazing sexual memories for myself, an ex and his El Camino. Jules is an incredible story teller and an all round nice woman..
Thank you and I'm glad my story could kindle some memories for you. El Camino another wonderful muscle car with great bucket seats and big back seats, you could host an orgy in.

Jules..., presents an excellent erotic blog, great stories, and selection of erotic artwork and pictures. BTW, took a peek at your blog, looked interesting, and your ass does deserve a second look.

Kisses, D (the male of this couple)

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